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7. The next moment she heard quick heels clacking in the corridor. I??ve never seen him before.

?? ??Is there any desk or ???? ??He seems to work at the kitchen table or sitting on the living-room sofa ?? wait
?? ??Is there any desk or ???? ??He seems to work at the kitchen table or sitting on the living-room sofa ?? wait.Friday. An awkward situation.?? ??We always owe each other one. He turned his head to the right and saw the exit at the other end. He had other whores. Plague decided to make an exceptional effort and washed the dishes. Blomkvist spent the night at Salander??s apartment on Fiskargatan. Accordingly. ??Give me a couple of minutes. ??Do you mind if I check??? He made his usual examination. Your role was only to do me the kindness of introducing me to one of your acquaintances.U.I.?? ??Is there any prognosis??? ??As I understand it. ??How??s the old bastard doing??? ??Who? You mean???? ??The one who came in the same time as I did. ??I??ve got them.M. ??Agneta ?? it??s up to you to decide whether you want to initiate a preliminary investigation against Blomkvist. It was our assistant editor.?? ??I can live with that attitude.?? ??I understand. They were the only colleagues available to him that afternoon as Holmberg had regrettably opted to take a two-week holiday. It was not her fault that her father had been a pathological sadist and murderer.

??You??ve recovered nicely. She took Cortez??s folder with her and spent the next half hour reading through the whole story. ??Are you ready to come back to work??? Clinton looked up. I couldn??t turn it down. Its task was to watch over national security. but I can??t give you the documentation without revealing a source.?? ??The appalling thing is that Bj?rck has hanged himself. but she had very straightforwardly conceded that she had no authority to interview him and that naturally he was perfectly free to tell her nothing at all if he did not want to. They went to the bar with Niedermann. Giannini had supposed it must be some phase.?? ??Partly right. ??I have to confer with Bublanski.?? ??And if Ekstr?m is worried.?? ??Some girl. Since she had access to Teleborian??s P. The email had arrived a minute before.?? ??You??ve talked to Blomkvist??? ??Apparently he??s been arrested and cuffed. and sometimes she would answer a question that Giannini had asked several days earlier. This thing about steroids has to do with her connection to boxers. have you got anything new??? ??Nothing I haven??t already told you on the phone. nothing urgent.000 kronor. three emails from Fredriksson updating her on developments in the day??s lead story. the budget of the Security Police was in excess of 350 million kronor.

maybe a week. Then gingerly he closed the door. no-one ever told me that the warehouse was doubling up as a woodland cemetery. Salander was sweating. She was walking to the university when someone shot her with a crossbow. who was snoring peacefully. in time.?? ??If anything should happen. I have ordered an investigation. ??Bullshit. and he did not know whether he dared to put a bandage on it or not. train at Stockholm Central Station.?? Nieminen was in a vile mood when he left the cells at S?dert?lje police station. Then there were several lines of text where she identified the implements he had used during the rape.?? he told the nurse in attendance.?? ??That??s what he says. no doubt about it.?? ??I see. Johannes. But the most obvious purpose would have been to involve the Swedish government in a scandal. boys and girls. to get up. You??ll finish off this week with your ordinary duties and report in here on Monday. Assistant Chief Fredrik Clinton.

which described the problems encountered by the former Swedish ambassador to France when he was commissioned to examine S?po in the wake of the Palme assassination and the Ebbe Carlsson affair. She would be forced to explain herself and to beg for forgiveness because she had defended herself. He closed his iBook. A bastard defected Soviet Russian agent and professional gangster. Why am I not surprised? Berger hesitated for ten seconds. if that time ever comes.50. She??s been doing so well lately. He pinged her a few minutes later. only too aware of how odd his story sounded.?? ??Oh??? ??He wants you to know that he??s told me most of the story. When she was admitted here. unless he had given clear instructions to Lundin. ??Yes??? ??Erika. On three occasions Zalachenko was arrested by the Swedish police for drunkenness and twice more in connection with fights in bars. ??How are you feeling??? ??Like a sack of shit. He made sure he had left clear fingerprints on each sheet. an anal plug. He came back with sushi and light beer and passed the food around the conference table.* Gullberg remembered every detail of Election Day 1976. What the hell does he think he??s doing? Then Figuerola raised her eyes to the rear-view mirror and gave a start when she saw Blomkvist again.?? ??I understand you. ??Coffee. She staggered to the door and turned to kick it with her heel.

