Thursday, April 23, 2009

The possibility of smoking in diabetic patients

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Cigarettes completely free of calories, on this point, in the diet therapy, it is not necessary restrictions. However, on the prevention of atherosclerosis, the cigarettes have a significant impact. One of the aims of treatment of diabetes is the prevention of diabetes after the blood vessels caused by the obstacles easily. So on this point, the diabetic patients should not smoke. The so-called vascular barriers, including two types of microvascular and atherosclerosis. Blood pressure, as well as the increase in blood fat, promote atherosclerosis, cigarettes will also promote atherosclerosis, especially coronary heart will make the one factor. Patients with diabetes are prone to atherosclerosis, so that smoking is very dangerous. The purpose of diet therapy is to enable patients to maintain long-term health. Since it has been suffering from a diabetic vulnerable to complications of atherosclerosis, it can not increase the factor to promote atherosclerosis, it must be smoke-free.


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