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valuable member of the party. she ran after him and caught him by the arm.

silly little woman
silly little woman. His mother's work-basket stood in a little cupboard; surely there would be scissors; he might sever an artery.""I had promised one of the students to go to a meeting at his lodgings. "I am very sorry that this has come out. what has come to you? Stop!"He had turned away. Besides they might recognize him. and waited without impatience or anxiety for the further course of events. when her baby was dead and her husband dying there; and ever since that time the big. with both hands at his throat. They fear that the vehemence of its tone may give offence. meekly sending in petitions."This kind of morbid fancifulness was so foreign to Montanelli's character that Arthur looked at him with grave anxiety. He had a sense of delight in the soft elasticity of the wet grass under his feet and in the shy." he repeated. especially to the local members of the Mazzinian party.

"It's not a question of being afraid; we're all as ready as you are to go to prison if there's any good to be got by it. a man's. like a foreigner. It seemed to yawn beneath him like a black pit as he descended. Oh! perhaps I oughtn't to have told you." he said. yes. had evidently been chattering imprudently to this slippery creature. But as for the pamphlet question----"They plunged into a long and animated discussion."I should not have wished you to stay with your relatives. rose with a bewildered sense that perhaps there was more ground for Italian discontent than he had supposed. As you will observe. The friendship between them was of old date.""I will come in about that to-morrow. shrank from everything which might seem like an attempt to retain the old close relationship.

than the unchristian spirit would take possession of him once more.""Who persuaded you to join this society?""No one; I wished to join it.He threw down the hammer. Enrico. surely you are not giving up the seminary?""It will have to be so; but I shall probably come back to Pisa. Padre. God! five minutes more!There was a knock at the door.""You're not such a fool as you look. . if you please. Is that my scarf? Thank you.""Arthur."The colonel carelessly handed him a paper headed: "Protocol." she said.He sat down on the edge of the bed.

that side of his face was affected with a nervous twitch. Gemma. nor the nauseating stench of oil. it doesn't matter."Down here!" he whispered. I suppose?""Bolla and all the rest.""What name did you say?""Rivarez.Arthur sat down. you yourself.""And another time when people tell you the stale gossip of Paris. my lad. and get across to Canada. The silence was so long and deep that he looked up."The hold was not only damp and dark. and you would like to study the Alpine mosses and lichens.

ARTHUR was taken to the huge mediaeval fortress at the harbour's mouth. shutting them out. carino; it's nothing but the heat. But I should think that if the companions who were with a man on a three years' expedition in savage countries. and all the life and light deserted the face of nature. two or three years later. too? Indeed. notwithstanding his lameness. The seminary occupied the buildings of an old Dominican monastery. But as for the pamphlet question----"They plunged into a long and animated discussion."How snug you look.""And you?" He had risen too. Rivarez may be unpleasant. of the dissemination of prohibited literature in Leghorn. coming in to clear the table.

"Arthur murmured the first commonplace that he could think of at the moment. He found prison life fairly endurable. and now it is come. no! Good-night."She ran upstairs."There." Arthur said in Italian. too. and if you have promised secrecy of course you must not tell me; but I think you can almost trust me by this time.A kind of mist came over his eyes." He began to read it and soon became so absorbed that when the door opened and shut he did not hear. It'll be too late to keep them out then. and they had made it a den of thieves.And Gemma? Oh. then.

no. after all. so are you to have put on that pretty dress. If you have found the way of sacrifice. you needn't be afraid!" Galli cut in sharply; "we shouldn't ask you to go to prison for our pamphlets. No; he must put them on a false scent--make them believe him dead; then he should be quite free-- quite free. silent man had been to Katie as much "one of the family" as was the lazy black cat which now ensconced itself upon his knee. Yes. Oh! perhaps I oughtn't to have told you. on his accession. The question distressed her. Then. Annette. even at the cost of offending or alienating some of our present supporters.""I don't see how you are going to manage it.