But he had retrained himself to be a locksmith (of all professions). ??You look tired. In 1997 he was no longer on the official roster of the external service. As luck would have it. Can you handle that. we??re talking about at least eight murders. At last he looked up.?? She started to say something. Blomkvist??s problem was that the account still had gaping holes in it. Zalachenko looked astonished. She??s sharp. and he had not yet been caught. but he could see neither Teleborian nor anyone looking like they might be Jonas.?? ??How are you feeling??? Berger said. he invited Milton Security??s C. Lisbeth. Two people at least. ??This is not your little joke. We live in a democracy and naturally we cannot influence what is written in the press. Cursing.M.I. It would have been essential. or what they were about.

?? ??The chief of Budget??? ??Maybe. You all know that. ??I repeat: we won??t say a word to the police. Then he placed his hands gently around her neck and turned her head back and forth and to the sides a few times. With respect to the graves in Nykvarn.) He could initiate his own investigations or carry out telephone tapping without having to justify his objective or even report it to a higher level.?? Erlander cleared his throat.?? ??Did you come straight here??? ??Yes ?? no. forty-four. Niedermann is of no importance. and that one bullet had entered her brain and almost killed her.?? he told the nurse in attendance. darling.?? the detective went on. You will have to be something of a mentor to me for the time being. She stopped at the half-empty news desk and gave a friendly nod. Well. a hand-picked state secretary. right??? He turned and smiled at her in surprise. She moved on to Lars ?rjan Wollberg. But she did not have the remotest wish to talk about her feelings or her actions. But you were also arrested for possession of an illegal weapon. ??We??ll probably close out the present quarter with a small deficit. The copies that Blomkvist and his sister ?C now Salander??s lawyer ?C had in their possession have both disappeared.

Then. I can??t give you the name. Do you know if she??s at headquarters??? ??I doubt it.?? ??I see ?? yes. but it??s almost unusable. which was what he was famous for doing. ??You knew? You knew that he was thinking of killing Zalachenko??? ??Naturally. Jerker. Ingemarsson had been found dead with a broken neck. An operation of that type could never have been kept secret if it were politically motivated.Q.?? ??What do you want??? ??What do you think??? Gullberg pulled up the chair and sat down. ??She??s mid-twenties. when there was less demand for this type of operation.. checking one face after another.?? she said.?? he said at last.I. ??Who is the source of these claims??? Figuerola said when the story was ended. But she was connected. I??m not holding back anything that could be useful to your investigation of the Section or throw light on the various crimes that have been committed. getting into Blomkvist??s apartment and Millennium??s offices. Edklinth nodded.

They??ll try to create a situation where they can say that ??certainly Zalachenko was a fiend. ??This is what I want you to do. ??Benny K. She went downstairs to put on some coffee and for the first time since she had started at S. Zalachenko was technically an immigrant. He thought for a long while and then began to write. He opened a new Word document. I thought we might be able to cut through all the red tape in this case. ??But remember that it??s been an extreme situation. And she wondered which big toe Blomkvist had been thinking with when he smuggled her a computer but forgot that she needed a mobile to connect to the Net.?? ??Right. Three others were members of the Democratic Alliance too. Erika. She had originally intended to return to Stockholm that evening. Blomkvist is not afraid to take risks. a white polo neck. ??Good. Paolo Roberto and his pals. cradling his coffee. When Salander logged off.?? ??Right.?? ??Please tell me how I??m doing.M. I have a list of articles here that you.

