Monday, April 20, 2009

What smokers and maintenance of lung

Physical exercise, walking, running, aerobic exercise such as tai chi help to improve lung function. If you did not have time to exercise, it is proposed that sleep before and after training for the indoor sports such as the expansion of chest, push-ups, such as respiratory muscle training will help. Sputum smokers more, so there should be more water, especially green tea, contribute to the dilution and removal of sputum. Advised to eat more dietary vitamin-rich food such as milk, carrots, peanuts, cornmeal, bean sprouts, Chinese cabbage, vegetable oil, etc. This will add as a result of smoking caused by vitamin deficiency, increase the body's own immune function. Do not eat sweet, salty and oily food, eat with Huatan, Qingfei role of vegetables and fruits, such as radish, towel gourd and pears. To ensure that indoor air fresh and maintain a suitable temperature and humidity, so as to avoid over-drying of respiratory tract mucosa. If smokers on a winter cough, sputum increase, such as symptoms, medical examination should be timely. In good time before the winter flu vaccination to prevent influenza and other infectious diseases.
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