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he seemed a stranger. She smiled.?? ??Take us to a restaurant where we can get some decent food. More??? ??We only I.

??He claims he had no idea what Lundin was up to in Stallarholmen
??He claims he had no idea what Lundin was up to in Stallarholmen. but this question does not.?? ??And she??s alive??? ??Weak but regular pulse. or Swedish Internal Security ?C S. The medics remarked that this.?? ??Did you write a report??? ??No. The exact same. for example. And that??s why we sent Inspector Figuerola to invite you to this meeting.M. It was glorious May 1 weather. said. smiled sheepishly. Bublanski was also wearing a kippa. Gunnar Bj?rck felt an almost unquenchable panic when he heard the news about the shooting at Sahlgrenska hospital.. She had accepted Blomkvist??s reasoning that she had already been so savaged in the Swedish media by such grotesque libels that a little sheer nonsense could not possibly further damage her reputation. that Blomkvist was up to some sort of funny business. I??ll have a copy of that.?? ??Good. That??s too short a time. was dissolved. isn??t just hiring Erika Berger. The computer started up.

??That??s correct. Personal Protection.?? ??I??m having trouble digesting it myself. Lottie? Dig up her passport picture. This meant that they gave up far too easily; alternatively they spent too much time at the acute stage trying to work out exactly what was wrong with the patient so as to decide on the right treatment. stretched out in bed.?? ??Rosin has a lot of experience. Then she typed in 74774. I transferred to the foreign ministry and became a diplomat. In 1969.G. They chatted for a while. not the remotest idea of the background you??ve described. trying to get down every word that was said from the podium at the police press office at Kungsholmen.?? Figuerola said. He made sure he had left clear fingerprints on each sheet.00 on a Saturday afternoon??? Figuerola and Blomkvist exchanged a sceptical look. Figuerola thought long and hard as to what she should do about Gullberg. If the court determines that you are mentally ill. not exactly. The Section was not a criminal enterprise. Three of them were hunting rifles. at least they had worked that one out. it was no longer possible to monitor his mobile.

When she looked up she saw Jonasson closing the door.?? ??So we have to work out who??s acting against us.?? ??Thomas Paulsson happened at Gosseberga. ??No.?? Armansky laughed. That way Bublanski would have his hands full for a while.?? Cortez said into his mobile. Then I might as well tell you that I??ve already received a formal commission from Prosecutor Ekstr?m in Stockholm to do a forensic psychiatric report. The moderate government had come to power when the Soviet Union was collapsing. she had been strapped down in a stimulus-free room at St Stefan??s. We??re not going to be sure how Lundin came to get himself shot until one or other of the parties involved starts talking. They hate each other and.?? The fourth visitor of the day arrived at 11. It was Blomkvist??s front door.?? ??If you had been the prosecutor. Then he put on some jeans and the maroon sweatshirt that needed washing. and while he??s gone.e. She spent nearly three hours scrutinizing folder after folder on Teleborian??s computer.00 Linder arrived and knocked on the door.??s mail server. but she steadied herself against the bedhead and concentrated her gaze on the table in front of her. The trapdoor is secured by nothing more than a latch.I.

?? ??So if the balloon goes up. She raised her right hand and felt her head. The stalker then took the opportunity to get into the house. and I??ve spent the last three evenings with you instead of getting on with it. Then.?? Edklinth said. She wondered why she. At 8. and it might also be illegal.?? ??You started it. My two uncles were murdered by Saddam in the ??90s. He frowned and looked long and hard at the hand-held computer.?? ??I see. were particularly diligent in condemning exposed S?po agents if they had spied on Swedish citizens. Someone decides that a certain person should be given a particular level of clearance. There??s a new realpolitik in Europe since the Soviet Union collapsed. We??ll take care of Giannini??s and the Millennium office telephones today. She picked up the telephone and called Holm. She??s with me right now. With difficulty she propped herself up. It was humiliating.?? Bublanski shrugged. He turned to Wadensj??.?? Fransson said.

listened to her heart and took her pulse. he had found her sitting in the chair by the window. T. the picture department. An hour passed before it dawned on Paulsson that Torstensson and Ingemarsson had not yet returned from their mission to retrieve Niedermann. The reason was simple. ??You should have the answer to that question quite soon. I??d rather explain when we can talk in private. He didn??t go into any detail. Then she put on her shorts and a thin jacket and quietly left the apartment. There??s a small kitchen alcove at the far end on the right. it was entirely possible that the emailer had been busy elsewhere too ?C that other people had got mail apparently from her that she did not know about.?? ??Your mother??? ??Yes. That report alleges that the Security Police and the psychiatrist Peter Teleborian co-operated to place Lisbeth Salander in psychiatric care. ??Sonja ?? I think you understand how things stand. An Internet search showed that there was hardly any current literature on the subject.?? She picked up his article and read it one more time. Millennium was going to publish the story. and finally the preliminary investigation leader.?? ??If you have a long list of requirements.K. But when it comes to policy he??s going to have to toe the line.?? ??That can be considered a step forward. She was on the telephone and writing furiously on a yellow Post-it.

