Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The significance of certain items

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ps. Cup: that life with you.

Ring: surrounded people's heart.

Necklace: Centrifugal into place the most.

Campanula: expression of love.

Lighters to send men and girls: you do not marry non-.

Boys and girls sent to the bottle: the meaning of your pet.

Chocolate: the most traditional Valentine's gifts

Flowers: always fresh and is a romantic gift, and the number of different types of flowers on behalf of different meanings, I believe will certainly be able to choose a bouquet of flowers for her favor.

Perfume: Perfume is the elixir of love, freed of every lonely heart, she can bring you a fantastic feeling.

Tie: to the boy's most classic gifts, carefully selected and a tie to the people you love, dating, when you see him sent to the Department of the tie came, what kind of good feeling would not have to say.

Belt: the belt is the meaning of restraint, with the string used to tie him to your tender heart, a quality belt, pinned unlimited infatuated with you, let him love the feeling of a responsibility to increase the sweetness.

Candy: sweet candy is the symbol of what people and to the good. This point it is more extensive than some chocolate.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The possibility of smoking in diabetic patients

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Cigarettes completely free of calories, on this point, in the diet therapy, it is not necessary restrictions. However, on the prevention of atherosclerosis, the cigarettes have a significant impact. One of the aims of treatment of diabetes is the prevention of diabetes after the blood vessels caused by the obstacles easily. So on this point, the diabetic patients should not smoke. The so-called vascular barriers, including two types of microvascular and atherosclerosis. Blood pressure, as well as the increase in blood fat, promote atherosclerosis, cigarettes will also promote atherosclerosis, especially coronary heart will make the one factor. Patients with diabetes are prone to atherosclerosis, so that smoking is very dangerous. The purpose of diet therapy is to enable patients to maintain long-term health. Since it has been suffering from a diabetic vulnerable to complications of atherosclerosis, it can not increase the factor to promote atherosclerosis, it must be smoke-free.

Monday, April 20, 2009

What smokers and maintenance of lung

Physical exercise, walking, running, aerobic exercise such as tai chi help to improve lung function. If you did not have time to exercise, it is proposed that sleep before and after training for the indoor sports such as the expansion of chest, push-ups, such as respiratory muscle training will help. Sputum smokers more, so there should be more water, especially green tea, contribute to the dilution and removal of sputum. Advised to eat more dietary vitamin-rich food such as milk, carrots, peanuts, cornmeal, bean sprouts, Chinese cabbage, vegetable oil, etc. This will add as a result of smoking caused by vitamin deficiency, increase the body's own immune function. Do not eat sweet, salty and oily food, eat with Huatan, Qingfei role of vegetables and fruits, such as radish, towel gourd and pears. To ensure that indoor air fresh and maintain a suitable temperature and humidity, so as to avoid over-drying of respiratory tract mucosa. If smokers on a winter cough, sputum increase, such as symptoms, medical examination should be timely. In good time before the winter flu vaccination to prevent influenza and other infectious diseases.
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Monday, April 13, 2009

555 cigarettes

555 is a famous brand from the British American Tobacco Company (BAT) whose full name is State Express they are often called 555s. Not much is known about the history of this cigarettes brand, but it has appeared on the market quite a long time ago. Very old silver-styled packs of 555 have been found in India which once was an English colony. Now 555 cigarettesare sold in more than 50 countries all over the world. The brand is very popular in Asia.,apparently because five is a very lucky number in Aisia .In Vietnam these cigarettes are on the top of the imported cigarettes sales list. In China, Taiwan, India and Bangladesh the 555s are also sold in high volumes. According to various market researches, State Express 555 and State Express 555 Lights are usually preferred by the middle-class men who can afford smoking imported cigarettes of quite a good quality. These days 555 cigarettes are not advertised directly in the USA and Europe (due to the tobacco advertisement ban in many countries). However, BAT invests quite a lot into the promotional advertising. Therefore, the State Express 555 logo has appeared for many years on the Subaru rally racing team cars. State Express 555 cigarettes is a premium quality product that provides smokers with a unique balance of tobacco and additives.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The benefits of smoking

1, relief of boredom smoking. The spirit of many comrades is not easy to tense up, it is difficult to have the EEG activity to maintain memory and thinking, such as a series of activities that the brain of misty, smoke on the need to stimulate the brain to stimulate the cells, in order to achieve part of the brain tissue of living hit to complete the activities continue, the solution of nausea, has continued to work, study and life. Winston Cigarettes radiation from a number of radiation to those silly enough to strongly stimulate the bio-psycho-complete turning point in their life, and they might be able to see this turn for the better life.

