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wouldn??t happen to have a cigarette.

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the U. He turned left on to Tavastgatan at the Bishop??s Arms pub and parked at the corner. Don??t misunderstand me ?? I??ll tell the truth as I see it in what I publish.* and the like. much of it dealt with Salander??s mental state. He ate a piece of bread and drank some mineral water.?? He thought for a second and then asked one more question.00. at which time the Soviet Union was heading for collapse and Zalachenko had ceased to be a priority. that??s how it is. Thanks for coming. but it was only a matter of time before the rain came.?? ??So all the rumours about you two are nonsense. The front door was unlocked. she??s chairman of the board until we can elect Harriet Vanger at the next board meeting.?? Modig said. An ultra-secret unit that was given strategic positions within the Firm. pinged again. She got back into her car and wrote down both the registration and telephone numbers for Lars Faulsson. Over the years Edklinth had been an impassioned advocate of the establishment of a constitutional court.?? ??And in order to do that. ??Erika hasn??t altogether left here. suffering from cancer. and that Salander doesn??t have a thing to do with anabolic steroids. and two officers whose job it was to compile and analyse any intelligence information that Zalachenko might contribute. He had come by special transport for the disabled. For a moment he stood indecisively outside the door.C. During the first year.

??And Zalachenko? Have you questioned him??? ??Yes. ??Are you alright??? Berger asked him. It showed the church in Jobsville. and ten years later he was one of the younger security police officers who. SixOfOne wrote. But that leads us to the second part ?C damage control. Malin.K.?? ??It??s really quite simple.M. and defected to Sweden on Election Day in 1976. A call to the national vehicle register revealed that the car belonged to a G?ran M?rtensson of Vittangigaten in V?llingby. Now that he had crutches. Borgsj? is going to be persona non grata. and a patient.?? ??I miss you too. She had no idea where he was giving the lectures. assistant editor of the front page who had worked on the paper for thirty-five years. with the result that Ghidi was granted both a residency permit and a work visa in the kingdom of Sweden. then. They were chiefly concerned with the anarchists and the neo-Nazis: the anarchists because they persisted in practising civil disobedience; the neo-Nazis because they were Nazis and so by definition the enemies of democracy.?? ??What sort of meeting??? ??I can??t explain just yet. You shouldn??t do that. The man would always nod politely but never laughed if he said anything humorous.?? The fourth visitor of the day arrived at 11. ??We??ll have to postpone the meeting a bit longer.?? He stood up and gave her a kiss on the cheek. the officers were to handcuff the person in question and bring him to the farm at Gosseberga. the picture department.

??Doing things that you can??t do yourself??? Zalachenko gave Modig a long look with his only visible eye.?? ??Bodin ?? Zalachenko is as slippery as an eel and he has an answer to all our questions. But every time she had decided to sleep at Blomkvist??s.C. There is a nationwide A.?? ??Gunnar Bj?rck. But why not smuggle in the mobile too? Ah. it??s time. the court will appoint a defence lawyer on your behalf. This also had geographical consequences. Salander was locked up at Sahlgrenska. She went into the room and closed the door. He seems to be pleasant enough. namely the head of Secretariat. The next moment she froze when she realized that she could add another attack to the list. But she had no idea what Salander was up to.B.?? Edklinth said.?? ??And??? Modig hesitated once again. But that doesn??t mean he has to behave like an idiot. her state of mind??? After a while Karlgren said: ??I??m not sure how I should answer that question. I thought he could protect me ?? but he has actually taken over my life. I gave her Dexofen.?? she said. Waltari! They??re looking for him all over the country!?? ??Yeah ?? that??s why he needed somewhere to hide. or parallel to. She had a heavy. but Paulsson was not interested. Deceased (Suicide?).

?? she said to the P. His job was to save his patient??s life.?? ??Indeed.?? ??But isn??t that supposed to be done by her lawyer??? ??As you must have gathered by now.?? Gullberg said slowly.?? ??On the other hand I??m afraid that if I don??t do something. He suffers from a disease called congenital analgesia. and his job was to make sure she got well. Edklinth had great respect for Armansky. If you work out you can eat whatever you want. a dangerous psychopath. But after five governmental ?C and roundly criticized ?C S?po investigations. He had been in the glass cage all morning. ??And what did he say??? ??He was very concerned about her safety and wished her well. It presupposes that his birth certificate and a number of other documents were falsified and then slipped into our public records. Anything happening??? ??No. layout artists and others. ??It hurt. He was under great pressure. ??Indeed. ignoring all the protocols. Then she picked up her mobile and called Blomkvist. They chatted for a while. the front page went to press. That could be the only explanation. ??Hello. ??No. we might save ourselves a lot of time. somewhere along the way.

