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for questioning.?? ??No leads??? ??No.M.A.?? Ellis said.?? ??A little.

Salander was obviously deranged
Salander was obviously deranged. His murderer had shown interest also in Salander. So it would be a good thing if he were killed by the police. something that was not right. If you remember my name then you must have been more alert than I thought. His parents lived in ?rebro and they were his sole heirs. It was a pleasant feeling to know that her reactions were up to an emergency. As he talked to Berger.?? ??How do you know that??? ??Gullberg met Prime Minister F?lldin six weeks after Zalachenko??s defection. He rubbed his eyes. She was feeling guilty because she had not contacted Blomkvist even once since the day she had walked into S. Mikael picked up his mobile and made another call to Inspector Erlander in G?teborg. and he was reading it with gathering astonishment. He was arrested with Lundin at Stallarholmen. He wondered what would happen if he acted on his impulse. Erlander knew from long experience that there were plenty of nutters out there.

000 kronor. and they had both ended up in bed with Torkel. It was not until an hour later that Eriksson knocked on Berger??s door. And she was in hot water. of course he is. After the meeting at Milton Security the previous evening. Figuerola and Blomkvist were waiting for him.2 degrees. We still flag Salander for monitoring whenever she turns up in any database. gained access. Cursing.. Two years earlier she had met him for a few hours when he helped her and Blomkvist in the hunt for Harriet Vanger by doing an illegal tapping of a landline in St Albans. five times before he was still. point by detailed point. She outlined the Poison Pen situation.

Poison Pen might easily be a married man with five children and a dog. Gullberg had approved the operation. I??m running the club. He would not be able to get back to sleep.?? ??Alright.?? It was not until after 10. thirty-nine. It was a slow process.?? Edklinth said. I??m guessing that such a request will arrive next week. ??I??ve a difficult assignment for you. He had Salander??s keys to her burgundy Honda. or whether the sender was in the building.?? ??In what way??? ??Faste appears to have become obsessed by one newspaper story about a lesbian Satanist gang.M. chief talked us into it.

and they know that sooner or later I??m going to publish it. She went upstairs. Third. I??m just bringing him in for questioning. Zalachenko acknowledged for the umpteenth time that it was a shame and a crime that his son did not possess certain qualities.?? ??I understand ?? Frank.?? ??I was shot in the head. of Milton Security. just that. and he doesn??t have a criminal record.?? ??I??ll make the decisions and do the surgery. of being a Russian agent. It contained twenty-six documents. where she could still see the back of the man in the blue overalls. uncovered planned lovers?? trysts. ??This is great.

Are you doing the exercises the therapist recommended??? She nodded. It would take half a second to shove the broken edge into Zalachenko??s throat if he leaned over her.?? She used the toilet in the master bathroom and then pulled on some black trousers and borrowed one of Greger??s slippers for her injured foot. And as such you need help. where she spent two hours driving herself hard to catch up on lost training time. At the same instant Anders Berglund knocked on the door. it is not merely a criminal conspiracy ?C it is a threat to national security.?? ??But Blomkvist managed to overpower Niedermann all by himself.?? she said. It was a slow process. The second part has to be handled from here. ??He has almost a 24-hour head start now. Only one thing is important right now. I knew him through my mother.?? Figuerola said. Something has come across my desk that is so remarkable that I believe both you and the Prime Minister need to be informed.

albeit under guardianship. My husband will be home in a couple of days. Let me explain why I gave orders that everything to do with Salander has to cross my desk. ??Now now.?? Modig said. The first time it was parked near the entrance to his building on Bellmansgatan on Wednesday morning when he left to walk to the office. He crossed the German border at Aachen and then took the Autobahn north towards Hamburg and on to Denmark. would have to be superhuman. At lunchtime on Monday she had a visit from Dr Jonasson. But he had seen M?rtensson go in through the front door of his building. The paper has to be rejuvenated.?? ??And??? Modig hesitated once again. as you know.?? he said. Gullberg was suddenly a big player: he was welcomed with respect in the exclusive club of selected warriors. she??s under arrest.

?? Jonasson said. Modig was waiting for him with a cup of black coffee in front of her. It was the most horrendous thing I??ve ever experienced. I??m swamped too.?? ??Then what??? ??We kept close track of Lisbeth during those months. At 7. took it into their hearts that parliamentary government had outlived its role and that parliament should be replaced by a dictatorship.?? ??I know. It??s irresistible.?? They made their way to the police canteen to have breakfast. then we will assist each other in finding solutions. There was steel in the sick man??s eyes. He??s perfect as publisher and damned good at editing articles and tying up loose ends in work that is going to be published. And I soon found out that some crimes are never even investigated. I simply have no energy. in the ??60s.

The room was easier to guard.W. it was Bj?rck who set this whole mess rolling. First.?? Berger slept until 2. plus there??s a risk that he may be paralysed. That is.M. But we have to deal with Blomkvist. The Zalachenko unit had taken on the role of clean-up patrol in that sense. almost friendly manner.M. Afterwards the discussion went on for almost three hours.?? It was fascinating that despite the collegial atmosphere they had shared for so many years at the Section.?? said Bublanski. There were simply too many incidents for this to be coincidence.

She did not see M?rtensson??s car. and that her still-extant declaration of incompetence is revoked.?? He thanked Dr Endrin. but somehow she managed to survive and dig herself out and???? ??And somehow got back to the farm and swung an axe into Zalachenko??s skull. He did his military service first as an officer cadet and was then accepted for officer training.00.?? ??Indeed??? ??But morally it??s the right thing to do. At 2.?? ??I know. ??I have to tell you that your father has made a formal accusation to the police stating that you tried to murder him. V. but it was completely off the record. It was Gullberg whom Bj?rck notified when he sounded the alarm. so to speak.?? Edklinth frowned. this is Malin Eriksson.

You make 112. By 12.S. ??Are you going to do anything??? ??I??m not going to discuss that with you. He was also about to go on holiday. The real problem is here. shut down its civil service desk some years ago. Normally I??m involved in civil cases in which I represent victims of rape or domestic violence. The problem is that he??s unpredictable. Accordingly. At the same moment she felt intense pain in her left shoulder. but there wasn??t anywhere else to park. They crossed the concourse and went out on to Vasagatan by the north door. ??You spend a couple of hours a week at the gym.?? She fell silent and stared at Annika.Q.

?? He told her he was going to be at home all day writing. Then she got back into the bed and woke Blomkvist. Then he cautiously put his left foot down on the floor. For special clients he would also offer his video surveillance and telephone tapping services. But in my opinion he??s a pig. there was no mobile in the room. ??It??s a police killing and the press is out in force.?? ??I need someone for a research job. but not before a long and diplomatic circumlocution. for God??s sake. That was all Ghidi had to do. and he had kept his promise. And that means that Teleborian will be given the chance to observe you.00. in spite of her unusual name.?? ??Good.

the police and hospital administration had agreed that Salander should remain in room eighteen for the time being.A. Metro and Stockholm City. You write well and you have an eye for detail.S. which has Bj?rck instructing Teleborian to falsify a mental examination. She had given him an especially long kiss that morning because he was flying to Paris to deliver some lectures and would not be back until the weekend. Landskrona. She complained of severe headaches and developed a fever that has been fluctuating up and down. He??s walking fast.S. Trinity wrote.?? ??What did he do??? ??He realized that he had no choice but to do what the gentlemen from S?po were proposing. Once an intruder comes on to your property ?C and it takes only five seconds to turn off the road and arrive at the rear of the house ?C then the view is completely blocked. I know that you??ve worked together for twenty years or so and you??ve had your ups and downs. He pushed up his glasses and scratched the back of his neck.

??Indeed. Kalle Bloody Blomkvist was complicating life for her. He had insisted that an Undersecretary of State be let in on the secret. Clinton and von Rottinger were the ones who took the lead.S. They rejected marriage as subjugation.?? Jonasson wondered whether Ellis was pulling his leg.?? ??So somebody here at S. and she enjoyed her job at Milton Security a great deal. And we??re on a different floor from the rest of S?po.?? Figuerola nodded.M. Those positions have not been filled. and we??ve had an A. If you don??t want to give me an answer to something. but didn??t find anything that stood out.

but it was completely off the record.?? ??O. This he had not for a moment expected. We??ve had a long discussion about the constitutional implications ?C obviously we want it to be handled properly. and Ola Ullsten came in.P. ??When you have to go to the toilet.00 p. ??A constant guilty conscience. but Paulsson presumably thought it was Blomkvist??s own. When they were seventeen. Hmm. There are two sides to it. to think things over. Strangely enough. a bathtub retails at 5.

was alive and healthy.?? ??You started it.V. and because she probably thought you had your hands full with the Salander story. Ronald Niedermann. and in the end the price burden falls on the renters or the taxpayers. She closed her eyes. a bathtub retails at 5.I. who formally advised him that he was a suspect in the grievous bodily harm or attempted murder of Lisbeth Salander. He frowned and looked long and hard at the hand-held computer. She could not put her finger on what was wrong. and for the past week she had not taken any headache tablets. That bastard aimed at me. A detective named Hans Faste from Stockholm. it??s the truth.

??I suggest you consider very carefully what we??ve talked about today. ??I??m guessing that he??s sitting there wishing he??d never heard of Zalachenko. I beg you to reciprocate my feelings. overtook the unit. no ???? ??Teleborian wrote this in a report that he sent to Bj?rck. I have a source who provides me with some info.?? said the Minister of Justice. Everything points towards a suicide. Until she had access to a computer. ??I can assure you. But we have him in the system and can call him in again for questioning.?? ??No leads??? ??No.M.A.?? Ellis said.?? ??A little.

Inspector Modig.iv Blomkvist had spent Saturday night with Berger.

It was now a matter of how far they wanted to align themselves with such assertions
It was now a matter of how far they wanted to align themselves with such assertions. But before the end of the year we will have to eliminate ten positions. Not for my brother or for Armansky.?? ??If I??m going to survive. ??I think we need a little more coffee.?? ??What about it??? ??Couldn??t you get me a pizza??? ??Sorry. Hacker Republic comprised a very exclusive club of the best of the best. But when I examined her this morning her temperature had gone up to almost 39. He was sponsored or supported by a faction within S?po that tidied up after any crimes he committed. What worried him in the short term was that he could never predict when Niedermann might be struck by his mental paralysis.?? ??What kind of weapon is it??? Jervas said. no matter how many times she tried to block it.G.?? ??Nonsense. Blomkvist studied her carefully as she came back from the ladies??. hit the return key.

you might develop epilepsy or some other problem. then do so. which eventually became a law office at Odenplan. You came from Borl?nge and you??ve worked with the Uppsala police.?? At 10.?? Blomkvist went on. ??Now we know.?? ??And since she went into your building I assume that Milton has put in some sort of hidden surveillance of your flat. said. with all the advantages and drawbacks. She suddenly felt in a much better mood.00 p.?? ??I??m sorry. and if I were you I wouldn??t voice that theory in public.M. I??m convinced that he??s involved.

which described the problems encountered by the former Swedish ambassador to France when he was commissioned to examine S?po in the wake of the Palme assassination and the Ebbe Carlsson affair.?? Figuerola nodded. He adjusted the seat and saw that the petrol tank was half full.?? Berger suddenly felt an enormous wave of relief. Her constitutional rights are being violated by the very people who ought to be protecting her. I don??t intend to interrogate them. Blomkvist shook his head.?? ??Hello. but she kept her distance. ??How??s the old bastard doing??? ??Who? You mean???? ??The one who came in the same time as I did. they had made it clear to him that Zalachenko and the Section were going their separate ways.?? ??Berger. In her role as undercover officer her looks worked against her. her patient??s only exercise space. I left you in the lurch in a situation that was much worse than this. It was 10.

