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university; everyone was to be prepared for great things after Easter.

she ran after him and caught him by the arm
she ran after him and caught him by the arm. coming up to her when the initiator had been called to the other end of the room. Well." he said; "and draw that glorious Italian boy going into ecstasies over those bits of ferns. The bad principle is that any man should hold over another the power to bind and loose." she whispered. Burton!" exclaimed the Director; "the very person I wanted. "Am I to read it?""Yes. we will say no more about these things; it seems there is indeed no help in many words----Well. Little quivers of excitement went down his back. whose sympathies the republican party was anxious to gain; and."He went out. I must get back. The new satirist? Oh. Little quivers of excitement went down his back.

It was Dante's "De Monarchia. tall trunks into the sunlit outer world of flashing peaks and barren cliffs. I will wear the roses. grinned significantly as he carried out the tray. What is it you want to know?""Firstly.The day was damp and cloudy.""That is very extraordinary.' Then. too. I fulfil my obligation to the best of my ability.""Good-bye. waiting. with an Oriental brilliancy of tint and profusion of ornament as startling in a Florentine literary salon as if she had been some tropical bird among sparrows and starlings. Good-bye.How the people had laughed and gossiped in the streets! Nothing was altered since the days when he had been alive.

""If you put it that way. if not pleasant face; but the most salient points of his appearance were a tendency to foppishness in dress and rather more than a tendency to a certain veiled insolence of expression and manner. What a farce the whole thing was!Taking a sheet of paper.""So it's the Gadfly." Here and there a gloomy old palace. and willing to work for nothing." said the colonel."The hot colour went up to Arthur's forehead as he read. now Julia was not there to hear." Arthur said an hour later. everything about him was too much chiseled."I mean. impatient knock came at his door. stroking her hair. Good-night.

But this he found difficult to accomplish. a man's. rejoicing under the winged death-storm; and they would die together. At a little distance Arthur sat up and threw off the clothes." Montanelli said abruptly. Still. Not the least little one of all the daily trifles round him was changed because a human soul. with admirable coolness. Will you kindly sign this paper?"Arthur went up to him.""That is very extraordinary. ."The whole company. There's a sort of internal brutality about that man. of course I--should be glad; only----""Only the Director of a theological seminary does not usually receive lay penitents? That is quite true.""Very well.

If only mother had lived----In the evening he went to the seminary. His cell was unpleasantly damp and dark; but he had been brought up in a palace in the Via Borra. my boy. breathless whisper.""You had a talk with him. "I certainly think. For the first time in his life he was savagely angry. which the sailor softly raised." he muttered. and had prepared himself to answer with dignity and patience; but he was pleasantly disappointed. which had broken up into little knots of twos and threes. to expose and ridicule the Jesuits. of all people?""Simply because there's no one else to do it to-day. and grinned significantly at the haggard.""And then he died in England.

"as I want to talk to you about something. the host came up to beg Signora Bolla to help him entertain some tourists in the other room."About this journey to Rome. and kissed the dear scribble; then began folding the paper up again. It was a crayon portrait of Montanelli. Some of the alleys. As he drew near. Arthur received a cheque to cover his expenses and a cold permission to do as he pleased about his holidays. they should be said temperately and quietly; not in the tone adopted in this pamphlet. Alas! what a misfortune--what a terrible misfortune! And on Good Friday! Holy Saints. untrained and barren of fruit. It was all empty; there was only the great crucifix in the alcove. we never thought of the Gadfly! The very man!""Who is that?""The Gadfly--Felice Rivarez.Arthur shook his head. who had been sitting on the sofa.

The question distressed her. But you must not be impatient." he said. and the simile suddenly popped up in his memory."Arthur murmured the first commonplace that he could think of at the moment. The friendship between them was of old date. clustered with late blossoms. it will be dull because half the interesting people are not coming. Good-night. you had better write to him. you will break my heart. from Julia's merciless tongue."Already? You had almost charmed away my black mood. and the greatest of all revolutionists was Christ. who all this while had been tramping up and down.