Then he shook his head. Salander suddenly gave her a cautious smile.00.?? ??It would help if you??d tell me what??s going on. As far as we can determine at the moment. He previously worked in western Europe for the Soviet military intelligence service G. She arrived home in Saltsj?baden at 7.S. Even if she??s acquitted of murder. ??I understand that your daughter threw a Molotov cocktail into your car in the early ??90s. She also has a bullet wound in her shoulder and another in her hip.?? she added.?? ??If you??re a good leader then you??ll discuss any concerns with the others. M?rtensson must have been looking through Blomkvist??s papers or whatever else he keeps at his place. that gave him a status that was beyond most people??s wildest dreams. of Milton Security. It was an improbable stroke of luck that when Alexander Zalachenko walked into Norrmalm police station on Election Day 1976 and requested asylum. He needed cash. When he reached Slussplan he was badly out of breath. Bublanski had to stop himself from smiling.Q. Only when that has happened can she begin to confront her legal problems. Bjurman discovered the connection. In a time of great danger she had been cool.?? Gullberg turned his head very slowly and looked in surprise at the woman he had followed out of the lift. As he ran he called Cortez on his T10. A uniformed officer drew his attention to a cigarette butt ?C a filterless Pall Mall ?C some distance from the hole. is not an exact science.?? Modig said.

She had a routine that I can??t compete with. ??As far as the Security Police are concerned. which Bj?rck and Teleborian drafted together. He was. but somehow she managed to survive and dig herself out and???? ??And somehow got back to the farm and swung an axe into Zalachenko??s skull. Figuerola cursed. Have you eaten??? ??A while ago. but she had a body like ?? hmm. Would Milton Security be willing to contribute??? ??That girl is going to need a damned good criminal lawyer. And she was in hot water. He accepted that there was something known only as S.P.?? ??And how are we supposed to give her the proper care here if we can??t have access to her records? The medical responsibility for her right now is ours.?? ??But I have to remind you right from the start that I??m not a criminal lawyer. The page was designed around a black-bordered portrait. ??I think you can.?? ??What do we do now??? ??I have no idea..?? ??The other is the D. He was high as a kite all night. But that??s only if we can control Ekstr?m. but he did not want to seem very unclever by asking questions. His own copy and his sister??s copy were gone. I was the victim of attempted murder myself last night. Blomkvist smiled. ??Goddamnit. She hasn??t regained consciousness yet. I need to consult a psychiatrist or some other professional who??s approved to handle classified information. He spent several nights a week at the apartment.

00 p. and which he wants S. She always had plenty of warning to put away her Palm when she heard the rattling of a key ring or a key being put in the lock. 9. that Blomkvist was up to some sort of funny business. To the bathroom with you. and several years later some members of the ??people??s militia?? in Hacker Republic. But he was able to do one last favour for the Section. Here??s the registration number. Finally his uneasiness took the upper hand. a police officer living on Vittangigaten in V?llingby. everything was quiet.?? ??We know. and Edklinth did not welcome the necessity to get mixed up in it.?? she called. ??Excuse me. but it could also be a minor haemorrhage. ??I tried to reach you earlier this week. no matter how highly placed the sources in the bureaucracy. He shrugged just as Beatrice the receptionist came in with coffee and milk. Modig raised her voice. there is no ??we?? about it. shave a job here and a job there.?? ??Better quality maybe. and therefore the investigation of Salander.I.?? ??Shall we take it from the top??? Berger said.?? ??No. YOU LITTLE WHORE.

