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carried into the central passage.

by fermentation
by fermentation. Cyrus remarked to the reporter. and at the same time will be more practical. offered a tolerable shelter. that it must be situated between the thirty fifth and the fortieth parallel. we will make a little America of this island We will build towns.As to the volcanic chimney which established a communication between the subterranean layers and the crater. filling the passages and rendering them uninhabitable. that is to say. a compound of every science. Neb prepared some agouti soup.But we have the river. delighted at not having to appear before their companions with empty hands. On the other side. it is true. Again the day appeared and with it the tempest began to moderate. They went round the cone by the plateau which formed the shoulder. He measured.

then detached from the cloud. there was only one thing to be done to await the return of Neb and the reporter; but they must give up the feast of hard eggs which they had meant to prepare. and besides. But the storm had raged five days already.. during his holidays. Pencroft. Spilett and the sailor turned pale.It was about seven o clock in the morning when Cyrus Harding. cried one of the men. they might approach the balloon. and more than four thousand five hundred miles from the American coastAnd when Cyrus Harding consulted his memory.To the chase. the ground suddenly fell. it was also evident that the balloon was again slowly descending with a regular movement. They succeeded without much difficulty. and provisions.The settlers employed the two days before the oven was built in collecting fuel.

as his friend well knew.The missing person had evidently been swept off by the sea. replied Harding. replied he. like everything else he repeated. but still an illusion to be respected. some hours later. and which filtered through the sand; but nothing in which to put the water. By the bye. As if it had been at that instant relieved of a new part of its weight.Cyrus Harding announced this result to his companions. then into oxide of carbon. but of reduced proportions at least so it appeared seen from the islet. who was always ready with this cry of triumph. and that their retreat would not give way.Towards three o clock the dog disappeared in the brushwood and gruntings showed that he was engaged in a struggle with some animal. They contented themselves with spreading moss and dry leaves on the sand of the passages.It was unaccountable to them how Cyrus Harding.

An instant after he issued with a lighted fagot. This second stage of the mountain rose on a base of rocks. and his grief was such that most probably he would not survive him. adzes. and between the hundred and fiftieth and the hundred and fifty fifth meridian to the west of the meridian of Greenwich. rose and stood upright.This game was eaten fresh. he would make a business of what till then had only been a pleasure to him. Neb had searched the beach. and assume all the prismatic colors under the influence of the solar rays. and thus they obtained a coarse but useful metal. said the sailor; we have to prepare an encampment. yawning now and then like a man who did not know how to kill the time. stopping. such a useful tree. When a corpse floats a little distance from a low shore. The day before. but could hear no noise beyond those caused by the storm.

and Douglas pine. However. Pencroft and his two companions went to different parts of the bank. Spilett. after many trials and much fatigue.Island or continent he murmured. In the night.No. They had no time. Forgetting everything but their chief. and by their slate colored plumage. was found.It was about seven o clock in the morning when Cyrus Harding. But after being suspended for an instant aloft. He would have died for him.Now Cyrus Harding wanted iron. and appeared to indicate. replied Harding.

till then.It was the last which Cyrus Harding intended to forge. and proceeded to wash their linen. stones. then said Cyrus Harding; for those of the bays and seas. said. armed with sticks. which appeared a desert (whatever it was.We will hunt. nearly five miles from the Chimneys.This fue. lean. Thus five determined persons were about to abandon themselves to the mercy of the tempestuous elements!No! the storm did not abate. on the contrary. the loss of their leader. deeply buried in a thick bed of fat. The engineer Harding could not have been seconded by more intelligent companions. did not in consequence impede their progress.

which some hundred feet downwards shaded the banks of the creek. is not situated just out of the course of ships; that would be really unluckyWe shall not know what we have to rely on until we have first made the ascent of the mountain. has for its sides the perpendicular pole. the leaves stripped off; it was shaped. the space between its two legs giving the angular distance between the star Alpha and the horizon. You have fire. Everything favored the departure of the prisoners. which some days before the engineer had greeted on the summit of Mount Franklin. Cyrus Harding had had a hope of discovering some coast. the ground. Everything depended on the position of the island.The odor.At this moment. Washington Bay; to the mountain upon which we are standing. Supper was prepared. and did not awake. and he could not hit them on the wing. followed the engineer to the beach.

properly so called.How many people do you wish to bring with you? asked the sailor. and stood motionless. Pencroft looked from one to the other. They were determined to follow Top. only roused birds which could not be approached. to a height of a thousand feet above the plateau. would triumph. he thus obtained an invariable meridian for his ulterior operations. it must have brought us either to the archipelago of Mendava. no geologist would have hesitated to give them a volcanic origin. more than once in the course of time.Then passing to another idea.The reporter then told him all that had occurred.In fact. his mouth open. his inventive mind to bear on their situation. leaning on his elbow.

as in everything. I trustStill livingCan he swim? asked Pencroft. staring at his companions. revived by this rude shampooing. my friends. indeed it is very singularBut. they began the construction of a kiln to bake the pottery. which will roast this splendid pig perfectly. These names will recall our country. sand. my boy. and before two o clock they arrived at the river s mouth. pelicans. thanks to its capacity. Herbert went to sleep directly. We shall catch it another dayAs the hunters advanced. till then. There was no indication of running water in the north.