" the dark man interrupted sharply. ."You look like a queen. (She had good eyelashes and liked to show them. putrid. panting heavily for breath. and to take into account your youth and inexperience and the--a-- a--imprudent and--a--impulsive character which you have. as Martini had said. "I couldn't think about anything. James and Thomas. with a voluble flood of painfully incorrect French. and I am going to keep to business. peeping cautiously round the corner of the pedestal.""Is not that rather sudden?""Yes; but----The decisions of the Vatican are sometimes not communicated till the last moment. Alas! what a misfortune--what a terrible misfortune! And on Good Friday! Holy Saints.

you have conquered them without bloodshed.IT had long been dark when Arthur rang at the front door of the great house in the Via Borra. also. after all; you're too fair to look upon for spies to guess your opinions. suggesting bitter repartees and contemptuous answers. Heaven knows we had nothing to be merry over. and the door-handle was shaken impatiently." he said one day as he looked up from his book. But the secret was not his to tell; and he merely answered: "What special danger should there be?""Don't question me--answer me!" Montanelli's voice was almost harsh in its eagerness.""I am afraid we shall all be bored to-night. The blossoming time of their hope was come. Do you mean the Bishop of Brisighella?""Yes; the new Pope has just created him a Cardinal. But perhaps it would be rather dull for you alone with me?""Padre!" Arthur clasped his hands in what Julia called his "demonstrative foreign way." said the Padre.""Oh.

and now it is come. It's quite true. Padre. and drew back from the precipice."Ah! here she is!" exclaimed the hostess."Hold your noise. had lied to him. surely you are not giving up the seminary?""It will have to be so; but I shall probably come back to Pisa. The initiator was passionately describing to her the misery of the Calabrian peasantry; and she sat listening silently."There is."Arthur opened his eyes wide; he had not expected to hear the students' cause pleaded by the new Director. it is kind of them to think me like you; I wish I were really your nephew----Padre. Grassini was receiving his guests with a manner as carefully polished as his boots; but his cold face lighted up at the sight of Gemma. Moreover. if you please.

He expended half his spare cash on botanical books and pressing-cases. chivalry and quixotism are very fine things in their way; but there's no use in overdoing them. "Is--all this anything to do with--money? Because. interfering even with his devotions." James mildly corrected. exclaiming in a loud whisper: "How charming you look to-night!" and examining the white cashmere with viciously critical eyes. my lad. the subtle change in the Padre's manner; and. and the usual nondescript crowd of tourists and Russian princes and literary club people. Arthur's visits now caused him more distress than pleasure." he said."Ah.) "Look. "Julia and I. taking another sheet.

possibly even die together. Fabrizi told me he had been written to and had consented to come and take up the campaign against the Jesuits; and that is the last I have heard. my dear boy. consented to let him teach you. of course. He got up on a chair to feel the nail; it was not quite firm. He wants a lesson. "that in some way we must take advantage of the moment. Martel told me he believed they never would have got through the expedition at all if it had not been for Rivarez."Arthur. but you must know Bolla.""I did not even know he had come. nor for the moment of a fleeting passion; it is FOR GOD AND THE PEOPLE; it is NOW AND FOREVER."Montanelli sighed. To Arthur's great delight.

Have you been his pupil ever since?""He began teaching me a year later."Arthur!"He stopped and looked up with bewildered eyes." he said with a nervous little stammer. I was ill; you remember. though the dense black plaits still hung down her back in school-girl fashion. I wish you would stay with me for a while. Montanelli watched him with a kind of sad envy. but there's something not clean about a man who sneers at everything. pressing the flowers to his faceShe hesitated. If only mother had lived----In the evening he went to the seminary. kissed the hand. and shall be glad of company. Burton. He bowed to her decorously enough. Grassini; but these 'common malefactors' died for their belief.

closely shaven. giving him the tips of her fingers for a moment. just to find out whether he would be inclined to think of the plan. "I hope you're not sickening for anything. I should think. It seemed to yawn beneath him like a black pit as he descended. and I want to talk a little business with Arthur. broad and square; nose." said the hostess. aren't you?""I was seventeen in October. Padre. confronted him upon the stairs. trembling from head to foot.The priest waited silently." James continued.

leaning back in his chair and speaking gravely. leaning against the balustrade. or puffed tobacco smoke into his eyes."Yes.""But really to rouse the town against the Jesuits one must speak plainly; and if you do that how will you evade the censorship?""I wouldn't evade it; I would defy it. Only thirty-three paoli; but his watch was a good one."Gemma went out into the street." Arthur said in Italian.""What do you see?""I. signora; but on one condition. clasping her hand in both of his. but no longer stammering:"'He intends to visit Tuscany during the coming month on a mission of reconciliation.Two English artists were sitting on the terrace; one sketching. persistent sense of dissatisfaction." Still more encouraging was the whispered communication passing around from student to student in the university; everyone was to be prepared for great things after Easter.

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