?? ??The basic story was an interview with Martina Fransson about the confiscation of anabolic steroids. during which they copulated with randomly selected males from nearby towns. Do you know what this means? It means that S. The source is protected. and if that were to happen a number of operations put in place across Europe over the past fifteen years might have to be dismantled. He was convinced that. yes.?? Nystr?m said. I might be able to use some leverage if I need to.?? This.?? ??Oh. I??ve already told you about his ultimatum.8. and in some miraculous way he had indeed managed to hold the mortality rate at zero.K. to determine whether Gullberg. This was the coup de grace. But he did recall that the man was introduced as the boss of the Section for Special Analysis. But the rest is guesswork. Blomkvist was suddenly awake and he did not know why. ??I was just thinking ???? Andersson stopped.?? ??So ?? what else? Illegal tapping or something??? Edklinth said.M. He enjoys indulging in intrigue and playing people against each other.

Can you handle that. and then stood up.?? ??I talked with Dragan today.?? ??This will be our only meeting here. and I can??t direct what prosecutors and the courts decide. Was G?ran M?rtensson working on anything important.?? she said. but???? ??I can??t wave a magic wand and conjure up the contents of a daily newspaper by sitting in my glass cage and just wishing for things. It was just before 4. According to the headers the sender was erika. a Mace canister and a pistol. Fru Berger. getting into Blomkvist??s apartment and Millennium??s offices.?? ??I should probably also mention that we know Giannini??s telephone is tapped.?? She paused when she saw out of the corner of her eye that Borgsj? was staring at her. this is going to be tough. I??ve already told you about his ultimatum. but I doubt that??s who you??re working for. or various volunteer tasks for Amnesty International and the like. I??d also like to know if you want Giannini to come here to G?teborg. or at least in her lawyer. Erika Berger.: Clinton in 1971 and von Rottinger in 1973. (2) They have to separate the ??Salander affair?? from the ??Zalachenko affair??.

?? he said to Edklinth. ??I have to call Erika and???? ??No. He looked at her for a while from the doorway before he went in and sat down on the edge of the sofa and woke her.?? ??So Blomkvist had a gun. I can??t recall having any discussion about it at the two o??clock meeting. She hesitated. names and organizational charts. It was not the first time she had received a threatening email or a message from a crackpot. The situation was urgent. and fell asleep with photographs of gross child pornography whirling through his mind. Finally he shut down the computer and went to bed. Three times Paulsson had asked the urgently occupied medical orderly whether the girl could be arrested on the spot.?? ??Where are you??? ??At the hospital. consultant at the Trades Union Federation ?C his only venture into the I. and fell asleep with photographs of gross child pornography whirling through his mind. In Personal Protection they believed that M?rtensson had been loaned out to Counter-Espionage.C.P. have been devoting themselves to criminal activity for a long time. For a moment she stood. narcotics and sex trafficking. Thank you. the Prime Minister and a state secretary. ??I??ll call her and arrange to meet.

?? ??How long will the meeting take??? ??It??ll probably take an hour.?? She smiled sweetly. layout artists. I regard the information that I receive here as source-protected.?? ??There??s quite a bit of budget work to check up on. Swedish Internal Security. They must have been following her. In other words. I have to explain why they??re wrong.v ?C MONDAY. Cortez bought a job lot of Ericsson T10s for a song. He was an agent for the Soviets?? G. and Edklinth had examined the reports in the archive. As the chat continued. In short. ??It??s not a question of what we can or can??t do. It took twenty minutes to find the address where Idris Ghidi lived.I.?? Blomkvist woke up at 10. working under Otto Danielsson. Second.P. ??See you. She had been incredibly lucky.

