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weren??t very hard to convince. Contact with the Net.

The original shows that Peter Teleborian was assigned by the district court to do a forensic psychiatric examination of Lisbeth Salander
The original shows that Peter Teleborian was assigned by the district court to do a forensic psychiatric examination of Lisbeth Salander. that is. He was gone from 1985 to 1987.B Import. Salander would just stare at her and smile her crooked smile. and then gone back to the staff bedroom to try to rest for a while. Who else but S?po would have taken charge of him? Then the question of a co-ordinated strategy to get Salander locked away in an institution. off balance. Something had come up and she would be in a little later than usual. Panic and terror had dogged her through the night. Erlander thought. And it had to happen sooner or later. Micke asked me to take a look at it in case it turns out that I represent Salander.C. the more I think it??s like a game of roulette. ??That means that Zalachenko was murdered by the Section. I??m now on a side street off Linn??gatan. the report would be printed out and scrutinized.?? Janeryd nodded. writing his own programs and planting insidious tendrils on the Internet. arson. superficial.

but I can??t see what your objective is.?? ??I??m sorry about that. political parties.. and the like. She heard the click of the lock as she closed her bedroom door. He had no will to react when calmly they took him in a firm grip under both arms. One of them had the address editorial-sr@swedishradio.?? said Ekstr?m. She bought a tin of Catch Dry snuff and went back out on to S?dermalmstorg and turned right across Katarinav?gen. ??For one thing ?? I??m very. Every time she accessed Teleborian??s hard drive she felt as if her body temperature dropped a few degrees.?? Sandberg said.?? * Jonasson left Salander??s room somewhat confused. another half-dozen citizens had come online and welcomed back Wasp before joining the debate. a 52-year-old cousin of Lundin who lived in Puerto Ban??s. means invading your privacy ?C preferably with your approval. Some other names from outside S. Eventually he became director of the agency.?? ??Third. In any case. ??What are you working on at the moment.

where Clinton rose slowly from the sofa. Of the sixty-two citizens. four police officers and one prosecutor.V. ??I??m Karl Axel Bodin now. I want to know the whole layout of the corridor. not vice versa??? ??Exactly. I??d have a heart attack on Norr M?larstrand. There was something in one of the pockets. Your Erika ??Alright. Which Blomkvist by definition had actually done.?? ??Ah ?? yes. I??ve also gone over every inch of your house from the basement to the attic and studied the area around it. Just before 6. especially when the violence was directed at full-grown men. When Gullberg formally retired in 1992. ??The X2000 at 5. She skipped down to the fourth paragraph. So we??re bound to observe the bureaucratic procedures.?? ??Me??? Eriksson said. I need to have a meeting with you and the Prime Minister. This is my last week.

??Congrats. Who would guarantee that the top ranks and middle management at the Firm were not working for the Russians? Who. ??Hello.M. ??I??m Karl Axel Bodin now.?? Wadensj?? shook his head.I. This too was saved in an evidence bag and labelled. All the blood was either in his head ?C the noose having prevented it from running into his body ?C or in the lower extremities.?? ??So he??s ill??? ??It??s nothing serious. He hovered between life and death for several weeks. and he??s watching the ones who are watching him. I have already established an elite body called The Knights of the Idiotic Table.?? ??A graze over three centimetres long on the outside of his left knee. Figuerola locked all the material in her safe. It must be some insult.?? ??Fredrik.10 he took the tram to Angered and got off in the centre of town.?? ??The chief of Secretariat is the only person who could make this sort of arrangement. ??Hi.?? ??Murder. What time??? ??2.

Blomkvist??s taxi got to Central Station at 3. but he looked both frozen and deathly tired.?? ??Bodin ?? Zalachenko is as slippery as an eel and he has an answer to all our questions. ??I doubt that. He undertook never to discuss the matter with anyone. One advantage of working at Constitutional Protection was that she had authority to access almost any police report in Sweden that might have any connection to racially or politically motivated crimes. Did you hear what happened at Sahlgrenska??? ??You could say so.30 on Thursday. Gullberg??s only job was Zalachenko. a small group of dormant Cold-Warmongers who hide out in some dark corridor at S?po. The driver will know where to drop you. ??Focus on the information. At that time. He had nothing against women in veils. She is twenty-seven years old and one metre fifty centimetres tall. P. Some of these are in the Security Police. In Edklinth??s opinion. Have you eaten??? ??A while ago. the government cannot do a thing. He worked as a newspaper boy. She reached for the address book in her bag and found the number Blomkvist had given her the night they met at Samir??s Cauldron.

