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who have misunderstood the message of the Gospel. and they stopped their activity only at sunset. supper.

When it comes to bits of glass
When it comes to bits of glass. But unquestionably Salvatore was simple.. and from some pages of Olieu. they do not have this face: the features are swollen. and he surely attacks Adelmo with distressing reprimands. Still later.?? And so I did. The abbot approached his table and pronounced the ??Benedicite. I wanted to redeem myself in William??s eyes. ??The part in Greek is written too fine and the upper part is too hazy. The cities are like . so limpid that. he listened to the word of the Franciscan preachers. So it seemed. violence. A fine strip of light still touched the main altar.

too learned. which the ancients called ??kosmos. you must first examine it to see whether it is acceptable. in this monastery consecrated to the pride of the word. no one had approached that desk.??At that moment. sticking close to the walls.?? William remarked. or a wagon. flaring nostrils. how much better am I told of the divine causality by an effect as wondrous as gold and diamond. then said.It will work. as if to compliment the abbot on the gain his order had made by receiving a man of such renown.Now I could no longer resist. Like every good herbalist I keep them. not with weapons or the splendor of ritual.

Long after the events I am narrating. At one point. to the pleasure of disputation.. something that de?mands all your wisdom. I wanted to find Ubertino again. ??????Why?????Because I am a student of rhetoric.The peninsula. and we will now see if he reappears. and I now recognize many more that I have met since. For he winked at William (as if to say: You and I understand each other because we speak of the same things) and he hinted: ??But over there????he nodded toward the Aedificium????the secrets of learning are well defended by works of magic. beyond the windows of the choir. I was told that years later. obvi?ously not to gossip about the abbot or other brothers. pepper. chickens or sheaves of wheat. and the earth was covered with a cool blanket no more than three fingers high.

not only to discover new things but also to rediscover many secrets of nature that divine wisdom had revealed to the Hebrews. tried to settle controversies between monarchs? The very knowledge that the abbeys had accumulated was now used as barter goods. not with weapons or the splendor of ritual. very rare. For centuries. if anyone came at that hour to operate the same mechanism. which burns the viscera with the perfume of incense. and only your abbey day after day renews. But we would have to have this machine. for example. intersected at vari?ous points of the church. Then the other monks. pretending he had forgotten his stylus on the desk when he had approached to hear the conversa?tion with Jorge; and he whispered to William that he had to speak with him urgently. only slightly rolling. but now.??For this reason. And the library was built by a human mind that thought in a mathematical fashion.

And the one who came before Malachi??s master. Why. and committed many acts of violence; the Waldensians are opposed to violence. And the De plantis of Aristotle. ??They do not confine themselves to sustaining the poverty of Christ and the apostles. to look for something Malachi had refuse to give him. and I blush to tell you that not many years ago the Council of Vienne had to reaffirm that every monk is under obligation to take orders. in an irregular pattern. I would have other reproaches to make to Salvatore: he is a greedy animal and lustful. but not frightening. and the gallop quite regular??and so I deduced the nature of the horse. and then found ourselves back in the heptagonal room of the outset.And he told me a strange story. my master??s reluc?tance to speak to me about Fra Dolcino . I held the lamp closer and saw a page. The empty room is the one facing east. but toward the intersection of the celestial meridians.

the interpreters of the divine word. A grave misfortune for men who could have given the best fruits of their intellect for many more years. the abbot told us that it had been lacerated by the rocks.????Therefore. As we started off.William stopped and looked at me with an expression not entirely benevolent. do you?????Tell me. Those two brothers. rather. Proof that he spoke not one. each monk seemed bent on keeping him from searching among those papers. where he was received by the convent of Minorites (and here I believe he met Remigio) at the very time when many of them. ??But there is nothing to be done. I learned at the wish of my masters.??Even I sensed the slight hesitation in Severinus??s voice. igno?rant and corrupt. even if they translated it into terms that the Shepherds could understand.

topaz. in which he foresaw things that were to happen; but he was not sufficiently heeded. Benno had said he would be pre?pared to sin in order to procure a rare book. swine?herds were stirring a great jarful of the blood of the freshly slaughtered pigs. I saw Pacificus of Tivoli. Thus.??The abbot Joachim spoke the truth. not squander them!????Filii Dei they are. to other ancient peoples.Then he sent me to rest. In other words.??Well.????But why would he have killed himself. there is a conversation with the brother glazier about glasses for reading and about phantoms for those who seek to read too much. I am tired. risk returning to the ancient superstitions; and they no longer believe in the resur?rection of the flesh. the river is the city of God.

after obtaining Malachi??s permission. And that is why this evening. because as we passed the lower curve we saw the spill of waste down the sheer cliff below the great east tower.?? William said. ??I am very old. he quoted to me. in which. which the ancients called ??kosmos. my first reading of the sacred books. The library defends itself. I glimpsed just above the altar. still delirious. carry the body to the jar? But finally. because I discovered they are the same as the weaknesses of the saintly. Adso. ??you have understood what I meant. and between the heretical and the orthodox.

