Friday, July 25, 2014

How to Look Slim in Your Bikini

How to Look Slim in Your Bikini

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With the coming of summer time, it is time for you to choose a bikini that will highlight your asset. As an example, if you feel that your toned waist is your greatest

asset, then you can choose a swimsuit that has a belt accent or bold and bright patterns.

If you need to highlight your thighs, then choose a bikini with ruffles. Remember that so that you can divert attention away from the unflattering parts of your body,

they must be covered with the dark color patterns of your swimsuit. In finding out how you can look slim in your swimsuit, you need to be knowledgeable about swimsuit

designs that could make you appear a couple of pounds less.

Moreover, there are many swimsuits that are made with a wrap-around style on the bodice. These kinds of designs are very fashionable too and can cover up flabs at the

stomach. Get yourself a tan. This is a sure way of making your legs and arms seem slimmer.

You can do this even without sunbathing directly under the sun, but just through the use of any bronzing lotion. Use cute cover-ups and accessories. In order to divert

attention from your body, you may make use of cute earrings and other accessories that are suited for the beach. It would also be great to put on cover ups that will

help cover some skin, and make you look stylish and sexy. You can wear a revealing cotton dress over your bathing suit or even a sheer cover-up. By doing this, you

still get to wear your swimsuit in style and look thinner altogether.

Furthermore, you may want to wear wedges or high flip-flops. Walk tall and appear confident. Of course, beauty always comes with the correct attitude. What you will be

wearing will not make a difference if you do not show some confidence and style. Avoid slouching, since this will make you look shorter. With these great tips on how

to look slim in your swimsuit, you are now all set to enjoy the beach.