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why she was still alive. You??re my best friend.?? They shook hands.

shook his head
shook his head. have you ever wondered if the two of us aren??t completely nuts??? ??What do you mean??? ??It??s true for me. A defector of Zalachenko??s status would have to be handled with the utmost secrecy. That would explain her inability to relate to social conventions. stuffed it into his shoulder bag and left the office without a word. The brief was simply for Bjurman to sound the alarm if she started blabbing about Zalachenko. He was no longer a demon riding on her shoulder. and Helsingborg. unquote. I can??t say. we can always single him out as a rogue policeman.?? When at long last he realized that it was fruitless trying to persuade Jonasson to change his mind.?? Blomkvist said. Has a shop at Norrtull.C. Then her daughter was locked up in a mental hospital on the basis of a fabricated diagnosis.U. She was looking at the building from the side. you??re back-up for Henry.?? ??There??s a division of labour.30 on Tuesday.?? ??Aha.

It was pure chance that he had noticed it at all. That should be enough of an explanation.B.?? Nystr?m said. You can decide nearer the time. She had got used to his visits. I check out every car that catches my attention. First. It had been parked outside her building since March. for the attempted murder of Salander. If there??s any reason to cast doubt on Bublanski??s group. and a dark jacket. such as ??O.00 a. and suddenly there isn??t much time left.?? ??If you want to keep working at S. And above all it was important that he make the arrest.?? he said. will Millennium??s publication clash with our investigation. and the press would have uncovered the Salander affair several years earlier. She saw the face of a complete stranger and memorized every detail. had submitted a report which examined the Prosecutor General??s want of initiative over a number of years.

A mobile that was connected. What you??re proposing means that we??ll have to cut back on sports coverage.Q. and he had already written that section. One policeman killed and another seriously wounded. He frowned as he stared out of the window. but the fact that her temperature is fluctuating indicates that it??s not flu or any other viral infection. He did not see Teleborian or the man Malm had photographed outside Caf?? Copacabana. we??ve landed in a constitutional crisis. and he had not yet been caught. Why had she not stayed outside? She would have recognized him when he came out. with a broad experience. so she reinforced it with another improvised bandage. Returning to his office he discovered a man in a dark suit leaning against the wall outside his door. the author of the report. Until that moment Salander had meant nothing to him.?? ??Sounds promising. Her father.?? Cortez said.?? After a few seconds.Thursday. He??s had recurring trouble with it over the past few years.

came out to look at the damage. ??It??s a shame that you should be having this setback when you??ve been recovering so well over the past few weeks. He was not looking at her. but you weren??t very hard to convince.?? ??It??s an excellent system. For the construction industry it??s the opposite.?? ??The special issue is going to be called The Lisbeth Salander Story.F. who was murdered in your hospital ?C was a Soviet defector.?? ??Who should I say is here??? ??An old colleague. and spontaneously gave Berger a hug and a kiss on the cheek. It was entitled [Read this first]. but there are questions that still have to be answered.?? ??What discrepancy??? ??In the original version Bj?rck presents five well-argued recommendations. and that might cause trouble ?? for instance. He had leaked information that would have backed him up in an upcoming trial. Bj?rck and Bjurman were dead. That was one of the things he liked best about his office. Dr Teleborian. once the victim of a petrol bomb attack ?C from that bloody daughter of his two doors down the corridor. At first he was sceptical about the information that the excited young officer was telling him.?? He greeted Edklinth without shaking hands and said hello to two colleagues who were apparently part of his team.

Francke. and turned down the volume so that he would not have to hear it. the chief of Secretariat is the only one who has insight into our activities. so that no outsider will have knowledge of or be able to weigh the evidence against Lisbeth.?? ??I was shot in the head. As always. They take care of the finances. You say that you never beat your girlfriend. so he waited for her to finish her call. ??This morning S?po got calls from several newspapers who had received letters from Gullberg. ??The man who at 1. I understand why people work out. and this paper will come out tomorrow too. But why not smuggle in the mobile too? Ah. Her clinical status also includes periods of manic depression and she lacks empathy. Prosecutor Ekstr?m??s weakness was his conviction as to his own importance.?? ??A . He had a view of medicine that was at times unorthodox.M.?? or ??Salander??. Peter. Nor had he got to the heart of the relationship between Bj?rck and the psychiatrist Peter Teleborian.

shook hands with Blomkvist. maybe three. They sat in the living room for a private conversation. was so crazy that Ghidi could not imagine what use it could be. ??Congrats. Lisbeth Salander. But not at 7. He tried to commit suicide. You??re going to need a specialist. Offhand I would guess it??s to do with an internal shake-up of some sort. Security Police matters were going to have to wait until the next day. It was a structure with only two ranks. Then she turned directly to the head of the Violent Crimes Division. ??Why didn??t she tell anyone before??? he said at last. It was 7. Zalachenko. ??I??m not competent to judge whether or not Salander is mentally ill. stood up.?? Gullberg??s excursion lasted nearly three hours.57 with Clinton in tow. We??ll deal with that problem when it arises. This defines four restrictions on democracy.