She wondered whether he was an ostentatious nouveau riche. Berger cursed the whole time she was at the hospital. It was not until Wednesday night. must have been persuasive. It could be an old woman who had collapsed from a heart attack in the Nordstan galleria. And if they want to convict me. and you can communicate with me only via hotmail.?? the nurse said.?? ??Tell me how I??m supposed to do that if I have a stalker after me??? ??You see to it that he never has a chance to get close to you. ??Trained as a navy frogman and then attended the police academy in the early ??90s. Ten minutes later the woman with the camera came out of the building again. We haven??t had any tip-offs.?? Sandberg nodded his agreement. Cortez had demonstrated that in 1999. My guarantee is this ?? if you don??t wave your magic wand and make all this disappear. The day that Zalachenko was shot there was a robbery at my apartment. Vinge (Wahlstr?m & Widstrand.?? ??In 1989 a refugee by the name of Idris Ghidi came to Sweden from Iraq. ??Yes. ??I??m simply asking out of personal interest. He was not looking at her. Neither Teleborian nor Faulsson ?C especially not Faulsson ?C had any position inside S. and he had to stop after each step to deal with the pain.?? ??But how did Bjurman get involved??? ??Palmgren had a stroke in the autumn of 2002. I don??t believe that this activity is sanctioned by the leadership of S.?? ??Why did Helena ask you to visit her??? ??Salander is starting to recover. Seconds later Blomkvist could also see Cortez. He looked up. the night nurse looked in.

He cast an entreating glance at Borgsj?.P. The only glimmer of light in the darkness was that Salander had been carried to the helicopter. And above all it was important that he make the arrest.?? ??Correct. ??That??s right. ??Svensson. but that you just might know what you??re talking about. Holm. Adamsson watched as he took a bottle of cleaning fluid and sprayed the reception counter-top twice before wiping it with a rag. ??We need to work on the ??cheese plane?? principle. obviously I don??t know what??s wrong with him ?C patient??s confidentiality and all that ?C but the drugs he??s taking are strong ataractics on the one hand. very angry. I know the way. she thought it odd that a man would consistently address his girlfriend with the words fucking fatty. on the other hand.5 hours when the house was empty. It would be as it was in the ??80s. ??Hello. right next to the gate to the Maria lift. About toilets.M.?? ??What??s this about.?? Erlander said. A theatre nurse was applying bandages to the gunshot wound on Salander??s hip. and fumbled for the talk button. If the government was involved. He turned left on to Kungsgatan. the patient might die or perhaps wake up disabled for life.

Since there isn??t any real competition there. That is serious. There was a recess where a radio had been removed. And if so. am I someone who has a problem with the fact that you??re fitter and physically stronger than I am? No. and when he??s needed by the Zalachenko club he??s released from his regular job.?? ??Hello. could blithely reveal her most intimate secrets to a bunch of completely unknown freaks on the Internet. Zalachenko patiently explained that. He would have to cancel the 10.M. you slammed an axe into his head.?? he said. I??m out. ??So you aren??t going to tell us how you heard about the meeting??? ??I??ve already told you that I won??t.00 this morning.?? Giannini said. He was talented.?? ??I understand. ??He was under a lot of pressure. Gullberg did not have a clear sense of what Wadensj?? was made of. He worked as a newspaper boy. I have the keys to your apartment and a passport in name of Nesser. a matter which was still under investigation.I. Then we??ll need to hire a new employee.?? he said.?? ??That is unforgivably incompetent. and then in the ??50s he vanished into thin air.

His problem was that he utterly lacked the instinct to lead.. But if you want to win. He tried to commit suicide. ??Police headquarters at 5. and with all the wisdom of hindsight. He had treated a waitress whose legs had been scalded in an accident at a restaurant on Avenyn. and when the man known as Trinity found himself on Sunday in the middle of the ?resundsbron. whatever it said. and he would have to take control of the situation. We??re not going to lift a finger to help you this time. that points to hopeful. First.?? Modig and Holmberg then described in detail the investigation as it had developed. which she was immediately given. accompanied by his personal nurse. I??ve told him he can??t see you. ??I have my own investigative team and I decide for myself which colleagues to recruit for the investigation.. with dormer windows looking out on Gamla Stan and the waters of Riddarfj?rden. But this was not going to be of any help to Salander. the others were discussing to what extent the Swedish Prime Minister??s computer could be made to send civil but crazy emails to other heads of state. If it happens again I??m going to relieve you of your job as news editor.?? ??Fine.?? Her hair was still so short that he hardly needed to push aside the tufts to feel the scar above her ear. cradling his coffee. from sweat droplets and two hairs from Bjurman??s apartment were matched to items from Niedermann??s room in Gosseberga. Have you eaten??? ??It??s 8. I have to have you.

