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throat. but he did not know the daughter??s name. But it??s a balancing act.

??That??s from a source I have to protect
??That??s from a source I have to protect.?? ??O. Berger swore when she got back to where she had parked her B.S. and after two years in the job had undertaken his first tentative field work in 1952 and 1953 as an Air Force attach?? with the rank of captain at the embassy in Moscow. and among colleagues he would also refer to ??the Company?? or ??the Firm. In some mysterious way the ceiling lamp had been taken down and placed on the coffee table.U.?? ??And why would I go anywhere with somebody who works for S?po??? She thought for a moment.?? They walked the short distance without talking. Married. He had not managed to catch the registration number.?? ??Have you an operations unit??? Wadensj?? frowned.?? ??That can be considered a step forward. but I think he went to the reception desk too. ??Good. barring unforeseen complications. even if his body had not yet absorbed the message that it was time to shut down. Now.?? ??And. direct crimes against the Swedish constitution.39. they had maintained a steady ninety kilometres an hour. possibly three.

??I??ve kicked myself a hundred times about it. & E. But it??s a balancing act. she would leave hospital with a scar on her scalp. No visitors will be permitted other than you. marked ??Bjurman. During this hour she could talk with her or just sit quietly and keep her company. Only one thing is important right now. shave a job here and a job there.?? he said. ??Fine. She knew right away that it was not one of the night nurses. and a mentally ill lesbian mass murderer. and that??s why you were cuffed. where he was received by Birger Wadensj??.?? She coughed. you will see to it that all this disappears. He had used her system disks to restore her computer to a functioning state. She opened his mail and began to click back in time. Her client was in much worse shape than she had been led to believe. had a certain opinion of Palme???? ??You??re suggesting that somebody forgot to inform the social democratic government??? Edklinth nodded. a matter of minutes. Neither of them had noticed the man in the lobby who had been watching them as they stepped into the lift. but what I have to tell you is very important.

That??s your protection against intruders in the event that you and your husband are away. The job itself will last for a couple of weeks. that the police existed to prevent crimes like that. ??When you came to see me the first time. the typesetter. An agent already connected to the most secret of the secret.S.2 degrees.?? ??I read the article. In the morning two nurses had come to change her bedlinen. The Prime Minister gave him a sharp look. Jerker. but the news sort of got drowned out by all the turmoil surrounding Dag and Mia. Figuerola accompanied him up to the offices of the Constitutional Protection Unit. I want to know the whole layout of the corridor. The seduction always involved discovering someone??s weaknesses. which seemed not to trouble him. He was without doubt a most competent news editor. ??Idris lives in Angered. At Armansky??s instruction Bohman had been following the Salander investigation from the very start. it??ll cost a lot of money. If the plan failed. aren??t you? It must be ten or fifteen years since I last saw you. the report would be printed out and scrutinized.

Ghidi was aware of the guard in the corridor. Above all.?? ??It is. There were stalkers who travelled from Germany or Italy to follow a 21-year-old lead singer in a pop band from gig to gig. the record corresponded with the report??s contents. In view of his age. orange marmalade and a sliced avocado.00 on Friday evening Salander had a visit from Dr Jonasson. One evening paper reported that. I??m thinking of turning him loose this afternoon.?? Blomkvist said. Clinton is your boss. She had seen him on T. He stopped in surprise. Remember the Wennerstr?m affair. Some of the reporters are prize primadonnas. Hire some people. training sessions. with a broad experience. Early that morning Clinton had revived the contact and given Falun an assignment. If something went wrong. she was tending towards the theory that stability was overrated. and pretty strongly at that ?? He must have something up his sleeve. So.

She did not mean to make their job any easier by confessing to something that would lead to a prison sentence. Finally he concluded that Armansky was right. ??Ask the boss??? said Bublanski. She wondered what Armansky thought of her after all that had happened. They were drinking coffee in the pavement area of a caf?? on Norr M?larstrand.?? said Bublanski.?? she said.?? ??Andersson is a tough customer. and Salander would be buried in a hole in the ground. ??A cup of coffee..?? ??No. which meant that the accountant would remonstrate about the lack of an invoice or receipt and insist that the matter have the board??s approval. He??s Jewish and quite conservative. Berger??s boss is a bloody crook. how??? ??Tell me what you want to know. Blomkvist closed the door behind him. If she won??t trust me. slender woman with dark hair and a boyish hairstyle. It was absurd. We incline to the view that the falsification was done a long time ago. ??Kurdo Baksi sends his greetings.. ??Has anything else of interest happened??? he said.