?? ??Yes. Can you hear me??? ??Mmm. Gullberg??s still alive. You??ve spoken to our notorious patient. Who were his friends? Who had he been in prison with? Where does his girlfriend live? Who did he drink with? In what area was his mobile last used? Where is his vehicle? At the end of that sequence the fugitive would generally be found. electing to remove the bullet. I don??t think we should let the state archives have footage of your naked self. But that??s just the problem.?? ??That??s good. But let??s analyse your article. I want to check a few things.M. She did not make him any promises. Someone wanted to sell her Viagra. Threats to National Security. After the introductory drama. That bastard aimed at me. the I. ??She??s been described as a psychotic. 16. He was careful to annihilate both Teleborian and the now dead Bj?rck. They had found the pencil.

?? Nystr?m said. You can decide nearer the time.U. Asphyxia was a program that could control other people??s computers via the Internet. Zalachenko acknowledged for the umpteenth time that it was a shame and a crime that his son did not possess certain qualities. ??Am I being arrested??? he said. marked ??Bjurman.?? ??Ah ?? yes. She was tall. now that he??s dead.?? ??He will be. I could break in by using the fire escape at the back of the house and entering through the roof hatch leading to the attic. She turned back towards Kungstornet. I??ve killed that idea. My job is to produce a good newspaper.?? She had not expected Jonasson to make special visits to see her.?? ??And in this instance Blomkvist is quite correct. it was just past 2. sixty-three. assistant chief of the Immigration Division of the Security Police. ??It??s a shame that you should be having this setback when you??ve been recovering so well over the past few weeks. Probably he would go to Tallinn.

is going to pick this up.?? ??Alright. about two hours later than usual. Why did S?po always have to be such a nightmare to administer? ??The second part is: who is involved? And very specifically. That held for a few minutes until the head of Budget pointed out that S. She simply needed to prune the number of names on the list. If things came to a head. I??ve never seen him before. And for anyone to become a member they had also to be known personally to one other citizen.?? ??A little too fast. I have no problem with you taking safety precautions on your own. Red Audi. ??Good. not for a moment. which she had hardly even thought about for fifteen years. which he did in broken English. Hello. where he was searching for information about Zalachenko??s murderer with Cortez and Eriksson. And it had to happen sooner or later. have his salary paid by S?po. Salander sat on the edge of her bed. and attempted murder.

Lillian had cleaned it with alcohol and put a bandage on it. ??Well ?? you could just accept a friendly personal invitation. naturally curly hair. Dr Teleborian.30 television news. He did not wake until 9. unplugged her mobile from the charger.?? ??But who would be interested in creating such a thing??? Nystr?m put down the report and frowned. But it??s the market decides whether you make a profit or take a loss. I got to bed at 1.?? They sat in silence around the conference table for a moment.00 this morning. It took twenty minutes to find the address where Idris Ghidi lived. She put down the report and focused her attention on other aspects of the information that Edklinth had given her. ??Whole books will probably be written about this first part. One last job. He ignored the system files. that??s not how a magazine is supposed to look. He was snoring. whether I could bring her books of any sort. Starting now..

What??s going on??? ??He??s working in G?teborg.?? ??It??s a family-owned business. the defector had lived in an anonymous apartment owned by the Section. That folder is your most important evidence.00 on Sunday morning. He was drenched in sweat when he finally slipped under the covers. The problem with him was that he persistently ignored the decisions Berger made. Do you feel like coming over to Sahlgrenska to help out in a brain op. albeit under guardianship. As I understand it. As long as he had a licence.?? Frisk scratched his head. Greger Beckman.?? ??Which means that if problems arise. and I don??t think there is any other doctor in Sweden with the same insight into her clinical condition. This situation makes the Prime Minister both angry and uneasy. At a critical stage of the investigation they needed to know how the person in question might react if subjected to a great deal of stress. After that. Again. I don??t want to say anything more about that until I talk to my lawyer. Late as it was. but which was invisible.

and she can??t read newspapers or communicate with the outside world.?? ??I don??t understand. One of the first things Blomkvist did when he realized that his mobile was bugged was to send Cortez out to buy some used handsets. Blomkvist will have given his sister a copy.?? she said.?? ??I have a feeling that this story is going to be about something altogether different. S?po got saddled with Zalachenko in the middle of the Cold War. Don??t misunderstand me ?? I??ll tell the truth as I see it in what I publish. It took her 17 steps to reach the room. who nodded. It corresponds to about fifty pages of book text.?? ??What do you mean.P. On Monday he had begun his research by sending Cortez to the second-hand bookshops on S?dermalm. In his opinion. I wasn??t listening. and von Rottinger had entered the civil service to do investigations for the Swedish Atomic Energy Agency. He??s very experienced and doubtless one of the most competent news chiefs I??ve come across. Salander had sat in utter silence. Something has come across my desk that is so remarkable that I believe both you and the Prime Minister need to be informed. 4. I presume.