??I jest. No time to explain. moving fast. and he has a very painful facial wound. He glanced at the E. an elite force that any defence organization in the world would have paid enormous sums to use for cyber-military purposes. Salander lapsed into such inexhaustible silence that it seemed she might never utter a word again. and it??s to look at the differences between reality and the T. On Monday he had begun his research by sending Cortez to the second-hand bookshops on S?dermalm. sex. The door was locked. The man is a tragic figure who evidently acted alone.com>. Every other basic right. We??ve had him under surveillance round the clock for the past week. Then she lowered her eyes. a white blouse. Then he inserted a thinner probe and located the bullet. Blomkvist hesitated. But the police do have the rucksack you had in Gosseberga. cutting prices is the constant challenge. Nieminen called him twice on his mobile. During surgery the night before.M.

in the late ??60s.E. He gritted his teeth and took a step. So Dr Jonasson was the goalkeeper who stood between the patient and Fonus Funeral Service. But the investigation proceeded slowly. But there was as yet no sign of it. which individuals should be arrested? From my standpoint. We don??t need to hide the fact that they concern playing down the Zalachenko affair in the media and so forth. Two men stood there. He was twenty-six years old and had been at Millennium for four years. Everything pointed to the conclusion that Gunnar Bj?rck.?? Blomkvist said. No answer. We have no authority to travel to Holland to interview the ambassador. ??Find out which room she??s in. She waved him away. S. ??I??m guessing that he??s sitting there wishing he??d never heard of Zalachenko. She tapped herself on the head. frankly. and time kept slipping by ?? And then she found herself with an unbearably guilty conscience and was feeling terrible. Lars Faulsson. as you can see right next to her gunshot wound. She walked out of the front door just as the taxi drew up.

It had never come up. who??s the news editor.?? Figuerola??s mobile played out the theme tune from Once Upon a Time in the West. And it was now in Blomkvist??s keeping.?? Samir came over with the menu and.?? ??Oh.C. Nykvarn may be a cemetery in the woods for people who crossed them.?? ??We suspect Chief of Secretariat Albert Shenke. I??m not going to steal your story. It??s beautiful weather and Saturday afternoon. And this is the document that proves me right. every i dotted. Ghidi never discovered. A policeman she thought. ??It??s almost impossible to answer that question. and he had been on the staff of the Section for ten years. and it has to be done immediately and cannot be mentioned outside this room. The night nurses were at their station about twenty metres down on the other side of the corridor. The discussion had gone back and forth. has no alternative.000 a month to live in those crappy dumps in Hammarbyhamnen? Because the construction companies don??t give a damn about keeping prices down. She did not understand what it was about. that he wandered in the corridors at night.

and Trinity.?? Jonasson frowned. And we can go out to a bar later if we feel like it. Gullberg had approved the operation. You can give me hell tonight.?? Nystr?m said. The scandals had undoubtedly been many. make her way to his farm. In the background O. Last night she had a temperature of 38 and vomited on two occasions. Who on earth do you think can resist that??? ??You??re very kind.Thursday. Most of the cases. but I think only the Prosecutor General could appoint a preliminary investigation leader in this situation. She herself had accepted Rosin??s proposal for several new doors. The really damaging thing was that Borgsj? knew about all this and still went on ordering toilets from Fong Soo Industries.?? ??Which is what ????? ??Lisbeth Salander suffers from a serious mental disorder. or whatever the hell his name was. It would take half a second to shove the broken edge into Zalachenko??s throat if he leaned over her.?? ??Why would we be cooking something up??? ??Because Prosecutor Ekstr?m has asked me a dozen times how much you at Milton Security actually knew about the Salander investigation. Annika is doing her best to prepare for your trial. Do we have any evidence to the contrary??? Modig thought for a few seconds before she replied. But it??s been classified Top Secret by order of the district court. and Trinity.

Torstensson and Ingemarsson. The work was routine.?? He knows that I have a photographic memory ?? and that I??m a hacker. You can start as acting editor-in-chief as from today. 7.E.P.?? ??Holm is not best pleased???? ??I??m not best pleased with Holm. which was no surprise since S?po was deeply involved in what had happened. Gunnar Bj?rck??s own report never suggested anything of the kind. that is.?? ??Understand this: you have no choice. had knowledge of a crime and thus he had the obligation to submit a report to a prosecutor. She had brought a book with her. ??Mikael. But unlike the McDonald??s example. Ghidi wondered what Adamsson would do if someone actually tried to get into the Salander woman??s room. but there are questions that still have to be answered. Since she had access to Teleborian??s P. I??m a friend.00 and then she turned off her computer and put it to recharge in the recess at the back of her bedside table. She hobbled restlessly back and forth while Linder kept a watchful eye on her. and stimulants. A man in advanced old age.

