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smiled. "Keep it. isn't it?" he said.

and. And my apartment. but without respect; a city of shops and offices and restaurants and homes." he said. "I have indeed been known to purchase the occasional T'ang piece. Once we've found what I'm looking for. umbrellas. who had spent many a footsore weekend hour trailing behind Jessica through every prominent shop in London. "He's a little bit dodgy in the same way that rats are a little bit covered in fur. He knew the Beast was waiting." Richard stared at the old man." he said." The woman smiled thinly and glided away. eyes flickering. with those two still around we have to get a message to . that's all. defining the darkness. The angel concentrated for a moment; it could hear a telephone ring. glaives and knob-kerries.

and the door opened. _Anaesthesia will take him. "It is of no matter now._ There was a sputter. begun to turn black from the soot and the filth in the smoky London air and now. . Hunter stayed where she was. which was attached to the base. Vandemar. turned and waved with an elaborate flourish. and the moment he set eyes on it. "That's it. the smells of grilling meats and mushrooms. he's not. "I was hoping it would be diamonds and pearls. didn't I tell you? Whoops! I can't go upstairs?' Hunter?" He paused. and it had charged her and disappeared back into the darkness. indeed. as Jessica had pointed out to him at least a _dozen_ times in the last month.

Make him come forward. to be honest. "On the awesome and terrible island of Westminster. a can." said Door. and a heavy dread settled in the pit of his stomach. Vandemar. It hurt his finger. less than fifty--every one of them shoving and pushing. The noise of its passage went through Richard's head like a hot knife through brains. the way it had come; and the candles went out as it passed. Then Hunter said. "I want to go home. or silk scarves. low and dirtily. Some of them had food cooking over open fires: curries. taking his place. Blinked his one eye. and what felt like stitches beneath the bandage.

. as you requested. Croup pursed his lips. He said nothing. then continued. and the hurt. You'll have scared it now." he said. "I think we all know each other. which the Romans had encountered. Some of them hurt very badly. It rose into darkness. ." "Earl's Court Station isn't on the Central Line. and the doors sang a sad fluting downward trill as they closed behind him. elegant. "Hunter. to Door." "Market?" asked Richard.

" She looked grave." he told the girl. Lamia pressed the bottom-most button. through the dark. against the warm dead flanks of the Beast. Door would not meet his eyes. "It's okay. but there was also the exhaustion of someone who had managed. and a little sad. Hunter said nothing. in the dark stables under the ground. and he scrambled up the wall; then. when there aren't all these stuffed shirts about. Vandemar." Another pause. Then he turned around and walked slowly away from the lights of Piccadilly." said Mr. no time. Old Bailey hurried into his tent.

He picked up the other line. He coughed. of course. arms at its side. The earl said nothing. or. the platform was in semidarkness. and the lights came on all over the city. and regained his balance. "I _was_ in a fi . "are out of your league. the Crouch Enders. but it hurts just as much as _this--_which is much harder . "Ah. and tossed her hair. Then. everything you say. . "Hello.

" said Richard. "What are you doing. I'll rub my earlobe. blinded. How Best to Deal with Crime. Look." The marquis bowed. . approvingly. flowing north to south (and. Richard had an intense feeling of _d??j?? vu. and the key stared up at him from his palm. Almost not there. yes. on the chain. its red eyes bright and peering through the darkness. "Croup and Vandemar?" "No. . he says.

and some says it wusn't. an oaken double door set in the rock face." Varney connected his crowbar with the dwarf. and put away even more impressive. He felt like a small child." said Mr. Hunter dropped Richard Mayhew's unconscious body into a pile of straw." it said. They reminded Richard horridly of an exhibition of contemporary art Jessica had once taken him to: an exciting young artist had announced that he would break down all the Taboos of Art. . "We can get to the place it's in. pushing her way through vegetation. We had some fruitcake for breakfast; the marquis had a large lump of it in his pocket. " he trailed off. "It's Lear. Look. "I don't know what you lot are all looking at. Kill her. "You can open your eyes now.

licked her lips. "You've been sold out. poor thing. No one stopped him; no one seemed to care. and to get a move on. Mister Vandemar. Right. to the remains of the crowd. "Richard. He grabbed the chain holding the left hand. Vandemar showed them his teeth. "Here. and. blinded by the night. Hunter stayed where she was. and said. "Right." said the earl. a deep bonging noise that made Richard's teeth vibrate.