.?? ??I think you have to do a bit more physio on your shoulder muscles. Better not to move her to a new ward with new routines. from top to bottom. He??s a tough old boy.?? ??Why did Helena ask you to visit her??? ??Salander is starting to recover. Blomkvist had objected at once. who will decide on the charges. F?lldin said that he hadn??t known how he should handle it.?? ??Well ???? ??Do you have a friend who could come and stay with you??? ??Sure. slowly twirled his glass of red wine and listened attentively to the C. and now Millennium??s laboriously reconstructed stability was suddenly hanging once again in the balance.?? ??So there??s no actual substance to this story at all. and thereafter we increased our surveillance of her. They had taken 2. he would be steadily annihilated. and then would always break it.?? ??Alright. Blomkvist??s version is missing the entire investigation conducted by Teleborian.?? Flodin shrugged.?? ??Why was that??? ??He was sweet. Figuerola poured him a mineral water. By that time you had retired. Malin.M. do call. he would have known how to tie proper knots. what??s he doing here??? ??Clinton has decided to return to active duty. and I would like to be included at an early stage.

Blomkvist closed his eyes. Can we meet again at 2. As soon as he entered the apartment he saw that the folder he had left on the kitchen table was gone. Since there isn??t any real competition there.?? ??I??m curious about something. we did not assist Zalachenko in any crime ?C that??s the delusion of a mentally ill teenage girl. These statistics are based on reports filed with local police authorities. He??s on sick leave for a slipped disc and lives in Sm?dalar? at present. months even.E. She said that she didn??t. Cortez had demonstrated that in 1999. You will have to be something of a mentor to me for the time being. What??s going on??? ??He??s working in G?teborg. ??Tell me your plan. The problem is the ones who won??t let them do their jobs. He was pleased with the text. But this applies only if she??s sentenced to prison. ??I repeat: we won??t say a word to the police.?? ??The most serious problem is going to be the third part.?? ??They always said that he was being handled in the customary way and that the information he provided was being processed through the appropriate channels.?? ??I know. She would hardly notice the difference. and because she probably thought you had your hands full with the Salander story. To be honest. but he knew that it would be a bad idea to frighten off Waltari before they were in place. He realized at once that Nurse Nicander was right.?? ??Therefore an intruder would have a good chance of approaching your house without being observed. Zalachenko was Salander??s father and her worst enemy.

the Security Police. I want you to promise to give him protection as a source.s that are five or six years old ???? ??It??s simply out of the question that we invest in new computers in the coming year. She found her shoulder bag. ??Could I borrow your balcony??? ??As long as you brush your teeth afterwards. O. But when N. She obviously wanted to tell you first. S?po got saddled with Zalachenko in the middle of the Cold War. He??s going to get away again. She immediately hired Milton Security to take over her personal protection. She had nothing specific to work on. Holger Palmgren. A summer romance? A love affair? Was she in love? She went to the bathroom and washed her face and brushed her teeth. at which time the Soviet Union was heading for collapse and Zalachenko had ceased to be a priority.?? ??It??s a family-owned business. mostly seem to sit and kill time.?? Armansky nodded. ??Thanks. She had no doubt that this particular address was the reason for M?rtensson??s being there. That investigation is presently allocated to S?dert?lje. such as the Formation of Government and the Right to Freedom of Organization. I have no idea what these particular grey cells are for. Monica??? ??We??re following up on the robbery of the grocer??s in Sunne. and we won??t know the extent or severity of her injuries until she regains consciousness. Zalachenko was technically an immigrant. The man would always nod politely but never laughed if he said anything humorous. That??s what could kill her if you??re not careful. That held for a few minutes until the head of Budget pointed out that S.

Nilsson was pissed off. You came here in the nick of time. That??s eleven rooms on two floors. She had?? He could not remember a thing when he came to. We??ll keep in touch by mobile. not as a doctor.?? ??So now you know. Then she heard the rattle of a set of keys. He had tried to get into her room. She could not put her finger on what was wrong. but then they start challenging me and looking for ways to dominate me. ??But it doesn??t add up. She took small.?? ??Does it not??? ??Herr Blomkvist. It had been Plague??s contacts on the Net who had provided her with a Norwegian passport in the name of Irene Nesser.?? ??But if someone else got one in ?? would you report it to the police??? Giannini raised her eyebrows.?? ??Why do you think that is??? ??Sorry. Even if you meet us in the driveway and say it was a mistake.?? ??Next. I??m the head physician at St Stefan??s psychiatric clinic in Uppsala. removed his glasses. She took another pace forward. If anything happens you should quickly seek shelter and lock the door while you wait for assistance. And she??s not known for being a shrinking violet.?? ??How do you mean??? ??M?rtensson. three things will happen. rattling off the number.v Blomkvist put his laptop case on the desk. somewhere along the way.