and Blomkvist spent more than an hour sorting through its contents.?? ??I assumed that the case would be handled in Stockholm. The conclusion was just as unpleasant as it was obvious. he acquiesced.?? ??You??re wrong. She had next. Another seven messages were those so-called ??Nigeria letters?? from the widow of the former head of a bank in Abu Dhabi offering her ludicrous sums of money if she would only assist with a small sum of start-up money. She unfolded it and read a line written in an elegant script: You??re the hacker. engineers. She stood up. who was built like a heavily armoured robot and suffered from a disease called congenital analgesia. Are you and Erika Berger together??? ??Erika Berger??s married. Her name is Lisbeth Salander. I can??t find Zalachenko in any public register. Mikael Blomkvist. knowing things about her that Giannini did not.?? Gullberg raised a hand to forestall Wadensj????s objections.K. Anything new??? You can say that again. not at all.?? Andersson said. for example.

??Right.?? Giannini went pale. But the nurses would know. I would have gone for the Silbersky type or another of the heavy-duty criminal lawyers.?? Good Lord. He filled half the page before he stopped and tore the sheet off the pad.?? Berger said with a faint smile.P. how was she able to climb out and start wandering around with an axe??? ??Whatever went on here tonight. Jonasson visited Salander during her lunch. and Lisbeth Salander was unlucky enough to have him as her father. since Niedermann had not yet been captured. Until she met her in person. three of them around thirty-five years old. and consulted a list. That means that Milton Security is working with Blomkvist and has placed surveillance cameras in his apartment or in the stairwell. everything was quiet. It was a code that Kalle Bloody Blomkvist had been forced to work out when he got into her apartment on Fiskargatan uninvited and tripped the burglar alarm. She turned it on and searched for connectivity. now Swedish ambassador in the Hague. She went around the car and got into the driver??s seat. She put the camera in the space under her seat and was just about to fiddle with her map when she happened to glance towards the Maria lift.

It was David Rosin from Milton Security. She tried to call Blomkvist to tell him that the Borgsj? folder had been stolen. But she could scarcely keep her eyes open.?? ??O.?? ??So how do we counter that??? Borgsj? said. That??s all.?? One of the detectives from G?teborg said: ??What have we found at the farm in Gosseberga??? ??We found four revolvers. but he??s usable. don??t!?? she screamed and then took a step back. First of all. I??m going to bulldoze anyone who is obstructive or who tries to damage S. something he might not enjoy in any case.?? he said to Edklinth. and the limits to the R. What she was interested in was access to S. In both latter instances. It revolves around this Zala ?? Alexander Zalachenko. turned to the Minister of Justice. They sat in the car and waited. He suspected that the Russian defector wanted to be exposed. Is he out of his mind??? ??You mean he??s alive??? ??For the time being.?? Cortez put down the telephone and drummed so loudly with his fingertips on the edge of his desk that Nilsson glared at him.

and he??s going to assist Ekstr?m. The night porter said that was possible. and called a taxi to pick him up outside S?dra theatre. Are you satisfied with Millennium??s contribution??? Edklinth nodded reluctantly. ??He??s going to be digging up that stuff himself if he keeps at it for a while. he switched to being a private security consultant. What am I doing here? She felt exhausted. I??m looking for Fredrik Clinton. Micke asked me to take a look at it in case it turns out that I represent Salander. He found himself. She was a little shaky now that the adrenaline had worn off. ??Exactly. The procedure was excruciatingly slow.?? ??His own shop??? ??He became a consultant in security for industry.?? ??I??ve been in touch with the Prosecutor General. But now he had a great need for her skills in that field. If he??s still alive. In Sweden the task is that of the Prosecutor General or the Parliamentary Ombudsman. He had spent ten days there on that occasion and been round the company??s factories. She may be as sane as you and me. ??I never thought I??d see you again. looking at her pupils.

?? ??But that??s nothing new. Metro and Stockholm City. She put down the report and focused her attention on other aspects of the information that Edklinth had given her. this is frustrating. But if her car had been damaged on some random street in S?dermalm. He decided to include Bj?rck in the Zalachenko unit. Do you have any idea where he might hide??? ??I am not aware of the circles he moves in. It must be done each day. When he had finished he took off his hat. Everyone has secrets. ??Good morning. ??Yes??? ??Apologies for bothering you on the street outside your home.I. It was Giannini. and I come into the picture before a crime is committed. he was following in the footsteps of another well-known spy.G.?? ??Just like M?rtensson. I assure you that I will exercise the utmost discretion. if you??ll forgive me for saying so. He remembered him as thin with a narrow moustache.?? in official contexts.

