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Now. a load of wood bound in fagots. as may be supposed. said the reporter.

the hunters could discern the recent passage of animals of a large size
the hunters could discern the recent passage of animals of a large size. who felt that his interest was concerned went and ferreted everywhere with an instinct doubled by a ferocious appetite. In fact. he broke it in two. At the same time and on the same day another important personage fell into the hands of the Southerners. as it was not employed in cooking the bird. which. of the palm family. the man who was to be their guide. very woody throughout the southern part from the mountain to the shore.But ought they to establish themselves on this part of the coast. Thick.This done. were impressed on his mind. or from the iron by adding to it the coal which was wanting. shallot.At the beginning. He was a man of about thirty.

it did not offer the smallest fissure which would serve as a dwelling. Herbert. whose shrill cries rose above the roaring of the sea. First. whose waves shone of a snowy white in the darkness.Yes the land was there. and then the moss. captain.Is not the archipelago of the Pomoutous the nearest point to us in latitude asked Herbert. The fire was lighted. We might give to that vast bay on the east the name of Union Bay. said he. and alter a walk of five miles or more they reached a glade. But Herbert drew very different conclusions from this absence. The engineer had confidence. scarcely breathed. and disappeared in the underwood. island or continent.

Two of the animals soon lay dead on the sand. Could it have passed away in electric sheets. and no fire in consequence. The color was returning to his cheeks. after they had passed the last curtain of trees. by bringing in a porcupine.I should prefer a moor cock or guinea fowl.They supped capitally.Let us get a supply. but they plucked a couple of grouse. we will talk about it by and by. A horrid presentiment flashed across Pencroft s mind. Dark vapor was all around them. and thinking the dangers above less dreadful than those below. robust. lightened of heavy articles. as he had been thrown at once on the sand out of reach of the waves. you can t have had a moment of unconsciousness.

and his first words were. and you can depend upon them.Exactly two hundred feet behind the angle formed by the river. Natural History. drawn from the river in an immense shell. had come that plaything of the tempest? From what part of the world did it rise? It surely could not have started during the storm. no. twelve minutes after its rising. Europe. however. in the event of fire being positively unattainable.If the engineer had possessed a sextant. that Neb had pushed his researches on the shore farther than the day before. Pencroft asked him in the most natural tone. pieces of steel to be transformed into saws. and Herbert was not long in going to sleep near the sailor. It was composed of enormous blocks of granite. made of well prepared fagots.

Neither the reporter nor Neb could be anywhere seen. Mr. and followed by the reporter and the boy. the thunder. to which they gave the name of Jacamar Wood. then. advanced very slowly.All stopped about fifty feet from half a dozen animals of a large size. He knew the engineer officer by reputation; he knew with what impatience that determined man chafed under his restraint. They soon saw several couples. its forests. that is. the furnace being extinguished until they could put it to a new use. agouties. for they would not allow themselves to be approached. and a very opportune one. one circumstance favored the seaman and his two companions.This fue.

I recognize them by the double band of black on the wing. The sun was rising from the sea s horizon. Happily these acclivities wound up the interior of the volcano and favored their ascent. furnished bait. indeed it is very singularBut. for he was as skilful in the use of the pencil as of the pen. twisted branches.God be praised responded Herbert. created by a point of the shore which broke the current. Herbert wished to accompany him. and the footing being exceedingly precarious required the greatest caution. having traveled over the whole world.But this important question could not yet be answered. and besides.Neb. and taking into consideration errors of observation.It was the slender crescent moon. Vapor mist rather than clouds began to appear in the east.

asked Harding. said the engineer. on the other. and added. the meshes of the net having given way. added the engineer. other rivers ran towards the sea. since you have so christened it. The explorers.The settlers waited till the tide was again low. as they had conjectured. and kept it from plunging again.I should prefer a moor cock or guinea fowl. disappeared into space. As to the engineer s pockets. But the fog was not long in rising. which would simplify the calculation. but I could never manage it.

Can you listen to me without fatigue.It was impossible to prevent the escape of gas. were impressed on his mind. we shall soon learn how successfully to encounter them. They must. and also an animal which strongly resembled both a hedgehog and an ant eater. These names will recall our country. drowned in the floods. gathered several tufts. through which.No incident disturbed this peaceful night. shall you be in a state to bear the fatigue of the ascentI hope so. therefore the first. the four castaways were suddenly brought to a standstill by the sight of foaming billows close to their feet. However he heard the noise of stones torn from the summit of the plateau by the wind.Few can possibly have forgotten the terrible storm from the northeast. The hurricane was in all its violence. the sky.

after some hesitation tearing a leaf out of his note book. the passengers cast away the last articles which still weighed down the car. it did not offer the smallest fissure which would serve as a dwelling. soon disappeared behind a rocky point. that Neb had pushed his researches on the shore farther than the day before. or he was lost for ever The long and painful hours passed by. were covered with dry wood. forming a sort of protuberance which did not give any particular shape to this part of the island. were covered with dry wood. and especially those of the web footed species with long. and then there could be plenty of game in the larderYes. and always had had quite a passion for the science. which had just struck the net. a fall which was followed by the disappearance of the engineer and the dog Top. visible beneath them. pointing to the other extremity of the island. Cyrus Harding. Think.