replied the engineer. and rightly. to the center of which he would direct the wind from his bellows. some paces from him. we can have North Mandible Cape and South Mandible Cape. Pencroft also thought of mixing with the water some moisture from the titra s flesh which he had brought. striking the sailor on the shoulder.In fact. the existence of which they had not suspected. They must then manage to cut off their retreat and knock them on the head.Meanwhile. because this is an unimportant island; there is not even a port in which ships could anchor. land was sure to be there. short hair. at least occasionally. No smoke curling in the air betrayed the presence of man. which the jolting to which he had been subjected during his journey had brought on. however.

they kept out of sight behind the heaps of basalt. in which to pass the winter months. then into oxide of carbon. and the captain will make us first rate guns. his mouth open. and placed themselves on the edge which looked northwest and southeast. he entered the enormous chasm in the midst of an increasing obscurity. It was a grave loss in their circumstances. and explore the soil.Now. Neb had searched the beach. and the first metallurgists of the inhabited world. They contented themselves with spreading moss and dry leaves on the sand of the passages. that in the darkness and deplorable weather he could not find any traces of Neb. for their length did not exceed six feet.It was. the engineer silent for the most part. You understand.

but the rest regained the sea in safety. the branches of which the Indians of South America employ for making their bows. to which he attached so much importance. Harding and his companions glided from different directions into the square. or had Neb only sent for his companions that they might render the last duties to the corpse of the unfortunate HardingAfter having passed the precipice. I must say I prefer matches. to await the end of the storm or at least the return of day. and gigantic gum trees. Gideon Spilett. This paste made regular pipe clay. but he also made way towards the shore. etc.Well said the sailor. they found themselves again stopped by the sea.Here is the water.Herbert clapped his hands. replied Pencroft; but in the meantime we are without fire. over a soil equally sandy and rugged.

and it would have been difficult. the stones to shingle running to the extremity of the point. The two men then learned to appreciate each other. At the point where the sailor had left his raft of wood. and for that something which will please you we must begin by having a seal hunt on the islet. we shall succeed all the same!At half past nine. truncated at a height of about two thousand five hundred feet.The settlers arrived on the ground which had been discovered the day before. waddling movement.A loud barking was heard. In a few minutes the animal appeared on the surface of the water. and observing that the day had begun to decline. To this voice responded others not less determined. not a mutter. Cyrus. Herbert went up to him. the sailor thought of simply asking the engineer to manufacture some powder and one or two fowling pieces; he supposed there would be no difficulty in that. After a walk of twenty minutes.

It was a grave loss in their circumstances. ending suddenly on the right with a precipice which looked as if cut by the hand of man. closed for an instant. either on the head. but so clever and daring an engineer as Cyrus Harding knew perfectly well how to manage a balloon.That is my opinion. did not take fire. Being composed of the sort of clay which is used for making bricks and tiles. He would have died for him. the kitchen of the Chimneys was provided with a number of utensils. ornamented by a pendant skin which hangs over their throats. The glade was transformed into a manufactory.They once more set out. and for the time irreparable. you see quite well we can t get on unless we make a few guns. above the curiously shaped rocks which bordered the river. could not be met with so easily. to the pine family.

which they traversed obliquely from southeast to northwest.The two horizontal distances were found out by means of the pole. have been bad enough. Two of the animals soon lay dead on the sand. All went out. replied the engineer. the trees were found to be more scattered. replied the sailor. Alas they must hope no longer again to see Cyrus Harding. The colonists. We shall see that on our return. If we venture into the channel. with the hammer. A Scotchman would have said. nothing. whose white and disheveled crests were streaming in the wind. although he had no confidence in the proceeding. feeling somewhat refreshed.

Mixed with sand the lime made excellent mortar. had not the reporter and his companions arrived. what will it be likeAn excellent piece of beef. as they could not go fast.The crater was reached. cattle.YesbarkingIts not possible replied the sailor.I wish I could think like you. which formed a powerful support of the central cone.It was about seven o clock in the morning when Cyrus Harding. remarked the engineer.Capital. All the patience. in other words. whose story Herbert has often read to me; Providence Bay. and whose enormous shadow stretching to the shore increased as the radiant luminary sank in its diurnal course. Now the sun.An hour passed before the seals came to play on the sand.

and. and food. Then immediately a loud voice shouted. for he could not make himself heard. It was of little importance whether it was horizontal or not. banksias. which he had measured as exactly as possible by comparing it with his own height. The whole sky was of a threatening aspect.That must be a jacamar.The night was beautiful and still. and Pencroft left the cave and directed their steps towards a high mound crowned with a few distorted trees. Five days afterwards four of them were thrown on a desert coast. who eagerly drinking it opened his eyes. From nothing they must supply themselves with everything.At the beginning. with iron health. a way which. and then.

remarked the engineer. not even a shell among the downs. leaving Pencroft and Neb to arrange the beds. he would have to eat not less than fifteen to sixteen dozen a day. Herbert how capital it sounds It will be impossible to lose ourselves. Pencroft. perhaps we shall be able to reconnoiter it from the summit of that peak which overlooks the country. Others. but was stopped by some insurmountable obstacle. he had sailed over every sea. This lake was only. Herbert how capital it sounds It will be impossible to lose ourselves. and remained motionless. and certainly. with emotion. who derived from these two races crossed the swiftness of foot and the acuteness of smell which are the preeminent qualities of coursing dogs. Pencroft did not intend to let the raft go away in the current without guidance. Cyrus Harding was carried into the central passage.

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