or what they were about. but he??s afraid to make operational decisions. but the news that she had been injured had spread fast from the second she appeared in the newsroom on crutches. Ghidi had seen in an advertisement that it cost around 3. ??No. it??s not a unique situation in the wake of the Soviet Union??s collapse. ??What do you suggest??? ??If we??re going to run Millennium effectively during the autumn.?? Blomkvist went on.?? ??I??m on her side. More than 230 people.?? ??But he did drive to Stockholm and to Svavelsj?.F. My guarantee is this ?? if you don??t wave your magic wand and make all this disappear. that extreme variant of bodily glorification. he was unwilling to name his source. Now it??s all about this German.?? ??The newspaper business is in a vulnerable position???? ??The reality is that S.?? ??But Blomkvist has already been warned ?? they stole Bj?rck??s report from there. She was being stalked. names and organizational charts. which would then itself be incorporated within the European statistics put together by the E. ??What did you say??? ??You don??t need to take a shower. and he dragged himself out of his sickbed to help you. strengths and weaknesses of all his colleagues.00 a. and he was proud of what had been achieved that night when Salander was brought into A. In a word. silent partner to handle the financial side of the business.?? ??Lisbeth Salander was faster.

P. It was past 10. She was surprised to be alive. except???? ??Except what??? ??Except for one or two surprising details. and was gone. Let me explain why I gave orders that everything to do with Salander has to cross my desk. [Slush/Salander]. He filled half the page before he stopped and tore the sheet off the pad. the more I think it??s like a game of roulette. Millennium was the kind of small office where co-workers were close. so he limped to the telephone booth at the grocer??s to call Landsort and book himself a room in the old ships?? pilot lookout. Not surprisingly. ??I had to ?? go ?? to the toilet. but the news sort of got drowned out by all the turmoil surrounding Dag and Mia. We should cut that to five full-timers.K. A Sig Sauer that had been dismantled and was being oiled on the kitchen table. Where is everybody??? Waltari told him where the other five members of Svavelsj? M. but she had not had any particular need to read what he was up to. right away. He reached out a finger to touch the woman whose name he could not remember. and the Prime Minister has no jurisdiction to determine whether or not she is sane. I think. She bought a coffee in the restaurant car. We??ve been friends so long ?C nothing can destroy that. Sorry.?? ??There was a ?? Clinton. making her feel like a teenager being quizzed on her homework. ??My office.

He enjoys indulging in intrigue and playing people against each other. ??An officer named Faste in the Violent Crimes Division. but it also prevented him from ever discussing the matter.?? ??Thomas Paulsson happened at Gosseberga. then you should turn to me. Christer Sellberg.?? Gullberg put his briefcase on to his lap. Again.?? ??We can ask why the source might want this information to get out. ??Forgive me for pointing this out. 2. He hovered between life and death for several weeks.00 p. Then she picked up her mobile and called Blomkvist. 11. First he handed over to Ola Ullsten.?? ??Am I to conclude that you??re running some sort of surveillance on Teleborian??? Figuerola shook her head. I am able to tell you that Karl Axel Bodin??s daughter. But we think that the so-called Section for Special Analysis set up shop somewhere outside.?? ??The old bastard had a pistol.?? When Salander woke up it was 2. She immediately pinged Blomkvist??s I. and apart from a couple of hour-long stops along the way. and clocked out. How about you? Why did you become a journalist??? ??Because there are institutions like S?po that lack parliamentary oversight and which have to be exposed from time to time.?? Berger said. for Christ??s sake. Since your apartment and mobile seem to be bugged and we have reason to be discreet. Gullberg had a bunch of flowers in his hand when he got into the lift at Sahlgrenska hospital at the same time as a short-haired woman in a dark jacket.

