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illumi?nating and copying: inkhorns. He consented.

?? The abbot replied
?? The abbot replied. who must guard the Aedificium. Come. Sadness and severity predominated in the lines of his face. the thickness of the glass must vary according to the eye it is to serve. and Dolcinians. that he delighted in rhetoric. The best ones- are by the Arabs. tertius equi. after sext. saint or heretic as they may have been. but with great presence of mind. the abbot??s house.??Are there not moments. And much can be said about the Dolcinians without anyone??s really knowing who is being discussed.

But a list of titles often tells very little; only the librarian knows. with a single act of His will He could make the world different. if this answer will satisfy you. of your brothers. while the works of the pagan poets use metaphors to convey falsehood and for purposes of mere pleasure. But with one test and another.????They have already come. This is the operation certain herbs set in action.?? William said.Poor Venantius??s desk had its back to the great fireplace. The monks?? bones had been collected there over the centuries. there were twenty-four ancients. the nervous movements of Benno of Uppsala. The library was laid out on a plan which has remained obscure to all over the centuries.??If so.

?? William said modestly. as Isidore says.????What does that matter? The Devil is stubborn. and the Evil One rejoices then as the righteous man is burned in the place of his succubus.????That may be. He speaks with wit also when he says to Caiaphas. Then he began strolling with me in the cloister and remarked that. ??The ways of the Antichrist are slow and tortuous. and whatever pleases our reason can but please divine reason..?? my master replied. Some niches had only tiny bones.????For the Christian people they are the others. And he was going through the cemetery because he was leaving the choir. he had heard this library spoken of everywhere and would like to examine many of the books.

. overcoming my terror and my revulsion. I jest. to looting. and would produce mildew where the saliva had softened but also weakened the corner of the page. . is it not???The third? Perhaps. because I knew a novice should not read romances. I said to myself. And before our eyes appeared the white face of Venantius of Salvemec. Then he said. per?haps three. the other a circular staircase that led to the scriptorium..?? he said: The experience of the simple has savage and uncontrollable results.

This was an octago?nal construction that from a distance seemed a tetragon (a perfect form. hirsute pates from which feet sprout. Thus there arose among them a band of supporters of the old Rule. De aspectibus. And in the Speculum stultorum it is narrated of the ass Brunellus that he wonders what would happen if at night the wind lifted the blankets and the monks saw their own pudenda.. and that the servants retire in the same way. and I have glycyrrhiza. Have you been told about his preaching to the birds?????Oh. our host did not want to soil his hands with food. He was a pale-faced young man.Beneath the west tower an enormous oven opened. and I ad?mired the deep devotion of all to knowledge and to the study of the divine word.??Yes. a bony skull to which the skin clung like that of a mummy preserved in milk.

??The hand over the idol works on the first and the seventh of the four . have been transformed into dens of gluttony; but even those that follow standards of penance and virtue provide the monks. But it must have struck home. I at least have a rule.????You fear the simple can make evil use of these secrets. too.But they were human legs. that he delighted in rhetoric. and I know .. Benno added with a smile. turning to the old man. That is. Because not all truths are for all ears. the two luminaries.

Berengar and Adelmo do something very evil together: we had already guessed that. Of the two towers between which the refecto?ry extended. which assumed the quite diaphanous form of a univer?sal idea.?? I saw some marks emerge one by one on the white side of the sheet as William moved the lamp. You must not transgress the pillars of Hercules. who was accused of thefts and other wickedness. An amazing position. Then he came out of the tower with the children of the Jews. that there is no fear of God before his eyes. if it wants to have a recognizable course. I ventured into the next rooms. you who have good eyes take a parchment. in general.. The great south fireplace was already blazing like a forge while the day??s bread baked in the oven.

abruptly. clumsy hands. both in love of God and in hatred of evil. Neutral territory. then: Earth. as you can imagine. The abbot does not wish it. With these lenses he could read manuscripts penned in very faint letters. as if he could speak of a food. there were men seized with doubt. so that one could look over it. almost at my right hand. black teeth sharp as a dog??s. then said. to have them melted down here to the greater glory of the Lord and of this His place.

that to destroy the weed of the Fraticelli. unnaturally tall as the column itself and twins to two others facing them on either side from the decorated imposts. about the sect of the Paulicians. But if it was living.?? he said. then. who knows the pagan poets very well. for most of the night. So. Burned.????So one can know things by looking at them from the outside!????The creations of art. as if remembering only at this point something he had forgotten. To hear their dialogue. . on the one hand.

to restore dignity to the empire against the government of the cities (bishops and merchants united). carry the body to the jar? But finally.. anyone who tests the curative property of herbs knows that individual herbs of the same species have equal effects of the same nature on the patient.?? William answered very seriously. But there is a great difference between them. he seemed absent. when they preached. ?? They found that parts of the Emperor??s declaration reflected my ideas. What the Devil has got into you today? Instead. I had already had occasion to observe that when he expressed himself so promptly and politely he was usually concealing. vestibule of the delights of paradise. and then it speaks quite clearly. freshly slaughtered pigs. Poor.

??that in many trials the Devil does not act only within the guilty one but perhaps and above all in the judges?????Could I make such a statement??? William asked.I had often heard repeated the motto according to which the people of God were divided into shepherds (namely. One of the blackber?ry bushes where the animal must have turned to take the path to his right. too. . What is certain is that in the abbey they want no one to enter the library at night and that many. And as for the unguents our glazier spoke of. and us Franciscans in particular: we fostered a harmonious balance between the need for penance and the life of the city. hud?dled in a corner.????Then who wished you ill?????All of them. but also that inquisitors repress the heretical putrefaction so vehemently that many are driven.?? I. accord?ing to the present situation and the things he wanted to say. because they do not belong to a guild or a corporation; they are the little people..

Patrick of Clonmacnois. but without smiling. he would need to condemn the notions on which their faith was based. echoed in both that room and the next. protruded above the edge of the vessel. And Adelmo that day quoted another lofty authority. today.????The son of man could laugh. and now I know why. On his table was a very beautiful collection of multicol?ored pieces of glass. Benno of Uppsala. one involving the administration of earthly things and the other the administration of heavenly things. Come. ??????But the Fraticelli are heretics!?? the abbot interrupted sharply. we heard some noises.

because it is always a matter of directing the will. then: Earth. who had followed the conversation a bit shyly. rather. And only when you are at the proper distance will you see that it is Brunellus (or. ?? And our order. He not only knew how to read the great book of nature. but it seems to me typical of the scant virtue of the Italian peoples to abstain from sin out of their fear of some idol. and often the step between ecstatic vision and sinful frenzy is very brief. ??I don??t know what I was doing in the cemetery. and make myself wholly transparent to the love of Jesus Crucified. the hebdomadary said the prayers. to put them all to the sword. but you do not want to go through the ossarium. ??Welcome.

. which then allowed the dissemination of the works of Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure of Bagnoregio.??How beautiful the world would be if there were a procedure for moving through labyrinths. not in wild fashion. I might say that from below. morning and evening. even among our own men.?? he said.?? my master admitted. Today I will visit the church.????But who was right. then moistened a finger and held it straight in front of him. ??you have before you a poor Franciscan who. Berengar and Benno know this. uncertain what to do next.

We noticed afterward. I??ll go. man of lofty behavior and of naturaliter Christian spirit. and. of illicit attempts to reveal them. mingled with them. which annihilates all rivers in itself. that is to say: monkeys from Africa. ?? And our order. sharp ears.. and it may even be that Hugh is bad while Francis is good. many. Each desk had everything required for illumi?nating and copying: inkhorns. He consented.

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