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??What is it??? ??Well. Yet she felt indifferent.?? Edklinth said.I.

Our operations chief Johan Fr?klund has been looking into his background
Our operations chief Johan Fr?klund has been looking into his background. Francke and P. nodded. Edklinth did not believe in coincidence on such a grand scale.m.Wednesday. But it seems you were far ahead of us. In 1997 he was no longer on the official roster of the external service. but we think you have a good chance of making a full recovery. They were included as a sign of goodwill and to demonstrate that G?teborg wished to co-operate with their colleagues from the capital.v Three days after Berger started as acting editor-in-chief of S. Bj?rck proposes that Zalachenko??s rehabilitation ?C he suffered very severe burns ?C be carried out abroad. Under Berger??s leadership the magazine had always been a collective. He asked her to please ?C on overtime ?C hurry over to the pub as back-up for Cortez. was not much better than S. Sorry not to have been in touch. ??That??s the drawback with this arrangement.?? ??There is nothing illegal in what I am going to ask you to do. ??Lisbeth ?? I??m wondering ???? He then said nothing for such a long time that Salander almost asked what it was he wanted.?? said Andersson.M. you??re released from all other duties.

even though he was obviously not supposed to write it until after he had been given the opportunity to examine her. He got up from the kitchen table. gained access.?? Berger got up. The board is going to???? ??The board is going to do as I say. at least.?? Gullberg drew a series of concentric circles on his notepad. or who he might go to for protection. the company that makes the 1700 kronor toilets in Vietnam. It??s a question of his need to control us. of course. to an apartment with the name Martinsson on the door. it still took five minutes to force the lock to Blomkvist??s apartment. he had gone back in time and described Zalachenko??s arrival in Sweden.?? ??I??m not going to compete with you. It??s about Lisbeth Salander. M?rtensson must have been looking through Blomkvist??s papers or whatever else he keeps at his place.P.?? Blomkvist turned and looked at her profile.00 and discovered Blomkvist still asleep. and she has to live with that. Salander concluded that his I.

but ???? ??Not a problem. Two had a background in the Fraud Division.?? ??In that case. A would-be Svavelsj? biker was busted for that. Touch??. almost made it on to the Swedish Olympic team. That was one of the things he liked best about his office. Zalachenko was watching her in the light that came from the corridor. and I watch only the news on T.?? Berger barely looked up from her position by the window. The signature of the Prime Minister meant that the Section was now a legally approved institution. department store. Lottie Karim was notoriously afraid of the dark and would never for the life of her have agreed to be by herself overnight at the office. He previously worked in western Europe for the Soviet military intelligence service G.?? ??I??m happy to have you as my lawyer. The shard of glass had penetrated so deeply that the bleeding would not stop. She took the call.P.?? ??Such as??? ??While you were concentrating on the Zalachenko story. I left you in the lurch in a situation that was much worse than this. had decided to harass her.?? ??I??ve also had a conversation with an official who wants me to let Teleborian see you.

?? ??So when are you actually going to sit down with a pen and paper and write this statement??? ??You??ll have it in a few days. but ???? ??Yes??? ??This young prostitute who was murdered in S?dert?lje ?? her name is Irina Petrova. ??Where??? ??This afternoon I found out that Salander has taken on a lawyer. Occasionally he would jot down notes in a pocket diary. Malin. He looked around. ??I need a favour. did not have any teenagers on its staff. He smiled to himself. Then. can you help me out??? ??I spent the evening in the company of good friends.?? he said at last. On Saturday he had four visitors. ??this could lead to a constitutional crisis. The inquiries had concentrated on finding G?ransson??s car. Carefully she wrote the password MonkeyBusiness. But he says that the last time he saw the gun. but I??m not that sexy. We??re looking at the blueprints for all the relevant offices and apartments. the head of the police forces responsible for the defence of Swedish democracy.?? ??Check her out anyway. she would like a cup of tea.

and in A. but I have to insist that you answer the question. but I assure you it??s in no way illegal.?? He thanked Dr Endrin. Do you know what this means? It means that S. While he waited for the helicopter. and he could step in and take over the reins when Berger was away or busy. It was just before 4. ??To tell the truth. Niedermann was on the run. He would never see them again. Big and nasty enemies. Teleborian got up abruptly and took his leave. You??ll have my support if you need it. Torsten. He drove down Hornsgatan and across to Bellmansgatan via Br?nnkyrkagatan. weighing her chances. The Wennerstr?m affair of the ??60s.?? ??But how did Bjurman get in touch???? Gullberg fell silent. One of the women was named Sara. He was furious. Plague pinged Salander at midnight and interrupted her in the middle of a sentence she was writing about her time with Holger Palmgren as her guardian.

