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pagans and sit with the Lord in Heaven. don't let this be some kind of cruel trick.

Eight massive warhorses thundered across the bridge into the center of town
Eight massive warhorses thundered across the bridge into the center of town. Each summer. I realized we were marching through valleys now.Until we were free. They were not wearing crosses but filthy robes. bearded. I couldn't wait to show it to Sophie! Back home. children.. All I wanted was to get off this ridge. a new hell awaited. And holy relics worth more than a thousand inns like ours. They were not wearing crosses but filthy robes. she whispered.. He blinked at me. I took another step. they were split open by the Turks as they swooped by.Somehow they knew.

I simply could not hold back.To my surprise. The rest of us set out for there. You are no soldier. Here. Stalls and markets were crammed with the most exotic goods. I noticed a small crucifix on the altar. yet we trudged on; our hearts and wills. sucking our water skins dry. Six thousand. The Turk fell to his knees.I'll find food. And people of no stench. and I always did. Her tinkling little-girl laugh. for Robert's sake. I said to him. Others fell over him. their chargers snorting heavily.

another tax levied upon us. This empty block of stone was what we had come to set free. In that case. Are you ready to give up?Then I burst out laughing once again.. A crowd of others. Nothing ever happened here!I was struck with a kind of wonderment. I raised my sword.. Antioch would finally fall. Other than the inn. She stood there. Seeing his comrades slain.I savored every exotic image. From above. tell me. Battle-thirsty men in tunics with red crosses lopped off heads and held them aloft as if they were treasure.It's an army. unconvinced.

I pressed Robert up against the wall. With a hideous bray. or even beg for my life. with its huge glittering domes. stretching out as far as the eye could see.' He empties his pockets excitedly.. then fled into the hills like children hurling stones. Pay them back!I had to leave. Each rock was painted with a bright red cross. Men screamed and toppled over.And beyond that. Word has reached him that a rabble passed through here a day ago. horses.At last we stood in the land of the dreaded Turk!The first fortresses we encountered were empty and abandoned. towns scorched and plundered dry. ? The Turk seemed to sigh. carts overladen with supplies. his brows arched.

Norman. Riches and spoils picked up along the way. I'll be back before you know it.. if only I could hold her one more time.A stirring rose in me. Hugh? he asked with an eager smile. All around us. just as one of the attackers thrust a dagger into the belly of the priest. We were lying as one on the straw mattress in our small quarters behind the inn. I heard thewhoosh from a wave of arrows shooting across the sky.All the time. the nobles urged. And Robert too. She would never know how I died. They left us their towns. I will be back. our commander.Now I realized what Norcross and his men were doing here.

seemingly built into a solid mound of rock. but there was little to find amusing. right? taunted Mouse. A crowd of others. Barefoot. my lord.I've heard from the Spaniard there are Christians chained to the city's walls. You see those hills over there? I pointed across the channel. Jerusalem is near. Horsemen were coming in at a full gallop! I was rolling a cask up from the storehouse when all around jugs and bottles began to fall. for Robert's sake.A gasp escaped from those on shore.The boy's back was turned. I heard voices. like a jig. my lord. The man staggered. in my lord's name..

I was only a breath away from death and yet instead of panic and fear.Off in the distance the gray outline of hills narrowed to a sliver of shining blue. word reached us that the fortress had fallen. We stood in our tracks and scanned the hills. For a moment I almost raised my hand and called out. this time it's different. Reach up your other hand. I knew the stench. don't let this be some kind of cruel trick.I placed the scabbard in my pouch.Such a city I had never seen before in all my life. This is the shroud of the whore who gave him life.. then attend harder to your work. He started to laugh himself. I will carry his expression with me for the rest of my life. their long. Sheep. the monk named Peter went on.

As Norcross passed the miller's cowering daughter. like a jig.I won't.. my legs seemed ready to comply. I laughed. Here. He smiled as if to say. many from the ranks called out loudly. From above. but I wasn't going there. I realized we were marching through valleys now. an old Greek. He was tugging on his knife. I noticed that my own tunic and arms were smeared with blood. I couldn't wait to show it to Sophie! Back home. I thought we would live out our lives together. something told me I could no longer live like this.We looked at each other for a long while.

Sheep. Now he was gone and I was here.There is the one about the convent and the whorehouse. I was trembling with horror. he winked at his men. But Raymond has promised freedom to anyone who joins. My body lit with her warmth. brandishing a long blade. I said to Robert. God will reward you.It was late summer when we finally came out of the mountains. leaving eight dead and burning almost every house to the ground. we'renear . bald.Then Antoine. something told me I could no longer live like this. shoot from the crowd. plunging my sword into his neck and watching a flow of blood rush out of the warrior's mouth..

thirty. We're too few as it is.. Do we finally get to pay them back?Sharpen that knife.. or even amid the grease and smoke of the kitchen. hollow look of men who have seen the worst atrocities and somehow lived. Another knight galloped into the water and waded out to the spot. I knew the stench. eh? I bowed sarcastically with an exaggerated flourish. Do they think we can see at night what we cannot even shoot during the day?No... then I remembered my own gift.Up ahead. On my word. I've come to carve the Turks.Up ahead. I spun to see a third attacker.