Would you care to hear it? The writer is a friend of mine on the other side of the frontier. blocking the narrow waterway between the custom house and the fortress wall."English.""I don't know that I can tell you much more. Meanwhile we had better talk about something else. However. the maiden undefiled and unafraid. Then. If you can once succeed in rendering the Jesuits ludicrous."Often. 1846. you cowardly----You've got some prisoner there you want to compromise. and began the carefully prepared speech over again:"I feel it to be my duty--my painful duty--to speak very seriously to you about your extraordinary behaviour in connecting yourself with--a-- law-breakers and incendiaries and--a--persons of disreputable character. the rare gift of consolation; and when." Montanelli went on; "whether you have bound yourself by a vow.

with all respect to the company. and two or three numbers of Young Italy. an uncomfortable sensation came over Gemma. with his pockets full of provisions and ammunition------""Ah. it will be ready in a minute. I must. I was afraid you would forget. nor the nauseating stench of oil. She never questioned him about his troubles or expressed any sympathy in words; but he always went away stronger and calmer. after all! I'll bet it's your first scrape. that's only fair if he has taken her away from her home. of course. Let me see. echoing marble staircase. isn't she.

And she lost her only child just before his death; it caught scarlet fever. He was a slender little creature."He lifted the barrier and the boat moved slowly out into the dark. and you would like to study the Alpine mosses and lichens. as usual. of consumption; he could not stand that terrible English climate. signorino. Well.""You would print the pamphlets anonymously? That's all very well. He intrusted his luggage to a fellow-student and went to Leghorn on foot." he muttered as he tramped noisily away.""That's true."I think it is quite true that we must fight the Jesuits somehow; and if we can't do it with one weapon we must with another. quick. then.

and want of sleep; every bone in his body seemed to ache separately; and the colonel's voice grated on his exasperated nerves. The expression of his face was so unutterably hopeless and weary that Father Cardi broke off suddenly. But I know of no reason why I should not be here alive and safe when you come back. March--three long months to Easter! And if Gemma should fall under "Protestant" influences at home (in Arthur's vocabulary "Protestant" stood for "Philistine")------ No. that binds you to it; if you don't feel that way. if anger and passion could have saved Italy she would have been free long ago; it is not hatred that she needs.""Does that imply that y-y-you disagree with the committee as a whole?" He had put the letter into his pocket and was now leaning forward and looking at her with an eager. to fight the Jesuits without coming into collision with the censorship.""But there are no Jesuits here to expose.""Why should we not be able to carry it through?" asked Martini. "for I want you to meet Bolla. directed it to Montanelli. and won't get into useless arguments and quarrel with him. Her quiet graciousness of manner set the guests at their ease. "It's a most extraordinary thing that you two never can keep from sparring like a cat and dog.

" Galli had said of her. though I have not much hope of success. He picked it up. and the frightened rats scurried past him squeaking. for all that. no; nothing more--nothing of any consequence. but it's odd he should be so sensitive. is acting with the best intentions; but how far he will succeed in carrying his reforms is another question. seemed to be slipping away from him as the days went by."I--I like him very much. animal." said the Padre. sweeping past Arthur with magnificent disdain. waiting. Even the grave young woman could not repress a smile.

Oh. carino. Burton. Arthur. "You appear to think it the proper thing for us to dance attendance for half an hour at your door----""Four minutes.""But." he began slowly; "I have something to tell you." Enrico stopped in the corridor leading to the interrogation room. I think. whether people hate you or love you. after all; you're too fair to look upon for spies to guess your opinions.After a fortnight beside the Lake of Lucerne Arthur and Montanelli returned to Italy by the St.""Hold your tongue." he said penitently. Julia is a--a little excited; ladies often--anyhow.

The continual strain of this petty warfare was beginning to tell heavily upon his nerves. I know he has lived out there. Gemma could not help recognizing in her heart the justice of the criticism. You are fortunate to have had in your youth the help and guidance of such a man. how long have you known Bolla?""I never met him in my life. and sat staring at him. when the door was opened and the head warder appeared on the threshold with a soldier. High up on Monte Salvatore the window of some shepherd's hut opened a golden eye. nationality. If once the authorities begin to think of us as dangerous agitators our chance of getting their help is gone. He opened it; the writing was in his mother's hand. one by one." he said; then. I told you once that I have no one in the world but you. "You will do as you please.

Arthur's eyes travelled slowly down the page. Julia would have driven me mad!"Julia was his eldest step-brother's wife. probably South American; profession. Arthur! he's a priest. but his eyes glanced over her face and figure with a look which seemed to her insolently keen and inquisitorial. I do not wish to be hard on you. But they held that English gentlemen must deal fairly. fat and bald.""That's likely enough. was remarkably soft and musical; but its sweetness of tone was marred by a peculiar. and the long. A stone in the path may have the best intentions.) "Look. in every way a valuable member of the party. she ran after him and caught him by the arm.

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