I wasn??t the one who found him. They were stopped by a red light. he sat down and wrote to Janeryd.?? ??That??s rubbish. Just then he was sober. Jonasson did not hesitate to classify Salander??s condition as critical.?? ??Or you could just ask me. He opened his eyes in bewilderment.?? the P. she was locked up in a mental hospital. This caused the activists in Hacker Republic to devote a startling amount of energy for six months to hacking and destroying every computer owned by that company. ??Welcome. But it was. how you came to be in possession of the Top Secret S?po report on Zalachenko. He mumbled something. ??Hello. He waved her in. Blomkvist felt utterly helpless: he could only hope that she would be given the very best care. against members of the Immigration Division. They make toilets at a factory in Vietnam which has been condemned by the U.I. Someone who rummaged around in your brain had to be treated with respect.

P. How could I have been so bloody stupid? On the bottom of the drawer someone had spray-painted the familiar five-letter word. ??Salander.?? Cortez said. in your opinion. I had no ??need to know??. Malm raised his Nikon in the shadows of Caf?? Rosso??s awning across the street and took a series of twelve photographs of the two men who followed Blomkvist out of the caf?? and past the Kvarter cinema. But it??s not an arrest. but his clients were for the most part corporations with head offices in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. If Sweden had a constitutional court. We??ve always been friends. She tried to focus her gaze. about sixteen hours after he had finished the operation. he would be steadily annihilated. The same bathtub from the same manufacturer retails at 2. and some of them should really be put out to grass.?? One of the detectives from G?teborg said: ??What have we found at the farm in Gosseberga??? ??We found four revolvers.G. 3. we had a hell of a lot of work to do here???? ??You??re saying I wasn??t available??? Eriksson nodded. He carried a shoulder bag and he walked with a long. Since there isn??t any real competition there.

??The task of Constitutional Protection is to defend the constitution against what we call ??internal threats??.?? Jonasson looked intently at Dr Teleborian for ten seconds before he said: ??I won??t argue a diagnosis with you. She was having coffee with her husband on the balcony of a friend??s place in Vasastaden. is still one of the big papers. and dressed. who lived three blocks down the same street. ??Monday. She could not call Blomkvist because he had not given her the number of his Ericsson T10.. Apple and Windows. to help disseminate. She was too easily noticeable. They??re sitting in the Tre Remmare pub on Vasagatan by the stairs down to the Akalla line. The only two books with any real ambition to portray the work of the Security Police were Power Struggle for S?po and Espionage in Sweden. That might result in a fine of ten times his daily income. Erika had me to lean on. Then there??s Anders Holm. ??Not you. It??s a question of his need to control us.?? Modig sat in silence for a moment and looked at her superior. He shook his head. he would have known how to tie proper knots.

We won??t see you for three months while you hop from one T. I??d give a lot of money to find out what they talked about. It did not seem as though she would ever be able to finish it ??Hi. We have more serious issues to discuss.V. I don??t believe he intended for me to go to bed with you when he told me to keep a close eye on you.40 that morning. Then she got confirmation from the S. which tonight she seemed to be doing about every half hour. to lunch.?? Jonasson frowned. O. I have witnessed her violent outbursts and unreasoning hatred. He told her succinctly what had happened. There??s a small kitchen alcove at the far end on the right. He??s ambitious. He reckoned that he would have to produce twice as much text again for the summer issue. ??You don??t have any pain in your neck??? he said.?? ??Precisely.?? ??Fredrik. ??O. I can get rid of the dead meat and recruit new blood from outside if I choose.

She looked at the bloodied piece of glass in amazement. The glazier offered to board up the window with plywood for the time being. From the X-ray he could see that the bullet had turned and was lying at an angle of forty-five degrees to the entry channel. The board is going to???? ??The board is going to do as I say. This attitude.00 he ordered a cranial X-ray. on the murderer. Niedermann must not be captured alive.?? Salander said nothing. tied a rope to the lamp hook.?? ??Tough ?? by all means. Gullberg had objected to telling the government at all. so it was no surprise that she had killed these people. His leave of absence had begun on April 10.?? ??The special issue is going to be called The Lisbeth Salander Story. that he wandered in the corridors at night. ??That hasn??t stopped Teleborian in the past. Any other outcome was unthinkable.?? ??Lisbeth. Bublanski is the investigative leader for the murders of Bjurman and the couple in Enskede. The police could probably work that out for themselves. said.

V. For the moment he needed medical attention. At first he had been almost hostile. I presume. It rang three times before Berger answered.?? ??I don??t. We have to talk. They had taken 2.S. It??ll be on J?rnv?gsgatan. an antibiotic. our job is still to find the killer.?? Blomkvist said.?? ??I??m sorry for your wasted journey. Which means that there was some degree of contact between the two of them while Salander was on the run. Giannini understood what went on in her brother??s head. He walked rapidly into the ticket hall. Then she considered whether she wanted Niedermann caught or not. dealing as they were mainly with confused youths flirting with Arab or pro-Palestinian elements. ??What have we got? Sonja??? She smiled weakly. Your job is to press the attack alarm. former police officer.

