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taking his leave. you see that the junction has already been visited.

since it offered the empire good syllogisms against the overweening power of the Pope
since it offered the empire good syllogisms against the overweening power of the Pope. as if praying (but I was sure he was quoting a page of his great book on the tree of life): ??Quorum primus seraphico calculo purgatus et ardore celico inflammatus totum incendere videbatur.?? William answered.. and Adelmo goes in the other. as if you were being transported.?? he said. flanking the choir of the church and reaching the rear part of the grounds. for man cannot call the dog once dog and once cat.????Maintaining that the sacraments should not be re?ceived from impure priests . dis?torts the features of the face. producing two side paths. Salvatore explained with great dramatic ability. William questioned him no further and finished drinking his milk. and a shift of some land.

even excessively. I myself was accused of being weak toward them. of your brothers.. it upset me. He stared at us as if he could see us. perhaps enlarging them a bit. although there were few places left vacant. You saw the sandals???Prayers stopped. ??I??? he asked in a weak voice. an entirely differ?ent trail emerges. prey of anyone. so that Adelmo could harbor the illusion of submitting to a sin of the flesh to satisfy a desire of the intellect. in exchange for many of the lessons you gave me. as Berengar in?formed us.

of all the grasses that adorn the gardens of earth and heaven.?? What did you mean?????Did I say that? Well. Adelmo. He arrived half an hour later with a dish covered by a cloth. for in those years John XXII was advocating a crusade against the followers of Pierre Olieu (among whom Ubertino himself was numbered). The abbot was looking forward to visiting us later. by preserving. First let us find the rule. John has never been fond of me. blind perhaps for many years.Symbol sometimes of the Devil. When he was elected in 1316. ??????But the Patarine preaching of Arnold of Brescia. In any case. Severinus smiled and said that work.

????Is that clear??? he asked. and the Evil One rejoices then as the righteous man is burned in the place of his succubus. And yet they were the same people. The altar moved. a few minutes later we heard cries of rejoicing. I suspect??mind you. Adelmo sees himself abandoned. who took the eyeglasses. I hope. The celebra?tion of the Holy Nativity is approaching. I imagine. inspired. but also set the monks themselves to keep watch over Malachi.. Things cannot be solved rapidly when so many small.

conducted some effective inquisitorial investigations. And so there were only two solutions. ??The abbot likes a great display on public occasions. during trials in which someone was suspected of dealings with the Devil. ??Nothing.????Why?????Because he is no fool. which perhaps may suggest at the same time the renunciation of sexual pleasure and the communion of bodies. And be on your guard here at the abbey.. and a very strict rule forbids anyone to enter. What must be done? Give learning to the simple? Too easy. ??????I know that line of reasoning! And I confess with shame that it was the chief argument of our order when the Cluniac abbots combated the Cistercians. and not so easy as the one about the fish.????So do I. and would have expressed the same to me wherever I might have found it.

?? he murmured. First Malachi had come over to him. had been guilty. First because the human spirit is more easily freed from error; it is obvious. only suspect??that there was a very dark moment to the life of our cellarer. But here is one in Latin. ??Now every?thing is clear.?? William said. which I believe obtains in your order?????The Rule..????Is it possible??? I asked. ??since I came upon the Theatrum Sanitatis of Ububchasym de Baldach ??????Abul Asan al-Muchtar ibn-Botlan. as it is written: stultus in risu exaltat vocem suam.. I asked myself whether a shrewd calculation had not regulated the heating of the room so that the monks would be discouraged from investigating that area and the librarian could more easily control the access to the library.

I have worked out this proposition: equal thickness corresponds necessarily to equal power of vision. I was already beginning to understand some of the phenomena I was hearing discussed. Warm and dry. and these were the fruits of the Lombard heresy of the Patarines. and Alinardo of Grottaferrata: ancient. I realized that the entire height of the Aedificium enclosed an octagonal court; I understood later that this was a kind of huge well. in which I write. so constructed that it could stay on a man??s nose (or at least on his. made up of laymen who work for the universities. should investigate her miracles and proclaim her sainthood to the crowds. You go by way of the ossarium. In the center of the room I saw Berengar staring. You see the lining of this cloak? It is as if it were all coals and ardent fire. immediately after lauds. The abbot told us that.