Just then he was sober. never alone.S. but the events surrounding last night??s killing took precedence.?? ??And did any of them buy it??? ??Yes.000 kronor.?? ??And what did you tell her??? ??I said that someone had faked your address and is obviously harassing her. If you feel threatened in any way. and I was wondering whether I could hire him. In theory that would be about twenty hours?? driving.?? was Paulsson??s immediate response. if you??ll forgive me for saying so.Q. He thought of the Zalachenko club as small and anonymous. Blomkvist lit a cigarette and stood by the window looking out towards Djurg?rden. even if she had no say over the magazine??s contents. She was in a bad way. She had not. We have no witnesses to the murders. The prosecutor has also pushed through a prohibition of disclosure for her lawyer.?? ??Forgive me for mentioning this. but I can??t see what your objective is.P. The movie they had playfully made was definitely not for general release.

And Holm ?? you??re starting to look like dead meat to me. The Filofax. but when he visited Palmgren the same afternoon at the rehabilitation home in Ersta.?? ??Good luck. to see how her pupils contracted and expanded. ??Teleborian meets with the Section and then goes directly to see Prosecutor Ekstr?m.??* ??I??m not Ebbe Carlsson. He did not exist in any register or in any public document. She had said her name and started to count.?? Holmberg said. Criticism of the Section had increased during the first half of the seventies.?? ??I know. but you sat in your office for a while and didn??t know in which direction to go.?? Jonasson said. The day that Zalachenko was shot there was a robbery at my apartment. a government agency.v ?C Thursday.30 a.?? Erlander rubbed the back of his neck.?? ??Mikael. With that an inexorable process would have been set in motion. Salander opened her eyes and saw a light in the ceiling. We haven??t laid anyone off since 2002.28.

?? ??Car. ??Come in ?? Evert Gullberg. and for the aggravated kidnapping and assault of the dental nurse Anita Kaspersson. She unfolded it and read a line written in an elegant script: You??re the hacker. He did not know whom he could trust. and the male visitor took 14 steps to cover the same distance. Zalachenko admits that it??s his. He??ll have to be as safety-conscious as you are. She banged her head hard. but it was up to them to prove it. apparently with a serious wound to the face.?? She left without kissing him. I shouldn??t have done it. She was incredibly lucky. She had tried friendly reasoning and direct orders.?? he explained. I won??t make any record of your answer and I won??t discuss it with anyone else. written at the time by your handler at S?po. That will be Nystr?m??s task. for example when we need to arrange a telephone tap or enter an apartment.?? ??What sort of background does he have??? ??As far as I understand. And then she almost hoped that the moron who had called her a whore and destroyed her window would be stupid enough to come back that night.?? Gullberg ignored the insinuation. He tried to reconcile the picture that Teleborian was painting with his own image of Salander.

but I do not have any details to pass on to you. Then everything would work out.?? ??How do you mean??? ??First we have to ask the question: how could this have been possible? Who is responsible? How did such a conspiracy develop within the framework of an established police organization? I myself work for S.?? ??Alright. They were just passing Sergels Torg in the city centre. he acquiesced. Sometimes she thought that there was nothing going on in there at all. before then.?? ??What??? ??The names of the individuals you had your meetings with. We??ll take care of Giannini??s and the Millennium office telephones today. She arrived home late one evening to discover that someone had broken in. and who helped bury Lisbeth in the asylum. and was already on his way to a higher position within the police hierarchy. or possibly a ridiculous dream. female and Lutheran. She reached for a notebook. Prosecutor Ekstr?m took stock of his visitor. was involved in Zalachenko??s murder. Zalachenko was a Soviet defector. Even if you meet us in the driveway and say it was a mistake.P. But a large part of them had been listed only in G?ransson??s head. and Armansky did not think a little discreet surveillance was such a bad thing.m.

??You??re right. let??s not play games. ??This bastard from S?po. she lost interest. V.W. On the contrary. to be sure. How now to handle the situation? Technically. Then he placed his hands gently around her neck and turned her head back and forth and to the sides a few times. There was more than a trace of admiration in his voice. This is how it will work. Annika. It??s not your job to take apart the operational organization.30. He was on the ground floor talking to a blond man who looked to be in very good shape. a relic from the Cold War. She spectacularly kicked the shit out of two complete thugs from Svavelsj? M. It was a pleasant feeling to know that her reactions were up to an emergency. but statistics showed that the absolute majority of people who harassed women were men. Marita Ulfskog. ??Well. train at Stockholm Central Station. When he checked the clock he quickly closed his iBook.

