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5 mm. the house for officers.

Where were the Hartz Mountains anyway They were fighting in the Carpathians
Where were the Hartz Mountains anyway They were fighting in the Carpathians. She stood up and put out her hand. There is good hunting. He stopped working and smiled. Gordini got up and ran for the dugout.The whole thing seemed to run better while I was away.And youll be backTo morrow. Could I join nowIm afraid not now. I had it in the car.I do not believe it. when they wouldnt attack and they shot every tenth manNo.You see Ive been leading a sort of a funny life. They could drive all right. Everybody is proud of you. darling.

Always with the carabinieri. I must do something about getting you out of here. said Rinaldi. I wished we had a Napoleon. I threw away the goddam truss so it would get bad and I wouldnt have to go to the line again.They talked too much at the mess and I drank wine because tonight we were not all brothers unless I drank a little and talked with the priest about Archbishop Ireland who was.How did you happen to do that Why didnt you join up with usI dont know. was blonde and had a tawny skin and gray eyes. She came back from wherever she had been.All right.Abbastanza bene.In Milano. she said. I come to see you again soon. I felt the engine start.

People cant realize what France is like. I sat in the high seat of the Fiat and thought about nothing.We were off the driveway. thats different. Always with the carabinieri. Tell me about Gorizia. Theres not really any war of that sort down here. I said. There was that beginning of a feeling of dryness in the nose that meant the day would be hot later on.I did not understand the word. the captain said. Roma. Tell me. waiting for Catherine Barkley to come down. I was experiencing the masculine difficulty of making love very long standing up.

They lifted me and the blanket flap went across my face as we went out.Ciaou! he said. Ahead there was a rounded turn off in the road to the right and looking down I could see the road dropping through the trees. We drank the second grappa.Oh.Oh. He came back with a handful of roasted coffee beans. Well all eat.After a while we said good-night and left. Its twice as big as it was this morning. No. He could have had anything he wanted if I would have known. There were mists over the river and clouds on the mountain and the trucks splashed mud on the road and the troops were muddy and wet in their capes their rifles were wet and under their capes the two leather cartridge-boxes on the front of the belts. He recognized me and waved a forceps.At dinner I ate very quickly and left for the villa where the British had their hospital.

Helen. Rinin. I said.Be serious.Im not angry. In Pittsburgh. I said. and went through the trenches in the smasheddown town and along the edge of the slope.As the ambulance climbed along the road.You think notNo. said the major. She stood up and put out her hand.No. she said. It would be the same when the offensive started.

the trees around the square and the long avenue of trees that led to the square; these with there being girls in the town.AnotherAll right. We are brothers and we love each other.The day had been hot. I tried to move sideways so that it did not fall on me.Bacchus. I said. But Im back now.After a while I walked with her to the door of the villa and she went in and I walked home. The Saint Anthony was in a little white metal capsule. Kiss me goodby. We understand you let us talk.Of course they do.Rinaldi poured himself another glass of the cognac.Lets drop it anyway.

the captain said. The pain that the major had spoken about had started and all that was happening was without interest or relation.No. He shook his head at me. This was a joke. the stump of his leg twitching. The stream kept on. It tells you about those priests. The hall too.I do not believe it. I was cold and my leg hurt so that it made me sick. I know all about it.Be good while Im gone. Its only a little sometimes.Another American.

cheekfitted. where I sat with a friend and two glasses drinking a bottle of Asti. They wouldnt attack. I just tell you. It was there that the offensive was to begin. I said. I tried to tell about the night and the difference between the night and the day and how the night was better unless the day was very clean and cold and I could not tell it; as I cannot tell it now. The major said there was an Italian story something like that about the duchess who could not sleep at night. a noble man and with whose injustice. I love you. No one to come in at night from adventures. Its a Saint Anthony. Inside the dugout were the three drivers sitting against the wall. After supper I would go and see Catherine Barkley. What if we take San Gabriele What if we take the Carso and Monfalcone and Trieste Where are we then Did you see all the far mountains to day Do you think we could take all them too Only if the Austrians stop fighting.

for you have sinned. When he stopped swishing and fell asleep they came down and I blew them away and finally covered my face with my hands and slept too. Wait till I get cleaned up. While I rubbed myself with a towel I looked around the room and out the window and at Rinaldi lying with his eyes closed on the bed. It was hot walking through the town but the sun was starting to go down and it was very pleasant. The two captains took off their coats. Dio te salve. He had written to his father that I was coming and they had made preparations. holding the cheese. We understand you let us talk. That made the bed damp and cool. one for troops and one for officers.Dont write anything that will bother the censor. It does not go so well. Besides.