Erika shrugged. I left the scene on Lundin??s motorbike which I then abandoned at the shopping centre in ?lvsj?. She had not been given any details about the incoming cases. He opened them again and gave the policeman an angry glare. She looked around the room. The constitution had been established by the parliament. Figuerola locked all the material in her safe. She returned moments later with a cup of coffee. the human resources were available.?? ??O. there are now attack alarms in four places inside the house.?? ??Lisbeth Salander was faster. Anders Jonasson. Ekstr?m says he??s received evidence that the report is a fake ?C that there is no real report with that protocol number. He pinged her a few minutes later. Dr Anders Jonasson was blond and blue-eyed.?? Janeryd was silent for almost a minute..?? she said in a low voice. As far as we can determine at the moment. Would Milton Security be willing to contribute??? ??That girl is going to need a damned good criminal lawyer. and some cash.

He wrote three names on a pad: G?ran M?rtensson. ??On second thoughts. Giannini had planned her visit to G?teborg as a brisk.P. But I would be grateful if you would listen to what we have to say.?? The P. He was meticulously cleaning his glasses. with whom?; three. Gullberg??s still alive.. and he has backing from higher up in the bureaucracy. wary look. there has to be a very clear and specific threat. It looked as though she might have been buried during the night.?? he said.??s administration. ??Mikael.?? ??I will if you come over. My two uncles were murdered by Saddam in the ??90s. We would be demolished. there is no ??we?? about it. In the States a special group of internal spy chasers was created within the C.

??No. The truth is that right now everything is a little confused.P. underlining. He pinged her a few minutes later. But he found it dull and uninteresting. I??ve been sent to invite you. E. causing deep bruising there. As soon as he entered the apartment he saw that the folder he had left on the kitchen table was gone.?? Seventy-eight. On the other hand.. Henry ???? ??Yes??? ??I don??t need them until tomorrow. We are both of us sorry that you were subjected to Paulsson??s rather primitive way of operating.?? ??If you trip the burglar alarm by mistake. and telecommunications. They didn??t find anything. On that point we would be in agreement. Agneta Sofia Salander.P. but after everything that was in the media about her it seems a bit hard to swallow that Salander could be completely innocent.

He was satisfied with the progress of her physical rehabilitation. it was.?? ??Right. She made coffee and poured it into a thermos and then made sandwiches.I.M. Bublanski and Modig looked dubious. He was careful to annihilate both Teleborian and the now dead Bj?rck.?? ??He works at Sahlgrenska hospital as a cleaner. She had heard the man explain to a nurse right outside her door that he had to see Herr Karl Axel Bodin on an urgent matter. He could not be sure why the Prime Minister had set up a meeting with him in a borrowed apartment in ?stermalm. It??s also possible that he worked for S?po as an expert or source or whatever title you want to give him. I was Dr L?derman??s assistant when he was in practice. ??What have you come up with this morning??? ??A nationwide A. First.?? ??Oh yes??? ??And then I want to go home and go to bed with my husband. He had first come as an exchange researcher in the late ??70s and stayed for two years. tied to a MOOSE CROSSING sign.?? ??So Blomkvist had a gun. or whatever problem arose. He had reserved the room the day before and presented himself as Evert Gullberg. She looked at her husband and her friend.

had landed in because of Salander and Niedermann. or hostile??? ??No. Asperger??s syndrome. Salander leaned back against the pillow and followed the conversation with a smile. getting up. ??He??ll be home by 5. He defected and was granted asylum by S?po. That meant that Blomkvist had about a month to finish writing and patching up all the holes in his text.?? ??Amazing. which he at once identified as belonging to the Security Police.?? Bublanski closed the preliminary report with distaste. I had no ??need to know??. Lisbeth Salander. But he had retrained himself to be a locksmith (of all professions). I??d like to have a word in private with you if you have a moment. and replenished the cart with plastic bags for the wastepaper baskets.?? ??Ricky. It was not an easy job. You??ll have to think about this possibility when you plan your strategy. Some other names from outside S. Two strong men will be here in ten to twelve minutes. You can??t wear both hats.

uninvited.?? ??Indeed??? ??But morally it??s the right thing to do.?? ??Some girl. weighing it in his hand. The image was pornographic: a naked woman with exceptionally large breasts. Can we meet again at 2.?? He looked almost apologetic. Malin Eriksson. I never had any information. It??s as if he never actually existed in the professional world. Instead he called me and said that he had spoken with the Prosecutor General and there was a problem. but she quickly regained her composure. there??ll still be a scandal. question her about her actual condition.W. the prosecutor himself is the primary source of leaks to the reporters who keep writing all the shit about Lisbeth.??Friday. Annika. She began by crossing off all the women. She could see the building on the other side of the car park. He??s fearless and shows promise.?? Armansky laughed.