Not one of them had heard of Hans von Rottinger.M. The same rules apply as in your day. exposed Wennerstr?m and eventually got him a life sentence for treason at L?ngholmen prison. then it was with these lunatics.I. so she went down to the tunnelbana concourse. She risks being charged with grievous bodily harm or attempted murder. It was 3. who had been silent for almost half an hour.?? Jonasson said. that she had been shot three times. I must have been hallucinating. Palmgren stood up for Salander. But he??s tricky to deal with. She did not like asking for help or showing any sign of weakness. could focus on a specific area to separate out and monitor mobile calls. Gullberg then made it crystal clear to Zalachenko that he must never have any more dealings with the Salander family.?? ??But the present situation has arisen because you have been subject to a direct threat from a specific individual. He was reserving judgement until he knew what this was all about. I can??t break the law. Honestly. I was posted to Egypt. It was parked on a side street 350 metres from the railway station.

?? ??So Salander was supposedly armed with a taser.?? This. At first he had travelled frequently to Stockholm. Although. Salander opened her eyes and saw a light in the ceiling. In January 1992 he left Upplands V?sby a free man. and it turned out that Blomkvist only has one. The chief of S.P. She knew right away that it was not one of the night nurses.?? ??I get it. Gullberg had been consumed with worry. ??So what the hell are we going to do??? Cortez said. You made it sound as if you knew what was being discussed at the Prime Minister??s secretariat. albeit under guardianship.. and a prosecutor intended to charge her with attempted murder and grievous bodily harm.?? Blomkvist held up a week-old evening newspaper. Then there was some basis for his arrest after all. The departing editor-in-chief. whether the end of the word went up or down. Micke.?? Blomkvist said. But it??s not an arrest.

It begins with the murders of Dag and Mia. but soon gave up. Then she heard the rattle of a set of keys. essential that the scandal should not implicate the government ?C which is what would happen if the government tried to cover up the story. ??He must have approved loaning out M?rtensson. I don??t like your tone of voice. Classify TOP SECRET. And thank God nobody yet knew that he was her brother. and that means that Salander has been subjected to a lifetime of injustice ?C since she was twelve. and his job was to make sure she got well. but the chief of S.. I ???? Zalachenko hesitated a few seconds.U. and she can??t read newspapers or communicate with the outside world. Figuerola accompanied him up to the offices of the Constitutional Protection Unit. She??s the real victim here. In other words. and he alone. and she went through every public register she could find. There are a few minor things that need fixing.?? ??Where are you??? ??At the hospital.A. but probably that was not the point.

She spent nearly three hours scrutinizing folder after folder on Teleborian??s computer.?? ??What??s this about??? ??I??ll tell you when you get here. It was an unpleasant subject. I??m a police officer myself. ??What have we got? Sonja??? She smiled weakly. You??re always kept informed. Henry.?? ??What do you need now??? ??A little more legwork. he again denied all knowledge of any such thing.?? ??If you have a long list of requirements.?? ??Let him interrogate me. I??ll ask you for 500 kronor a night to sleep here the rest of the week. I need to get in touch with my client so that she can approve me as her defence lawyer. Whatever he had expected. Then she peeled an orange and sucked each segment to extinction. I??m assuming you??ve already left for the day. Could you find Johannes Frisk and bring him to my office asap??? She waited patiently until Holm sauntered into the glass cage with the reporter Frisk in tow. Lennart Torkelsson. most recently at the editorial meeting on Friday. The folder from Bjurman??s summer cabin with Bj?rck??s report was taken. The rest of the investigation concerning Niedermann would be handled by Ekstr?m himself. The Prime Minister glanced quickly at Edklinth and then at Blomkvist. You??ve been hurt and had surgery. how??? ??Tell me what you want to know.

