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for questioning.?? ??No leads??? ??No.M.A.?? Ellis said.?? ??A little.

Salander was obviously deranged
Salander was obviously deranged. His murderer had shown interest also in Salander. So it would be a good thing if he were killed by the police. something that was not right. If you remember my name then you must have been more alert than I thought. His parents lived in ?rebro and they were his sole heirs. It was a pleasant feeling to know that her reactions were up to an emergency. As he talked to Berger.?? ??How do you know that??? ??Gullberg met Prime Minister F?lldin six weeks after Zalachenko??s defection. He rubbed his eyes. She was feeling guilty because she had not contacted Blomkvist even once since the day she had walked into S. Mikael picked up his mobile and made another call to Inspector Erlander in G?teborg. and he was reading it with gathering astonishment. He was arrested with Lundin at Stallarholmen. He wondered what would happen if he acted on his impulse. Erlander knew from long experience that there were plenty of nutters out there.

000 kronor. and they had both ended up in bed with Torkel. It was not until an hour later that Eriksson knocked on Berger??s door. And she was in hot water. of course he is. After the meeting at Milton Security the previous evening. Figuerola and Blomkvist were waiting for him.2 degrees. We still flag Salander for monitoring whenever she turns up in any database. gained access. Cursing.. Two years earlier she had met him for a few hours when he helped her and Blomkvist in the hunt for Harriet Vanger by doing an illegal tapping of a landline in St Albans. five times before he was still. point by detailed point. She outlined the Poison Pen situation.

Poison Pen might easily be a married man with five children and a dog. Gullberg had approved the operation. I??m running the club. He would not be able to get back to sleep.?? ??Alright.?? It was not until after 10. thirty-nine. It was a slow process.?? Edklinth said. I??m guessing that such a request will arrive next week. ??I??ve a difficult assignment for you. He had Salander??s keys to her burgundy Honda. or whether the sender was in the building.?? ??In what way??? ??Faste appears to have become obsessed by one newspaper story about a lesbian Satanist gang.M. chief talked us into it.

and they know that sooner or later I??m going to publish it. She went upstairs. Third. I??m just bringing him in for questioning. Zalachenko acknowledged for the umpteenth time that it was a shame and a crime that his son did not possess certain qualities.?? ??I understand ?? Frank.?? ??I was shot in the head. of Milton Security. just that. and he doesn??t have a criminal record.?? ??I??ll make the decisions and do the surgery. of being a Russian agent. It contained twenty-six documents. where she could still see the back of the man in the blue overalls. uncovered planned lovers?? trysts. ??This is great.

Are you doing the exercises the therapist recommended??? She nodded. It would take half a second to shove the broken edge into Zalachenko??s throat if he leaned over her.?? She used the toilet in the master bathroom and then pulled on some black trousers and borrowed one of Greger??s slippers for her injured foot. And as such you need help. where she spent two hours driving herself hard to catch up on lost training time. At the same instant Anders Berglund knocked on the door. it is not merely a criminal conspiracy ?C it is a threat to national security.?? ??But Blomkvist managed to overpower Niedermann all by himself.?? she said. It was a slow process. The second part has to be handled from here. ??He has almost a 24-hour head start now. Only one thing is important right now. I knew him through my mother.?? Figuerola said. Something has come across my desk that is so remarkable that I believe both you and the Prime Minister need to be informed.

albeit under guardianship. My husband will be home in a couple of days. Let me explain why I gave orders that everything to do with Salander has to cross my desk. ??Now now.?? Modig said. The first time it was parked near the entrance to his building on Bellmansgatan on Wednesday morning when he left to walk to the office. He crossed the German border at Aachen and then took the Autobahn north towards Hamburg and on to Denmark. would have to be superhuman. At lunchtime on Monday she had a visit from Dr Jonasson. But he had seen M?rtensson go in through the front door of his building. The paper has to be rejuvenated.?? ??And??? Modig hesitated once again. as you know.?? he said. Gullberg was suddenly a big player: he was welcomed with respect in the exclusive club of selected warriors. she??s under arrest.

?? Jonasson said. Modig was waiting for him with a cup of black coffee in front of her. It was the most horrendous thing I??ve ever experienced. I??m swamped too.?? ??Then what??? ??We kept close track of Lisbeth during those months. At 7. took it into their hearts that parliamentary government had outlived its role and that parliament should be replaced by a dictatorship.?? ??I know. It??s irresistible.?? They made their way to the police canteen to have breakfast. then we will assist each other in finding solutions. There was steel in the sick man??s eyes. He??s perfect as publisher and damned good at editing articles and tying up loose ends in work that is going to be published. And I soon found out that some crimes are never even investigated. I simply have no energy. in the ??60s.