?? ??Fair enough. but not what it was. I??m not going to quote you or mention you even in anything I write. Are you O. I don??t want to get flabby. dollars. Like every other journalist the world over. * Zalachenko lay awake for a long time after the man who called himself Jonas Sandberg had left. importantly. If we had to arrange for bodyguard protection that would be a different matter ?C and it would be rather expensive. Before that I studied both philosophy and the history of ideas. she had been strapped down in a stimulus-free room at St Stefan??s.33. Here it??s not a matter of subtle alterations.?? Clinton shook his head. But we have him in the system and can call him in again for questioning.P. You can start as acting editor-in-chief as from today. and smiled. He was not looking at her. They could forget about finding a car to take them to Gosseberga. pointing to her foot. hasn??t done any serious coverage of the civil service and government agencies for at least eight years. It was a young blond man who was usually there two or three days a week. or rather two.D. She had been thinking for so long that the bathwater was now cold. Teleborian. Shit.

but she could sense Blomkvist looking at her as he passed. ??That??s possible. on what??s going on. ??South. During the next hour. I??m just trying to take stock of her. and they??re evacuating a ward for acutely ill and injured patients who really ought not to be moved. now at intervals of about twenty-four hours.?? ??Then we??ll have a light beer.?? ??And the entire underworld should be excluded as well ?? Any girlfriend we don??t know about??? They could speculate. He put on a jacket and walked to Milton Security??s offices at Slussen.?? ??I follow your reasoning. Now we have burglaries.?? ??I??d rather you didn??t. I had a late lunch and was going to make a pasta when I got home. Not being able to remember something was a phenomenon unknown to Salander.?? Figuerola said. Karl Axel Bodin was brought up by an uncle living in Norway. He had discovered stacks of pages from Black/White??s first issue along with an oddly subdued Baksi in one of the copy rooms.?? ??I can tell you in general terms what it??s about and you can come to your own conclusions. Berger copied the report. He had never been arrested. He might even be able to point you in the direction of Niedermann. Unlike Lundin. And Svensk Handel has also got into the game. I??ve thought about it.S. She certainly wouldn??t mind earning a few hundred kronor on the side. Within a few hours the Section had taken on tangible form.

He had met Chief of Secretariat Albert Shenke at meetings and internal conferences on countless occasions. neither could he. She looked at the officers in sullen silence as they came into her room and pulled up chairs.??Wednesday. I??ve never had a confrontation with a prime minister before. The headache will eventually go away altogether. Her skin itched under the neck brace. On the contrary. Gullberg. The ambassador finally relented and agreed to meet him at 10. and then gone back to the staff bedroom to try to rest for a while. Cortez bought a job lot of Ericsson T10s for a song. She could just reach it without having to move her body. Each individual call was separated and processed digitally by computers programmed to react to certain words. She felt depressed. DON??T THINK YOU CAN COME HERE AND THROW YOUR WEIGHT AROUND. You all know that. put on coffee.01. but we have no proof. Are you O. She was a threat to his entire future and well-being. and I??m beginning to expect that we??ll find her fingerprints on the cigarette case. She found a scarf and wrapped it around her foot and tied it tight. and he was looking forward to that assignment. but I??d be grateful if we could meet tomorrow night. Finally he called for a minute??s silence. Four were spam. disappeared.

it will take longer.?? ??Why??s that??? ??Don??t know.m. stood up. ??What kind of car does G?ransson have??? Nieminen said. but I have reason to suspect that I??m not the only one reading it. It??s beautiful weather and Saturday afternoon. and in our estimation she still represented a threat to Zalachenko??s anonymity. Which says that he took the lamp down. good people. She??s Blomkvist??s sister.10 this morning. both died on the same day. Georg.?? Clinton sighed.?? ??What??s the status of the search??? ??We??re keeping an eye on all trains arriving in Stockholm and Malm?. Ekstr?m had also to investigate and bring charges against Lisbeth Salander.?? ??Curt Andersson. There are two sides to it. Slavishly she followed the regulations and had no intention of acting as Blomkvist??s go-between.?? Jonasson looked at Blomkvist in astonishment. I??m the head physician at St Stefan??s psychiatric clinic in Uppsala. as well as certain guarantees. At first she just saw strange lights until a figure appeared in the centre of her field of vision.?? ??I see.. I don??t believe we??ll ever figure out precisely how the brain works. The first nurse stopped short on the threshold. because you shot him in the foot and broke his jaw when you kicked him.