G. We??ll keep in touch by mobile. Do you understand what I??m saying??? Salander tried to nod. He also says that the forgery is a good one and that the content is a clever blend of truth and fantasy. Blomkvist did not see the grey Volvo on Monday. She made coffee and poured it into a thermos and then made sandwiches. that the government might want to do so. was that the Constitutional Protection Unit had only an analytical and investigative function.?? ??Spare me the bullshit. ??about a missing person in Alings?s. a van pulled out and left a parking space on Bellmansgatan at the corner with Tavastgatan. 10. stuffed it into his shoulder bag and left the office without a word.C. He knows that at the end of this conversation a scandal awaits that the government might not survive. Every time the Section had to intervene discreetly and bail him out.Q. ??We need to talk to you. Sorry.000 instead. Svensk Handel had brought in a man from Thailand who was selling toilets for 500 kronor apiece. and he did not know whether he dared to put a bandage on it or not. ??Can you explain what prompted her to do that??? ??You would have to ask my daughter. Malin.

?? ??I see.?? Berger got up and went to the door. We cut off the arrow shaft and put her head in a C. Malm raised his Nikon in the shadows of Caf?? Rosso??s awning across the street and took a series of twelve photographs of the two men who followed Blomkvist out of the caf?? and past the Kvarter cinema.I. Hacker Republic comprised a very exclusive club of the best of the best. ??So. How??s Mikael doing??? ??He??s dead to the world. He was pleased with the text. He read attentively.?? ??You don??t have to break any law. But before the end of the year we will have to eliminate ten positions.?? Monica was already on her way and passing Drottninggatan. ??She acts the way she thinks you would expect her to act.?? He thanked Dr Endrin. She had tracked him to Gosseberga fully intending to kill him.?? ??Hmm. ??How are you??? she said. And after a while she had completely lost interest in her shower and pulled him back to bed. You??re going to be a special correspondent assigned to the Salander trial. How should I deal with it??? ??I don??t have the energy to think that through right now.00 he ordered a cranial X-ray. and Lisbeth still hasn??t talked to the police about it. ??I came here late so as not to attract attention.

??I??m sorry for chasing you down. Blomkvist logged in to I. even if he was beginning to get an idea of what he was up against. His number??s on my mobile in my breast pocket. lifted weights. but he stopped himself. But I see no evidence whatsoever that she is schizophrenic or suffering from paranoid delusions.A. was studying for a test in three weeks?? time. most recently at the editorial meeting on Friday.?? ??What does Blomkvist say??? ??He concedes that he was insulting.?? Baksi went to his desk and opened an address book.?? Giannini was suddenly hesitant. but they chose to protect Zalachenko because he was a source of valuable information. No. Erika. ??I have met Mikael Blomkvist on several occasions in the course of this investigation. She put down the notebook. ??No again.?? ??O. ??I went to see him. In the event. the court will appoint a defence lawyer on your behalf.?? ??It??s a bit complicated.

00 on Friday evening Salander had a visit from Dr Jonasson.00.?? Figuerola was making notes. Finally Modig spoke up. He did not really need permission to publish the book in Svensson??s name. and Edklinth did not welcome the necessity to get mixed up in it. It was the only possible explanation. and paused to watch two Muslim women in veils hurry past him. on the contrary. Fingerprints and D. or that she had taken revenge by tattooing a shocking message on his stomach. He was running out of time.00 in the evening. or perhaps more accurately in the secret service of the social-democratic welfare state.?? ??Do you have your car nearby??? ??The last time I checked it was in the parking space outside. I was wondering about your involvement in this story.?? Berger barely looked up from her position by the window. ??Teleborian went straight to Ekstr?m. She could give a good description of the woman. but now it was time to take care of the matter. if that would work.?? ??Murder. The first is the office of the Prosecutor General. such as the Prime Minister himself.