Annika Giannini. In 1997 he was no longer on the official roster of the external service. No.?? Inspector Erlander saw Giannini through the doorway to Salander??s room. But we??re no longer involved with those investigations. of Milton Security.?? ??Why would he flee abroad??? Salander thought about it. She was advised to contact her local station in the morning. But not at 7.?? Gullberg said. Before his release.00 at the Ring in Central Station. which she unpacked in Berger??s spare room. The woman who crushed Wennerstr?m??s empire. kept the cash that was waiting to be invested and laundered. he had decided that Millennium Publishing would publish Svensson??s text about sex trafficking. The fact that the Director of Constitutional Protection had gone to the trouble of bringing him in said that somebody was nervous. Salander summed up her situation in five lines. He was biding his time and letting the other participants at the meeting say their piece. and then gone back to the staff bedroom to try to rest for a while. Salander??s clothes were cut away. There was the morning memo.

and finally the preliminary investigation leader. Which she should not have done. Instinctual. and she discovered that some S?po activists are running illegal telephone taps and breaking into my apartment and stealing things. But a piece of lead inside her brain was a trauma of a wholly different magnitude.S.??s department of Counter-Espionage in a quite different case. She needed a weapon. Wadensj?? stared in disbelief when Gullberg returned at 2. He spent fifteen minutes walking down the alleys and boulevards around Mosebacke before he headed for Fiskargatan 9. That??s just about the riskiest thing we could do. took out the stylus and began to tap on the letters on the digital keypad. but I do not have any details to pass on to you. ??Get back into bed at once. a nurse came in and helped Salander with a bedpan.?? ??So now you know the lay of the land. and that was followed by a spate of disparaging remarks about Wasp??s mental abilities. and F. It was a mess. I gave her Dexofen. He was obviously closely connected with the development of events. ??So the Zalachenko club is somewhere in this building.

??Dag??s book went to the printer yesterday.30 this morning. and turned on the T. ??And how long have you known about this??? ??Since today.?? ??O. Blomkvist concluded that he was under surveillance. The problem was that she did not know what she should do. about half a mile further down the road.?? ??I don??t have any better suggestions. and other such drivel. Sonja Modig was closer to police headquarters than Bublanski had thought. and they lack credibility. It was as if everything outside the Section were sacred. But that leads us to the second part ?C damage control. Lisbeth Salander is not psychotic. Then he placed his hands gently around her neck and turned her head back and forth and to the sides a few times. Milton will send cars out here. unfortunately.?? ??I see. Palme had accordingly been one of the first subjects that Gullberg discussed with him during the long debriefing. Power Struggle for S?po by Erik Magnusson.?? Modig said.

??Forceps. The Prime Minister gave him a sharp look. and ate a late but nutritious dinner. ??How long do I have to lie here like this??? ??You mean in the hospital? It will be at the least a couple of weeks before we can let you go.?? Jonasson looked intently at Dr Teleborian for ten seconds before he said: ??I won??t argue a diagnosis with you. Plague gave her the U. A defector of Zalachenko??s status would have to be handled with the utmost secrecy. is Niedermann still hiding out somewhere in Sweden?; two. and in his teens he was a skinhead. I repeat. Then it vanished from his field of view and he heard the engine slowing to land.iv Zalachenko had been awake for eight hours when Inspectors Modig and Erlander came to his room at 7. or a fourteen-year-old boy whose left lung had been pierced by a screwdriver. He walked rapidly into the ticket hall. When they had finished there was a long silence around the table. and he in turn went to the Prime Minister. I recognize you. She opened the email: YOU THINK THAT BORGSJ? CAN SAVE YOU. the balcony at the back. ??You certainly have a way with headlines. but Paulsson was not interested. But you??re going to owe me one.

Jerker. but he looked much older. He pushed away the sheet of paper with the nine succinct points that Berger had presented at the weekly meeting of the budget committee. I??ll show you the way. She complained of severe headaches and developed a fever that has been fluctuating up and down. The problem. ??Kurdo Baksi sends his greetings. The shard of glass had penetrated so deeply that the bleeding would not stop. but she knew that calm discussions and friendly reprimands did not work. And the likelihood of my getting one in this people??s republic is pretty slim.?? Salander said breathlessly.?? ??That??s right. She heaved a sigh of relief when Berger closed her bedroom door. mug. Sandberg looked at Zalachenko for a moment. He went back to the cabin as fast as his aching back would permit. and the car was empty.30 in the afternoon. Even if it was only a ten-minute walk. ??And there??s going to be war when we publish it.?? ??I did not say there was no rush. or unfeminine??? ??No.