He considered himself a democrat. especially in the leftist-radical ??70s when a number of constitutional blunders had certainly occurred. He was one of the owners of Millennium. The body produces a pain-suppressing chemical and you become addicted to it. Besides. Malin. and nobody became a member of this exclusive club without very strong recommendations. we won??t be able to draw any conclusions. According to Giannini.?? Malm said. She set out her day??s work in a memo and went in to see Edklinth. Figuerola apologized and said she must have dialled the wrong number. The inevitable media storm could lead only to one thing. then we??ll decide what to do. She had humiliated him.?? he said.

and he??s dead. In Sweden you have to do it through a constitutional committee.7 million kronor for a staff of ninety-six people. And I??m dead tired.?? ??The pathologist wrote that there were graze wounds.?? Malm sat motionless for a few seconds. It was. handcuffs and a toothbrush. There??s just one problem.?? Zalachenko said laboriously through clenched teeth. And Wasp was one of its citizens.?? ??I thought you were busy looking for a lesbian Satanist gang in Stockholm. & M. He knew one. He was. They??re checking the apartment.

It would have been essential. It was better to present the package all at once. we have to keep tabs on all three of them ?C Berger.. one of the night editors at S. so that you??ll be able to see what??s going on in the garden and on the ground floor when you??re in the bedroom. ??If I didn??t know about it ???? ??But if you did know about it. he already had enough material to set off a landslide of headlines. She was a pretty. ??I??m so linked to Millennium that no-one will believe I didn??t have a finger in this. you couldn??t threaten or reason with that man. 27. I ???? Zalachenko hesitated a few seconds. 12.?? ??And what was her condition??? ??She was conscious the whole time. He chose first class and had the compartment to himself.

SisterJen. But it must have hurt like hell. after all. ??What I am able to do. ??Twenty-two minutes.00 in the evening and Rosin showed her around the house. almost all) agreed had an indispensable value. He spent several nights a week at the apartment. He was gone from 1985 to 1987. he must have chosen a simple password. I can??t poke around in her skull and extract bullets. Then the assassin??s shots rang out on Sveav?gen and the matter became irrelevant. But the investigation proceeded slowly.?? ??I??m on my way. ??Good. We have Borgsj? ready for the slaughter.

What makes you ask such a dramatic question??? ??It??s prompted by a dramatic and extraordinary request. What general impression did you get of her nature. ??A defection like this would have been given the highest priority. But he did call Erika Berger on his mobile and told her the situation. the investigation carried out in 1991 that led to Lisbeth Salander being locked away was illegal. and Salander never asked. 19. The most sensitive of all issues. Edklinth had probably meant for her to serve the coffee. but on the blueprints from the city construction office she knew that it was on the other side of the building. ??No. but she quickly pulled herself together when she saw who it was. simple case for him to focus on. looking around the bedroom.?? ??O. In what way has he become harder to handle??? ??The police chief up there is an old friend of Paulsson??s.

??.?? Gullberg said. which she unpacked in Berger??s spare room. she should be on her feet well before then. On the other.I. ??Hello. That means there??s something in the story that all the other reporters have missed.. We??re calling the report ??E. She sat bent over spreadsheets of Millennium??s budget and was so engrossed that Anton. and would have to be removed. lined up the possibilities. he did learn Russian and Polish. then. but he could not work out what it was.

C. A man with a moustache. He had known him since the ??80s. and former Criminal Inspector Sonny Bohman. He had worked like a fiend with Zalachenko.?? Edklinth exhaled a little. She pulled open a drawer in the hall where she kept scarves. In which case Sandberg. shook his head. ??Ask the boss??? said Bublanski. ??It??s a job that could land you in big trouble. But it has to be done in one fell swoop. agent who defected from the Soviet Union seems impossible to verify.?? ??We??ll meet again as soon as your client is strong enough to be interviewed. ??Wouldn??t you like to come and work for us??? ??Not on your life. But you??re Lisbeth??s doctor and you have access to her.

iv By 1.?? ??I??ll come to your place at 8. He honestly did not give a damn about the man. Blomkvist had never before read anything by Lidbom. The story had Millennium??s stamp on it from beginning to end.?? Blomkvist said. And he could keep the mobile when the job was over.?? Blomkvist said to remind them that he was there in the room. some years ago. If so. and we don??t know yet whether it is connected to any known crime in Sweden.?? ??That??s pretty vague. & M. Lisbeth??s lawyer ?C you??ve met her I think ?C is my sister. Furthermore.?? Andersson said.

He was gone from 1985 to 1987. A Russian agent. is to investigate the truth of this story. revenue in Stockholm. and she might live to be a hundred. In September 1964.00. Entry wound just above the left ear.. She explained what she needed to have done.?? he said in a gloomy voice. Blomkvist??s appetite was revived even before he sat down. barring unforeseen complications. The important thing right now was to consolidate their forces. and he was proud of what had been achieved that night when Salander was brought into A.I.

she would have recognized that she looked completely demented.?? ??I know. Then came the election in 1985. and added very little water. To the bathroom with you. letter by letter. G?tgatan was full of life at all hours of the day and night. if this had been during the communist days???? ??That??s an illusion. and any drivel can be posted on a billboard. forty-three years old. The best thing would be if he was found with a bullet in his head. ??We??re the ones who don??t exist.M. He was a hit man for Russian military intelligence. At 8.?? ??And you??d never seen him before??? ??I??d seen him in the lift.

and no questions should be asked. we??ve landed in a constitutional crisis.?? It was Gunnar Magnusson. She was extraordinarily resourceful. She had several run-ins with people from the social welfare agency. But here??s the bad news: Assistant County Police Chief Sp?ngberg has been here since 5. then it was with these lunatics. after all. ??I??m with you on that.?? She took Salander??s hand and helped her into the bed. She resigned abruptly. She had taken him out easily.?? ??Aha. Luckily she does accept information. I??m also proposing wage cuts for management. but that he was not expected back before late that night.

This he had not for a moment expected. But we still haven??t received it. Dakota wrote. assigned to prosecute crimes against F.?? ??I don??t even know which colleague you??re talking about. She was dressed for the office in black trousers. when. Salander was not sure.000 kronor a month. Nor had Berger any thought of taking the story with her.?? ??What did Vinge and Francke quarrel about??? ??They were just very different.?? he said. we determined that the theft must have occurred during the time she was at Nacka hospital. ??Raml?sa. Whatever happens. He was pleased with the text.

?? Eriksson realized with terrible clarity how understaffed the paper was. the renowned children??s psychiatrist would be one of the most detested men in Sweden. I??ve had cameras installed to record what happens when I??m not home. and a lesbian Satanist. Borgsj? approached and touched her shoulder. You don??t have to say anything before your lawyer gets here. and he was proud of what had been achieved that night when Salander was brought into A. that I won??t take the job if it??s illegal. Suddenly he found it difficult to sleep. of course. ??Have a seat.?? ??Listen. Henry shoots from the hip a little too often. And if anyone starts asking awkward questions. his colleague Inspector Modig.iv Blomkvist had spent Saturday night with Berger.

??What is it??? ??Well. Yet she felt indifferent.?? Edklinth said.I.

Our operations chief Johan Fr?klund has been looking into his background
Our operations chief Johan Fr?klund has been looking into his background. Francke and P. nodded. Edklinth did not believe in coincidence on such a grand scale.m.Wednesday. But it seems you were far ahead of us. In 1997 he was no longer on the official roster of the external service. but we think you have a good chance of making a full recovery. They were included as a sign of goodwill and to demonstrate that G?teborg wished to co-operate with their colleagues from the capital.v Three days after Berger started as acting editor-in-chief of S. Bj?rck proposes that Zalachenko??s rehabilitation ?C he suffered very severe burns ?C be carried out abroad. Under Berger??s leadership the magazine had always been a collective. He asked her to please ?C on overtime ?C hurry over to the pub as back-up for Cortez. was not much better than S. Sorry not to have been in touch. ??That??s the drawback with this arrangement.?? ??There is nothing illegal in what I am going to ask you to do. ??Lisbeth ?? I??m wondering ???? He then said nothing for such a long time that Salander almost asked what it was he wanted.?? said Andersson.M. you??re released from all other duties.

even though he was obviously not supposed to write it until after he had been given the opportunity to examine her. He got up from the kitchen table. gained access.?? Berger got up. The board is going to???? ??The board is going to do as I say. at least.?? Gullberg drew a series of concentric circles on his notepad. or who he might go to for protection. the company that makes the 1700 kronor toilets in Vietnam. It??s a question of his need to control us. of course. to an apartment with the name Martinsson on the door. it still took five minutes to force the lock to Blomkvist??s apartment. he had gone back in time and described Zalachenko??s arrival in Sweden.?? ??I??m not going to compete with you. It??s about Lisbeth Salander. M?rtensson must have been looking through Blomkvist??s papers or whatever else he keeps at his place.P.?? Blomkvist turned and looked at her profile.00 and discovered Blomkvist still asleep. and she has to live with that. Salander concluded that his I.

but ???? ??Not a problem. Two had a background in the Fraud Division.?? ??In that case. A would-be Svavelsj? biker was busted for that. Touch??. almost made it on to the Swedish Olympic team. That was one of the things he liked best about his office. Zalachenko was watching her in the light that came from the corridor. and I watch only the news on T.?? Berger barely looked up from her position by the window. The signature of the Prime Minister meant that the Section was now a legally approved institution. department store. Lottie Karim was notoriously afraid of the dark and would never for the life of her have agreed to be by herself overnight at the office. He previously worked in western Europe for the Soviet military intelligence service G.?? ??I??m happy to have you as my lawyer. The shard of glass had penetrated so deeply that the bleeding would not stop. She took the call.P.?? ??Such as??? ??While you were concentrating on the Zalachenko story. I left you in the lurch in a situation that was much worse than this. had decided to harass her.?? ??I??ve also had a conversation with an official who wants me to let Teleborian see you.

?? ??So when are you actually going to sit down with a pen and paper and write this statement??? ??You??ll have it in a few days. but ???? ??Yes??? ??This young prostitute who was murdered in S?dert?lje ?? her name is Irina Petrova. ??Where??? ??This afternoon I found out that Salander has taken on a lawyer. Occasionally he would jot down notes in a pocket diary. Malin. He looked around. ??I need a favour. did not have any teenagers on its staff. He smiled to himself. Then. can you help me out??? ??I spent the evening in the company of good friends.?? he said at last. On Saturday he had four visitors. ??this could lead to a constitutional crisis. The inquiries had concentrated on finding G?ransson??s car. Carefully she wrote the password MonkeyBusiness. But he says that the last time he saw the gun. but I??m not that sexy. We??re looking at the blueprints for all the relevant offices and apartments. the head of the police forces responsible for the defence of Swedish democracy.?? ??Check her out anyway. she would like a cup of tea.

and in A. but I have to insist that you answer the question. but I assure you it??s in no way illegal.?? He thanked Dr Endrin. Do you know what this means? It means that S. While he waited for the helicopter. and he could step in and take over the reins when Berger was away or busy. It was just before 4. ??To tell the truth. Niedermann was on the run. He would never see them again. Big and nasty enemies. Teleborian got up abruptly and took his leave. You??ll have my support if you need it. Torsten. He drove down Hornsgatan and across to Bellmansgatan via Br?nnkyrkagatan. weighing her chances. The Wennerstr?m affair of the ??60s.?? ??But how did Bjurman get in touch???? Gullberg fell silent. One of the women was named Sara. He was furious. Plague pinged Salander at midnight and interrupted her in the middle of a sentence she was writing about her time with Holger Palmgren as her guardian.

I wasn??t the one who found him. They were stopped by a red light. he sat down and wrote to Janeryd.?? ??That??s rubbish. Just then he was sober. Jonasson did not hesitate to classify Salander??s condition as critical.?? ??Or you could just ask me. He opened his eyes in bewilderment.?? the P. she was locked up in a mental hospital. This caused the activists in Hacker Republic to devote a startling amount of energy for six months to hacking and destroying every computer owned by that company. ??Welcome. But it was. how you came to be in possession of the Top Secret S?po report on Zalachenko. He mumbled something. ??Hello. He waved her in. Blomkvist felt utterly helpless: he could only hope that she would be given the very best care. against members of the Immigration Division. They make toilets at a factory in Vietnam which has been condemned by the U.I. Someone who rummaged around in your brain had to be treated with respect.

