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Were not cloistered.Isnt there anywhere we can goNo. I said.

there was snow on the guns and there were paths in the snow going back to the latrines behind trenches
there was snow on the guns and there were paths in the snow going back to the latrines behind trenches.Here is the corkscrew. an ambulance was waiting by the side door and inside the door. with the sun on it. No that wasnt it. green and dark to the snow line and then white and lovely in the sun. Anybody can take their property. In Pittsburgh. I remember having a silly idea he might come to the hospital where I was. These V. He had written to his father that I was coming and they had made preparations. but with the difference between us.I am sorry. in order that I might understand perfectly. opened it.

Its way out.I was very dusty and dirty and went up to my room to wash.Thank God I did not become involved with the British. Rinaldi said. Come with me if you want. she said. In a moment the blanket in front of the dressing station opened and two stretcherbearers came out followed by the tall Englishman. on purpose. I wanted to go to the Hartz Mountains. Its twice as big as it was this morning. They cant do that to everybody. And you do love meYes. He was going to marry me and he was killed in the Somme.He should have fine girls. I dont go there any more.

In the jolt of my head I heard somebody crying. The King was good but dull. The road climbed steeply going up and back and forth through chestnut woods to level finally along a ridge.Ill leave you two.He should have fine girls. The Italian salute never seemed made for export.Goodnight.A rivederla.How you like this goddam warRotten. Now he was bandaging. I love you.Not true asked the captain. There had been a little town but it was all rubble. Thank you very much.No.

Four hundred twenty or minnenwerfer. I looked at the tires carefully. wore his black boots.Were you in the StatesSure. the injustices he had received and in which I participated as an American. baby. The forest had been green in the summer when we had come into the town but now there were the stumps and the broken trunks and the ground torn up. The major said he had heard a report that I could drink.Well be most careful of them. In the morning they came to each bed in turn. I was still angry and as I held her suddenly she shivered. and he came from Amalfi. Tenente. I have to go. Youve had it before.

I love you so. My father is a famous hunter. I waked the orderly and he poured mineral water on the dressings. Bacchus. she said. Maybe you will get an English medal too.I didnt know about anything then. Im awfully tired. walking carefully in the slush.Do you suppose it will always go onNo.Which side is it onHere.Ill just step out the door a minute. I kissed both her shut eyes. It is disgraceful. Look at your valorous conduct in asking to go always to the first line.

I kissed both her shut eyes. They tell me youre an American. Besides.Ill take what you can give me. Catherine asked me to tell you she was sorry she couldnt see you this evening.Poor man. Come with me if you want. Bacchus.Oh. They are too stupid. He denied all knowledge of the five per cent bonds.Do you think it would be any good to try and see her tomorrowYes. The road here was below the level of the river bank and all along the side of the sunken road there were holes dug in the bank with infantry in them. he explained to me. waxy looking.

That was because it was first. I said. Ive known him before. The earth of the dugout was warm and dry and I let my shoulders back against the wall. They say so. they stopped them.Im not angry. hung over the two beds.I dont think it will hurt you. I said.Its not really the army. I decided to go on upstairs. Florence.I have one. It ought to be good.

Open the bottle.All right. looking at my eyes all the time. and stopped at the main dressing station. Rinaldi said.No.So long. I must go.It is probably to draw attention from where the real attack will be. In a moment the blanket in front of the dressing station opened and two stretcherbearers came out followed by the tall Englishman. One leg was gone and the other was held by tendons and part of the trouser and the stump twitched and jerked as though it were not connected. They are all without law to protect them.I stopped in front of the Villa Rossa. It was very hot and when I woke my legs itched. I heard the machine guns and rifles firing across the river and all along the river.

a noble man and with whose injustice. It was a long time since I had written to the States and I knew I should write but I had let it go so long that it was almost impossible to write now. Ill see the medical wallahs. I drove coming back and went fast with the empty car to find the man from Pittsburgh. far below. I said.No. He bit his arm and moaned. These V. Maybe the Austrians would crack. I saw he wore gloves. as I said.What is the differenceA nurse is like a doctor. No one to make fun of. the major said.

These V. Im Scotch. I knew that I was hit and leaned over and put my hand on my knee. I looked at the tires carefully. He had not felt bad but now the shoulder had stiffened. Dio te salve. One of their drivers came over to me. The gravel paths were moist and the grass was wet with dew. They cant do that to everybody.Do you always know what people thinkNot always. The British hospital was a big villa built by Germans before the war. The officers were not good but dull.I have to get washed and report.Why notNo. The Britisher leaned over.

You see the point. felt him climb up into the front seat.I will get it for you. It was not a pleasant trip to the dressing room and I did not know until later that beds could be made with men in them. whether or not things were obtainable. We drank the second grappa. no.Hello. then choking. I had on wool stockings but Passini wore puttees. I hurried up the driveway and inside the reception hall I asked for Miss Barkley. below in the town. I had it in the car. She would not let me put my arm around her. and things went very badly.

We sat on the flat stone bench and I held Catherine Barkleys hand.Nothing. one of the other captains said. There is only one difference between taking a girl who has always been good and a woman. I had been driving and I sat in the car and the driver took the papers in. He started the car. There was a little shelter of green branches outside over the entrance and in the dark the night wind rustled the leaves dried by the sun. Aldo. The Britisher leaned over. I watched the snow falling.I dried my hands and took out my pocketbook from the inside of my tunic hanging on the wall.That will be nice. he said. but the nights were cool and there was not the feeling of a storm coming.Two carabinieri held the car up.

You ought to wash. she said. The major said he had heard a report that I could drink. Outside it was getting dark. Those of us that were awake talked across the ward. There are people who are afraid of their officers. how do you feel Where is that damn corkscrew You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering. and stood up. Theres not really any war of that sort down here.Two carabinieri held the car up. The major was a little man with upturned mustaches. Goodnight. I said. She let me take it and I held it and put my arm around under her arm. Its much cooler.

We two were talking while the others argued. He recognized me and waved a forceps. TaorminaYou talk like a timetable. he said.Its a charming place. I wouldnt be able to get the stretcher out alone. Lots of them would have liked him to be king. Its not a wound.The battery in the next garden woke me in the morning and I saw the sun coming through the window and got out of the bed. I myself felt as badly as he did and could not understand why I had not gone. There are some people who never realize. All the officers were very happy.Have you any moneyYes. I think so. They want to get you the medaglia dargento but perhaps they can get only the bronze.

Oh.Dont I talk Italian good enoughI knew you was an American all right. you have come back. Then he was quiet. His right hand left the wheel and opened a button on his tunic and pulled it out from under his shirt. isnt there I was brought up to think there was. It was a one road show.I have brought him in. It is very informative.It is probably to draw attention from where the real attack will be. He patted Gordini on the shoulder. They poured me more wine and I told the story about the English private soldier who was placed under the shower bath. Always in Rome. I wont kiss you if you dont want. as when a blast furnace door is swung open.

I cant imagine lying like that. nights in bed. no. Do you suffer much Have a drink. with many tastes alike.Here.Yes.When I got back to the villa it was five oclock and I went out where we washed the cars. the stump of his leg twitching. baby. father.That priest. go to hell.That doesnt matter. I said.

I dont believe a word of this. Rocca said. They were laughing. You will like it.We looked at Rinaldi talking with the other nurse. In the dark it was like summer lightning. Why dont we stop fighting If they come down into Italy they will get tired and go away. I remembered where I was going. Why did you do itI dont know.Ill take care of him for you. Goodnight.You love Italy Rinaldi asked Miss Ferguson in English. Were not cloistered.Isnt there anywhere we can goNo. I said.

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