But after a few months he was always back with the Salander woman.?? Sandberg said into a handsfree mobile.?? ??I can tell you in general terms what it??s about and you can come to your own conclusions. ??What??s up??? ??Salander. He was about as aware of his surroundings as a brick. Then I get involved in something and don??t get time to do it again for a month or two.5 steps. V. Figuerola expected him to follow his quarry. I especially like the way he wrote in the margin. What bothered her was that something had happened at the office. Second.P. but you??re going to have to decide for yourself which ones you can get along with. That??s what this button is for. I have to take the report with me when I go. After a moment he turned on his heel and resumed his little stroll towards Hornsgatan. She obviously wanted to tell you first. it was Bj?rck who set this whole mess rolling. She rasped out a single word: ??Giannini. In those days she was spending two hours a day pumping iron.v ?C Thursday. ??Mikael. Constitutional Protection is a small and more or less self-sufficient unit.

the day the Salander trial begins. Her head was wrapped in bandages. He packed away his laptop and stood up. But right now she had to make decisions on several matters. She sat up in bed and looked eagerly at the screen of her Palm. In the autopsy report. They drove to Nieminen??s place.00. She had reported the matter to the head of her party.?? Figuerola understood that Blomkvist was bluffing. And I??ll have to buy a new shift dress or something on the way to work.?? ??You could say that he quit the Section in 1994 when he went over to the external organization. Formally. He just gave a lecture on brain research. ??I??ve understood that you know more about this story than anyone else. She cast an irritated glance at the display. She reached for her mobile and called her brother. No such address exists.. ??Dag??s book went to the printer yesterday. She had verified something that could be known only to a very restricted group of people. As the plywood was being put up. But I do have a spare room. We have blueprints of the building.

But if she left her car. Then. even though he is a journalist. Just in case anyone was still following him. No energy at all. the officers were to handcuff the person in question and bring him to the farm at Gosseberga. ??Zalachenko??s daughter is supposed to have given him that??? ??It??s hard to find another explanation. What do we know about the building on Artillerigatan??? ??Not a lot yet. I??m hot with excitement and can??t control myself. She??s hiding something. of course.000 a month if you wanted to move in.30 on Saturday evening. He sighed as he opened Olsson??s folder again. Janeryd. We can assume that another two police officers ??. We??ll come back next week and do the proper installation with alarms on every window on the ground floor and in the basement.?? Blomkvist said. But to be honest.?? ??Good enough. but there was never very much to report. But it definitely does mean that some individuals within S.S.P.

000 kronor.?? Elderly. Vinge??s memoirs. I assume you??ve read about Lisbeth in the newspapers.?? he said. He decided against the train. But if he can??t handle the fact that you screwed up one time in twenty years.00. but stopped with his hand on the receiver.D. The Russian defector who came to Sweden in 1976.00 and discovered Blomkvist still asleep. He knew exactly where it had been. that is. Deep in thought. From a medical standpoint. 1991); Power Struggle for S?po by Erik Magnusson (Corona. but he could not work out what it was. some spooks have bugged the place and they listen. You??ll have to do something about the food at this place.C. Any other outcome was unthinkable. There are now nine hours left before we go to press and four before the front page has to be resolved. but she had worked alongside Berger balancing the monthly books.

Gunnar Bj?rck.S. He thinks I??m still at work. He wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand and set off in pursuit of the two men. She did not exclude women on the grounds of their being incapable of such folly. but instead of going out on to the street he turned left and went through the basement. She frowned. is to investigate the truth of this story. Without actually uttering a single inappropriate word.?? Armansky told her. Three times Paulsson had asked the urgently occupied medical orderly whether the girl could be arrested on the spot. I have to look presentable.?? The lights were out at G?ransson??s place when Nieminen and Waltari drove up in the twilight. Even though by now the statute of limitations has run out on the specific instances of crime. ??We??ve given you a name. but she was too weak to protest. She felt far from rested.?? ??He was her guardian. Then they go back to their regular jobs in S. he could do the same. and therefore it could not be infiltrated. disseminating pictures of her that would be deplorably damaging. It??s more about the boxing world in general.?? said Holmberg.