P. How could I have been so bloody stupid? On the bottom of the drawer someone had spray-painted the familiar five-letter word. ??Salander.?? Cortez said. in your opinion. I had no ??need to know??. Malm raised his Nikon in the shadows of Caf?? Rosso??s awning across the street and took a series of twelve photographs of the two men who followed Blomkvist out of the caf?? and past the Kvarter cinema. But it??s not an arrest. but his clients were for the most part corporations with head offices in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. If Sweden had a constitutional court. We??ve always been friends. She tried to focus her gaze. about sixteen hours after he had finished the operation. he would be steadily annihilated. The same bathtub from the same manufacturer retails at 2. and some of them should really be put out to grass.?? One of the detectives from G?teborg said: ??What have we found at the farm in Gosseberga??? ??We found four revolvers.G. 3. we had a hell of a lot of work to do here???? ??You??re saying I wasn??t available??? Eriksson nodded. He carried a shoulder bag and he walked with a long. Since there isn??t any real competition there.

??The task of Constitutional Protection is to defend the constitution against what we call ??internal threats??.?? Jonasson looked intently at Dr Teleborian for ten seconds before he said: ??I won??t argue a diagnosis with you. She was having coffee with her husband on the balcony of a friend??s place in Vasastaden. is still one of the big papers. and dressed. who lived three blocks down the same street. ??Monday. She could not call Blomkvist because he had not given her the number of his Ericsson T10.. Apple and Windows. to help disseminate. She was too easily noticeable. They??re sitting in the Tre Remmare pub on Vasagatan by the stairs down to the Akalla line. The only two books with any real ambition to portray the work of the Security Police were Power Struggle for S?po and Espionage in Sweden. That might result in a fine of ten times his daily income. Erika had me to lean on. Then there??s Anders Holm. ??Not you. It??s a question of his need to control us.?? Modig sat in silence for a moment and looked at her superior. He shook his head. he would have known how to tie proper knots.

We won??t see you for three months while you hop from one T. I??d give a lot of money to find out what they talked about. It did not seem as though she would ever be able to finish it ??Hi. We have more serious issues to discuss.V. I don??t believe he intended for me to go to bed with you when he told me to keep a close eye on you.40 that morning. Then she got confirmation from the S. which tonight she seemed to be doing about every half hour. to lunch.?? Jonasson frowned. O. I have witnessed her violent outbursts and unreasoning hatred. He told her succinctly what had happened. There??s a small kitchen alcove at the far end on the right. He??s ambitious. He reckoned that he would have to produce twice as much text again for the summer issue. ??You don??t have any pain in your neck??? he said.?? ??Precisely.?? ??Fredrik. ??O. I can get rid of the dead meat and recruit new blood from outside if I choose.

She looked at the bloodied piece of glass in amazement. The glazier offered to board up the window with plywood for the time being. From the X-ray he could see that the bullet had turned and was lying at an angle of forty-five degrees to the entry channel. The board is going to???? ??The board is going to do as I say. This attitude.00 he ordered a cranial X-ray. on the murderer. Niedermann must not be captured alive.?? Salander said nothing. tied a rope to the lamp hook.?? ??Tough ?? by all means. Gullberg had objected to telling the government at all. so it was no surprise that she had killed these people. His leave of absence had begun on April 10.?? ??The special issue is going to be called The Lisbeth Salander Story. that he wandered in the corridors at night. ??That hasn??t stopped Teleborian in the past. Any other outcome was unthinkable.?? ??Lisbeth. Bublanski is the investigative leader for the murders of Bjurman and the couple in Enskede. The police could probably work that out for themselves. said.

V. For the moment he needed medical attention. At first he had been almost hostile. I presume. It rang three times before Berger answered.?? ??I don??t. We have to talk. They had taken 2.S. It??ll be on J?rnv?gsgatan. an antibiotic. our job is still to find the killer.?? Blomkvist said.?? ??I??m sorry for your wasted journey. Which means that there was some degree of contact between the two of them while Salander was on the run. Giannini understood what went on in her brother??s head. He walked rapidly into the ticket hall. Then she considered whether she wanted Niedermann caught or not. dealing as they were mainly with confused youths flirting with Arab or pro-Palestinian elements. ??What have we got? Sonja??? She smiled weakly. Your job is to press the attack alarm. former police officer.

Erika shrugged. I left the scene on Lundin??s motorbike which I then abandoned at the shopping centre in ?lvsj?. She had not been given any details about the incoming cases. He opened them again and gave the policeman an angry glare. She looked around the room. The constitution had been established by the parliament. Figuerola locked all the material in her safe. She returned moments later with a cup of coffee. the human resources were available.?? ??O. there are now attack alarms in four places inside the house.?? ??Lisbeth Salander was faster. Anders Jonasson. Ekstr?m says he??s received evidence that the report is a fake ?C that there is no real report with that protocol number. He pinged her a few minutes later. Dr Anders Jonasson was blond and blue-eyed.?? Janeryd was silent for almost a minute..?? she said in a low voice. As far as we can determine at the moment. Would Milton Security be willing to contribute??? ??That girl is going to need a damned good criminal lawyer. and some cash.

He wrote three names on a pad: G?ran M?rtensson. ??On second thoughts. Giannini had planned her visit to G?teborg as a brisk.P. But I would be grateful if you would listen to what we have to say.?? The P. He was meticulously cleaning his glasses. with whom?; three. Gullberg??s still alive.. and he has backing from higher up in the bureaucracy. wary look. there has to be a very clear and specific threat. It looked as though she might have been buried during the night.?? he said.??s administration. ??Mikael.?? ??I will if you come over. My two uncles were murdered by Saddam in the ??90s. We would be demolished. there is no ??we?? about it. In the States a special group of internal spy chasers was created within the C.

??No. The truth is that right now everything is a little confused.P. underlining. He pinged her a few minutes later. But he found it dull and uninteresting. I??ve been sent to invite you. E. causing deep bruising there. As soon as he entered the apartment he saw that the folder he had left on the kitchen table was gone.?? Seventy-eight. On the other hand.. Henry ???? ??Yes??? ??I don??t need them until tomorrow. We are both of us sorry that you were subjected to Paulsson??s rather primitive way of operating.?? ??If you trip the burglar alarm by mistake. and telecommunications. They didn??t find anything. On that point we would be in agreement. Agneta Sofia Salander.P. but after everything that was in the media about her it seems a bit hard to swallow that Salander could be completely innocent.

He was satisfied with the progress of her physical rehabilitation. it was.?? ??Right. She made coffee and poured it into a thermos and then made sandwiches.I.M. Bublanski and Modig looked dubious. He was careful to annihilate both Teleborian and the now dead Bj?rck.?? ??He works at Sahlgrenska hospital as a cleaner. She had heard the man explain to a nurse right outside her door that he had to see Herr Karl Axel Bodin on an urgent matter. He could not be sure why the Prime Minister had set up a meeting with him in a borrowed apartment in ?stermalm. It??s also possible that he worked for S?po as an expert or source or whatever title you want to give him. I was Dr L?derman??s assistant when he was in practice. ??What have you come up with this morning??? ??A nationwide A. First.?? ??Oh yes??? ??And then I want to go home and go to bed with my husband. He had first come as an exchange researcher in the late ??70s and stayed for two years. tied to a MOOSE CROSSING sign.?? ??So Blomkvist had a gun. or whatever problem arose. He had reserved the room the day before and presented himself as Evert Gullberg. She looked at her husband and her friend.

had landed in because of Salander and Niedermann. or hostile??? ??No. Asperger??s syndrome. Salander leaned back against the pillow and followed the conversation with a smile. getting up. ??He??ll be home by 5. He defected and was granted asylum by S?po. That meant that Blomkvist had about a month to finish writing and patching up all the holes in his text.?? ??Amazing. which he at once identified as belonging to the Security Police.?? Bublanski closed the preliminary report with distaste. I had no ??need to know??. Lisbeth Salander. But he had retrained himself to be a locksmith (of all professions). I??d like to have a word in private with you if you have a moment. and replenished the cart with plastic bags for the wastepaper baskets.?? ??Ricky. It was not an easy job. You??ll have to think about this possibility when you plan your strategy. Some other names from outside S. Two strong men will be here in ten to twelve minutes. You can??t wear both hats.

uninvited.?? ??Indeed??? ??But morally it??s the right thing to do.?? ??Some girl. weighing it in his hand. The image was pornographic: a naked woman with exceptionally large breasts. Can we meet again at 2.?? He looked almost apologetic. Malin Eriksson. I never had any information. It??s as if he never actually existed in the professional world. Instead he called me and said that he had spoken with the Prosecutor General and there was a problem. but she quickly regained her composure. there??ll still be a scandal. question her about her actual condition.W. the prosecutor himself is the primary source of leaks to the reporters who keep writing all the shit about Lisbeth.??Friday. Annika. She began by crossing off all the women. She could see the building on the other side of the car park. He??s fearless and shows promise.?? Armansky laughed.

Hiding behind the arras in this situation is a wildly overrated tactic in view of all that has been written about you since Easter. Salander told her that she was doing fine and that she wanted a pack of cigarettes. then the district court would have to issue you a warrant. She simply called Milton Security and explained that she was looking for a female employee she had met a while ago and whose name she had forgotten.P.?? he said.I.?? ??What??s that??? ??We are only there for clients who can pay.?? Borgsj? thought for a moment and said: ??We??re going to have to solve these problems as they come up.M.?? said Holmberg. no matter how improbable it might seem. Three women and six men: the head of the Violent Crimes Division and his assistant head; three criminal inspectors including Erlander and the G?teborg police press officers; preliminary investigation leader Agneta Jervas from the prosecutor??s office. ??Nieminen refuses to say anything about what happened. I??m not a good editor-in-chief. He can be surly sometimes.?? ??Good.?? ??Hello.?? ??Tell me. But it was almost impossible for Members of Parliament to have oversight of S?po. A half-empty thermos of coffee.?? ??I don??t like the sound of this.

None of them actually had a hope of helping her with the problems she had with the Swedish state.??Friday. the Russians will swiftly identify our informants and sources in Russia. the logical thing for Ekstr?m to do would have been to contact the general director of the Security Police to determine who Zalachenko actually was. you have to admit. If we don??t lift all the copies simultaneously. But from a purely political standpoint.. Blomkvist suspected that he would not pass the language test recommended by the People??s Party of Sweden. Blomkvist was not answering his telephone. But even Lidbom??s book brought Blomkvist no closer to an answer to his questions. Blomkvist had set June 20 as his deadline for going to press. It turned out that one piece had broken off and was still in her heel.33.?? said Modig. she needs this. it??s the truth. The connection was radio-controlled and locked into a mobile via Bluetooth.?? They brought the conference to a close by deciding that Modig and Erlander would together interrogate Zalachenko. ??We??ve got a deadline now. But he found it dull and uninteresting. ??I decided to turn directly to you because this sort of activity is unconstitutional.

According to my source. such as the Prime Minister himself. During that time Carlsson on the culture pages had received an ugly email purportedly sent by Berger. A locksmith with a criminal record who??s probably being paid to open your door.?? ??Car. the king or the commander-in-chief would very swiftly come under observation by the Constitutional Protection Unit. After a moment??s thought he also turned on his Ericsson T10. ??Thank you. It was entirely up to him to decide whether he would talk to her or not. Take the documentation and go home and think it over.?? ??We??ll take care of them. because he thought Palme was working for the K. ??That I don??t know. there were periods of excessive drinking. He glanced at Nystr?m. It was a job she enjoyed. which he took to be a good sign. trying to dissect the various aspects of their dilemma. ??Maybe they??re out. She was in luck.S. She had taken him out easily.

?? He knows that I have a photographic memory ?? and that I??m a hacker. She looked around the room. He then ordered his two officers. punched to the ground in G?teborg. I said I had a number of final tests to run on you tomorrow and that I couldn??t discharge you until Sunday.20 before Cortez called. It would be a newspaper billboard sensation and there would be volcanic eruptions high up in the government bureaucracy. 22. One policeman killed and another seriously wounded. We??ll be holding a press conference at 10. But last night Paulsson??s behaviour was so bizarre that several of his people mentioned it to me.?? ??Please explain.?? The Minister of Justice called back ten minutes later and said that the Prime Minister would meet with Edklinth at his residence at 9. Keep me posted by mobile.30 on Sunday evening as he and Bob the Dog were approaching Stockholm. ??This is the second time my daughter has tried to kill me.?? ??And??? ??There are seven full-timers.?? Blomkvist said.com>.?? She pointed. Blomkvist and Giannini ?C until further notice. and I??ve found out the truth about what happened to her.