2, smoking increased the inspiration. Look at all times and in all the famous West Cigarettes, how many of them non-smokers. Really, do not smoke will have to kill them, in fact, is their name. Smoking, to give them a unique creativity and thinking power, is able to understand and access. Television in particular, works in some of the leading figures, such as Mao Zedong, and poems are due to smoke big fat, or on a journey of a thousand miles can make plans to ensure victory. Speaking for the ordinary people, smoking can increase their awareness of certain issues, to obtain the solution of practical problems of life and vitality.

3, Vogue Cigarettescan ease some of the occurrence of encephalopathy. According to some scientific and technological personnel found smoke in a number of chemical substances like Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease such as encephalopathy, etc. play an important role. Many scientists believe that nicotine can help suppress the brain such as dopamine to control transmission of information such as the release of chemical substances feelings protein, thereby contributing to the alleviation of Parkinson's disease and Tourette's syndrome. Other studies have shown that nicotine may help to have attention deficit of the activities of abnormal number of children.

4, smoking can promote the formation of new blood vessels, making some of the people Virginia Slims Cigarettes the body organs and tissues can be rich in blood supply and oxygen partial pressure, thus contributing to their metabolism and growth and development in order to early failure and aging organizations a decrease of and Marxism, or the distance of time to meet God. The key of which is that smoking at the same time, non-smokers around you can also enjoy the benefits of this metabolism and thus deepen their understanding of Marxism or of God.
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Monday, April 6, 2009

History of tobacco trademarks

Human smoking of tobacco has been the history in 3000. Tobacco into the end of Ming Dynasty China, the 19th century invention of the 555 cigarettes. Also known as cigarette

tobacco, cigarette, cigarette, tobacco and other ocean. Tobacco trademarks, mainly refers to the trademark cigarette packaging. Broadly speaking, hookah, tidal tobacco, pipe

tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, cigar trademark cigarette packaging is a trademark.
Trademarks of smoke, especially cigarette trademarks, category because of its many beautiful designs, and all countries have different styles at different stages of design,

long, colorful, many parts of the world by loving people, and the collection of tobacco trademark worldwide collection Camel Cigarettes. In Japan, the United Kingdom, Italy, the United

States, Brazil, Argentina, Korea and others have a special collection of cigarette trademarks or club. Since the 20th century in our country since the 80's, most provinces and

cities have also set up a tobacco trademark Organize Favorites. It is estimated that the country has no less than around 10 million people smoke in the collection of the

trademark. Collection of cigarette trademarks are the world's one of the three collections, we can see the extensive.
Because a large quantity ofDavidoff Cigarettes production, sales, and so on tobacco content of a trademark can be a great social benefits. Exercise 54 times, Southeast Asia produced the

"patriotic" brand cigarettes, design is based on five colors of the flag constitutes a heart-shaped, a letter to "patriotic" word printed on the reverse side there is: "China,

Chinese money, Chinese industry, China's rights, patriotic Congress Please elaborate on the patriotic alcohol smoking cigarettes. "Although the commercial Taste is inevitable,

but also played a role with the Patriotic Movement. When the Japanese invasion of China, the factory produced a lot of national anti-Japanese patriotic themes in the tobacco

trademarks. "918" brand cigarette trademark printed on, as has the anti-Japanese generals Zhang Xueliang, "MA Zhan-shan" brand of tobacco trademarks on MA Zhan-shan and India

there is general and the anti-Japanese soldiers fighting picture, "provinces" has painted a trademark cigarette Northeast maps, and the Zengzi " My day in the three

provinces"subtly remind people not to forget the fall of the Northeast. In the Korean War period, the economic recovery period, the "Cultural Revolution" period, such as where

the country has major tobacco trademarks in a timely manner to reflect on both, so smoke Say trademarks are the epitome of a modern history, is extreme.
The collection of Gauloises Cigarettes smoke can enhance appreciation of the trade marks, increase knowledge, Yue Yang of the heart, but also played the role of History of the Ming

patriotic, further study is bound into the framework of the tobacco culture, because tobacco smoke is a trademark of a great culture of the late Key carrier.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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