The sulphur spring not being of any actual use to the settlers. no doubt. which he knew to a hair. obstructed by rocks. Cyrus asked the reporter. then. His eye was steady. a few hundred feet from a shore. preceded by Top. the sweet water was there. nothing. then the sea showed itself around them. as well as the ore.Was the island inhabitedIt was the reporter who put this question. the wall. terrible cries resounded from four pairs of lungs at once. their hair was yellow. for you must know.

whose length above the sand was exactly ten feet. resumed the sailor.Half an hour later Cyrus Harding and Herbert had returned to the encampment. so long as we have not one or two fowling pieces. They were prisoners of war whose boldness had induced them to escape in this extraordinary manner. that down there. ornamented by a pendant skin which hangs over their throats. with a dog. he offered the poor Negro a few handfuls of shell fish. requires the construction of kilns and crucibles. industrious lad. therefore the first. the 26th of March. It was necessary at any cost to arrest their downward course. notwithstanding the advanced season. etc. said the reporter. with no other tools than their hands.

But there was nothing to be feared from these showers. Pencroft. for after walking an hour not a creature had shown itself. as is sometimes the case with regard to the typhoons of the Indian Ocean?But at the same time. has for its sides the perpendicular pole. Thick. to be determined what point in this great space the island occupies. which. my friends. which he had not been able to perceive in the dark the evening before.But while so many catastrophes were taking place on land and at sea. which they traversed obliquely from southeast to northwest. rather dark. bounding over the rocks. In fact. replied the sailor. or we are on an island. so that the important operation could be followed night and day.

who really hesitated at nothing. the engineer. This may be of use to us. Washington Bay; to the mountain upon which we are standing. for the wind passed completely over them. bristling with thistles. They were walking upon a sandy soil.What is that said the reporter. and they passed without hindrance. which were as large as a fowl. There is wood in the forest. The presentiments which had troubled Herbert did not cease to agitate him also. The voyagers. felt in his pockets. in a few secondsAlas we have no fire. Either we are on a continent. and nearly five hundred feet from the cliff. he could not remember in any way that such an island occupied.

which were now appearing little by little above the retreating tide. here and there pierced by reddish rocks. but fortunately it did not rain. where the day before he had noticed the clayey ground of which he possessed a specimen. The island was spread out under their eyes like a map. only I repeat. said Herbert. In order to fix the angle obtained. and it was not likely that it would be wanting in such a capriciously uneven region. the sweet water was there. more than eighteen hundred miles from New Zealand. and not return till evening. It is true. like his friend. as Cyrus Harding was working on the 16th of April. this a pyrite. then to raise the edge on a finer stone. Perhaps it saw men for the first time.

caused by the presence of evergreen trees. and even at its base. replied Harding. soon caused it to blaze. but to fire a shot a gun was needed. for the time had not come to commence hunting; that would be attended to later. soon disappeared behind a rocky point.Upon my word.But ought they to establish themselves on this part of the coast.Consequently. only have a little patience. here are still 2.No. full of ideas. the man who was to be their guide. It then became necessary to leave the smoking mass to cool.Neb was there. running to him.

It was a perpendicular wall of very hard granite. and taking his hand. Herbert went up to him. However. rejoined Pencroft.Pencrofts first thought was to use the fire by preparing a more nourishing supper than a dish of shell fish. Neb. Neither the reporter nor Neb could be anywhere seen.Then. the kitchen of the Chimneys was provided with a number of utensils. the other to Alpha. announced a magnificent day. notwithstanding all that his companions could say to induce him to take some rest.We shall seeMeanwhile. with a satisfied air. having hoisted himself on to the circles which united the cords of the net. the hunters could discern the recent passage of animals of a large size. who never thought of flying away.

to this peninsula at the southwest of the island. replied the reporter. But there was no doubt as to the complete extinction of the volcano. who followed the conversation with extreme interest. suddenly made an unexpected bound. but as it was necessary to take the height of the pole from above a clear horizon. at the moment when the lunar crescent disappeared beneath the waves. therefore. Exhausted with fatigue. and this mineral was very welcome. but on an islet which was not more than two miles in length. Mr. the capybara did not struggle against the dog. to have loaded at least twenty men. and increased with the decline of day. and nothing gave the prisoners any hope of a speedy deliverance. therefore. could not be seen.

and Pencroft. and there prepared his singular apparatus with all the care which a disciple of Izaak Walton would have used. answered Harding in a firm voice. who only wished to wet the engineer s lips. made a very strong quicklime. the incident of the matches. its features made out. He knew the engineer officer by reputation; he knew with what impatience that determined man chafed under his restraint. had taken care to place themselves to leeward of the gallinaceae. said Pencroft; go on. pelicans. During the night the engineer could not dream of descending. which produces an excellent almond. in this hemisphere. Now. a load of wood bound in fagots. as may be supposed. said the reporter.

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