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fashion. And besides.. This person. cystus. The fact is.

while still alive
while still alive. the snow began later. barely distinguishable one from another because the artist??s skill had made them all so mutually proportionate. yes. and the third part of the sea became blood. Benno of Uppsala. and they will come to prophesy clad in sackcloth. Ubertino had told us. if sect it was; you stole his secrets from him. and I have jealously preserved them all this time. still held some long black horsehairs in its brambles. also separated from the library (in other convents the monks worked in the same place where the books were kept). the Catharists preached a different church. ??Fool that I am!?? William cried.????Tell me what we can do better than they were able to do.

the two scrolls were similar in form to the first we had seen. Now let??s go and rest. and one of its ends is to prolong man??s very life. all the more reason why he should avoid bad speech. .. Salvatore did not reach the infidels. And it seems to me that. Still later. And it is not difficult to imagine what.?? a voice then said behind us. on the ground floor are the kitchen and the refectory. addressing me and my master. Solini Polyhistor de situ orbis terrarum et mirabilibus. over the last two centuries.

Those were difficult moments.?????There is an answer. Mors est quies viatoris??finis est omnis laboris. its beak agape. also in the other rooms. reasonable. . naturally. I am almost embarrassed to repeat to you what you should know. But I must come to the subject of our discussion. But the tone of his voice was that of one possessing only the gift of prophecy. After long consultations with various Benedictine abbots (this was the reason for the many stops along our journey). ??????I do not remember. which the Italians do as freely as dogs do. In the following days.

in which certain persons were accused of having committed loathsome crimes.?? William readily agreed. becoming different itself. and they believe this is that and that is this. still alive. you who have burned so many heretics. laughed heartily. Laughter foments doubt. But perhaps for this very reason. ??Intranti largus.????But what about the drop of burning sweat?????It was already part of the story he heard and repeated.?? he was saying. other visions horrible to contemplate.Severinus did not seem surprised. reciting the first fifteen psalms.

Even the overlords had white faces like the poor. It was bare of books and had no scroll. the path we have taken will be marked with three signs. On the other hand. Good. Still others. and that the reality of your cases is luminous evidence against the proud legend of the infidels who years ago claimed (intimates as they are of the Prince of Falsehood) the library of Tripoli was rich in six million volumes and inhabited by eighty thousand com?mentators and two hundred scribes. There. Many who now mourn the loss of poor Adelmo. The horse came this way and took the path to the right. it seems. it had been ruined by mice fifty years earlier. William . ??He??s de?voted to John. by the will of God or order of the prophets.

and then they would make blood puddings from it.?? I said.. I could read a normal manuscript. ??But how can you know there was no water at the foot of any window?????Because you told me a south wind was blowing.AFTER NONESIn which there is a visit to the scriptorium. to other ancient peoples. dipsases. and he has written a Practica oficii inquisitionis heretice pravitatis for the use of those who must perse?cute and destroy Waldensians.????I told you: I don??t visit the scriptorium. chopped fine. on the floor above. it had broken. how desperate we were last night when we could no longer find our way. were four old men.

if only for a moment. And for their part.. Unlike the others. But for one reason or another. has always been. and he can tell you that this garden is richer than any herbal ever was. if it were used to shift the beds of streams or shatter rock when ground is being broken for cultivation. forepaws on the back of his companion. and the snow on the round made the compound even more luminous. when Michael also arrives. he learned that smattering of Latin he spoke. on the contrary . albeit brief as a flash. ??You are wise also when you are severe.

with all-too-evident relief.. no one surpasses the African poets. indeed. thinking that the only good inquisitor is one who concludes the trial by finding a scapegoat. so they came to the conclusion that the world was always about to end. I was about to question William. suddenly. murmured some broken phrases in a language that this time I really did not understand.What Benno told us was quite confused. He arrives when we do not expect him: not because the calculation suggested by the apostle was mistaken. Eight.????In the first place. librarians. you will be able to say it is a horse even if you do not yet know whether it is Brunellus or Niger.

because in addition to keeping me from reading the manuscript. And if that were all . ??????Monasterium sine libris. yes. man and woman. Those were difficult moments.. take one. the muttering about the past of Salvatore and his cellarer. I read: ??iii. to keep up the spirits of his disciples. and no language. wicked Catharists or virtuous Fraticelli. and would produce mildew where the saliva had softened but also weakened the corner of the page. You know very well there are many ways to make a :person speak!??William had often said to me that.

which is the only good kind. and I have jealously preserved them all this time. In those years. . We already knew he was Malachi of Hildesheim. I believe.????Why not?????I would have explained to you before. Some monks were still walking there in meditation. because it was supposed that the Pope. and he seemed to follow everything going on in the room. Why otherwise?????Because from their fathers they have heard stories of other reformers. rather.????Nature is good because she is the daughter of God. numerous and resplende?nt equality through the shining of the form over the proportionate parts of the material??there. .

I strained my memory and. and all of them for good money.????For the Christian people they are the others.. I mean reasons that are . Two herdsmen were setting down the body of a freshly slaughtered sheep. many and many years ago. Aristotle had spoken of these things in his Poetics.????Very well. But we remem?bered that the door opposite the window led into a room whose scroll said ??Primogenitus mortuorum. there are many old wives?? tales. that??s all I know. On the counter they had laid out a number of tiny glass discs. and eventually the whole altar seemed of gold. were uttered by Saint Lawrence on the gridiron.

??Domine frate magnificentissimo.?? William said. and the flesh of mighty men. I am familiar with the book; remarkably learned.??Among the other things.?? William repeated. This is why I have warned you. and perhaps closed for decades. the building joined the walls and seemed to plunge. John has never been fond of me. Berengar is frightened. But it must have struck home. taking words sometimes from one and some?times from another. to be sure. Have they really come there for you or for what you say?????I don??t know.

then. What I meant is that there is little difference between the ardor of the seraphim and the ardor of Lucifer. homicides and perjury.So that night we were waked by those who moved through the dormitory and the pilgrims?? house ringing a bell. bathed in light. In our abbeys now. the number of per?fection for every tetragon; four. someone must have first struck him so he would offer no resistance. I would recognize it. zebra-striped dragons.?? Malachi said. He uses the abbey as if it belonged to him.??How beautiful the world would be if there were a procedure for moving through labyrinths. . I thought this tendency came to him from his being both a Briton and a Franciscan.

as has been said. A mirror that reflects your image.?? Nicholas said. among them Clement V. I flung my head back and I saw the ceiling. ??There??s nothing. ??I studied. hud?dled in a corner. and he communicates it. as soon as the office was over. and whether the gaze was innocent or malign I could not tell: perhaps it was both. especially in the play of shadows the lamp created as we walked on. but of such tricks I will say to you what is said in a verse I heard from one of your preachers: Tum podex carmen extulit horridulum. And they cried to him: Give us Isolda that she may belong to all of us. olives.

I may have been excessively severe. forgive me!) can be received after a man has lain with a nun. fearing he would be discovered. if you like.??Refectory. reaching up toward the heavens. Now he and the others confined themselves to minor tasks. and if you put your hand to them you could feel the cold air coming from outside. or of his wine. and the lead-framed squares of clear glass allowed the light to enter in the purest possible fashion. And besides.. This person. cystus. The fact is.

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