Dont bring Caruso. Inside they were operating on all the tables. Sometimes still pleasant and fond and warm and breakfast and lunch. opened it. Rinaldi carried a holster stuffed with toilet paper.Some of the officers went alone. lay asleep on the other bed. I looked at her. and in the fall when the rains came the leaves all fell from the chestnut trees and the branches were bare and the trunks black with rain. Tenente. She stood up and put out her hand. where I sat with a friend and two glasses drinking a bottle of Asti. The priest was good but dull.Its rotten. I thought I was coming back.

the dust rising from the wheels and going off through the trees. bound in leather. sometimes now seeing his face and little long necked body and gray beard like a goats chin tuft; all these with the sudden interiors of houses that had lost a wall through shelling. I helped him down.Two carabinieri held the car up. You must forgive me for talking so much. it couldnt all go on. Im Scotch. Messina. Are you coming to nightNo. You dont pronounce it very much alike. Rocca ignored this and went on to explain the joke to me. They cant go on doing things like the Somme and not crack. I do. In the jolt of my head I heard somebody crying.

This captain baited him often.When I got back to the villa it was five oclock and I went out where we washed the cars. And you do love meYes. He took my glass and filled it.But Scotland is England. This was a game. Ill look up their adjutant to do your papers and it will all go much faster. darling. They lined them up afterward and took every tenth man. I said. the trees along the road had small leaves and a breeze came from the sea. The wind blew the leaves in the bower over the door of the dressing station and the night was getting cold. I had wanted to go to Abruzzi.I looked back and saw her standing on the steps. Then.

I stop by. and one day at the end of the fall when I was out where the oak forest had been I saw a cloud coming over the mountain. for you have sinned.Wait a minute. Rinaldi shook his head. One of the two men who had carried it looked in. Let everybody defend his home. had some coffee in the kitchen and went out to the garage. Why dont you go to the hospitalThey wont let me.Oh. I lied.Lets drop the war.I sat in the reception hail of the villa. Did you do any heroic actNo. Nobody knew anything about it although they all spoke with great positiveness and strategical knowledge.

Oh Jesus lovely Mary stop it. I handed it to Gordini.Goodnight.Sit down. The ground was torn up and in front of my head there was a splintered beam of wood. He had been in the war in Libya and wore two woundstripes. Are you badly hitIn the leg. the tall Englishman said in Italian. Get some more of that Antitetanus. the water blue like the sky. I could see the river far down below.They may crack. They were afraid.Captain doctor (interested in something he was finding). as I went in.

Oh. Now they try to forget it. then stopped and kissed her. They have plenty of girls.Do you suppose it will always go onNo.I did not understand the word.Why notNo. The attack would cross the river up above the narrow gorge and spread up the hillside.They dont give them like that. the trees around the square and the long avenue of trees that led to the square; these with there being girls in the town. he said. I identified them by their red and white striped collar mark.. I had gone to no such place but to the smoke of cafe and nights when the room whirled and you needed to look at the wall to make it stop. I wanted to go to the Hartz Mountains.

one for troops and one for officers. Thats all over for a while. the long barrels of the guns covered with green branches and green leafy branches and vines laid over the tractors. selfinflicted wounds. It was an Astra 7.The adjutant.You sons of bitches. It came down through the forest in sharp turns. Helen Ferguson. In Pittsburgh. she said. the major said to the two stretcher bearers.I took off my tunic and shirt and washed in the cold water in the basin. isnt itQuite. baby.

be selected by the infantry but we were supposed to work it out. I said. Oh you should see what I did in the removal of three metres of small intestine and better now than ever.No.Yes. They will love you like a son. I sat up straight and as I did so something inside my head moved like the weights on a dolls eyes and it hit me inside in back of my eyeballs. Ill go and see him and ask if he will recommend you. I said. Its good.Oh. I dont mind at all. I saw arched stone bridges over the river where tracks turned off from the road and we passed stone farmhouses with pear trees candelabraed against their south walls and low stone walls in the fields.5 mm. the house for officers.

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