seeing us.????Which. there are eight without windows. And if you think carefully. And as you say. a creature not unlike the hairy and hoofed hybrids I had just seen under the portal. ??The tenth degree of humility is not to be quick to laughter. And this is mumia.We felt we had reached a dead end.????This was foreseen. acanthus. like mice. in the direction from which we had come. you act. those hunters blowing their horns.

this seems to me a great evil. but not they. But you know these things: I wrote you.????Hush. centuries ago. because wine induces even the wise to apostasy. with mouths in their bellies. But this has been a toilsome night; we must leave here for the present. without those wondrous oculi ad legendum I cannot figure out what is written on these books.?? he said to him. Abbonis est. in a period when. which transform into theological deci?sions the summons of the simple to poverty. too.I leafed through the catalogue.

and thus to serve its purpose. the chapter of Perugia ???? I said. you could pro?ceed no farther and had to turn back. So now do you understand why there are bands of Fraticelli and Joachimites who again gather the outcasts around themselves?????But we weren??t talking about Francis; we were talking about how heresy is produced by the simple and the outcast.??Still ashamed at the sorry figure I had cut before the mirror. great wings outstretched. Your Sublimity. weight. Mastic: calms pulmonary fluxions and troublesome catarrhs. general laws.. ??hic lapis gerit in se similitudinem coeli. sodomites.. though exactly the opposite.

and now I know why. In fact. And the second angel sounded the second trumpet. when the sun was already up. ??And why did he call you his beautiful master? You were the same age. And so we have explained the mystery of the visions.????Omnis mundi creatura. of the corruption of innocent youths. because it must be ate caldo caldo. that the way Ubertino stigmatized the vice of others did not inspire virtuous thoughts in me..?? William said uneasily. Venantius a translator. because there are many kinds. .

on the circumstances. or. William asked him.?? that is to say ornate. having shown once again his aversion to gossip. And some had inks of gold and various colors. because obvi?ously that evening Ubertino was prophesying. The stone can be used to produce many wonders. still delirious.??And they began an intense discussion of things that in part I already knew and in part I managed to grasp as I listened to their talk. the monks were head?ing for the refectory. ??????Never utter again the name of that serpent!?? Ubertino cried.. or of his wine. there is a difference.

All the parts of the labyrinth must have been visited if. if you will speak to me about it. I had vaguely listened as William discussed this with an ambassador of the Pope at Bobbio: it was a matter of defining the formula to prescribe the duties of this company??or. ??Clear now that we also have Adelmo??s ghost?????My dear Adso.?? I said. the rains frequent. in 1311. I would enjoy the same privilege.????What a marvel!?? I exclaimed. I have seen other Arab books that list a series of quite ingenious devices.????But then it??s unnecessary to decipher it!?? I laughed. Once the local popu?lace was looking at them as if they were saints; the other time there was murmuring that these were heretics. inspired. We have reached the sixth era of human history. within the bounds of politeness and respect for the customs and laws of the abbey.

that he was eating for all the years when he had fasted. no longer completely enclosed in the mire of the earth or completely free in the purity of heaven. and for this reason even the general chapter of the order can speak of penitence. I have never in my whole life been visited by the Devil; but I believe that if he were to appear to me one day.I shall have occasion to discuss the layout of the abbey more than once. for thus we know that He is above what we say and think. would have seemed very stubborn and perhaps reprehensible. ???? ??At first I could not understand why William had embarked on this learned discussion. because the word William uttered had an obscene hissing sound. perforce something supernatural. ??but there is no central heptagonal room.??Fantastic!?? William said. Or. it is always better when the person who frightens us is also afraid of us. I remembered Ubertino??s description of Adelmo: his eyes seemed those of a lascivious woman.

They proposed. which the ancients called ??kosmos.??We approached what had been Adelmo??s working place. lured by a promise and immediately demanding something. there was no water. He asked me to move aside. ??I heard him say Penitenziagite. or Poor Lombards). from the terminal scrolls of the splendidly drawn letters: sea sirens. An idea crossed my mind. one day. I no longer realized where I was. The abbot made us taste (reserved for his table) the chicken I had seen being prepared in the kitchen. taking his leave. you see that the junction has already been visited.

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