but she had also invoiced Millennium for train tickets and other costs.?? ??Tell me. Zalachenko knew that he could take liberties and that they would resolve whatever problems there might be. He wished Sandberg had ordered Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberries. Fr?ken Salander. As a result of this outburst. Whatever it was.C. Mikael also has a tendency to bury himself in his own stories and be totally off the radar for weeks at a time. It took all of Linder??s powers of persuasion to send her to bed. which she had always considered a curse. and a dark jacket. Luckily the axe blow had struck his already crippled right leg. had to be considered a toy. She stared at the screen for fifteen minutes without seeing the words. and finally he used flattery to bolster Bjurman??s feeling of importance. It??s a public document.?? ??And you think that Millennium will be publishing something noteworthy about Salander??? ??I don??t think so. don??t do that again. ??That is all bullshit. smiled sheepishly. but he never found an answer. where she works ?? and anything else you can find. but during the night some bastard had punctured all four tyres.

??May I help you??? ??Thank you. ??Mikael isn??t here today. 11. Blomkvist looked at the book and saw that it was in English. And he put his car keys on top of the wallet. (No. In 1982 the Palme question arose again when he became Prime Minister for the second time. The next moment she heard footsteps moving swiftly away and then the front door opening and closing. from where he took a taxi to Centraal.00. three things will happen.?? Cortez said. But Salander was gone from her I. Blomkvist was suddenly awake and he did not know why. There had been wild speculation in the media after it was revealed that Blomkvist was the one who had found Salander. you??re not to say a single word to the police. That was the part she had spent the most time on. I never had any information.P. it could also be classified as murder. where she could still see the back of the man in the blue overalls. Three others were members of the Democratic Alliance too. He??ll understand. ??Sonja.

It??s on my desk. of course. but did not doubt the truth of it. ??It also tells us something about the character of our adversary. was freelancing at Millennium. while the Security Police took care of the criminal investigation and paid the bill. I won??t get involved in any horse-trading that might be constitutionally dubious.00 on Friday night. she thought. He says he absolutely won??t discuss a person who is not only innocent but who also has had her rights so severely violated.?? he said at last. Mikael Blomkvist. Sorry.?? Jonasson looked again at the unconscious patient??s face. ??What??s so funny??? ??I??m thinking that Edklinth would be a little bit disturbed if he saw us right now. She needs to rest and she has to have time to heal. which showed that his patient still had regular heart activity. Borgsj? approached and touched her shoulder. ??The first two were members of the Zalachenko club in the ??80s. He was standing about ten metres behind her.?? ??What should we do??? Jervas thought for a moment.?? ??Armansky. ??They??re bound to move the date of the trial. ??Radiology.

The list was made up largely of the better-known reporters.?? ??As things now stand. We??re the ones who have to make the decisions that nobody else wants to make. and he wasn??t sure how things would turn out at the magazine. She was lying with the sheet pulled up to the tip of her nose. If we don??t lift all the copies simultaneously. But before you approach him you have to follow the bureaucratic procedure. ??This is the most important weapon Lisbeth has in her arsenal ?C she has to have it.?? ??What the fuck are you doing in Nyk?ping??? ??We decided to lay low when you and Magge were busted ?C until we knew the lay of the land. the incoming Prime Minister was fully occupied appointing ministers and negotiating with other conservative parties. I recognize you. Nieminen grimaced. Source protection. because pain flew through her left shoulder.?? ??North on Kungsgatan. ??What did you say??? ??You don??t need to take a shower. the attack on Salander??s lawyer ?C which Edklinth could not bring himself to accept was a part of the same pattern ?C and possible involvement in the murder of Zalachenko.?? ??You??ll have to get permission from the prosecutor.?? Ellis said. but they had ditched the gun. ??Niedermann seems to have been swallowed up by the earth.?? ??Right now we??re confronted with an exceptionally complicated situation that requires operational expertise. ??Monday. Last time he turned up on the ward unannounced and tried to persuade a nurse to let him in.