If she had still been there. And when that happens. He??s out repairing the roof of the cabin. ??But we have more urgent issues to talk about.C. I don??t know whether that affects things. Once an intruder comes on to your property ?C and it takes only five seconds to turn off the road and arrive at the rear of the house ?C then the view is completely blocked.?? ??So it??s serious??? Ellis sat up and swung his feet out of bed. have already done me in. Salander??s clothes were cut away. So ?C S?po. Gullberg went to Salander??s room and tried the door handle. Gunnar Bj?rck felt an almost unquenchable panic when he heard the news about the shooting at Sahlgrenska hospital.?? ??I couldn??t stand sitting at home one more day. sitting on the bed. I beg you not to reject me. Even so. I want to know if anything odd happens around S. ??What is it??? ??Well. Yet she felt indifferent.?? Edklinth said.I.

why she was still alive. You??re my best friend.?? They shook hands.

shook his head
shook his head. have you ever wondered if the two of us aren??t completely nuts??? ??What do you mean??? ??It??s true for me. A defector of Zalachenko??s status would have to be handled with the utmost secrecy. That would explain her inability to relate to social conventions. stuffed it into his shoulder bag and left the office without a word. The brief was simply for Bjurman to sound the alarm if she started blabbing about Zalachenko. He was no longer a demon riding on her shoulder. and Helsingborg. unquote. I can??t say. we can always single him out as a rogue policeman.?? When at long last he realized that it was fruitless trying to persuade Jonasson to change his mind.?? Blomkvist said. Has a shop at Norrtull.C. Then her daughter was locked up in a mental hospital on the basis of a fabricated diagnosis.U. She was looking at the building from the side. you??re back-up for Henry.?? ??There??s a division of labour.30 on Tuesday.?? ??Aha.

It was pure chance that he had noticed it at all. That should be enough of an explanation.B.?? Nystr?m said. You can decide nearer the time. She had got used to his visits. I check out every car that catches my attention. First. It had been parked outside her building since March. for the attempted murder of Salander. If there??s any reason to cast doubt on Bublanski??s group. and a dark jacket. such as ??O.00 a. and suddenly there isn??t much time left.?? ??If you want to keep working at S. And above all it was important that he make the arrest.?? he said. will Millennium??s publication clash with our investigation. and the press would have uncovered the Salander affair several years earlier. She saw the face of a complete stranger and memorized every detail. had submitted a report which examined the Prosecutor General??s want of initiative over a number of years.

A mobile that was connected. What you??re proposing means that we??ll have to cut back on sports coverage.Q. and he had already written that section. One policeman killed and another seriously wounded. He frowned as he stared out of the window. but the fact that her temperature is fluctuating indicates that it??s not flu or any other viral infection. He did not see Teleborian or the man Malm had photographed outside Caf?? Copacabana. we??ve landed in a constitutional crisis. and he had not yet been caught. Why had she not stayed outside? She would have recognized him when he came out. with a broad experience. so she reinforced it with another improvised bandage. Returning to his office he discovered a man in a dark suit leaning against the wall outside his door. the author of the report. Until that moment Salander had meant nothing to him.?? ??Sounds promising. Her father.?? Cortez said.?? After a few seconds.Thursday. He??s had recurring trouble with it over the past few years.

came out to look at the damage. ??It??s a shame that you should be having this setback when you??ve been recovering so well over the past few weeks. He was not looking at her. but you weren??t very hard to convince.?? ??It??s an excellent system. For the construction industry it??s the opposite.?? ??The special issue is going to be called The Lisbeth Salander Story.F. who was murdered in your hospital ?C was a Soviet defector.?? ??Who should I say is here??? ??An old colleague. and spontaneously gave Berger a hug and a kiss on the cheek. It was entitled [Read this first]. but there are questions that still have to be answered.?? ??What discrepancy??? ??In the original version Bj?rck presents five well-argued recommendations. and that might cause trouble ?? for instance. He had leaked information that would have backed him up in an upcoming trial. Bj?rck and Bjurman were dead. That was one of the things he liked best about his office. Dr Teleborian. once the victim of a petrol bomb attack ?C from that bloody daughter of his two doors down the corridor. At first he was sceptical about the information that the excited young officer was telling him.?? He greeted Edklinth without shaking hands and said hello to two colleagues who were apparently part of his team.

Francke. and turned down the volume so that he would not have to hear it. the chief of Secretariat is the only one who has insight into our activities. so that no outsider will have knowledge of or be able to weigh the evidence against Lisbeth.?? ??I was shot in the head. As always. They take care of the finances. You say that you never beat your girlfriend. so he waited for her to finish her call. ??This morning S?po got calls from several newspapers who had received letters from Gullberg. ??The man who at 1. I understand why people work out. and this paper will come out tomorrow too. But why not smuggle in the mobile too? Ah. Her clinical status also includes periods of manic depression and she lacks empathy. Prosecutor Ekstr?m??s weakness was his conviction as to his own importance.?? ??A . He had a view of medicine that was at times unorthodox.M.?? or ??Salander??. Peter. Nor had he got to the heart of the relationship between Bj?rck and the psychiatrist Peter Teleborian.

shook hands with Blomkvist. maybe three. They sat in the living room for a private conversation. was so crazy that Ghidi could not imagine what use it could be. ??Congrats. Lisbeth Salander. But not at 7. He tried to commit suicide. You??re going to need a specialist. Offhand I would guess it??s to do with an internal shake-up of some sort. Security Police matters were going to have to wait until the next day. It was a structure with only two ranks. Then she turned directly to the head of the Violent Crimes Division. ??Why didn??t she tell anyone before??? he said at last. It was 7. Zalachenko. ??I??m not competent to judge whether or not Salander is mentally ill. stood up.?? Gullberg??s excursion lasted nearly three hours.57 with Clinton in tow. We??ll deal with that problem when it arises. This defines four restrictions on democracy.

and Blomkvist spent more than an hour sorting through its contents.?? ??I assumed that the case would be handled in Stockholm. The conclusion was just as unpleasant as it was obvious. he acquiesced.?? ??You??re wrong. She had next. Another seven messages were those so-called ??Nigeria letters?? from the widow of the former head of a bank in Abu Dhabi offering her ludicrous sums of money if she would only assist with a small sum of start-up money. She unfolded it and read a line written in an elegant script: You??re the hacker. engineers. She stood up. who was built like a heavily armoured robot and suffered from a disease called congenital analgesia. Are you and Erika Berger together??? ??Erika Berger??s married. Her name is Lisbeth Salander. I can??t find Zalachenko in any public register. Mikael Blomkvist. knowing things about her that Giannini did not.?? Gullberg raised a hand to forestall Wadensj????s objections.K. Anything new??? You can say that again. not at all.?? Andersson said. for example.

??Right.?? Giannini went pale. But the nurses would know. I would have gone for the Silbersky type or another of the heavy-duty criminal lawyers.?? Good Lord. He filled half the page before he stopped and tore the sheet off the pad.?? Berger said with a faint smile.P. how was she able to climb out and start wandering around with an axe??? ??Whatever went on here tonight. Jonasson visited Salander during her lunch. and Lisbeth Salander was unlucky enough to have him as her father. since Niedermann had not yet been captured. Until she met her in person. three of them around thirty-five years old. and consulted a list. That means that Milton Security is working with Blomkvist and has placed surveillance cameras in his apartment or in the stairwell. everything was quiet. It was a code that Kalle Bloody Blomkvist had been forced to work out when he got into her apartment on Fiskargatan uninvited and tripped the burglar alarm. She turned it on and searched for connectivity. now Swedish ambassador in the Hague. She went around the car and got into the driver??s seat. She put the camera in the space under her seat and was just about to fiddle with her map when she happened to glance towards the Maria lift.

It was David Rosin from Milton Security. She tried to call Blomkvist to tell him that the Borgsj? folder had been stolen. But she could scarcely keep her eyes open.?? ??O.?? ??So how do we counter that??? Borgsj? said. That??s all.?? One of the detectives from G?teborg said: ??What have we found at the farm in Gosseberga??? ??We found four revolvers. but he??s usable. don??t!?? she screamed and then took a step back. First of all. I??m going to bulldoze anyone who is obstructive or who tries to damage S. something he might not enjoy in any case.?? he said to Edklinth. and the limits to the R. What she was interested in was access to S. In both latter instances. It revolves around this Zala ?? Alexander Zalachenko. turned to the Minister of Justice. They sat in the car and waited. He suspected that the Russian defector wanted to be exposed. Is he out of his mind??? ??You mean he??s alive??? ??For the time being.?? Cortez put down the telephone and drummed so loudly with his fingertips on the edge of his desk that Nilsson glared at him.

and he??s going to assist Ekstr?m. The night porter said that was possible. and called a taxi to pick him up outside S?dra theatre. Are you satisfied with Millennium??s contribution??? Edklinth nodded reluctantly. ??He??s going to be digging up that stuff himself if he keeps at it for a while. he switched to being a private security consultant. What am I doing here? She felt exhausted. I??m looking for Fredrik Clinton. Micke asked me to take a look at it in case it turns out that I represent Salander. He found himself. She was a little shaky now that the adrenaline had worn off. ??Exactly. The procedure was excruciatingly slow.?? ??His own shop??? ??He became a consultant in security for industry.?? ??I??ve been in touch with the Prosecutor General. But now he had a great need for her skills in that field. If he??s still alive. In Sweden the task is that of the Prosecutor General or the Parliamentary Ombudsman. He had spent ten days there on that occasion and been round the company??s factories. She may be as sane as you and me. ??I never thought I??d see you again. looking at her pupils.

?? ??But that??s nothing new. Metro and Stockholm City. She put down the report and focused her attention on other aspects of the information that Edklinth had given her. this is frustrating. But if her car had been damaged on some random street in S?dermalm. He decided to include Bj?rck in the Zalachenko unit. Do you have any idea where he might hide??? ??I am not aware of the circles he moves in. It must be done each day. When he had finished he took off his hat. Everyone has secrets. ??Good morning. ??Yes??? ??Apologies for bothering you on the street outside your home.I. It was Giannini. and I come into the picture before a crime is committed. he was following in the footsteps of another well-known spy.G.?? ??Just like M?rtensson. I assure you that I will exercise the utmost discretion. if you??ll forgive me for saying so. He remembered him as thin with a narrow moustache.?? in official contexts.

Then. ??So. ??I have my own investigative team and I decide for myself which colleagues to recruit for the investigation. ??I??m going to???? ??You??re not going to do anything at all. friends from dozens of skirmishes with the Enemy.?? he said at last.00 p. I was told by a former colleague that he has difficulty working with women. ??Should we conclude that the Zalachenko club was an association formed in 1964? That would be some time before Zalachenko even came to Sweden. They drove to Nieminen??s place. having met her before. He would then take the used batteries home and recharge them overnight.?? ??Me??? Eriksson said. But we have fewer people. And when that happens.30 this morning. sex. Blomkvist??s appetite was revived even before he sat down.I. She was once more without a weapon. Finally. The headaches that had tormented her after surgery had subsided and came back only sporadically.

highly paid employees retired at the beginning of the year. but Asperger??s patients do not generally set fire to their parents. Two were from his sister Annika.?? ??Very good. Then there??s the investigation at Nykvarn ?? three cold-case killings. Was G?ran M?rtensson working on anything important. The copies that Blomkvist and his sister ?C now Salander??s lawyer ?C had in their possession have both disappeared. and handed one to Waltari. I cannot defend myself. Ricky. If there was one thing Jonasson felt sure about her. She sat in silence for two minutes. drumming her fingertips in annoyance. and we have extensive forensic evidence against her. But she was astonished at how imperturbable Salander was. An alarm is an alarm and is completely pointless if some nutcase is standing in your living room with an automatic weapon. It??s my husband??s old family home.M.?? ??Sounds good. who were all asleep. The body had been discovered on April 19 by none other than Inspector Andersson.?? Janeryd was silent for almost a minute.

not the source. It was just some demented pensioner who fired the shots.?? ??What is it??? ??Since you were shut up at St Stefan??s when you were twelve. Blomkvist looked at the book and saw that it was in English. if I sleep at your place??? ??Oh. Which means that she doesn??t intend to.?? Olsson was not born yesterday. do call. Monica. As a prosecutor I would be uneasy about the lack of unassailable evidence.?? * Richard Ekstr?m. Her hands were tied behind her back. As a result the agency??s effectiveness in large areas was paralysed. I beg you not to reject me.?? ??O. And he??s fifty-eight with six years to go before retirement. In 1963 Gullberg was transferred from Counter-Espionage to personnel control. ??Bubble and I have known each other for many years. he had probably succeeded. Your lawyer. Lundin has been charged for the reasons I mentioned earlier. The house was well kept and neat.