She looked up at her police colleagues. I don??t usually agree to this sort of unscheduled meeting. She waited while he read her four pages.?? Edklinth said thoughtfully. The body produces a pain-suppressing chemical and you become addicted to it. No date had yet been set.?? ??Good Lord. He was almost paralysed as he felt himself being lifted on to the stool. of course. Figuerola waited for forty-nine minutes before M?rtensson and his companion in overalls came out of Bellmansgatan 1. Fourteen were from reporters at various newspapers who wanted to talk to him. She sank back on to the pillow. And while I??m on this topic ?? I??ll be writing editorials from time to time. Greger Beckman.I. The most important characteristic was one that Clinton did not mention. ??In that case I suggest that you ?C in your capacity as Prime Minister ?C instruct Constitutional Protection to investigate this mess with the utmost urgency. He needs your keys if you??re not going to be home.?? Cortez reported. He took a pinch of snuff. Good cop. They asked pretty much the same questions about Niedermann as they had the night before.?? Modig said in apology. Chairman of the Board Borgsj? arrived at 2.

It was not until a month after the government was formed that the chief of S. There were bandages. She would test the system. this is a matter for the G?teborg police. key.P.?? ??Do you want to see it??? He looked surprised. along with the kidnapping and assault of Salander??s friend Miriam Wu. even if Skanska Construction opens an office in London and stuff like that.?? Blomkvist said. ??The people who were looking after Zalachenko went far beyond their jurisdiction. Thanks. He told her succinctly what had happened.F. It was only when he heard the details and studied Malm??s photographs that he reluctantly admitted that Blomkvist had good reason to be suspicious. I could only speak of it with the constitutional committee. ??Are you ready to come back to work??? Clinton looked up. living on Pontonj?rgatan on Kungsholmen. Despite her isolation she had managed to contact Berger on I. It was 10. ??We need to talk to you. And not one of us had noticed a thing. She sat bent over spreadsheets of Millennium??s budget and was so engrossed that Anton. And yet Bj?rck was the primary source of Blomkvist??s information.

Most regrettably it was Thorbj?rn F?lldin who became Prime Minister.m. ??We??ve got a problem.?? Trinity said. Nilsson was not afraid of the dark. has gone out. Which she should not have done.?? ??Right. if you??ll forgive me for saying so. come to that. he might have only himself to rely on. She had almost reached Pustegr?nd when the woman appeared. ??Today is all about May 1. From the government. yes. no question. and at no time during either had he been swayed by the man??s protest ations of innocence. Not once had he seen its driver.?? ??What condition??? Sp?ngberg said sharply. But it??s a balancing act. I always thought I wanted to be a doctor. my name is Marianne. But a large part of them had been listed only in G?ransson??s head. ??We have enough evidence to charge Lundin with participating in the kidnapping of Miriam Wu.

??The question now is how we should proceed. and he perfectly understood that this was.?? ??I??m in the hall with a wardrobe and hat-rack on my right. Just tell us. The worst thing was that she did not have the least interest in it. I asked if I could help her with anything. As the nurse was closing the door Salander glimpsed the guard on his chair out in the corridor. And at the same time. Thereafter the story became more sluggish. I was just annoyed they were being so pushy.?? he said. Andersson had seen the body through a window and called in the alarm. The relatively limited technology to which Trinity had access meant that he had to park his van on Bergsgatan or one of the nearby streets and laboriously calibrate the equipment until he had identified the fingerprint that represented Ekstr?m??s mobile number.?? ??Did you disturb a robbery. my last week at Millennium.?? ??Naturally. my assignment is to provide you with background as necessary. She has to be committed to a mental institution for life. and other such drivel. I met them about twice a year during the time I worked for the government.?? * Richard Ekstr?m.?? Blomkvist said.?? he confirmed. Vinge never saw eye to eye.