?? ??You could say that he quit the Section in 1994 when he went over to the external organization. There is no added cost that can satisfactorily explain the price difference. It was no accident.?? Sandberg said at last. It had upset F?lldin that an important Soviet agent had sought asylum in Sweden. But tell me this: is there anything at all to even suggest that Salander might be involved in some way in the murders? Could she and Niedermann have somehow committed the murders together??? ??I very much doubt it. I know. She outlined the Poison Pen situation. She was cured. unvarnished truth about her life in a cracklingly terse autobiography of forty pages.?? Berger said.?? ??O. He weighed thirty-nine kilos and was unable to walk. ??And there??s no doubt in your mind ???? Blomkvist shook his head. The sports desk has six and a half jobs at the moment.?? ??Uh ?? there must be some sort of misunderstanding. Martin Thomasson was therefore the third guest of the day at Zalachenko??s sickbed. That??s why I??m here.?? ??I found it yesterday at Lisbeth Salander??s apartment when I finally worked out where she was. Do we suspect this Niedermann of all of them? If so. He did not want to do it at the hotel where he had been staying. ??Teleborian went straight to Ekstr?m. Sonny Nieminen. He walked slowly through the station.

?? ??I don??t like institutions that are beyond normal parliamentary scrutiny.?? ??He??s dying.?? ??I don??t like the sound of this.40.?? ??Is it really something to be proud of??? said Blomkvist. It was expensive. ??I can find my way. on the contrary and to put it mildly. He??s not married. making her feel like a teenager being quizzed on her homework. She would test the system. They were southern European.?? Salander said. and he??s an ace. I ???? Zalachenko hesitated a few seconds. He needed cash. We??ve been friends so long ?C nothing can destroy that. you and I. She recognized Modig as one of the officers in Bublanski??s team. Figuerola stared at her receiver for two minutes. Teleborian.?? ??So we have to ask ourselves. Come with me. We would be demolished.

I have never been charged. He??s been running his own criminal network ever since.?? ??They always said that he was being handled in the customary way and that the information he provided was being processed through the appropriate channels. So. and he had saved the life of a four-year-old boy who arrived at the hospital with respiratory failure after swallowing the wheel of a toy car. ??Erika hasn??t altogether left here. He also wondered what Blomkvist was really after. He had transferred the most crucial documentation to her desk. Blomkvist was working with Eriksson and Cortez. He heard voices from the T.I. The man is a tragic figure who evidently acted alone. he appreciated flattery. and password. and that means that you risk writing an article proposing that Swedish industry should be outbid by Thai industry. taken to a prison outside Mosul.?? ??If I don??t get a new kidney I??m not long for this world. The job fell to a young man who had worked at S. Blomkvist saw that Edklinth was also smiling to himself. She had intended to go straight back to S. When she closed the door he arduously sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. but that??s the way things are. for one. This co-operative effort has to be based on mutual trust.

These activities must be stopped.?? ??Could I have some water??? Salander whispered. It was undeniable. At 4.?? Only after she had finished her conversation with Armansky did Berger realize that she had overslept. We have to know who they meet and who they talk to. And he could not help feeling flattered that he was being given information ?C off the record. In September 1964. She did not expect anyone to be her friend.00 on Friday afternoon. she risked being seen by the woman. He took a chance and hurried across the hall and out through the doors on to Vasagatan. but he??s irreplaceable. But then she got restless and put on her running kit. Strangely enough.?? ??Which is??? ??I??m an investigative journalist. It was his last editorial and it would be a crying shame not to print it. or at least in her lawyer.??s hierarchy.?? Silence descended in Bublanski??s office as the four criminal inspectors considered these implications. and Salander would be buried in a hole in the ground. He would probably sleep through an artillery barrage. Holmberg had been tasked to work out how Bj?rck had died. but the Member of Parliament was given protection during the course of her official appearances.

He turned off both his mobiles and walked through the Galleria to Gustav Adolfs Torg. She had a memory of being surprised that he had run away and she did not know why.?? ??I don??t like institutions that are beyond normal parliamentary scrutiny. ??Yes.?? to differentiate it from ??the Division?? or ??the Firm. importantly. Otherwise what sounds like a cross-section of middle-class Sweden. Only then did she begin to think rationally again.?? ??He tried to kill me. And Karlskrona. Then he called Berger. Blomkvist smiled. This meant that they gave up far too easily; alternatively they spent too much time at the acute stage trying to work out exactly what was wrong with the patient so as to decide on the right treatment. And ?? this discussion never took place. I??ve reminded you about this at least half a dozen times. O. Then she shrugged. ??What kind of car does G?ransson have??? Nieminen said. I get on considerably better at Milton than on the force. How hard is it to hack into my email? Salander can do it in five minutes. Not even the head of S. Who wants to go first??? Berglund cleared his throat. but he did not know the daughter??s name. But it??s a balancing act.

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