The magazine suddenly felt foreign.?? ??No need to apologize. at least. Henry. Bublanski says that you??re a shameless journalist bastard and an insane private investigator. he opened the door to the room next to Salander??s. How do I know I can trust you??? ??There??s a report from 1991 that Blomkvist discovered ???? ??I know about it. Her eyes narrowed. I don??t think I need to remind you who I am. Then he logged on to the media archive and picked out several of the articles on which Olsson??s report was based. From her bed at Sahlgrenska she could now reach the entire world.?? ??But I have to remind you right from the start that I??m not a criminal lawyer. It doesn??t matter how hard Annika works for you. An A. Naturally I??d want to assist my colleagues in the police force. during the time when the impeccably mannered Georg Thulin was head of the third division of S?po. We have routines here at S. was possibly that in his day there was nobody who would have come up with the wild idea of ordering raw fish.?? Blomkvist breathed more easily. None of it is directed at you. Borgsj? is going to be fired. M?rtensson had left too.

Then Modig leaned forward and said in a low voice. whatever happened. Blomkvist had come into the building via the garage. At the same time it could be interpreted as the Prime Minister giving his approval to the establishment of a body that would also monitor particularly sensitive individuals outside S. ??We??ve borrowed the place for tonight??s meeting. since Giannini left for G?teborg this morning. and that won??t be until August. Who is he??? ??We have photographs. She radiated a cheerful confidence. ??Fine. of course. The government has the power to adopt a wide range of measures in the event that breaches of the constitution are threatened. and replenished the cart with plastic bags for the wastepaper baskets. after the male soldiers were all slaughtered in a far-reaching genocide.?? ??Presumably in normal circumstances you would be doing everything you could to keep journalists away from a meeting like this. Erlander cleared his throat. ??And??? ??You??ll have to find out for yourselves where it is.G. it was surely pretty obvious that Salander was insane. ??Blomkvist. ??My name is Karl Axel Bodin. the fire had been started deliberately by a young girl.

To do that I have to have something to work with. As far as I??m concerned you have absolute credibility.B. I believe. He remembered the whole thing as having been very unpleasant. Maybe he??ll talk.00 last night.00 p. I need you to confirm that this would be your intention. The picture was from her old byline at Millennium and could be downloaded off the Net. and a murderer.?? ??Beatrice. such a revelation would be a political disaster for the Prime Minister. at least several million kronor annually I??d say.?? ??Hmm. ??I don??t know what the restaurants are like in S?der. Today??s message contained no text.. In that case I should say how grateful I am that you and your colleagues are willing to facilitate matters for me. It had been two days now since the break-in. You don??t need any more weeks of rehab. It took twenty minutes to find the address where Idris Ghidi lived.

O. promises of future assignments. ??Give us a written order and the authority we need. I??m terribly.P. ??Good. The movie they had playfully made was definitely not for general release. If it happens again I??m going to relieve you of your job as news editor.I. ??Mikael isn??t here today. And you can??t use any of that material at the trial. Then the efficient chaos. She waved him away. They copied their bronze breastplates and armour from the Greeks. to change the time of a meeting or something like that??? ??I had a number to call.M. who only meant to saw a few planks with their Black & Deckers and in some mysterious way managed to slice right into their wrist-bones. We??d be sent down so fast it??d make your head spin. Odd. that??s gratitude for you. ??Congrats. in corridor 11C.

H. ??Lisbeth Salander. But that??s not why you came.?? he said. I??d really like to read the infamous report. ??Within these four walls. He asked if he would be able to visit her. and her group was now down from forty-eight to eighteen since her latest cut. The damaging thing was not that his company. we have a journalistic responsibility. It was a brief report. but I think he??s honest. feeling stressed. She could tell from Salander??s reaction that something deadly was in the offing. ??Mikael isn??t here today. who had evidently stayed at Berger??s house the night before and who had emailed a report late that night. The organization??s final name became ??the Section for Special Analysis. She sat on the edge of the bed and tried Cortez next and then Eriksson. things look good. ??First of all.. He was on leave of absence from the Section for two years in the ??80s when he worked as intelligence attach??.

I spy on them.M. ??My name is Benny Svantesson. ??He??s the one running the Section today. ??You could say it was my fault. a narrow-brimmed.?? ??I??m in the hall with a wardrobe and hat-rack on my right.?? He tapped on the screen with a pen. How about you? Why did you become a journalist??? ??Because there are institutions like S?po that lack parliamentary oversight and which have to be exposed from time to time.?? ??So if the balloon goes up.?? ??Yes. I gather that there was a very considerable difference of opinion between Faste and Bublanski.?? ??Falsifications??? ??I think that??s the only appropriate description. What can I tell him??? ??Two days ago I was ready to approve a discharge. She went so far as to obscure some obvious evidence and instead moved on to the next link in the chain of events. for using child labour.?? ??O. The person who bears this letter is working unofficially and has my trust. But now I have to be careful that the muscles don??t turn to fat. ??That was my first thought too. but you weren??t very hard to convince. Contact with the Net.

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