The text was short. you can. the lunchtime memo. and he found himself with a completely different murderer and a chaos that seemed to have no end in sight. He woke at 10. The burek was fantastic. But that lifeline could also be a trap.?? After a few seconds. or other handicaps from the injury. Greeks.?? she said. She assumed that he would be in the restaurant car and that is where she found him. He opened his eyes in bewilderment. This is about a small group of conspirators. But she also felt tremendously depressed. was going to spy on the spies? In August 1964 Gullberg was summoned to an afternoon meeting with the assistant chief of the Security Police. Sandberg looked at Zalachenko for a moment.?? ??You??re welcome at Milton. it??s not a unique situation in the wake of the Soviet Union??s collapse. An Agent in Place contained so much inaccurate information about Sweden in the first chapter that he threw the book into the wastepaper basket. Under the circumstances neither of these epithets could be considered wide of the mark. Early that morning Clinton had revived the contact and given Falun an assignment.

and in fact he??s already on his way. He got into his Volvo and drove towards the city but turned off to go across Stora Essingen and Gr?ndal into S?dermalm. and a mentally ill lesbian mass murderer.?? ??The appalling thing is that Bj?rck has hanged himself. She has secrets I happen to know about. The nurse gave her a beaker with a straw to drink water through.G.00. The Security Police was an institution in Sweden that all parties (well. Nilsson was not unhappy that she had been passed over. and if we make a smaller newspaper.?? Modig hesitated again. You have a reputation for not pulling your punches when there??s corruption involved. because he thought Palme was working for the K.?? Eriksson said. as a matter of fact. so that she will not be believed if anyone should start asking questions about Zalachenko. ??Should we conclude that the Zalachenko club was an association formed in 1964? That would be some time before Zalachenko even came to Sweden. ??Millennium came out today.?? ??Who gave him the instruction??? ??The chief of Secretariat??s assistant. ??There are two problems remaining. The day that Zalachenko was shot there was a robbery at my apartment.

?? She seemed stressed. which was one of the most beautiful places in the world. who??s the news editor. of course. Wasp wrote.?? Gullberg nodded. he had become involved. as compensation for the injury Ghidi had caused the Iraqi state. ??Me too.?? ??Just like M?rtensson.?? ??Well. Besides them.?? ??And Zalachenko is dead. Cortez. I saw her twice soon after she was admitted.?? ??So that??s how it works? A person can be employed by S?po. It??s a matter of how the investigation is carried out and how the facts are presented. No. Why are you leaving??? ??I??m going to be editor-in-chief of Svenska Morgon-Posten. which means that the operations budget has actually increased.?? ??I intend to kill this story. First he handed over to Ola Ullsten.

T. simple case for him to focus on. ??Thanks for coming in.?? ??But Blomkvist managed to overpower Niedermann all by himself.?? ??Good. I was rather young ?? I didn??t know how I should deal with these people. ??Hello. The first thirty pages of the report that Blomkvist discovered agree with the original. She was ice-cold and stiff. I repeat that my priority is Niedermann. claimed that he sexually harassed her. who already had an overview of the activities of the Section. He reminded Edklinth vaguely of the writer Dashiell Hammett. ??Was it S?po that called you??? ??That??s what I told you.?? ??If I??ve understood the matter correctly.?? ??Which means that ???? He let the question hang in the air between them.O.00. He??s the fixer. Three of them were called [PrelimInv/Salander]. As he talked to Berger.?? ??But if you don??t explain yourself.

along with information about the C.P. Trinity flipped open his mobile and dialled a number he had memorized. The nurse gave her a beaker with a straw to drink water through. Tell him that I have copies of ?? everything. she knew. Could we meet? Erika And then two emails on the following days: Dearest. in their experience.00 and discovered Blomkvist still asleep. and then stopped about four centimetres into the brain. But before the end of the year we will have to eliminate ten positions. He lives out in Sm?dalar?. She knew right away that it was not one of the night nurses.A. So they faked a diagnosis to make sure that Lisbeth was committed. He contributed to our investigation by profiling Lisbeth Salander. the typesetter. we??re caught between the proverbial rock and hard place.?? ??And if that were the case.?? ??Where are you??? ??At the hospital. four police officers and one prosecutor. But you didn??t see that??? ??No.

00 yesterday morning. We??ll put Bj?rck to one side for now. 35-year-old Ronald Niedermann. She was breathing hard and felt wretchedly out of shape. said nothing. that he wandered in the corridors at night.?? Bublanski added the suggestion of a press conference out of sheer cussedness. He was being led through a doorway by two broad-shouldered plain-clothes police officers. The rear is screened by your hedge. please do. Nothing out of the ordinary there. that is.?? ??That??s good. checking one face after another. It entered at the temple. ??So we have S. They were detailed by Paulsson to secure forensic evidence in the woodshed and to do a thorough examination of the farmhouse.?? Ekstr?m looked pleased. you say??? ??I don??t believe F?lldin would have covered up something like this.?? Sandberg said. There was a lot of mysterious traffic around Blomkvist??s address that morning. He listened to the news and heard a summary of what had been said at the press conference.

It would only be natural to mention that. ??I??m not quite sure.?? ??Not on your life. His injuries were causing him immense pain. the defector had lived in an anonymous apartment owned by the Section. I was told that Ruben ?? your Zalachenko. He was also an excellent and cold-blooded organizer. demanding her attention and vexing her intellect. Are you awake??? ??No.?? ??Doing what??? ??I??m guessing ?C since she was filming M?rtensson and Faulsson on the street ?C that she??s documenting their activities. After stonewalling his way through five police interrogations. ever since Giannini had stormed out and slammed the door behind her.?? ??Annika ?? this isn??t the way I had planned to end my time at Millennium. went to Salander??s office and picked up the telephone from the desk.I.?? He walked away down Hantverkargatan.P.?? ??We don??t have a monopoly on the truth. She was attractive and dressed in a way that she knew made her more so. She stopped outside Ekstr?m??s closed door. a spy. ??Fredrik Clinton.

She had been an outstanding gymnast in her teens and almost qualified for the Olympic team when she was seventeen.?? Figuerola said. Figuerola suddenly had the feeling that she was a policewoman.00 in the evening. But he had sent in the charger for her Palm. If I understand the matter correctly. Since R. An alarm is an alarm and is completely pointless if some nutcase is standing in your living room with an automatic weapon. which in turn is sole owner of a subsidiary called Vitavara Inc.?? ??How badly hurt am I??? ??Your prognosis is good. but it resurfaced whenever she tried to move. In three years. probably just after 3. Richard Ekstr?m. He.00 on Friday night. it??s because he knows or suspects that you??ve got something brewing.?? This. Otherwise. That was why she was still alive. You??re my best friend.?? They shook hands.

weren??t very hard to convince. Contact with the Net.

The original shows that Peter Teleborian was assigned by the district court to do a forensic psychiatric examination of Lisbeth Salander
The original shows that Peter Teleborian was assigned by the district court to do a forensic psychiatric examination of Lisbeth Salander. that is. He was gone from 1985 to 1987.B Import. Salander would just stare at her and smile her crooked smile. and then gone back to the staff bedroom to try to rest for a while. Who else but S?po would have taken charge of him? Then the question of a co-ordinated strategy to get Salander locked away in an institution. off balance. Something had come up and she would be in a little later than usual. Panic and terror had dogged her through the night. Erlander thought. And it had to happen sooner or later. Micke asked me to take a look at it in case it turns out that I represent Salander.C. the more I think it??s like a game of roulette. ??That means that Zalachenko was murdered by the Section. I??m now on a side street off Linn??gatan. the report would be printed out and scrutinized.?? Janeryd nodded. writing his own programs and planting insidious tendrils on the Internet. arson. superficial.

but I can??t see what your objective is.?? ??I??m sorry about that. political parties.. and the like. She heard the click of the lock as she closed her bedroom door. He had no will to react when calmly they took him in a firm grip under both arms. One of them had the address editorial-sr@swedishradio.?? said Ekstr?m. She bought a tin of Catch Dry snuff and went back out on to S?dermalmstorg and turned right across Katarinav?gen. ??For one thing ?? I??m very. Every time she accessed Teleborian??s hard drive she felt as if her body temperature dropped a few degrees.?? Sandberg said.?? * Jonasson left Salander??s room somewhat confused. another half-dozen citizens had come online and welcomed back Wasp before joining the debate. a 52-year-old cousin of Lundin who lived in Puerto Ban??s. means invading your privacy ?C preferably with your approval. Some other names from outside S. Eventually he became director of the agency.?? ??Third. In any case. ??What are you working on at the moment.

where Clinton rose slowly from the sofa. Of the sixty-two citizens. four police officers and one prosecutor.V. ??I??m Karl Axel Bodin now. I want to know the whole layout of the corridor. not vice versa??? ??Exactly. I??d have a heart attack on Norr M?larstrand. There was something in one of the pockets. Your Erika ??Alright. Which Blomkvist by definition had actually done.?? ??Ah ?? yes. I??ve also gone over every inch of your house from the basement to the attic and studied the area around it. Just before 6. especially when the violence was directed at full-grown men. When Gullberg formally retired in 1992. ??The X2000 at 5. She skipped down to the fourth paragraph. So we??re bound to observe the bureaucratic procedures.?? ??Me??? Eriksson said. I need to have a meeting with you and the Prime Minister. This is my last week.

??Congrats. Who would guarantee that the top ranks and middle management at the Firm were not working for the Russians? Who. ??Hello.M. ??I??m Karl Axel Bodin now.?? Wadensj?? shook his head.I. This too was saved in an evidence bag and labelled. All the blood was either in his head ?C the noose having prevented it from running into his body ?C or in the lower extremities.?? ??So he??s ill??? ??It??s nothing serious. He hovered between life and death for several weeks. and he??s watching the ones who are watching him. I have already established an elite body called The Knights of the Idiotic Table.?? ??A graze over three centimetres long on the outside of his left knee. Figuerola locked all the material in her safe. It must be some insult.?? ??Fredrik.10 he took the tram to Angered and got off in the centre of town.?? ??The chief of Secretariat is the only person who could make this sort of arrangement. ??Hi.?? ??Murder. What time??? ??2.

Blomkvist??s taxi got to Central Station at 3. but he looked both frozen and deathly tired.?? ??Bodin ?? Zalachenko is as slippery as an eel and he has an answer to all our questions. ??I doubt that. He undertook never to discuss the matter with anyone. One advantage of working at Constitutional Protection was that she had authority to access almost any police report in Sweden that might have any connection to racially or politically motivated crimes. Did you hear what happened at Sahlgrenska??? ??You could say so.30 on Thursday. Gullberg??s only job was Zalachenko. a small group of dormant Cold-Warmongers who hide out in some dark corridor at S?po. The driver will know where to drop you. ??Focus on the information. At that time. He had nothing against women in veils. She is twenty-seven years old and one metre fifty centimetres tall. P. Some of these are in the Security Police. In Edklinth??s opinion. Have you eaten??? ??A while ago. the government cannot do a thing. He worked as a newspaper boy. She reached for the address book in her bag and found the number Blomkvist had given her the night they met at Samir??s Cauldron.

?? ??Yes. Can you hear me??? ??Mmm. Gullberg??s still alive. You??ve spoken to our notorious patient. Who were his friends? Who had he been in prison with? Where does his girlfriend live? Who did he drink with? In what area was his mobile last used? Where is his vehicle? At the end of that sequence the fugitive would generally be found. electing to remove the bullet. I don??t think we should let the state archives have footage of your naked self. But that??s just the problem.?? ??That??s good. But let??s analyse your article. I want to check a few things.M. She did not make him any promises. Someone wanted to sell her Viagra. Threats to National Security. After the introductory drama. That bastard aimed at me. the I. ??She??s been described as a psychotic. 16. He was careful to annihilate both Teleborian and the now dead Bj?rck. They had found the pencil.

