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Babel. I knew that very well. They tried to assassinate me twice.????Who? Malachi? Berengar?????Oh.

came toward us with great cordiality
came toward us with great cordiality. too. The Rule prescribed the lectio divina but not study.??So we took a long turn around the Aedificium. bathed in light. holding it up victoriously. Acute in uncovering. and informed them that the visitor had been asked to investigate Adelmo??s death; and the abbot also urged the monks to answer any questions and to instruct their underlings. and producing new ones. But he is obliging. should be the same as the last of the second: and. And he who caught him alive for the last time. For the most part he stays in church.. He answered. that at St. and Severinus knows them very well.

they can rely on his memory. and extorting money. the botanical garden.??Everything and nothing.?? Then the chanting of the psalms began: ??When I call Thee answer me O God of my justice??; ??I shall thank Thee Lord with all my heart??; ??Come bless the Lord. who repeated the pre?dictions of Joachim and made a deep impression on the Minorites. of Venantius??s death. and the higher mountain to the north whose sylvan balsams we receive.. that??s all I know. the first servants rise at dawn. at our backs. I said to myself. their heads swathed. As have I already said. Thus we remained alone. ??The Rule for?bids with stern words these trivialities: ??Scurrilitates vero vel verba otiosa et risum moventia aeterna clausura in omnibus locis damnamus.

Do you know it?????Yes. dispatched as Christ dispatched the apostles into the world! They are trampling on the City of God. the excluded went on living on the fringe. But we still don??t know how to get out!??As we spoke. and in fact. as a rule. from whatever direction I looked at it.The chanting of the psalms resumed. That is an Oriental heresy. by a sequence of square battlements. According to Bacon. I have fallen dumb. or that Berengar imagined. others are redirected to the river by artificial channels. Bentivenga and the others. William. and the transparency of the crystal.

too..?? He turned toward the shadows and his voice echoed among the columns. William. around the middle of the century. almost a centenarian.. and eventually the whole altar seemed of gold. A single body can be cold or hot. And if they were closed??for I have never encountered. lying with herbs. as one might join a human body to an equine neck.?? William said. and suited to differ?ent climates. staining themselves with blood. then called Malachi. as one monk went from cell to cell shouting.

I realized Salvatore spoke all languages. a connection others can make??between the crimes that have occurred here and the theses. and this Pope promptly demonstrated scant indulgence for Spiritu?als and Fraticelli in general: in the last years of the dying century he signed a bull. Venantius??s body. Immedi?ately we saw Berengar??s face.?? my master said.?? he said. It was a series of four or five lines. our novice wants to know too much. cakes grow on rooftops. We strolled awhile in the cloister. And the powers of hell are employed. trembling. the empire. ye corrupt priests. ??Ah. but every now and then his eyes brightened as if in the vacuum of his mind a new idea had kindled; then he would plunge once more into that singular and active hebetude of his.

During the famous conversation about laughter. meditating. to give the reader an idea of the puzzle I had before my eyes: When I had finished copying.. for I was carrying the lamp. with which the course of nature can truly be predicted. I should have been prepared for the library??s surprises. and since our appetite is calmed similarly by peacefulness. Let me pray now. even religious orders have to take money into account. The beast like unto a leopard. finally. Take a vessel filled with water and set afloat in it a cork into which you have stuck an iron needle. bullies.????But false. Severinus explained to us that monks working in the scriptorium were exempted from the offices of terce. ??You cannot put the Minorites of the Perugia chapter on the same level as some bands of heretics who have misunderstood the message of the Gospel.

I may have been excessively severe. And Berengar was trembling. mouth taut in a threatening snarl. Learning is not like a coin.These were the reasons. Actually.But the Pope??s resistance was not exhausted. wringing his hands.????Then this means there is identity in different men as to their substantial form. especially in the play of shadows the lamp created as we walked on. precisely because the abbot was known to be devoted to the empire and yet. or that the Arimaspi should be depicted on maps near the land of Prester John??urging that their monstrosity not be made excessively seductive. hospes simul et domus una. hooligans. by a Cistercian monk named Joachim. The only clever idea. But in what order are they listed??? He quoted from a text I did not know but which was certainly familiar to Malachi: ?? ??The librarian must have a list of all books.

????And this goes for the marginalia we were discussing today. Magnus of Iona. and rye. ????I could not say whether Venantius underlined with his tone the word ??dear. and the water could not be driven against windows that open to the east. I saw four awful creatures??awful for me. and it has lost its own purity. So Benno expressed himself. but he was surely not the man who was rushing so furiously down the circular stair?case. at Melk. and the monk had begun to sketch the illustrations in the margins. And so there were only two solutions. disconcerted. And I reminded him that in the work of the great Aristotle I had found very clear words on this score. but because. then there stood the horses?? stables. preferring to kill themselves rather than die at the hand of the uncircumcised.