?? Berger got up. the policeman who arrested him. If the worst came to the worst. ??I??d never even heard that Sweden had taken in and protected a Russian defector of such importance. ??It??s about Vitavara Inc.T. And she??s not known for being a shrinking violet. I should also tell you that Mikael Blomkvist is my brother ?C I think you already know that ?C and that he and Dragan Armansky are paying my fee. They agreed that the situation might be more serious than S?po had at first assumed. It was cool.?? * Jonasson left Salander??s room somewhat confused. I should have published the report the day I got it. What was I supposed to do.?? ??And how many hours a week do you do it??? ??Two hours a day. ??Dr Jonasson??? He turned towards her.?? Modig hesitated again. and had become one of its trusted veterans. He followed me like a guilty conscience for at least a week.?? ??You mean ???? ??Jerker and I have discussed it. The first thing he did was to rename it ??Special Analysis??.?? Frisk scratched his head. In a broader sense. but rather his faith in human nature.00 Jonasson discovered that Salander had developed a temperature of 37.

And her breasts. One quick look around told him that they were there too late. it was tiresome. and he??s one of the chief reasons why it??s almost impossible to get the staff to work as a team.?? ??Do you feel like having dinner later??? ??Bosnian again??? ??No. You??re a victim.?? Blomkvist said. ??So what??s this all about??? he said when they had got their coffee.?? ??Is that really so??? ??This story. and we know for sure that he didn??t take any of the ferries. She stood there for a while. and Giannini??s was stolen when she was mugged. Have you got the number of Mikael??s second mobile? The one that??s not tapped. and a couple of cousins.P.?? ??If you leak that report. at her instruction. He thought for a moment and then slipped it into a compartment of his laptop case where he had also put Salander??s D.?? ??Indeed. ??Are you alright??? Berger asked him.?? she said.?? ??But who would be interested in creating such a thing??? Nystr?m put down the report and frowned. Then he logged on to the media archive and picked out several of the articles on which Olsson??s report was based. which was one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Never Mikael. only too aware of how odd his story sounded. ??The private investigators won this round. but what the hell are we going to do??? ??Malin??s going to be acting editor-in-chief starting with the next issue.M. she wasn??t hurt in today??s drama at least. Since Prosecutor Ekstr?m had tentatively referred to a trial in July.?? Giannini told her. Blomkvist ?C or more likely somebody he had hired and who was out there ?C would have to change the batteries at regular intervals. Blomkvist opened the driver??s door a minute later. When she wore a sleeveless T-shirt or a summer dress.D. She turned to the first page. Foreign guests.?? ??Where do you want me to begin??? ??Start with the simple things. It was humiliating.?? Edklinth said. This time they failed. ??We have enough evidence to charge Lundin with participating in the kidnapping of Miriam Wu. Gullberg was subordinate to a line of people in the hierarchy under the head of Secretariat of the Security Police. She had managed to free herself from the barn where the man had tied her up. She got out of bed and took out the new Dell laptop that she had been given when she had started at S.?? He stopped and looked at the clock. 1990); and ?C somewhat surprisingly ?C An Agent in Place by Thomas Whiteside (Ballantine.

Born in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq. and opened the windows in anticipation of his guests?? arrival. they smiled and said that it was outside my security clearance level.I.?? ??Well. It was found in Gosseberga outside G?teborg and it has Salander??s prints on it. He swabbed floors six days a week including. or resign from S. For a moment he stood indecisively outside the door. She called the registrar and was informed that no report with that protocol number existed. That was a surprise. We have no authority to travel to Holland to interview the ambassador. Erika ?? that may be true. I cannot have a news editor that I can??t trust or work with and who devotes his precious time to undermining my decisions.P. I can??t afford to eat out every night. Fuck you. That would mean savings of almost 21 million kronor and the chance to beef up S. He had come by special transport for the disabled.?? ??I think you??d better explain. and maybe a hundred other reporters had by now been briefed at police headquarters. A dental nurse by the name of Anita Kaspersson left her home by car at 7. The next moment she heard quick heels clacking in the corridor. I??ve never seen him before.

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