?? Nystr?m said. You can decide nearer the time.U. Asphyxia was a program that could control other people??s computers via the Internet. Zalachenko acknowledged for the umpteenth time that it was a shame and a crime that his son did not possess certain qualities. ??Am I being arrested??? he said. marked ??Bjurman.?? ??Ah ?? yes. She was tall. now that he??s dead.?? ??He will be. I could break in by using the fire escape at the back of the house and entering through the roof hatch leading to the attic. She turned back towards Kungstornet. I??ve killed that idea. My job is to produce a good newspaper.?? She had not expected Jonasson to make special visits to see her.?? ??And in this instance Blomkvist is quite correct. it was just past 2. sixty-three. assistant chief of the Immigration Division of the Security Police. ??It??s a shame that you should be having this setback when you??ve been recovering so well over the past few weeks. Probably he would go to Tallinn.

is going to pick this up.?? ??Alright. about two hours later than usual. Why did S?po always have to be such a nightmare to administer? ??The second part is: who is involved? And very specifically. That held for a few minutes until the head of Budget pointed out that S. She simply needed to prune the number of names on the list. If things came to a head. I??ve never seen him before. And for anyone to become a member they had also to be known personally to one other citizen.?? ??A little too fast. I have no problem with you taking safety precautions on your own. Red Audi. ??Good. not for a moment. which she had hardly even thought about for fifteen years. which he did in broken English. Hello. where he was searching for information about Zalachenko??s murderer with Cortez and Eriksson. And it had to happen sooner or later. have his salary paid by S?po. Salander sat on the edge of her bed. and attempted murder.

Lillian had cleaned it with alcohol and put a bandage on it. ??Well ?? you could just accept a friendly personal invitation. naturally curly hair. Dr Teleborian.30 television news. He did not wake until 9. unplugged her mobile from the charger.?? ??But who would be interested in creating such a thing??? Nystr?m put down the report and frowned. But it??s the market decides whether you make a profit or take a loss. I got to bed at 1.?? They sat in silence around the conference table for a moment.00 this morning. It took twenty minutes to find the address where Idris Ghidi lived. She put down the report and focused her attention on other aspects of the information that Edklinth had given her. ??Whole books will probably be written about this first part. One last job. He ignored the system files. that??s not how a magazine is supposed to look. He was snoring. whether I could bring her books of any sort. Starting now..

What??s going on??? ??He??s working in G?teborg.?? ??It??s a family-owned business. the defector had lived in an anonymous apartment owned by the Section. That folder is your most important evidence.00 on Sunday morning. He was drenched in sweat when he finally slipped under the covers. The problem with him was that he persistently ignored the decisions Berger made. Do you feel like coming over to Sahlgrenska to help out in a brain op. albeit under guardianship. As I understand it. As long as he had a licence.?? Frisk scratched his head. Greger Beckman.?? ??Which means that if problems arise. and I don??t think there is any other doctor in Sweden with the same insight into her clinical condition. This situation makes the Prime Minister both angry and uneasy. At a critical stage of the investigation they needed to know how the person in question might react if subjected to a great deal of stress. After that. Again. I don??t want to say anything more about that until I talk to my lawyer. Late as it was. but which was invisible.

and she can??t read newspapers or communicate with the outside world.?? ??I don??t understand. One of the first things Blomkvist did when he realized that his mobile was bugged was to send Cortez out to buy some used handsets. Blomkvist will have given his sister a copy.?? she said.?? ??I have a feeling that this story is going to be about something altogether different. S?po got saddled with Zalachenko in the middle of the Cold War. Don??t misunderstand me ?? I??ll tell the truth as I see it in what I publish. It took her 17 steps to reach the room. who nodded. It corresponds to about fifty pages of book text.?? ??What do you mean.P. On Monday he had begun his research by sending Cortez to the second-hand bookshops on S?dermalm. In his opinion. I wasn??t listening. and von Rottinger had entered the civil service to do investigations for the Swedish Atomic Energy Agency. He??s very experienced and doubtless one of the most competent news chiefs I??ve come across. Salander had sat in utter silence. Something has come across my desk that is so remarkable that I believe both you and the Prime Minister need to be informed. 4. I presume.

Annika Giannini. In 1997 he was no longer on the official roster of the external service. No.?? Inspector Erlander saw Giannini through the doorway to Salander??s room. But we??re no longer involved with those investigations. of Milton Security.?? ??Why would he flee abroad??? Salander thought about it. She was advised to contact her local station in the morning. But not at 7.?? Gullberg said. Before his release.00 at the Ring in Central Station. which she unpacked in Berger??s spare room. The woman who crushed Wennerstr?m??s empire. kept the cash that was waiting to be invested and laundered. he had decided that Millennium Publishing would publish Svensson??s text about sex trafficking. The fact that the Director of Constitutional Protection had gone to the trouble of bringing him in said that somebody was nervous. Salander summed up her situation in five lines. He was biding his time and letting the other participants at the meeting say their piece. and then gone back to the staff bedroom to try to rest for a while. Salander??s clothes were cut away. There was the morning memo.

and finally the preliminary investigation leader. Which she should not have done. Instinctual. and she discovered that some S?po activists are running illegal telephone taps and breaking into my apartment and stealing things. But a piece of lead inside her brain was a trauma of a wholly different magnitude.S.??s department of Counter-Espionage in a quite different case. She needed a weapon. Wadensj?? stared in disbelief when Gullberg returned at 2. He spent fifteen minutes walking down the alleys and boulevards around Mosebacke before he headed for Fiskargatan 9. That??s just about the riskiest thing we could do. took out the stylus and began to tap on the letters on the digital keypad. but I do not have any details to pass on to you. ??Get back into bed at once. a nurse came in and helped Salander with a bedpan.?? ??So now you know the lay of the land. and that was followed by a spate of disparaging remarks about Wasp??s mental abilities. and F. It was a mess. I gave her Dexofen. He was obviously closely connected with the development of events. ??So the Zalachenko club is somewhere in this building.

??Dag??s book went to the printer yesterday.30 this morning. and turned on the T. ??And how long have you known about this??? ??Since today.?? ??O. Blomkvist concluded that he was under surveillance. The problem was that she did not know what she should do. about half a mile further down the road.?? ??I don??t have any better suggestions. and other such drivel. Sonja Modig was closer to police headquarters than Bublanski had thought. and they lack credibility. It was as if everything outside the Section were sacred. But that leads us to the second part ?C damage control. Lisbeth Salander is not psychotic. Then he placed his hands gently around her neck and turned her head back and forth and to the sides a few times. Milton will send cars out here. unfortunately.?? ??I see. Palme had accordingly been one of the first subjects that Gullberg discussed with him during the long debriefing. Power Struggle for S?po by Erik Magnusson.?? Modig said.

??Forceps. The Prime Minister gave him a sharp look. and ate a late but nutritious dinner. ??How long do I have to lie here like this??? ??You mean in the hospital? It will be at the least a couple of weeks before we can let you go.?? Jonasson looked intently at Dr Teleborian for ten seconds before he said: ??I won??t argue a diagnosis with you. Plague gave her the U. A defector of Zalachenko??s status would have to be handled with the utmost secrecy. is Niedermann still hiding out somewhere in Sweden?; two. and in his teens he was a skinhead. I repeat. Then it vanished from his field of view and he heard the engine slowing to land.iv Zalachenko had been awake for eight hours when Inspectors Modig and Erlander came to his room at 7. or a fourteen-year-old boy whose left lung had been pierced by a screwdriver. He walked rapidly into the ticket hall. When they had finished there was a long silence around the table. and he in turn went to the Prime Minister. I recognize you. She opened the email: YOU THINK THAT BORGSJ? CAN SAVE YOU. the balcony at the back. ??You certainly have a way with headlines. but Paulsson was not interested. But you??re going to owe me one.

Jerker. but he looked much older. He pushed away the sheet of paper with the nine succinct points that Berger had presented at the weekly meeting of the budget committee. I??ll show you the way. She complained of severe headaches and developed a fever that has been fluctuating up and down. The problem. ??Kurdo Baksi sends his greetings. The shard of glass had penetrated so deeply that the bleeding would not stop. but she knew that calm discussions and friendly reprimands did not work. And the likelihood of my getting one in this people??s republic is pretty slim.?? Salander said breathlessly.?? ??That??s right. She heaved a sigh of relief when Berger closed her bedroom door. mug. Sandberg looked at Zalachenko for a moment. He went back to the cabin as fast as his aching back would permit. and the car was empty.30 in the afternoon. Even if it was only a ten-minute walk. ??And there??s going to be war when we publish it.?? ??I did not say there was no rush. or unfeminine??? ??No.

The magazine suddenly felt foreign.?? ??No need to apologize. at least. Henry. Bublanski says that you??re a shameless journalist bastard and an insane private investigator. he opened the door to the room next to Salander??s. How do I know I can trust you??? ??There??s a report from 1991 that Blomkvist discovered ???? ??I know about it. Her eyes narrowed. I don??t think I need to remind you who I am. Then he logged on to the media archive and picked out several of the articles on which Olsson??s report was based. From her bed at Sahlgrenska she could now reach the entire world.?? ??But I have to remind you right from the start that I??m not a criminal lawyer. It doesn??t matter how hard Annika works for you. An A. Naturally I??d want to assist my colleagues in the police force. during the time when the impeccably mannered Georg Thulin was head of the third division of S?po. We have routines here at S. was possibly that in his day there was nobody who would have come up with the wild idea of ordering raw fish.?? Blomkvist breathed more easily. None of it is directed at you. Borgsj? is going to be fired. M?rtensson had left too.

Then Modig leaned forward and said in a low voice. whatever happened. Blomkvist had come into the building via the garage. At the same time it could be interpreted as the Prime Minister giving his approval to the establishment of a body that would also monitor particularly sensitive individuals outside S. ??We??ve borrowed the place for tonight??s meeting. since Giannini left for G?teborg this morning. and that won??t be until August. Who is he??? ??We have photographs. She radiated a cheerful confidence. ??Fine. of course. The government has the power to adopt a wide range of measures in the event that breaches of the constitution are threatened. and replenished the cart with plastic bags for the wastepaper baskets. after the male soldiers were all slaughtered in a far-reaching genocide.?? ??Presumably in normal circumstances you would be doing everything you could to keep journalists away from a meeting like this. Erlander cleared his throat. ??And??? ??You??ll have to find out for yourselves where it is.G. it was surely pretty obvious that Salander was insane. ??Blomkvist. ??My name is Karl Axel Bodin. the fire had been started deliberately by a young girl.

To do that I have to have something to work with. As far as I??m concerned you have absolute credibility.B. I believe. He remembered the whole thing as having been very unpleasant. Maybe he??ll talk.00 last night.00 p. I need you to confirm that this would be your intention. The picture was from her old byline at Millennium and could be downloaded off the Net. and a murderer.?? ??Beatrice. such a revelation would be a political disaster for the Prime Minister. at least several million kronor annually I??d say.?? ??Hmm. ??I don??t know what the restaurants are like in S?der. Today??s message contained no text.. In that case I should say how grateful I am that you and your colleagues are willing to facilitate matters for me. It had been two days now since the break-in. You don??t need any more weeks of rehab. It took twenty minutes to find the address where Idris Ghidi lived.

O. promises of future assignments. ??Give us a written order and the authority we need. I??m terribly.P. ??Good. The movie they had playfully made was definitely not for general release. If it happens again I??m going to relieve you of your job as news editor.I. ??Mikael isn??t here today. And you can??t use any of that material at the trial. Then the efficient chaos. She waved him away. They copied their bronze breastplates and armour from the Greeks. to change the time of a meeting or something like that??? ??I had a number to call.M. who only meant to saw a few planks with their Black & Deckers and in some mysterious way managed to slice right into their wrist-bones. We??d be sent down so fast it??d make your head spin. Odd. that??s gratitude for you. ??Congrats. in corridor 11C.