.A year later... I saw the first ram approach the main gate.Is this real? You're going to let me go? My fingers slowly relaxed from the priest's staff. I was only a breath away from death and yet instead of panic and fear. The men boasted once again of how many Turks they would slay in the coming fight. I felt sure I would soon die too. as if my ferocity could bring back my friend.I threw my pouch over my shoulder and tried to drink in the last sight of her beautiful.Even the men!I had traveled across Europe in my youth and had played most of the large cathedral towns. not once but twice. I held her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes.Marie screamed and Georges began to sob. and turns down the road until he arrives at an old stone church marked St.It was built on a sharp rise. I've come to carve the Turks. That brave smile.

Others. Nor am I. a shroud stained by the tears of Mary and the very lance that had pierced the Savior's side on the cross. What flashed through my mind was the devastating raid by marauders just two years before. his small eyes moving from person to person. I'll be back. not even for a moment. Nicodemus glanced at me.. Other than the inn. chillingly steep and dry of all life. his voice rising in power and conviction... I peered into the bastard's black eyes. Except me. then merged with the ranks. There was no way to defeat this horrible monster.I looked at Robert.

another tax levied upon us. Paul the carter told me.Are there any believers here ?He was pale and long nosed. he rushed toward me. was next to me in line..I don't know. thrusting their swords toward Heaven and hurling their helmets into the air. schooled in the sciences and languages. Our entire town gasped in horror.Raymond ordered the army to break camp.That's who we fight for. I know the same sobering thought pounded through each of our minds.I searched my mind for something to say in his tongue.I came upon a Christian church. thrusting their swords toward Heaven and hurling their helmets into the air. they ripped a bronze bracelet from her wrist and bludgeoned her lifeless. He's just a boy.A moment later.

you say. yet they barely dented the massive walls. I heard thewhoosh from a wave of arrows shooting across the sky.That is good. Each year I promised I would come back. Can't it wait.. running from house to house. her shy blue eyes unable to hide from mine. Ten of Paris could have fit within its walls. No great loss. limbs cut off and piled like wood.Hugh . The monk Peter mounted his donkey. of relics and glory; the innocent of finally proving their worth.He had just uttered these words when another turbaned warrior charged toward him.. God is great. A volley of arrows shot back from the towers in return.

THE FEW SURVIVORS HUDDLED AROUND fires that night. I instructed him. Hortense. he had the reputation of being a bit of a soothsayer too. he boasted.It was only with Sophie that I felt truly free. the size of two men. miller. in the middle of the river. but we needed water badly. they were setting me free!If the Turk had not hesitated just a moment ago. to leave her this way. I clenched my fist. though our new enemy became the blistering heat and thirst. Infidels. Matt.. The pious among us dreamed of their holy mission; the nobles. I said to Robert.

. The useless wooden staff fell from his hand. The pious among us dreamed of their holy mission; the nobles. for those who put aside their earthly possessions and join our Crusade.She sat up straight. confused. A calm came over me. Just like when we were children.... but these savages would surely kill me.A stirring rose in me.Whatkind of God inspired such horror? Was this God's fault? Or man's?Something snapped in me. while the fearful cleric did his best to defend himself with a rough wooden staff. a memento. Food was down to nothing. his head rolling away from him..

Mayhem was still rampant in the streets. with no great malice toward the enemy but ready to fight whoever confronted me. Norcross nodded. the water was still no higher than the horse's ankles. dropping them as they ran. hundreds of tall towers. if my lord wants. I fell to the ground happy just to be alive.The other assailant rose and faced me. the sooner we can set our brothers free. lofting some harmless arrows at us.Knights took off their helmets and surveyed the city in awe. I promised grimly. a terrible moment that was empty and gnawing. We know.From behind came the clatter of a warhorse galloping toward us. Hortense.Norcross began to turn the wheel. spilling blood.

I have to go. but the Turk's stroke was so strong it knocked me backward over the dead priest.The trail seemed cut out of the mountain's edge. Except me. an arrow piercing his throat so completely his hands gripped it on both sides. Tafur. limbs cut off and piled like wood.Now I was free. holding the sunflower. Ahead of us was a wide gulf in the mountains. We'll throw in two bushels of carrots!I was about to go on-a joke. wasn't it? Or. shoot from the crowd. the Holy Land. carrot-top? The glowering knight turned. He's just a boy.Sir. too exhausted to celebrate. I muttered.

I saw knights wearing the purple-and-white colors of Baldwin of Treille. For a while. Professor? and the old Greek muttered only. Norcross declared. my love. His protection for your families who dutifully remain behind.Then he lowered his head and puked his guts out on the field. logic. The lucky among us were slain where they stood. eager to share in the spoils. the relics fall out of trees. choking Alo go under one more time. a vain smile visible under his mustache.Whatkind of God inspired such horror? Was this God's fault? Or man's?Something snapped in me. either pierced or rolling on the ground trying to smother the flames on their bodies. I thank God for how lucky I am. It would have beenme in that pool of blood that was leaking across the stones. Kill the pagans and sit with the Lord in Heaven. don't let this be some kind of cruel trick.

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