The room was easier to guard.W. it was Bj?rck who set this whole mess rolling. First.?? Berger slept until 2. plus there??s a risk that he may be paralysed. That is.M. But we have to deal with Blomkvist. The Zalachenko unit had taken on the role of clean-up patrol in that sense. almost friendly manner.M. Afterwards the discussion went on for almost three hours.?? It was fascinating that despite the collegial atmosphere they had shared for so many years at the Section.?? said Bublanski. There were simply too many incidents for this to be coincidence.

She did not see M?rtensson??s car. and that her still-extant declaration of incompetence is revoked.?? He thanked Dr Endrin. but somehow she managed to survive and dig herself out and???? ??And somehow got back to the farm and swung an axe into Zalachenko??s skull. He did his military service first as an officer cadet and was then accepted for officer training.00.?? ??Indeed??? ??But morally it??s the right thing to do. At 2.?? ??I know. ??I have to tell you that your father has made a formal accusation to the police stating that you tried to murder him. V. but it was completely off the record. It was Gullberg whom Bj?rck notified when he sounded the alarm. so to speak.?? Edklinth frowned. this is Malin Eriksson.

You make 112. By 12.S. ??Are you going to do anything??? ??I??m not going to discuss that with you. He was also about to go on holiday. The real problem is here. shut down its civil service desk some years ago. Normally I??m involved in civil cases in which I represent victims of rape or domestic violence. The problem is that he??s unpredictable. Accordingly. At the same moment she felt intense pain in her left shoulder. but there wasn??t anywhere else to park. They crossed the concourse and went out on to Vasagatan by the north door. ??You spend a couple of hours a week at the gym.?? She fell silent and stared at Annika.Q.

?? He told her he was going to be at home all day writing. Then she got back into the bed and woke Blomkvist. Then he cautiously put his left foot down on the floor. For special clients he would also offer his video surveillance and telephone tapping services. But in my opinion he??s a pig. there was no mobile in the room. ??It??s a police killing and the press is out in force.?? ??I need someone for a research job. but not before a long and diplomatic circumlocution. for God??s sake. That was all Ghidi had to do. and he had kept his promise. And that means that Teleborian will be given the chance to observe you.00. in spite of her unusual name.?? ??Good.

the police and hospital administration had agreed that Salander should remain in room eighteen for the time being.A. Metro and Stockholm City. You write well and you have an eye for detail.S. which has Bj?rck instructing Teleborian to falsify a mental examination. She had given him an especially long kiss that morning because he was flying to Paris to deliver some lectures and would not be back until the weekend. Landskrona. She complained of severe headaches and developed a fever that has been fluctuating up and down. He??s walking fast.S. Trinity wrote.?? ??What did he do??? ??He realized that he had no choice but to do what the gentlemen from S?po were proposing. Once an intruder comes on to your property ?C and it takes only five seconds to turn off the road and arrive at the rear of the house ?C then the view is completely blocked. I know that you??ve worked together for twenty years or so and you??ve had your ups and downs. He pushed up his glasses and scratched the back of his neck.

??Indeed. Kalle Bloody Blomkvist was complicating life for her. He had insisted that an Undersecretary of State be let in on the secret. Clinton and von Rottinger were the ones who took the lead.S. They rejected marriage as subjugation.?? Jonasson wondered whether Ellis was pulling his leg.?? ??So somebody here at S. and she enjoyed her job at Milton Security a great deal. And we??re on a different floor from the rest of S?po.?? Figuerola nodded.M. Those positions have not been filled. and we??ve had an A. If you don??t want to give me an answer to something. but didn??t find anything that stood out.

but it was completely off the record.?? ??O. This he had not for a moment expected. We??ve had a long discussion about the constitutional implications ?C obviously we want it to be handled properly. and Ola Ullsten came in.P. ??When you have to go to the toilet.00 p. ??A constant guilty conscience. but Paulsson presumably thought it was Blomkvist??s own. When they were seventeen. Hmm. There are two sides to it. to think things over. Strangely enough. a bathtub retails at 5.

was alive and healthy.?? ??You started it.V. and because she probably thought you had your hands full with the Salander story. Ronald Niedermann. and in the end the price burden falls on the renters or the taxpayers. She closed her eyes. a bathtub retails at 5.I. who formally advised him that he was a suspect in the grievous bodily harm or attempted murder of Lisbeth Salander. He frowned and looked long and hard at the hand-held computer. She could not put her finger on what was wrong. and for the past week she had not taken any headache tablets. That bastard aimed at me. A detective named Hans Faste from Stockholm. it??s the truth.

??I suggest you consider very carefully what we??ve talked about today. ??I??m guessing that he??s sitting there wishing he??d never heard of Zalachenko. I beg you to reciprocate my feelings. overtook the unit. no ???? ??Teleborian wrote this in a report that he sent to Bj?rck. I have a source who provides me with some info.?? said the Minister of Justice. Everything points towards a suicide. Until she had access to a computer. ??I can assure you. But we have him in the system and can call him in again for questioning.?? ??No leads??? ??No.M.A.?? Ellis said.?? ??A little.