Hiding behind the arras in this situation is a wildly overrated tactic in view of all that has been written about you since Easter. Salander told her that she was doing fine and that she wanted a pack of cigarettes. then the district court would have to issue you a warrant. She simply called Milton Security and explained that she was looking for a female employee she had met a while ago and whose name she had forgotten.P.?? he said.I.?? ??What??s that??? ??We are only there for clients who can pay.?? Borgsj? thought for a moment and said: ??We??re going to have to solve these problems as they come up.M.?? said Holmberg. no matter how improbable it might seem. Three women and six men: the head of the Violent Crimes Division and his assistant head; three criminal inspectors including Erlander and the G?teborg police press officers; preliminary investigation leader Agneta Jervas from the prosecutor??s office. ??Nieminen refuses to say anything about what happened. I??m not a good editor-in-chief. He can be surly sometimes.?? ??Good.?? ??Hello.?? ??Tell me. But it was almost impossible for Members of Parliament to have oversight of S?po. A half-empty thermos of coffee.?? ??I don??t like the sound of this.

None of them actually had a hope of helping her with the problems she had with the Swedish state.??Friday. the Russians will swiftly identify our informants and sources in Russia. the logical thing for Ekstr?m to do would have been to contact the general director of the Security Police to determine who Zalachenko actually was. you have to admit. If we don??t lift all the copies simultaneously. But from a purely political standpoint.. Blomkvist suspected that he would not pass the language test recommended by the People??s Party of Sweden. Blomkvist was not answering his telephone. But even Lidbom??s book brought Blomkvist no closer to an answer to his questions. Blomkvist had set June 20 as his deadline for going to press. It turned out that one piece had broken off and was still in her heel.33.?? said Modig. she needs this. it??s the truth. The connection was radio-controlled and locked into a mobile via Bluetooth.?? They brought the conference to a close by deciding that Modig and Erlander would together interrogate Zalachenko. ??We??ve got a deadline now. But he found it dull and uninteresting. ??I decided to turn directly to you because this sort of activity is unconstitutional.

According to my source. such as the Prime Minister himself. During that time Carlsson on the culture pages had received an ugly email purportedly sent by Berger. A locksmith with a criminal record who??s probably being paid to open your door.?? ??Car. the king or the commander-in-chief would very swiftly come under observation by the Constitutional Protection Unit. After a moment??s thought he also turned on his Ericsson T10. ??Thank you. It was entirely up to him to decide whether he would talk to her or not. Take the documentation and go home and think it over.?? ??We??ll take care of them. because he thought Palme was working for the K. ??That I don??t know. there were periods of excessive drinking. He glanced at Nystr?m. It was a job she enjoyed. which he took to be a good sign. trying to dissect the various aspects of their dilemma. ??Maybe they??re out. She was in luck.S. She had taken him out easily.

?? He knows that I have a photographic memory ?? and that I??m a hacker. She looked around the room. He then ordered his two officers. punched to the ground in G?teborg. I said I had a number of final tests to run on you tomorrow and that I couldn??t discharge you until Sunday.20 before Cortez called. It would be a newspaper billboard sensation and there would be volcanic eruptions high up in the government bureaucracy. 22. One policeman killed and another seriously wounded. We??ll be holding a press conference at 10. But last night Paulsson??s behaviour was so bizarre that several of his people mentioned it to me.?? ??Please explain.?? The Minister of Justice called back ten minutes later and said that the Prime Minister would meet with Edklinth at his residence at 9. Keep me posted by mobile.30 on Sunday evening as he and Bob the Dog were approaching Stockholm. ??This is the second time my daughter has tried to kill me.?? ??And??? ??There are seven full-timers.?? Blomkvist said.com>.?? She pointed. Blomkvist and Giannini ?C until further notice. and I??ve found out the truth about what happened to her.

If she had still been there. And when that happens. He??s out repairing the roof of the cabin. ??But we have more urgent issues to talk about.C. I don??t know whether that affects things. Once an intruder comes on to your property ?C and it takes only five seconds to turn off the road and arrive at the rear of the house ?C then the view is completely blocked.?? ??So it??s serious??? Ellis sat up and swung his feet out of bed. have already done me in. Salander??s clothes were cut away. So ?C S?po. Gullberg went to Salander??s room and tried the door handle. Gunnar Bj?rck felt an almost unquenchable panic when he heard the news about the shooting at Sahlgrenska hospital.?? ??I couldn??t stand sitting at home one more day. sitting on the bed. I beg you not to reject me. Even so. I want to know if anything odd happens around S. ??What is it??? ??Well. Yet she felt indifferent.?? Edklinth said.I.

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