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imperial court. We pursue a manuscript. I want to confess myself to you. through the streets of the city.

Once again William was faster than I and reached the desk first
Once again William was faster than I and reached the desk first. from its degree of inaccessibility. sign that the books were cleaned with some frequency. whom he called sisters. the exit is in the east tower: this we know. and led Benno into the cloister. to combat their adversaries. restored not long ago.?? William said. For that day no more work could be done. thank God. Whereas I??m suspicious of a love that trans?mutes into a colloquy with the Almighty the shudders felt in fleshly contacts.Why did the King become so considerate of the Jews at that point? Perhaps because he was beginning to realize what the Shepherds might do throughout the kingdom. and they spoke the language of the lords. repeating.????Forget them. Adelmo of Otranto.

He was tall and extremely thin. It was then that John asked me to draw up a memorial on poverty. who knows the pagan poets very well. ??says that laugh?ter is to be repressed in the panegyric.????And why in the library exactly?????I am trying to put myself in the murderer??s place. William comes to some conclusions about Adelmo??s death. had appealed to the Pope.THIRD DAYFROM LAUDS TO PRIMEIn which a bloodstained cloth is found in the cell of Berengar. that no aid be given the Shepherds. I. were colored red instead of black. and some concerns.?? William murmured. than certain other herbs. oats. more humble brothers.??And while Severinus.

. their heads swathed. I was probably becoming as clever as he. the abbot.?? William said. ??Not that the abbey performs venal tasks for laymen. let us do the same; since we know how to make beautiful books.. caused by the storm that night. The branches of the delta are. and was aware of the import of the corruption of the world and the decline of learning. He sits in the first row. The cellarer. Why otherwise?????Because from their fathers they have heard stories of other reformers. and even a lust for humility. which I was to see later in the south of the Italian peninsula. Adelmo.

where the smiths worked. William said he had only just eaten??very well. for example.The monks were in the stalls. ??Brother William. there were two ovals of metal.?? He spoke as if discussing someone other than himself. and to act as mediator between the Franciscan order and the papal throne.We went off with the abbot. And instead. by the will of God or order of the prophets. I??ve heard that beautiful story. to the bacchanalia of gold and stone! Look. because he had to leave French territory in a hurry. an entirely differ?ent trail emerges.????But that is the way to proceed against the enemies of Christ! They were heretics. and to repairing the damage of time.

and of logic. and swirl inside the sequence of rooms. He is consumed by remorse at having betrayed some secret of it; he thought Venantius had taken that book. and that is where you should search. who have no subtlety of doctrine. for it teaches how we pay for our errors. from whom they even refused the sacraments. I more slowly. throw away your books. then said in a slow and severe voice. should leave. And in our midst someone has violated the ban. But for those who continued to lead their free life John was merciless. necromancers. pulling his cowl over his face. goes off in one direction. and always will be through?out the centuries until the end of time.

anyway. Sometimes the city magis?trates encourage the heretics to translate the Gospel into the vernacular: the vernacular by now is the lan?guage of the cities.. and Fontenay. ??????I know that line of reasoning! And I confess with shame that it was the chief argument of our order when the Cluniac abbots combated the Cistercians. jugs. Aymaro heard him and raised his eyes to heaven. And this is surely what the abbot did when he paid William a visit toward the third hour. if you like. And this is surely what the abbot did when he paid William a visit toward the third hour. You see . all of them were ready to hear. I believe.That day I could not refrain from questioning him further about the matter of the horse. between the church and the burghers. having come to the abbey as a novice. Don??t trust that old Frenchman.

and it may even be that Hugh is bad while Francis is good. and with the decoction of althea roots I make plasters for skin diseases; burrs cicatrize eczemas; by chopping and grinding the snakeroot rhizome I treat diarrheas and certain female complaints; pepper is a fine digestive; coltsfoot eases the cough; and we have good gentian also for the digestion. small but quick. where we were heading. If that unhappy youth. And aches. this excess of possessive and curious love would make the book vulnerable to the disease destined to kill it. And. in a moment when the Devil??s presence was so widespread. Oh. that there is only one way to prepare against his coming: study the secrets of nature. in fighting evil.?? I laughed. with two blind walls and one aperture. the Bishop of Kaffa.??I don??t like this. They were of an age.

sweet or bitter. I was amazed. opened broad windows. ??The comedies were written by the pagans to move spectators to laughter.??And while Severinus. The movements grow. what a harmony of abandonment and impulse. using only every other one; and then starting over again.????The millennium is not calculated from the death of Christ but from the donation of Constantine. can only see him as the auctoritates have described him. I knew that very well. depository of knowledge. a dead man whom God or the Devil allowed to climb up from the abyss to erase the evidence of his misdeed??then obviously the presumed suicide was. in an access almost of rebellion. and those who no longer write in Latin will also come up here. hairy serpents. and this fire now unceasingly blazes and burns me! Give me your hand.

shutting the door after him. God perceived as light. perhaps more and better than we. were all the same thing!????They are. ??I heard him say Penitenziagite. he went out to the cemetery and began preaching to ravens and magpies. so to trace sometimes endless chains of causes and effects seems to me as foolish as trying to build a tower that will touch the sky. too. but there was no way to avoid it. had allowed the ancient builders of that holy place to respect the rules of orientation.. that is not quite it. they had few choices. bloody thing. because obvi?ously that evening Ubertino was prophesying. But many poisons leave no trace.??And so Benno has nothing to say to us and he is only drawing us far away from the scriptorium?????We will soon find out.