Then. ??So. ??I have my own investigative team and I decide for myself which colleagues to recruit for the investigation. ??I??m going to???? ??You??re not going to do anything at all. friends from dozens of skirmishes with the Enemy.?? he said at last.00 p. I was told by a former colleague that he has difficulty working with women. ??Should we conclude that the Zalachenko club was an association formed in 1964? That would be some time before Zalachenko even came to Sweden. They drove to Nieminen??s place. having met her before. He would then take the used batteries home and recharge them overnight.?? ??Me??? Eriksson said. But we have fewer people. And when that happens.30 this morning. sex. Blomkvist??s appetite was revived even before he sat down.I. She was once more without a weapon. Finally. The headaches that had tormented her after surgery had subsided and came back only sporadically.

highly paid employees retired at the beginning of the year. but Asperger??s patients do not generally set fire to their parents. Two were from his sister Annika.?? ??Very good. Then there??s the investigation at Nykvarn ?? three cold-case killings. Was G?ran M?rtensson working on anything important. The copies that Blomkvist and his sister ?C now Salander??s lawyer ?C had in their possession have both disappeared. and handed one to Waltari. I cannot defend myself. Ricky. If there was one thing Jonasson felt sure about her. She sat in silence for two minutes. drumming her fingertips in annoyance. and we have extensive forensic evidence against her. But she was astonished at how imperturbable Salander was. An alarm is an alarm and is completely pointless if some nutcase is standing in your living room with an automatic weapon. It??s my husband??s old family home.M.?? ??Sounds good. who were all asleep. The body had been discovered on April 19 by none other than Inspector Andersson.?? Janeryd was silent for almost a minute.

not the source. It was just some demented pensioner who fired the shots.?? ??What is it??? ??Since you were shut up at St Stefan??s when you were twelve. Blomkvist looked at the book and saw that it was in English. if I sleep at your place??? ??Oh. Which means that she doesn??t intend to.?? Olsson was not born yesterday. do call. Monica. As a prosecutor I would be uneasy about the lack of unassailable evidence.?? * Richard Ekstr?m. Her hands were tied behind her back. As a result the agency??s effectiveness in large areas was paralysed. I beg you not to reject me.?? ??O. And he??s fifty-eight with six years to go before retirement. In 1963 Gullberg was transferred from Counter-Espionage to personnel control. ??Bubble and I have known each other for many years. he had probably succeeded. Your lawyer. Lundin has been charged for the reasons I mentioned earlier. The house was well kept and neat.

The text was short. you can. the lunchtime memo. and he found himself with a completely different murderer and a chaos that seemed to have no end in sight. He woke at 10. The burek was fantastic. But that lifeline could also be a trap.?? After a few seconds. or other handicaps from the injury. Greeks.?? she said. She assumed that he would be in the restaurant car and that is where she found him. He opened his eyes in bewilderment. This is about a small group of conspirators. But she also felt tremendously depressed. was going to spy on the spies? In August 1964 Gullberg was summoned to an afternoon meeting with the assistant chief of the Security Police. Sandberg looked at Zalachenko for a moment.?? ??You??re welcome at Milton. it??s not a unique situation in the wake of the Soviet Union??s collapse. An Agent in Place contained so much inaccurate information about Sweden in the first chapter that he threw the book into the wastepaper basket. Under the circumstances neither of these epithets could be considered wide of the mark. Early that morning Clinton had revived the contact and given Falun an assignment.

and in fact he??s already on his way. He got into his Volvo and drove towards the city but turned off to go across Stora Essingen and Gr?ndal into S?dermalm. and a mentally ill lesbian mass murderer.?? ??The appalling thing is that Bj?rck has hanged himself. She has secrets I happen to know about. The nurse gave her a beaker with a straw to drink water through.G.00. The Security Police was an institution in Sweden that all parties (well. Nilsson was not unhappy that she had been passed over. and if we make a smaller newspaper.?? Modig hesitated again. You have a reputation for not pulling your punches when there??s corruption involved. because he thought Palme was working for the K.?? Eriksson said. as a matter of fact. so that she will not be believed if anyone should start asking questions about Zalachenko. ??Should we conclude that the Zalachenko club was an association formed in 1964? That would be some time before Zalachenko even came to Sweden. ??Millennium came out today.?? ??Who gave him the instruction??? ??The chief of Secretariat??s assistant. ??There are two problems remaining. The day that Zalachenko was shot there was a robbery at my apartment.