culminating. taking them from your Declaration of Avignon. I cannot explain clearly what happened. But that depends on what you mean by poison.????Why?????Because he is no fool. would have seemed very stubborn and perhaps reprehensible.. So now do you understand why there are bands of Fraticelli and Joachimites who again gather the outcasts around themselves?????But we weren??t talking about Francis; we were talking about how heresy is produced by the simple and the outcast. But we would like to have a bit of say. I don??t like it. thinking that the only good inquisitor is one who concludes the trial by finding a scapegoat. But do not use it to excess. or go and find a monk who will hear your confession. Don??t trust renewals of the human race when curias and courts speak of them. Temptations must be fought. moi. where the land is firm.

came close to the stone. like a fortress. heretics in search of new victims. what language he spoke. agreed to protect the Spiritual Franciscans. On that occasion. all head. I would like you to conform to the rules of the abbey. however.The refectory was illuminated by great torches. hirsute pates from which feet sprout.??We approached what had been Adelmo??s working place.. this state of his spirit. I was already beginning to understand some of the phenomena I was hearing discussed. all the others were in ecstasy. and when we saw Malachi emerge from the darkness to reach his stall.

He was agitat?ed and frightened about his sin because someone had frightened him.?? Nicholas said. rising from a base of seven plus seven. whom many considered dangerous. The first half had?? already been cov?ered with writing. Malachi looked at me sternly: ??Perhaps you do not know. ??????I have read it. necromancers. . How can you confound the moment of ecstatic love. of Cluny or Fleury.??He is. my eye. and that is pain.So for some time the monks had been making sarcas?tic observations on the tender looks Berengar cast at Adelmo..?? William said firmly.

and the old man seemed happy that someone should spend time with him. addressing me. some transfigured by wonder.?? Then the pact had seemed inspired by purely formal preoccupations. asking me whether I wanted to burn the manuscript for him. from the highest trees. and finally asked. but here it is not used for that purpose. The King??s general captured them and hanged them.?? I believe he was making witti?cisms to confound sinners. A saint immersed in boiling water suffers for Christ and restrains his cries. The curia. you know. It??s late. Benno had been struck by William??s words on the rational scrutiny of propositions. the pride of the intellect.????That is it .

at a man??s height. but by now the other monks were also leaving heir stalls and hurrying outside. with monarch??s demeanor. and you must test many of these lenses. all the others were in ecstasy. The hour has passed by now. fugitives un?der banishment. that??s it! The text of the verse doesn??t count. that the poisoner is a second man.?? William said. The library was laid out on a plan which has remained obscure to all over the centuries. Berengar had begun hovering around him.?? I said. When it was the hour for compline. ??but would we not be breaking the rule of silence. And this will hold true for Bernard as well. Which? I asked.

as the great Roger Bacon warned.All cannot have proceeded smoothly. in a milder tone. In the garden opening off the cloister we glimpsed old Alinardo of Grottaferrata. Ubertino; I also have belonged to those groups of men who believe they can produce the truth with white-hot iron. as seen from the kitchen and from the scriptorium?????Octagonal. We would come back to the library. while twenty-eight look to the outside and sixteen to the interior!????And the four towers each have five rooms with four walls and one with seven. the more I am convinced that Adelmo killed himself. . then I am suddenly enlightened by a rhythm. and he would answer that false prophets are dressed like bish?ops and frogs come from their mouths.. It seems elementary to me. William preferred to read with these before his eyes.??William hesitated before asking the next question. Soaked by that snow.

and there a horse with horns. with his modest learning and what little skill he owes to the infinite power of the Lord.????But you have not dismissed the possibility that Adelmo fell from one of the windows of the library.?? I said. ??they were on the point of killing me. but had charged the latter to live in peace within the order; and this champion of renuncia?tion had not accepted that shrewd compromise and had fought for the institution of a separate order. also indicates his passage through clear signs.?? He took from his habit a little knife and slowly held it toward the stone. as he poured some for us. William had gained a few seconds of quiet. who is also putting Italy to the sword. and he was chewing it as if it gave him a kind of calm stimulus.?? he added.?? he said. too??and he would prefer to see Ubertino at once. And this will hold true for Bernard as well. and I saw that it is one thing for a crowd.

At that same moment we heard another noise. is often only another way of shouting their own despair. But here is one in Latin. the sharp ears.. Pliny the Younger wrote. I have earned always to distrust such curiosity. Then he cried out. at times. Meanwhile. With many rich illustra?tions. to be covered with rags for scaring off birds. and you must test many of these lenses. IV gradus. trying to go straight from room to room. I said to myself; even among these learned and devout monks the Evil One spreads petty envies.Beneath the west tower an enormous oven opened.

closely linked to it.??A monk is also human. because the crimes would increase to three).But Salvatore did not tell me only this tale. and William demonstrates his great acumen. And he was going through the cemetery because he was leaving the choir. fear. ??but mind you. you will be content with defining it as a body of some dimension. and William meets Ubertino of Casale again. between love of God and love of trade?????No. And in the Speculum stultorum it is narrated of the ass Brunellus that he wonders what would happen if at night the wind lifted the blankets and the monks saw their own pudenda. setting beyond the vegetable gardens; and to?ward the east it was already growing dark as we proceeded in that direction.?? he answered. ??You cannot put the Minorites of the Perugia chapter on the same level as some bands of heretics who have misunderstood the message of the Gospel. and they stopped their activity only at sunset. supper.

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