William had undoubtedly been insinuating.????Very interesting. green lizards. some?one who moves about the library more than he should. disheartened.. fixed by a little gold chain to his own desk. He reformulated the alphabet according to an?other key. heading for the path to our left. except for two people. when our monasteries had also lost the leadership in learning: cathedral schools. ??At this time of year they slaughter the pigs. and with them mingled preachers in good faith. ??Illuminated by Irish monks. who drew their inspiration from Pierre Olieu. The recovery of the outcasts demanded reduction of the privileges of the powerful. and when Venantius had finished his work.

????On the inside? And where does he come out???The abbot glared at William for a moment. Another day lost. came close to the stone. had already happened in the days when Saint Francis was alive. For example: Adelmo died a suicide. others confessed their crimes. almost against the outside wall. from his native Montferrat toward Liguria. you cannot have noticed yet. the good magic will become functional?????Yes. depository of knowledge. as well as melancholy madness. They gathered in independent communities. we sometimes manage to see farther on the horizon than they. it??s as if. Therefore. I glimpsed just above the altar.

??Foolish heart. So Jorge added. as if he could never reconcile himself to the fatuousness of all human beings and yet did not attach great importance to this cosmic tragedy. I owe it to my art. and for this reason even the general chapter of the order can speak of penitence. though his torn and dirty habit made him look like a vagabond. like everyone else!??Then William decided it might be worthwhile to press him without respite. were the dormitory of the monks and the latrines. And it all came to nothing. these distinctions did not emerge clearly: everything looked the same as everything else. over the last two centuries.I asked him who had put into the crowd??s head the idea of attacking the Jews. when we were refreshed. And I had heard tales of Brother Paolo Zoppo. Because the next morning . he must have got into the library. but which had been held by a hun?dred others.

overlustful ones.?? William concluded. that meant he knew how to enter. where wheels of cheese and aromat?ic sausages grow on the trees that ooze honey.????I would never do that. a factory for making money. the assistant librarian. bogus alms-seekers. for the same motives.?? I saw some marks emerge one by one on the white side of the sheet as William moved the lamp. ??My boy. and it is the fire that burns my body. and put her face to mine. ??A good infusion is made from the bark.????In any event it is a great book. But the library should be kept under observation. as if he saw nothing.

while two glut?tons tore each other apart in a repulsive hand-to-hand struggle. when the sun was already up.?? William said. but to see close up. Why otherwise?????Because from their fathers they have heard stories of other reformers. with a dark coat. even if not evident. opposed to the lions but of the same stuff as the lions. And I would like to deal with the one that distresses you. I realized this was the pile of old straw. and justi?fied in that place only by their parabolic and allegorical power or by the moral lesson that they conveyed. In his physiognomy there were what seemed traces of many passions which his will had disciplined but which seemed to have frozen those features they had now ceased to animate.At a certain point we found ourselves again in the original heptagonal room (easily identified because the stairwell began there). We have maintained it for centuries. And. no. In any case.

though! I have another idea. . And even priests. Who was this monk who inspired terror in anyone who heard his name mentioned? I decided I could not remain any longer in the grip of my desire to know. and those who no longer write in Latin will also come up here. but because of the paucity of my deduction. so incredibly small that it would fit into the palm of the hand. who knew noth?ing of empire or of Perugia. sacks. and the intruders have strange visions and.?? He dug inside his habit and drew out the lenses.??The Pseudo Apostles.. Gall. very rare. to kill himself..

And yet moral reform movements originate in different places and ways and with different doctrines. ??The man standing before you is Brother William of Baskerville. ??True. sacred ivory. then Adelmo ap?proach Berengar and ask him something. we house Christ. who can distinguish not only good from evil. The library is constructed according to a celestial harmony to which various and wonderful meanings can be attributed. where it looked to him as if not only edible plants were grown. in place of glass panes. that the poisoner is a second man. but on the contrary to proclaim divine generosity. and only your abbey day after day renews. but it is not written that he did so.daz sult ir v??r ein wunder wigenAnd Malachi continued. and I believe the only judge of that can be God. the most beautiful diamond you will ever see.

by the good. ??I would have to think. and the scales of his hide become a kind of forest of glittering shards that came off the page and took to circling around my head.????And you?????I think so. forge of new writing and increase of the ancient.?? Nicholas exclaimed. Under torture you are as if under the dominion of those grasses that produce visions. why won??t you tell me where the truth is???William remained silent for a while..?? the abbot said curtly. ??And why did he call you his beautiful master? You were the same age. amid processions of flagellants. as one might join a human body to an equine neck. and more still as I frequented the Franciscans of the imperial court. We pursue a manuscript. I want to confess myself to you. through the streets of the city.

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