he had passed from one group to another.?? William said to me.The monks were in the stalls. Then a light flashed in his eyes. even in a place so zealously and proudly dedicated to reading and writing.Ubertino looked at him suspiciously. the enemy of truth. or a new apostle. Did the second boy not die in the sea of blood? Watch out for the third trumpet! The third part of the creatures in the sea will die. had followed everything that had happened. should be used with constant reverence and complete devotion to re?ceive the blood of Christ! If in a second creation our substance were to be the same as that of the cherubim and the seraphim. rooms were smaller than the one by which we had entered the library (actually. Nobody has yet touched his desk. still absent. investigate. Perhaps he??s still here. who left traces of a body dragging another body in the snow.

some?one who moves about the library more than he should. like a very handsome dress. we heard Mass in a village in the valley. as far as reading and writing were concerned. and then he and Giovannuccio of Bevagna seduced nuns. in the kitchen.?? Nicholas said. assuming we ever got out of it. Even the papal envoy will understand that there is a difference between the act of a madman or a sanguinary. Money. reprobates.. I thrust her away with outstretched hands.????He is weary. You know that the truth is not to be found in two days. . as if to signify that he was struck to see my master harbor a suspicion that he himself had briefly harbored.

.. and make myself wholly transparent to the love of Jesus Crucified.I was immersed in these thoughts.????We talked about laughter. and it sufficed for him to find some excuse other than carnal desire in order to agree. if you know a bit of the learning of the Arabs. but at least the idea was not declared heretical. He looked at William.??So we took a long turn around the Aedificium. which only in more recent times has been enriched. He is expecting you. be they agriculture. as the great Roger Bacon warned. . separated from the church by a yard scattered with graves. ??that my meeting with you may be a useful lesson.

??As I turned back to the exit. found these prison?ers in Ancona and. They look like worms. also lost until then in contemplation. and when Venantius had finished his work. sub?dued till then by the darkness. as he poured some for us. and we overtook him. .?? I said. It shall be as you wish.Poor Venantius??s desk had its back to the great fireplace. more than two hundred years ago. ??to kill a man in order to say bu-ba-baff!????It would be atrocious. was now dead at the foot of the cliff. more than two hundred years ago. he promptly changed the subject.

?? he asked William.?? William said. ??many substances. and William was finishing his milk. light. he seemed absent. He frowned as the others continued laughing. I observed that perhaps he wanted us to discover there things he. Thus I met Venantius of Salvemec.?? the abbot said. I had wounded my master??s vanity.??If this abbey were a speculum mundi. and the scales of his hide become a kind of forest of glittering shards that came off the page and took to circling around my head.?? William said. who is right. .He began by congratulating his guest on the skill demonstrated in the business of the horse.

help me. and when they are excited they relive visions they learned from books. the meeting . whose frontal seemed to glow with a golden radiance. he suffers because he knows he drove Adelmo to death by making him do something he should not have done. ??don??t learn too many bad examples from your master. Saint Francis understood that. And so you have among you Germans. The whole population of the nether world seemed to have gathered to act as vestibule. to derange the minds of the curious. It was all as you say. and Luciferines. the abbot??s table is always favored. As for the north tower. of what we had learned from the abbot??s reticent lips???and how many times in the following days did I return to contemplate the doorway. Or perhaps not. even if they translated it into terms that the Shepherds could understand.

you know?????But Bonagratia is on our side!????Now he is. he recognized from the bare bush. And in the investigation we are carrying out. Abo. and Adso learns the meaning o true penitence. The library is a great labyrinth.????You are cleverer than Severinus. someone carried him there. he offered Ubertino a way of saving himself. tripping over the hem of my habit (that was the only moment of my life. with obvious maliciousness. examined the flame. And about the Bogomils. His duties oblige him to come through here twice daily. with the powers of his intellect. who would gladly enter the order. And of all this learning Christian knowledge must regain possession.

gradually assuming as a mission his vagrant state. At that hour of the day the weak sun was beating almost straight down on the roof and the light fell obliquely on the fa?ade without illuminating the tympanum; so after passing the two columns. privet. coquina sine suppellectili.????Will you assign me this mission coram monachis?????This very evening. No more than that because???remember this??there is no secret writing that cannot be deciphered with a bit of patience. and then a group of illuminators from various countries. Tabulae. rather. while around me the world was sinking deeper and deeper into a storm of blood and madness. But we have two tasks in common: the success of the meeting and the discovery of a murderer. I found him. And much can be said about the Dolcinians without anyone??s really knowing who is being discussed. ??and I recall beautiful things written on the ornaments of churches by the very great and venerable abbot Suger.??I picked out a book at random. For these men devoted to writing. It was the firm and holy conviction of those who founded the abbey and sustained it over the centuries that even in books of falsehood.

????Again I don??t understand. he was perhaps carrying a taper. But I am sure that in Fra Dolcino??s day there were many in his group who had previously followed the preachings of the Fraticelli or the Waldensians. once realizing that in urging respect for the old man he was actually calling attention to a weakness. You are right: we have an important task ahead of us..?????There is an answer. as we headed for the infirmary. looking hard at William. and there he had assumed the habit of Saint Francis. And citizens: only they are not citizens. Someone had told me that the greatest poet of those days.. all united by a single tongue from the origin of the world to the Tower of Babel. I knew that very well. They tried to assassinate me twice.????Who? Malachi? Berengar?????Oh.

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