is still one of the big papers. and few people would look for him there.??? Gullberg went down to Stureplan and hailed a taxi. I just need to know what??s happening with the charges against her. Her bare feet were bleeding. He bathed too seldom and his apartment smelled like a monkey house. ??Very good. When we get to that courtroom the prosecutor won??t have a single syllable from any interrogation to fall back on. Yet she felt uncomfortable.?? ??Thomas Paulsson happened at Gosseberga. she risked being seen by the woman.?? ??And??? ??He did his military service in Karlskrona in the ??40s. When the Security Police was reorganized under Per Gunnar Vinge in 1964 and became the Security Division of the National Police Board. F?lldin was never told Zalachenko??s name.?? Nystr?m leafed through his notes. could you get into his computer and see whether he finished it? Even if it??s not quite rounded out. It??s not your job to take apart the operational organization. The man from N. ??I have my own investigative team and I decide for myself which colleagues to recruit for the investigation. She rang for the nurse and asked for another Tylenol. Only then did she begin to think rationally again. and nothing was touched or moved ?C except for one thing.?? Modig made a call to Inspector Bublanski from the corridor outside Zalachenko??s hospital room. at least they were in an investigation from 2001.?? ??It??s not the same thing. ??The Zalachenko club spies on me. I don??t really know. ??Tell me. But I may stumble a bit before I really get going.

He visited her three times that evening and noted that her temperature had stabilized at 37. It must have been done with the consent of the authorities. The girl they??ve been hunting for the past few weeks. ??My name is???? ??Monica Figuerola.?? he said. She pulled out her mobile and pretended to be talking.?? Nystr?m leafed through his notes. But he had sent in the charger for her Palm. As well it might be. ??Damn it! But it??s not your fault. a pure media circus with himself at centre stage. She doesn??t look as though she has the tonnage to take on either Nieminen or Lundin. Add to this the unforgivably absurd bonuses that will cost S. He did not shut down the computer until 6.?? ??I??ve taken care of her since she was twelve. Erika Berger finally rolled over on to her stomach and rested her head on her fists. Palme had accordingly been one of the first subjects that Gullberg discussed with him during the long debriefing.?? Modig said.?? ??Goddamnit. It??s as if he never actually existed in the professional world. He did not like this. It won??t exactly bolster Salander??s credibility.?? ??I see.I. It was about initiating a logical sequence of inquiries. ??Facing south. starting with the Yahoo group [Idiotic_Table]. She was seventeen when I was born. Can you tell me your name??? ??Pshalandr.

Eriksson was fine.?? ??Holm has devoted his life to S. With such cretinous leadership it was no wonder that scandals occurred. ??Sonja. but then they start challenging me and looking for ways to dominate me. very recently.?? ??Go on. Svavelsj? M. Armansky found this entirely contradictory. The storm that had ravaged G?teborg earlier in the night had obviously passed to the south of the Nossebro area. ??Technically speaking. Just ??aha??. We have taps on Blomkvist??s landline and mobile. He??s been an investigator at Justice and has handled a number of cases that got a fair bit of attention. It was absurd. V. He wrote three names on a pad: G?ran M?rtensson. All the blood was either in his head ?C the noose having prevented it from running into his body ?C or in the lower extremities. Blomkvist had given him no good reason for insisting that he patrol the neighbourhood near the Copacabana on Sunday afternoon looking for a grey Volvo with a registration beginning KAB. But the actual cause of her injuries could not be established. Was he alive or dead? She could not clearly remember what had happened with Niedermann.?? Sellberg looked rather startled.P. She used Mace and kicked Lundin in the balls and face with such aggression that she crushed one of his testicles and then broke his jaw.??? Blomkvist said. yes.?? No such agents existed. well. The problem with him was that he persistently ignored the decisions Berger made.

The only thing that doesn??t quite fit is that he seems to be an evangelical and was a member of the Word of Life in the ??90s. It was ten days after the shooting in Gosseberga before Dr Jonasson gave permission for the police to conduct their first real interview. If Sweden had a constitutional court. As they started up the hill towards her. Armansky studied Malm??s photographs of the men who had followed Blomkvist from the Copacabana. opening the door. The outgoing Prime Minister was certainly not to be informed.?? ??Is there any prognosis??? ??As I understand it. ??A nasty attack in G?teborg and a break-in here in Stockholm. I??ve had cameras installed to record what happens when I??m not home. For a moment she envied Berger. I think you??re an excellent reporter. It was beautiful and well done. Sometimes she thought that there was nothing going on in there at all. She did not need anyone to tell her that.?? Gullberg nodded. Bublanski??s face clouded over.?? The meeting had ended with an agreement that Blomkvist would come to Constitutional Protection the next day to set in train an exchange of information. The man would always nod politely but never laughed if he said anything humorous. As a result of this outburst. and he was offering her a chance to escape in a very different way. They drove to Nieminen??s place.P. After stonewalling his way through five police interrogations. and I can??t say no. Ghidi had seen in an advertisement that it cost around 3. This is what we??re going to do. then I??ll say so. Drama last night as triple murderer Lisbeth Salander is finally captured.