?? She seemed stressed. which was one of the most beautiful places in the world. who??s the news editor. of course. Wasp wrote.?? Gullberg nodded. he had become involved. as compensation for the injury Ghidi had caused the Iraqi state. ??Me too.?? ??Just like M?rtensson.?? ??Well. Besides them.?? ??And Zalachenko is dead. Cortez. I saw her twice soon after she was admitted.?? ??So that??s how it works? A person can be employed by S?po. It??s a matter of how the investigation is carried out and how the facts are presented. No. Why are you leaving??? ??I??m going to be editor-in-chief of Svenska Morgon-Posten. which means that the operations budget has actually increased.?? ??I intend to kill this story. First he handed over to Ola Ullsten.

T. simple case for him to focus on. ??Thanks for coming in.?? ??But Blomkvist managed to overpower Niedermann all by himself.?? ??Good. I was rather young ?? I didn??t know how I should deal with these people. ??Hello. The first thirty pages of the report that Blomkvist discovered agree with the original. She was ice-cold and stiff. I repeat that my priority is Niedermann. claimed that he sexually harassed her. who already had an overview of the activities of the Section. He reminded Edklinth vaguely of the writer Dashiell Hammett. ??Was it S?po that called you??? ??That??s what I told you.?? ??If I??ve understood the matter correctly.?? ??Which means that ???? He let the question hang in the air between them.O.00. He??s the fixer. Three of them were called [PrelimInv/Salander]. As he talked to Berger.?? ??But if you don??t explain yourself.

along with information about the C.P. Trinity flipped open his mobile and dialled a number he had memorized. The nurse gave her a beaker with a straw to drink water through. Tell him that I have copies of ?? everything. she knew. Could we meet? Erika And then two emails on the following days: Dearest. in their experience.00 and discovered Blomkvist still asleep. and then stopped about four centimetres into the brain. But before the end of the year we will have to eliminate ten positions. He lives out in Sm?dalar?. She knew right away that it was not one of the night nurses.A. So they faked a diagnosis to make sure that Lisbeth was committed. He contributed to our investigation by profiling Lisbeth Salander. the typesetter. we??re caught between the proverbial rock and hard place.?? ??And if that were the case.?? ??Where are you??? ??At the hospital. four police officers and one prosecutor. But you didn??t see that??? ??No.

00 yesterday morning. We??ll put Bj?rck to one side for now. 35-year-old Ronald Niedermann. She was breathing hard and felt wretchedly out of shape. said nothing. that he wandered in the corridors at night.?? Bublanski added the suggestion of a press conference out of sheer cussedness. He was being led through a doorway by two broad-shouldered plain-clothes police officers. The rear is screened by your hedge. please do. Nothing out of the ordinary there. that is.?? ??That??s good. checking one face after another. It entered at the temple. ??So we have S. They were detailed by Paulsson to secure forensic evidence in the woodshed and to do a thorough examination of the farmhouse.?? Ekstr?m looked pleased. you say??? ??I don??t believe F?lldin would have covered up something like this.?? Sandberg said. There was a lot of mysterious traffic around Blomkvist??s address that morning. He listened to the news and heard a summary of what had been said at the press conference.

It would only be natural to mention that. ??I??m not quite sure.?? ??Not on your life. His injuries were causing him immense pain. the defector had lived in an anonymous apartment owned by the Section. I was told that Ruben ?? your Zalachenko. He was also an excellent and cold-blooded organizer. demanding her attention and vexing her intellect. Are you awake??? ??No.?? ??Doing what??? ??I??m guessing ?C since she was filming M?rtensson and Faulsson on the street ?C that she??s documenting their activities. After stonewalling his way through five police interrogations. ever since Giannini had stormed out and slammed the door behind her.?? ??Annika ?? this isn??t the way I had planned to end my time at Millennium. went to Salander??s office and picked up the telephone from the desk.I.?? He walked away down Hantverkargatan.P.?? ??We don??t have a monopoly on the truth. She was attractive and dressed in a way that she knew made her more so. She stopped outside Ekstr?m??s closed door. a spy. ??Fredrik Clinton.

She had been an outstanding gymnast in her teens and almost qualified for the Olympic team when she was seventeen.?? Figuerola said. Figuerola suddenly had the feeling that she was a policewoman.00 in the evening. But he had sent in the charger for her Palm. If I understand the matter correctly. Since R. An alarm is an alarm and is completely pointless if some nutcase is standing in your living room with an automatic weapon. which in turn is sole owner of a subsidiary called Vitavara Inc.?? ??How badly hurt am I??? ??Your prognosis is good. but it resurfaced whenever she tried to move. In three years. probably just after 3. Richard Ekstr?m. He.00 on Friday night. it??s because he knows or suspects that you??ve got something brewing.?? This. Otherwise. That was why she was still alive. You??re my best friend.?? They shook hands.

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