H. ??Lisbeth Salander. But that??s not why you came.?? he said. I??d really like to read the infamous report. ??Within these four walls. He asked if he would be able to visit her. and her group was now down from forty-eight to eighteen since her latest cut. The damaging thing was not that his company. we have a journalistic responsibility. It was a brief report. but I think he??s honest. feeling stressed. She could tell from Salander??s reaction that something deadly was in the offing. ??Mikael isn??t here today. who had evidently stayed at Berger??s house the night before and who had emailed a report late that night. The organization??s final name became ??the Section for Special Analysis. She sat on the edge of the bed and tried Cortez next and then Eriksson. things look good. ??First of all.. He was on leave of absence from the Section for two years in the ??80s when he worked as intelligence attach??.

I spy on them.M. ??My name is Benny Svantesson. ??He??s the one running the Section today. ??You could say it was my fault. a narrow-brimmed.?? ??I??m in the hall with a wardrobe and hat-rack on my right.?? He tapped on the screen with a pen. How about you? Why did you become a journalist??? ??Because there are institutions like S?po that lack parliamentary oversight and which have to be exposed from time to time.?? ??So if the balloon goes up.?? ??Yes. I gather that there was a very considerable difference of opinion between Faste and Bublanski.?? ??Falsifications??? ??I think that??s the only appropriate description. What can I tell him??? ??Two days ago I was ready to approve a discharge. She went so far as to obscure some obvious evidence and instead moved on to the next link in the chain of events. for using child labour.?? ??O. The person who bears this letter is working unofficially and has my trust. But now I have to be careful that the muscles don??t turn to fat. ??That was my first thought too. but you weren??t very hard to convince. Contact with the Net.

him. The budget chief and the C. You were the one who exposed Wennerstr?m last year.

cut more than 180 jobs since 1980
cut more than 180 jobs since 1980. She turned the computer off at once and shoved it under her pillow. This is just the way it was in his day. Salander thought for a moment. ??Would he. He gripped the base of the bullet. colliding with the second nurse. Trinity??s parabolic antenna captured the search for Ekstr?m??s mobile number as it was sent through the ether. whatever it said. First. but he had been told to go to the passport police and immediately to ask for political asylum. At first he had been almost hostile. First. including bow and arrow. Malm raised his Nikon in the shadows of Caf?? Rosso??s awning across the street and took a series of twelve photographs of the two men who followed Blomkvist out of the caf?? and past the Kvarter cinema. Let me put it on record that you do not have to say anything at all. I was vaguely aware of him for just a few seconds. ??I??ll call her and arrange to meet. ??He??s driving me nuts. She could go back to Stockholm knowing that she might have to take the train to G?teborg again as soon as the following day. But do you want me to represent you??? Salander gave a curt nod. He??s a prick who plays people off against each other.?? ??No friend of yours. The national vehicle register had just informed him that the car he had seen at the top of Bellmansgatan with the blonde woman inside was owned by Monica Figuerola.

but I think he went to the reception desk too. and she had severe headaches. If the worst came to the worst. ??Thanks for coming in.?? ??Until then I??d rather you didn??t stay here. who was at his home in Liding?. including the distribution of methamphetamine. of whom four were female. Salander was lying on her back on the floor when Nurse Marianne came in. The storm that had ravaged G?teborg earlier in the night had obviously passed to the south of the Nossebro area.O.?? She smiled sweetly. Blomkvist nodded. no question. She had a brace on her neck.?? ??There??s quite a bit of budget work to check up on. The face was grotesquely swollen. That??s the only reasonable explanation. The person responsible in such a case is the criminal civil servant ?C or civil servants ?C who overstepped his authority.H. If she wrote the wrong password three times in a row the site would shut down and the name Wasp would be struck from the membership list. At 2. She should have dealt with Teleborian years ago. ??And how would that work??? asked the Minister of Justice.

?? ??Of course. It was the most horrendous thing I??ve ever experienced. a mass murderer. It was a pleasant feeling to know that her reactions were up to an emergency. I take it that you will plead self-defence??? ??Maybe.?? ??I don??t like the sound of this. It was his last editorial and it would be a crying shame not to print it. but he walked briskly from the Academic bookshop to the side entrance of N. She felt sick. If something went wrong. His spectators vanished as if by magic. ??Richard ?? this is how it is.O. I won??t make any record of your answer and I won??t discuss it with anyone else.B. The first had been extraordinary ?C Counter-Espionage had identified a Russian informer inside the Swedish telecom industry. But I do know that no psychiatric evaluations have been done. which Armansky hesitantly put on. Not being able to remember something was a phenomenon unknown to Salander. Blomkvist hesitated. Fredriksson was the acting news editor.?? She took Salander??s hand and helped her into the bed. when relations would once again worsen ?C which according to Gullberg was inevitable ?C absurd demands would be made on the Security Police and the military intelligence service; they would be expected to wave their magic wand and summon up well-placed agents out of a bottle. 22.

has really fouled his nest this time. He turned on his mobile and saw that the battery was low. you listen here???? ??Imbecile. I can only see Jonas?? back and that bloody psychoanalyst mumbles when he speaks. He has a slipped disc. V. I checked with the embassy. He liked being a taxi driver except for two things. The chief of S. in H?rn?sand. She estimated the length of a step at 60 centimetres. but it??s almost unusable. The person responsible in such a case is the criminal civil servant ?C or civil servants ?C who overstepped his authority. He had also gathered that she was polite to the rest of the staff but never said a word when the police came to see her.?? ??It??s her.?? Gullberg said. the investigation carried out in 1991 that led to Lisbeth Salander being locked away was illegal. She pulled open a drawer in the hall where she kept scarves.?? He walked away down Hantverkargatan.?? ??And she??s alive??? ??Weak but regular pulse. At morning rounds. One of the big costs is building materials. rattling off the number. But this is going to take some legwork.

She had tried friendly reasoning and direct orders.?? ??Alright. ??See you. She mainly just lies there staring at the ceiling. also to coincide with the trial. We??ll meet again in an hour. H?kan Morander.?? Edklinth said.?? ??But if the story is true ?? if even a fraction of it is true.VI Blomkvist had no warning that someone was in the stairwell when he reached the landing outside his top-floor apartment at Bellmansgatan 1. After discussing the matter with Fru Berger.?? ??Yes.?? he said. and he began to make a list of headings on Armansky??s whiteboard. but it was not. ??My dear Mikael. so to speak. ??Twenty-two what??? said Holm.?? He grunted. The magazine will be printed by then. has. I??m in. ??That would probably be me. no exit.

The difficulty is that this report does not correspond with other reports that we have in our archives. The P. Can you tell me your name??? ??Pshalandr. Gunnar Bj?rck. ??Ouch. ??In that case I suggest that you ?C in your capacity as Prime Minister ?C instruct Constitutional Protection to investigate this mess with the utmost urgency. As far as he could see she had no complications in the form of memory lapses.?? Berger thanked him. But let??s not lose hope altogether. but it would be done without her being consulted. Baksi had been caught in the act by Per-Erik ?str?m ?C the same man who went on to be the paedophile hunter at Save the Children ?C who in the ??80s was the research secretary at the Trades Union Federation. HOW DOES YOUR FOOT FEEL? She raised her eyes involuntarily and looked out across the newsroom. She was afraid that it was a moral issue. Henry. He called Karim in. Instead of turning down towards S?dermalm she kept going straight to Kungsholmen. Then a crooked grin spread across her face. apart from Gunnar Bj?rck.P. Zalachenko laboriously got up and fumbled for his crutches. Figuerola escorted Blomkvist out of police headquarters at 10. We??ll have to keep an eye on both of them.?? ??So you??ve discovered Salander??s hideout??? Modig said.?? Blomkvist said.

??As far as the Security Police are concerned. I can document every one of my claims. ??I was hired to turn this downward trend around. He isn??t one of us. The roster included himself. All four of her tyres had been slashed when she spent the night with Blomkvist at the Slussen Hilton. finally. Not even the head of S.P.?? The Security Police did not normally spend time investigating robberies of groceries. but that??s almost a month away. Inspector Erlander woke at 7. The dental surgery is about 150 metres from the spot where the patrol car was found. Zalachenko had gone and fucked that stupid whore Agneta Sofia Salander.?? He nodded curtly once before he went out and locked the door. Your supervisor must approve the consultation and make a formal request for you to be allowed to approach Dr Teleborian. As a prosecutor I would be uneasy about the lack of unassailable evidence. Half were graphic artists and so on.P.?? ??Where??? ??Outside Seglora. Finally she turned off the computer and went out to find a caf?? where she could sit and think.3. Armansky??s first thought was that the man was paranoid. Henry.

?? ??I promise. ??Salander is still suspected of G.?? ??What ?? huh??? He sat up and looked around in bewilderment. ??It??s Anders. She scrolled down to image 167 and clicked to enlarge it. so he limped to the telephone booth at the grocer??s to call Landsort and book himself a room in the old ships?? pilot lookout. but she had very straightforwardly conceded that she had no authority to interview him and that naturally he was perfectly free to tell her nothing at all if he did not want to. grey-haired man in a hound??s-tooth jacket walk into the corridor. studied to become a police officer at twenty. but the minister here said that you were a prudent person.K. Stage two is Millennium and Mikael Blomkvist. it??s Berger. and she realized to her dismay that she had not even thought about him for several weeks and that she missed him terribly.?? ??Which is what ????? ??Lisbeth Salander suffers from a serious mental disorder. but what is new is that the construction industry is a couple of light-years ahead of all other Swedish industries when it comes to competition and efficiency.?? ??I can tell you in general terms what it??s about and you can come to your own conclusions. In both latter instances. All manner of investigations loomed. May I come in??? Holmberg sat at the kitchen table while F?lldin poured them some coffee.K. She discovered that they got along famously.?? ??Lisbeth is my friend. Do we know who the killer was??? ??Not yet.

for instance.?? ??It??s in the daily memo. Jonas parked a block away from the Arm??museum. not to mention their years of investigations of Palme and other prominent Social Democrats. Are you in pain??? ??Yes. Dragan Armansky. The next morning. When he had finished he took off his hat. I wrote it all by myself and sent it to everyone in the company. I had a late lunch and was going to make a pasta when I got home. He was not going to make it. Bonuses should be paid to people who do something to strengthen S. this is a fine mess we??ve landed in. He opened his eyes in bewilderment. probably just after 3. we do have Modig and Holmberg on the scene in G?teborg. you have to admit.?? ??He??s dying. Adam Security in Fisks?tra. ??Yes. there is no ??we?? about it. S. dollars.?? ??What about Gullberg.

Modig went back to Bublanski??s office and knocked on the door jamb. The time and place for each meeting was set at the preceding one.?? he explained. later this morning. the present S. since he??s still alive. and that there was good reason to offer him a false identity and anonymity.?? Three inspectors gave Holmberg an astonished look.?? Holmberg said. where Figuerola had parked. For all practical purposes.P. Save for the fact that she thought she recalled seeing a solution to Fermat??s theorem. he took a zigzag route through the narrow streets of the old city until he reached the right address and knocked at the door of Black/White Publishing. inducing decision-making political entities or authorities to take decisions in a certain direction. ??I??m sorry.?? ??And she lived to tell the tale??? ??Obviously her condition was critical. was involved in tax fraud ?C were gleefully posted on the Net. Sorry. She had told Giannini everything that had happened in Gosseberga. Edklinth had worked as a prosecutor and then twenty-one years ago joined the Security Police. yes. I thought he looked rather bewildered. Even if we count you in.

?? ??Let??s see ?? it must be someone with administrative authority. So let??s move on. She went downstairs to put on some coffee and for the first time since she had started at S.?? ??That??s true. In other words. by a single blow to the neck. On the other hand. he had helped in the attempt to murder and bury her. Zalachenko had been shot by a 78-year-old tax specialist. She put the Palm in the recess behind the bedside table and waited while two Eritrean women vacuumed the room and changed her bedlinen.?? ??Perfectly understood. She held her breath until they were some distance from the conference room in which she was trapped. Ekstr?m is the head of the preliminary investigation ???? ??But Bublanski??s leading it. He??s not married.?? the Minister of Justice said. Seeing her with both feet planted firmly as she stood by the window of the kiosk.K??. suffering from cancer. For a moment there was only silence. but my source believes there to be a connection between him and the Security Police. ??Imbecile. to determine whether Gullberg. or a teenage girl who had taken ecstasy and danced for eighteen hours straight before collapsing.?? was Paulsson??s immediate response.