Edklinth thought long and hard about how to proceed.?? Blomkvist gave in. Francke and P.?? ??So ?? what should we do??? Silence settled over the table. She created a new folder called [MediaFool] and saved both messages. Normally he would borrow Berger??s car.?? ??He has to be tough to handle the job.00. ??I heard that you hurt yourself. But I need an opportunity to question the girl. ??Good morning. With exceptionally sensitive equipment the N. the decision would have to have been made at senior government level. not for the past two years.?? ??Don??t call me crazy.?? Clinton waited.?? ??Indeed??? ??But morally it??s the right thing to do.?? ??Whoa!?? ??If you??ll forgive me. We could end up on opposite sides of the barricades. But apparently he had a habit of sending crazy and threatening letters to people in government. The patrol car that Niedermann is thought to have driven away was found in Alings?s this morning. ??Black eye.?? ??Which of course you are not. I??m being paid a monthly salary of 88.

?? Edklinth nodded. As soon as he entered the apartment he saw that the folder he had left on the kitchen table was gone.S. ??Dr Jonasson??? ??Yes??? ??My name is Peter Teleborian. He walked to Dressman on Kungsgatan and bought a shirt and a change of underwear. Jesus Christ?? She looked into the living room and saw that the picture window was shattered and the floor was covered in shattered glass.?? ??You don??t understand the situation???? ??I??m tired of hearing that I don??t understand the situation. She took her Palm and logged on to the Yahoo group [Idiotic_Table] to check whether he had put up anything new in the past twenty-four hours. The discussion was about the slump in advertising and the downturn in single-copy sales. I think I??m trying to understand something.T.?? ??Thank you. ??The situation is complicated by the fact that we in Constitutional Protection are being forced to conduct an operation which is itself against regulations in order to investigate this matter. year after year. She relaxed and waited. because you shot him in the foot and broke his jaw when you kicked him.M. Two had a background in the Fraud Division. I have ordered an investigation. a policeman. to help disseminate. He looked around the corridor and saw that he was being watched by nurses. I wrote it all by myself and sent it to everyone in the company.Friday.

?? ??I??m not so sure about that. kept the cash that was waiting to be invested and laundered. In fact. ??But I don??t think we could manage that even if we had a whole year. The only person who can decide your future is you.M. There was no need to follow the van. Got himself arrested for insulting a police officer. traitor. where did he ditch the car??? Modig and Andersson shook their heads. Lisbeth Salander??s guardian. Lisbeth had aroused attention in other quarters as well. If it happened while he was trying to escape. She took a hammer from the tool box in the basement and put that in the master bathroom too. Agneta Jervas.?? ??It??s no guess. The Ministry of Justice also called.?? Blomkvist went on asking questions for another few minutes. Well. We want to be sure that nobody??s holding a gun to your husband??s head or anything like that. He infiltrated the B. Micke. which she was immediately given. Married.

It??s not until page thirty-three. I??m sorry ?? in the rush I forgot to let you know. And I understood from Holger Palmgren that you had some information.?? ??Is that the truth??? Berger nodded. Full stop. but he??s bound to say that he was doing target practice two days ago. ??Where do we start??? he said.00. Bloody Blomkvist. He very seldom called in sick. Hans Wilhelm Francke. He asked if I liked being pierced and then left the room. Expert in complaining about taxes. and was one of Sweden??s most popular actors. If I were to make the decisions they would be different again. ??The others are on their way. But in my eyes you??re not worth a bonus of so much as one single ?re. told the whole truth. The problem is that he??s unpredictable. Gunnar Bj?rck. go home. Blomkvist gave him a succinct account. She did not have to search for her colleague. He did not ask any questions about Niedermann or Zalachenko.

And she??s not known for being a shrinking violet. It was dark and she had no sense of how long she had been aimlessly walking.?? ??How do you know it was his room??? ??Well. You can??t be employed by the investigation because that would mean you would be obliged to sign an oath of confidentiality. That??s eleven rooms on two floors. When she was alone she gathered her strength.?? Gullberg said. Marita Ulfskog. against members of the Immigration Division. but I think he??s honest.M. but Constitutional Protection doesn??t have an operations unit. but stopped when she saw the woman head for the Pressbyr?n kiosk instead of through the turnstiles. Mikael Blomkvist here. five times before he was still. Can you talk??? ??Sure.?? Wadensj?? said. there is no ??we?? about it. Figuerola saw the man in half-profile and memorized the registration number. She had no criminal record. She opened the email: YOU THINK THAT BORGSJ? CAN SAVE YOU. I don??t want to guess what it would cost with fries and a Coke. In Edklinth??s opinion. ??But he seemed the right choice at the time.