We got the alarm roughly sixteen hours after they died. researchers. She??s sharp. Blomkvist noticed that the chief of the Constitutional Protection Unit hesitated for only a second before he got up and brought the thermos over to the conference table. When he got up to the room he went straight to the bathroom. and put on long black trousers. Figuerola sat motionless for thirty seconds.?? the P. whether I resign or not. or at any rate hobbled out. I don??t dare to comment on the legal ramifications of such an action.?? ??There must have been some other purpose ?? a secret organization within the organization. but he could see neither Teleborian nor anyone looking like they might be Jonas. He flipped the hasp and opened the door. He chose his words with care. It was 10. Figuerola waited for forty-nine minutes before M?rtensson and his companion in overalls came out of Bellmansgatan 1.?? he said at last. Who was also the reason why she was feeling tired and irritated. The May issue is done ?C we??ve already worked hard on it. ??I came here late so as not to attract attention. that Palme might be an agent of influence for the K. She pushed through some bushes and stood in the yard of a one-storey house of grey brick. and if we make a smaller newspaper.?? Blomkvist nodded. This is what we??re going to do. From her ideal location at the top of the hill she had an unobstructed view.?? He thanked Dr Endrin. you would most probably be charged with manslaughter.

Thereafter Gullberg acted only as an adviser in especially sensitive matters. have his salary paid by S?po. at any rate.?? ??Then what??? ??We kept close track of Lisbeth during those months. Consequently. I??m also proposing wage cuts for management. He was referred to only as a 66-year-old landowner from Gosseberga. Nothing out of the ordinary there. just that.?? ??And the answer is ????? ??We don??t know.?? ??It??s a family-owned business. but I think he??s honest. while the Security Police took care of the criminal investigation and paid the bill. She had reported the matter to the head of her party.?? ??Aha what??? ??Nothing. Officially he had held a post in the Immigration Division since the ??70s. Sweden had voted for a conservative government.?? or ??Salander??.?? ??Which means???? ??First of all. and time kept slipping by ?? And then she found herself with an unbearably guilty conscience and was feeling terrible. Nils Erik Bjurman. He also beat up Lisbeth??s mother year after year. He said that he couldn??t know who would be going to the Hague. The crossroads of Bellmansgatan and Tavastgatan. ??You look tired. and you can either suspend our co-operation or you can live with that. A fanatic.?? ??A little. ??No.

Borgsj? went to Vietnam twice more. she wasn??t hurt in today??s drama at least. They nodded to each other. He walked the three hundred metres to Frey??s Hotel next to the old post office on Vasagatan. You??ve awarded yourself a bonus of 400. because the vast majority of injured people had an obvious and specific problem.?? ??But isn??t Russia a democracy now too? I mean. She already knew that however she dealt with it. and it was his job to see to it that it stayed intact. She put the canister of Mace from her shoulder bag on her bedside table. He needed the Budget chief and the Secretariat chief to create the hidden substructure. It was a straightforward matter to establish that Salander had lived with her mother and twin sister on Lundagatan in 1991 and spent the following two years at St Stefan??s children??s psychiatric clinic.00 and called Eriksson at Millennium. So. ??The rules of the game. said. He opened the Yahoo group [Idiotic_Table] and found the final version of Salander??s autobiographical statement. He was careful to annihilate both Teleborian and the now dead Bj?rck. but he??s on disability leave. Until she met her in person. but if I had spontaneously to hazard a guess. But isn??t it strange that they don??t appear anywhere in S?po??s organizational chart??? ??That??s ridiculous. As a result of this outburst.?? ??Come on. Within a few hours the Section had taken on tangible form. That??s my part of the operation. She radiated a cheerful confidence. the latest model would cost about one. ??You wouldn??t happen to have a cigarette.

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