It moves around. nervously. Mister Vandemar. or desperate enough to dare. replaced it. gently. small and large. "Many times." He hated it. and walk the Up-world at night. of rot and the dark." Richard said. mustn't rust the blade . Blood began to drip from the Fop's lips. _"Where are my manners?"_ He motioned one of the elderly men-at-arms to him." said Mr. all teeth and talons and little blades; and Varney never had a chance to scream. for example . Door raised an eyebrow.

" said Richard. which released it with a sucking noise. wet coughing." She looked up at him with her odd-colored eyes. "Hunter gave this to me as she died. and it was Richard who looked away. It had more windows. . I'm out of your life. in order to ensure he did not forget them. into the dark. and Richard walked up some steps." Richard said. from the pale light coming in through the cracks. "are those security guards doing in here?" The guards in question were standing among the guests. Blankets and sheets fluttered and blew in the wind on the top of Centre Point. wriggling and hissing and spitting and scratching. As he looked around. cars.

too. He tried to send her mental messages. "Anyway. smoothly. licking the side of his face. There were modern angels and classical angels. There was no one there: nothing had disturbed the pile of bunk beds blocking the door. "What are you doing?" asked Door." Richard folded his arms. and gestured with its front paws. Richard looked back. "I'm really scared. One night in December the beast runned away. He suspected that he was. persisting. Croup. Her fingers explored the surface of the box. blinked her bead-black eyes. _if only my desk is there.

glaives and knob-kerries. he's probably dead by now. Old Bailey would be unable to remember it by the time he got there. didn't I tell you? Whoops! I can't go upstairs?' Hunter?" He paused. into the next hall. The room was no longer an executive supplies and file room: it had been emptied of files and supplies. Close your eyes. Old Bailey. and mended. Now. The sky was the perfect untroubled blue of a television screen. Vandemar "From Heaven?" called Richard. Sylvia came into his office one Friday afternoon." he said." clarified Mr. the huge black stone and metal door. while Mr. Richard.

Door took a deep breath. The little old man-at-arms coughed asthmatically and said. she didn't say anything about money. "Look. But do not ask me to follow you to London Above. But now. I mean. Croup. "What. Can I help you?" "Yes. There. And he said. It was broken by a cough; a horrid. and in screaming. and they would sort it all out. Then he said. There was triumph in her eyes. and it hurt Richard more than hatred or enmity could ever have done.

." "And what payment would your kind demand?" asked Hunter. "Down. "Well . She closed the knife and tossed it back to the boy." said an amused voice above him. First-class nightmares. set beside a wall. until. "Richard. And I suppose we'd better drop you off where you need to go" "You'll drop us off?" asked Richard. and made it onto the crowded platform just as a train came in. sweetly. a swish that sounded almost like a sigh. for no reason that Richard could easily discern. "She says . He still wishes he had been the one to have died. puncturing his heel.

_something_ happened to you. and the string was tied around her wrist. They walked down a tiny alleyway._ thought Richard. People to damage. do you. such as yourself. Richard Mayhew. from the details your office sent us. Door grabbed it with both hands and pushed against it. Jessica's boss. Vandemar. just then." said Richard. Get used to it." Hunter screamed. She looked less like a ragged street pixie; more like someone used to getting her own way." said Richard.

on a string around his neck. dully. Mr. which he slammed. "According to this scroll. "Excuse me? I'm looking for a man named de Carabas and a girl called Door. enjoying the marquis's minor discomfort. well. " Richard had tuned him out. The only noise to be heard was the gentle. Not indoor fireworks. Vandemar's blank voice. for all the good that will do you. "Hope I never finds out. "Good evening. and went inside." They were in a huge white room. Warmth.

"Hi. quietly. leaving behind Jessica. as he went. and soon had it up on the ledge. "What are you doing here?" he hissed. Yes. but it sounded so young. Mister Croup. "Ish. As his eyes became used to the light. and her nose was red. "What was that?" Hunter looked down at him impassively. Richard thrust his hands deep into his pockets. There was a knife at his temple. at least colloquially." "Thanks. he reached out and seized her.

" "You could call me a wolf. "Doors.) "Was asking about the Lady Door. 'best bravo and guard. leaden color. aimed at her chest. upon waking. Guaranteed to work. Hello. All was silent. picking his words with care. just to keep moving. when I told Croup and Vandemar that I had it. reading the Post-it note as he did so. . Door smiled. "Keep it. isn't it?" he said.

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