He would scorch us out of sheer malice. But it seems you were far ahead of us.?? ??Which means that ???? He let the question hang in the air between them. It??s better that we stay on good terms with him. in Stockholm. I??m asking you to cooperate in the interests of the country. The customer??s going to have to pay. No notes were taken at the meeting. Janeryd looked surprised. I have found him quite likeable.000 kronor. Zalachenko. Trinity had an antenna constructed by Bob the Dog which had an effective range of about five hundred metres. He had discovered stacks of pages from Black/White??s first issue along with an oddly subdued Baksi in one of the copy rooms. since he did not want to use a credit card.?? Bublanski said. you??re going to be celebrated as the dumbest policeman in Sweden on every newspaper billboard in the country.V. of course. He had plenty of whores. When the X-rays came through he studied them intently. Yes.?? ??Fourth. More than once Zalachenko had had to intervene when Niedermann began acting irrationally or lay curled up in terror.

I??ll show you the way.?? ??Ricky. ??It would be terrible if she really has been subjected to the injustices that Millennium claims. It was 7. A stab wound to the lung or a crushing injury after a car crash were both particular and recognizable problems that could be dealt with. No-one is talking to the construction companies about the unreasonable prices. And a murderer who called himself Ronald Niedermann.?? He stood up and gave her a kiss on the cheek. she would have recognized that she looked completely demented.?? ??No.?? ??That was after Stig Wennerstr?m. but he could get out of his bed and begin to make himself mobile. He wrote three names on a pad: G?ran M?rtensson. a role that took on added significance in the wake of Wennerstr?m??s exposure as a double agent. if the entire underworld is looking for him.?? Baksi said. as Mikael Blomkvist claimed from the very beginning. One nurse had merely said in a neutral tone that her condition was stable. leadership will have an unpleasant surprise.?? ??But you two ?? he??ll publish it??? Armansky gave a curt nod. it can??t have been her intention to kill him. If a group from the military or police starts pursuing an independent foreign policy. he had a theoretical knowledge of electronics and computer science that allowed him to knock spots off any professor in the field.?? ??I didn??t give anyone permission to arrest Bj?rck.

And you can??t use any of that material at the trial. After a while Jonasson glanced at his watch and saw that it was almost 7. evacuation and break-in protection.?? ??Call me Erika.00.?? ??Extraordinary. ??Room twelve. and A(89)Cx#magnolia as the password. ??What sort of knots??? Andersson said. Naturally I don??t want the scandal to affect S. She looked in the bathroom.30 on Sunday evening as he and Bob the Dog were approaching Stockholm.V. Gunnar Bj?rck. But you??re going to owe me one. and his request was instantly met.?? ??O. no matter how urgent it may be from a police point of view. She turned and braked outside the S.B. Panic and terror had dogged her through the night. At least. but then it was to do with my work. She had plotted her escape step by step.

??Not much. I told her that there were some popular science books on the subject in our library.?? Berger said. One might say that. of course. Magnusson had put together a four-column article about Morander??s life and career. ??Millennium is a monthly. He??s going to need assistance. She had no idea where she was. either openly or covertly. Nils Bjurman.?? ??They always said that he was being handled in the customary way and that the information he provided was being processed through the appropriate channels. Ever since the girls were nine or ten. and because she probably thought you had your hands full with the Salander story. When he passed ?rstabron he took out a ballpoint pen and a plain paper pad. promises of future assignments.?? Blomkvist said.?? ??Mostly to do with women who are threatened??? ??I work with all kinds of things. we also want you to know what to do in the ten minutes before the car arrives from Fisks?tra. There were computers now. but I think we??ll put that idea on the back burner for now. Blomkvist could see from Baksi??s expression that he started out with words of greeting and small talk before he got serious and explained why he was calling. and asked him to brief the assembled company. She called her friend on her mobile.

not hers.?? Holmberg said.?? ??I can??t. and that over the years this conspiracy has committed what could be categorized as serious criminal acts. was founded. At last she raised the stylus and tapped out a few more lines of text.?? he said. Berger told him not to bother. He took the registration number and looked me up. Lisbeth had aroused attention in other quarters as well.00??? ??That??ll be fine. ??Interesting.I.?? ??Did he look confused or???? ??I couldn??t say one way or the other.?? Only three people knew where Svavelsj? M. that would have been against the law.?? ??Harsh words. but Lisbeth tracked down her father whom she hadn??t seen for fifteen years. The seduction always involved discovering someone??s weaknesses. but I was waylaid by you. For a second he seemed a stranger. She smiled.?? ??Take us to a restaurant where we can get some decent food. More??? ??We only I.

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