D. Even so.?? ??Who??? Frisk hesitated. He??s not married. Most of them never come here. He lowered his gaze and pretended that he had not been looking at her.?? ??It was my uncle Mahmut. That the Salander girl would go so far as to make a Molotov cocktail Gullberg had not foreseen. no.O.15.?? ??Right. She wondered whether she was mad. The stalker then took the opportunity to get into the house. and she felt no desire at all to engage with it. and we??re in the middle of an investigation in which I??m involved ???? ??You mean it was unprofessional of me. Hans Faste is one of the key sources for the claims that Salander is a paranoid and violence-prone lesbian devoted to Satanism and S.?? ??It??s up to Salander to decide. that is. nodded. In Sweden you have to do it through a constitutional committee.B. I was the victim of attempted murder myself last night. But he had not anticipated Armansky lobbing a bomb with a sizzling fuse into his lap.

after all. Blomkvist must have blackmailed Bj?rck. She was healthy enough to be moved to a normal rehabilitation ward. They sat in the living room for a private conversation. ??You know who I am ?C so you don??t have to be afraid of me. ??And how did you know that this meeting was going to take place??? ??I have to protect my source. almost made it on to the Swedish Olympic team. ??On your way home??? ??You too.B. angular face about a foot from hers. Vinge (Wahlstr?m & Widstrand. It sounds a little cryptic. It contained the draft of her strategy in the Salander case. He rubbed his eyes. In this expanding organization ??the Enemy?? were presented with dramatically improved opportunities to place agents within the division. with the result that Zalachenko was alive and tucked up in bed barely ten metres from where she was.?? ??So you think there??s a single hand behind all this? I know Inspector Erlander. You??re right about that.?? said Bublanski.?? ??Yes.?? Edklinth frowned.?? ??The reason I work out is that it feels great. had nothing to do with this morning??s events. They tell us in advance the days they aren??t available because of holidays or something else.

fucking airhead or fucking cunt.?? she added. and I can??t tell the others before I tell him. She had knickers.?? ??If I??m going to survive. starting from now. For the Section. even though according to Personal Protection that??s where he is. Unfortunately there was not much he could help with. but the news that she had been injured had spread fast from the second she appeared in the newsroom on crutches. The head of Secretariat sat on the news for several days before he explained to Gullberg that the defection was so big that the chief of S. ??I hope all??s well with your father. ??I??m not quite sure. was involved in tax fraud ?C were gleefully posted on the Net. But she had repressed the memory of him. But there??s no proof yet.?? She fell silent and stared at Annika.?? ??And when would you like me to publish? After the next election.R. ??I got it for reasons that I don??t want to discuss. She looked at the time of the message. When it came to Agneta Sofia Salander. It??s possible that you??ll need another operation ?C on your shoulder ?C if we can??t arrest the infection with antibiotics.?? ??Anything new on Svavelsj? M.

M. When he had finished he took off his hat. He could not stay in the borrowed summer cabin in Sm?dalar?. ??I hear what you??re saying. He put these swiftly into a side pocket of his laptop case. He was recruited by S. not through official channels and bureaucratic regulations.?? ??I did not say there was no rush. Waltari may be an idiot. ??I??m fearing the worst.?? ??The chief of Secretariat is the only person who could make this sort of arrangement. ??Yes. Faste is grossly unsuited to investigate anything at all to do with Salander. Her longest had been with a colleague in Uppsala ?C they had shared an apartment for two years.?? ??O. She seemed lost in thought. He also recommends that Salander should be offered the best conceivable psychiatric care. but it came in waves instead of being constant. In the late morning it dawned on Blomkvist that his rental car was still at the Gosseberga farm.?? Salander gave Jonasson a lopsided smile. You??ve told me. That Millennium had leaked the story to her in advance was nothing but a courtesy ?C they wanted to reduce the damage to her personally. Gullberg blames Zalachenko for everything from the Palme assassination to trying to poison the Swedish people with chlorine. forty-three years old.

he did a brief examination of her.A. I start at S. and the press would have uncovered the Salander affair several years earlier. She was given a pack of nicotine gum.?? She nodded. and this paper will come out tomorrow too. and he was taken aback by the sarcastic tone combined with razor-sharp observations. Lisbeth. Gullberg blames Zalachenko for everything from the Palme assassination to trying to poison the Swedish people with chlorine. It??s not a wholly inaccurate description.M. Nothing out of the ordinary there. She got a dialog box with the text [ERROR ?C you have the wrong password] and a button that said [OK ?C Try again]. but he made a note of every deviation from the norm in his working day. and until we??re able to identify the remains. Erika. My sense is that he??s more a useful fool being used by the Section.?? ??Annika ?? this isn??t the way I had planned to end my time at Millennium. She woke up to find Linder sleeping in a recliner on the other side of the living room.?? he said. You should be able to call for help. On the right.M.

No. What kind of car is it??? ??A dark-blue 1991 Renault. kidneys. to change the time of a meeting or something like that??? ??I had a number to call.?? ??What had he done??? ??I think it would be best if you gave Salander a chance to explain the story herself. I assume you??ve read about Lisbeth in the newspapers. She was on the telephone and writing furiously on a yellow Post-it. slender woman with dark hair and a boyish hairstyle.?? ??The culture section has three unfilled positions. Francke was a bit of a cowboy who saw K. He hoped it had not penetrated her lung. I??ll be outside the train station in forty-five minutes. During that period the foundation was laid for the ??register of political opinions. How could I have been so bloody stupid? On the bottom of the drawer someone had spray-painted the familiar five-letter word. the woman who had been shot. But I??m not lumbered with that sort of restriction. even if that. then you should turn to me. ??No. because the vast majority of injured people had an obvious and specific problem. that answer was simple. How could I have been so bloody stupid? On the bottom of the drawer someone had spray-painted the familiar five-letter word. born in 1917. When you??ve read it I want you to come again.

The second thing was more complicated. the police will be alerted automatically. psychiatrist Lars Faulsson. Lottie will follow Teleborian.00 he ordered a cranial X-ray. ??This is a great sleazy story. I don??t want you underfoot if there??s any trouble. Last night she had a temperature of 38 and vomited on two occasions. He gave her the S.?? Gullberg leaned forward. In that case. who described her as emotional.20 in the afternoon.?? ??And what??s their stated business??? ??God only knows. PART III DISK CRASH 27. She looked about her in astonishment. regular operations. photographers. and she felt no desire at all to engage with it.?? Modig said.?? ??But here comes my point.I.

?? ??And??? ??He did his military service in Karlskrona in the ??40s. He left his coffee untouched. And I have a strategy. Two years earlier she had met him for a few hours when he helped her and Blomkvist in the hunt for Harriet Vanger by doing an illegal tapping of a landline in St Albans. Our opponents ?C who include several high-powered figures and certain psychiatrists ?C are of course also preparing for the trial together with Prosecutor Ekstr?m. She took stock of the cabbage stew with resignation. Figuerola nodded and thought for a few seconds. and you can communicate with me only via hotmail.06 in the evening. which corresponded to the letters K-A-L-L-E. Berger waited until he had finished thinking.?? Gullberg had brought the flowers with him mainly as an excuse. that would have been one thing. assistant chief of the Immigration Division of the Security Police. could present a more forceful strategy. What kind of car is it??? ??A dark-blue 1991 Renault. Zalachenko has been given crutches. and a man who could act ruthlessly when necessary.?? ??I??m beginning to have strong reservations about Ekstr?m. They waited for almost an hour before Inspector Erlander arrived from Gosseberga with Blomkvist. And governments come and go. And he did it without ever dropping a ball.

?? ??Have you got any idea at all??? ??Ekstr?m claims that Bj?rck??s report and the correspondence with Teleborian were falsified. Modig seemed to be weighing her words. this is not a joke. Blomkvist told him to position himself where he could photograph whoever got into the car. But it??s not good. Hans von Rottinger. I have to explain why they??re wrong. are laws. I??ve reminded you about this at least half a dozen times. a couple of days after Zalachenko and Salander had landed in Sahlgrenska hospital.?? Holmberg said at last. listened in vain to a vast number of calls to and from police headquarters and the surrounding buildings. He comes and goes as he pleases ?? I have nothing more to say about it. when she was sent to the psychiatric hospital. and at the same time he offered inducements. He explained in a low voice that. They told a fantastic story about a Russian defector who had come to Sweden.?? ??You can??t do that. He made sure he had left clear fingerprints on each sheet.W.?? ??So you think there??s a single hand behind all this? I know Inspector Erlander. And she was in hot water.

who. but Salander could hear her a long way off and even before she turned the key the computer was hidden and the patient asleep. That??s what he put in the report. starting with the Yahoo group [Idiotic_Table]. Or if he felt betrayed and wanted to get even. He heard the sound of the chopper and watched as it banked through the storm squalls down towards the helipad.?? ??Giannini works in women??s rights. There were also old love letters which she had kept from her teenage years. You??re going to be a special correspondent assigned to the Salander trial.?? ??I won??t have time to write all the missing pieces myself. Can you manage that??? Salander waited patiently for almost a minute before Annika nodded. She was no longer limping. They had had a long. The state subsidizes the cost with taxpayers?? money just so that the prices aren??t prohibitive. Berger waited until he had finished thinking. But if her car had been damaged on some random street in S?dermalm. They had crossed six national borders but they had not been stopped once. he insisted. but she had slept uninterrupted for eight hours. I??d have a heart attack on Norr M?larstrand. you tail Jonas. Herr Bodin.

So she had decided to go along with Blomkvist??s plan.?? ??No leads??? ??No. for the first time in a long time.?? ??But here comes my point. Not once had he seen its driver.?? ??If I don??t get a new kidney I??m not long for this world. E. Zalachenko came here in 1976. He did meet with the fair-haired man. 15. ??What decision do you think I should make??? ??I believe we have common interests. The Salander case demonstrated that something was out of joint inside the organization. as well as for the murders of Svensson and Johansson. Who??s going to talk next? What do we do if Bj?rck signs an affidavit confirming his story? And Clinton.?? ??And the third name??? Edklinth said.?? Blomkvist referred to M?rtensson??s C. the assistant editor. Blomkvist is not afraid to take risks. The drawer was empty. 3. she had spent her time trying to work out how to escape from this locked room at Sahlgrenska. but he??s incredibly bad at routine work.

Was it Salander who had killed a policeman? The news item was sketchy. You have a beach at the back of the house and a few large houses in the immediate vicinity. Her mother was a whore. What??s happened??? ??News. Most of all she wanted to crawl back into bed and take a month??s holiday. In any case.?? said Andersson.?? He grunted some more and promised to scold her when she got home. And as such you need help. ??I??m going to???? ??You??re not going to do anything at all. Fredriksson was the acting news editor.00 a. V. By that time you had retired. of course. ??Hello. She had no idea where she was. He explained that he had decided to go public with the information in the light of events that had occurred in G?teborg that day. Blomkvist was at the Kaffebar on Hornsgatan when he heard on the radio that a 66-year-old unnamed man. Occasionally he would jot down notes in a pocket diary.?? ??Lisbeth???? ??Wait. > Salander disconnected from Plague and accessed the server he had directed her to.

affect you or your welfare. She was starting to get restless and felt like an intruder. and in 1999 he had registered his own company. The earliest it could come out is August.?? Blomkvist said. Anything new??? You can say that again. Most of all she wanted to take him to a hole in the ground in Gosseberga and bury him. Blomkvist could not help being fascinated. but of gross falsifications.I. Kista. except for 1991 when he deliberately voted against the moderates because he believed that Carl Bildt was a realpolitik catastrophe. That gives us only two hours to make up for a whole lot of lost time. Sandberg.?? ??I??m not interrupting anything??? ??No. He smiled to himself. and who the killer was. don??t say a word. Hello. But Counter-Espionage had not ever had him. The budget chief and the C. You were the one who exposed Wennerstr?m last year.