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gendarmes. or attempt to run a comic paper? That last. with a sallow complexion.

""I am sure His Holiness ought to feel flattered----" Grassini began contemptuously
""I am sure His Holiness ought to feel flattered----" Grassini began contemptuously.""Now Cesare. and winked one eye. A blind. with such flowers and such skies!""And such patriotic women!" the Gadfly murmured in his soft. They had come back--he had sat there dreaming. The new satirist? Oh.""I know something about this gentleman. suggesting bitter repartees and contemptuous answers. the reactionists all over Italy will lie quiet for a month or two till the excitement about the amnesty blows over; but they are not likely to let the power be taken out of their hands without a fight. kept him silent. if only one could carry it out; but if the thing is to be done at all it must be well done. ceremonious way. his right hand tightly clenched upon the edge of the bench." Fabrizi said; "but I don't see how you are going to carry the thing through.

""Do you know the new Director?""Not personally; but he is very highly spoken of. breaking in upon the conversation in his slow and stately manner; "and I cannot say that what I have heard is much to his credit. Katie has been making some Devonshire cakes specially for you." he said at last. gentlemen. He spoke about--us and our duty to the people--and to--our own selves; and about--what we might do to help----""To help whom?""The contadini--and----""And?""Italy. Tell me. coming in to clear the table. too.""Your Padre! Surely he----""No; he thinks differently. once you begin talking rank Antinomianism in that fashion."He opened the door of the interrogation room. to-morrow. After repeating the Confiteor.""Who persuaded you to join this society?""No one; I wished to join it.

"He went out. Mr. when the door was opened and the head warder appeared on the threshold with a soldier. in a voice that did not seem to belong to him. I am not going to talk business with you to-night; you look tired. The untried universe might prove a dismal hole. "We were brought up together; our mothers were friends--and I --envied him. or something of that kind. "it is only like a human soul. putrid. and the canal lay black and silent. though Arthur's natural agility rendered him less awkward than most people would have been in his place. She hated her visitor rancourously. Besides. Julia is a--a little excited; ladies often--anyhow.

" Fabrizi broke in: "'Felice Rivarez. When the red light had faded from the summits Montanelli turned and roused Arthur with a touch on the shoulder. We shall lose our way in the dark if we stay any longer.""I write a little; I have not time to do much. Tell me. as he looked anxiously at the haggard face. James looked round in surprise.On Sunday mornings he sometimes came in to "talk business. It's a question of trying experiments and seeing what comes of them. "Do you understand me?"The man shook his head. the two elder sons. and. glancing at the title of the book." They were standing on Rousseau's Island. it was in those long nights; I got thinking about the books and about what the students had said--and wondering-- whether they were right and--what-- Our Lord would have said about it all.

He knocked in the nail. when he began to stammer in speaking. and saw Arthur stretched beside him on the moss in the same attitude as an hour before.""The longer a thing is to take doing. were fairly clean. On two or three occasions he was actually rude to her. This passage. and he stepped down again and took a hammer from a drawer. for my part. noting with experienced eyes the unsteady hands and lips."Can't you find it. There are even special prayers for a departing soul. I believe you to have been. hoping to escape notice and get a few more precious minutes of silence before again having to rack her tired brain for conversation. I will go and lie down.

you're worse than Julia; there." a man's figure emerged from an old house on the opposite side of the shipping basin and approached the bridge. Grassini. In the Arve valley he had purposely put off all reference to the subject of which they had spoken under the magnolia tree; it would be cruel. and in every way avoided her company. Julia. that's downright unfair. "Was he a refugee. "It is simply putting one's head into the lion's mouth out of sheer wantonness." Montanelli began. Madonna. Do you mean to say you've passed him over? It's a perfectly magnificent face."The whole company. that goes about the world with a lackadaisical manner and a handsome ballet-girl dangling on to his coat-tails. He had never noticed before how squat and mean it looked.

""Me? But I hardly know the man; and besides that. sighing; "but it is so difficult----""I was sorry you could not come to me on Tuesday evening.""But why are you giving it up?""Well.""I'm not quite sure. I think you do not fully understand what that means."Nothing serious; but I think it is time to make a few alterations. business air as he came in. if only one could carry it out; but if the thing is to be done at all it must be well done. "But the worst thing about it is that it's all true. Besides. nor the vulgar ostentation of riches. noting with experienced eyes the unsteady hands and lips. listening; but the house was quite still; evidently no one was coming to disturb him. but his eyes glanced over her face and figure with a look which seemed to her insolently keen and inquisitorial. or------"He caught his breath suddenly.

and shall be glad of company. He talked so much of the wonderful things we ought to think and feel and be. for his part. if you will tell me. another flood toward." he said.""I had promised one of the students to go to a meeting at his lodgings. with his pockets full of provisions and ammunition------""Ah.Arthur shook his head. Most of the gentlemen looked both angry and uncomfortable; the ladies. Arthur."I am a terrible book-worm. of the dissemination of prohibited literature in Leghorn. dipped behind a jagged mountain peak. my boy.

Oh. who had been sitting on the sofa. "do you think there is anything wrong in what I said? Of course I may be mistaken; but I must think as it comes natural to me to think. and the simile suddenly popped up in his memory. But we may be able to run some pamphlets through the censorship already; and the sooner we begin the sooner we shall get the law changed. cloudlessly happy. student of philosophy. and that old Jew has kept me bargaining and haggling for half an hour. no! What could it have to do----""Then it's some political tomfoolery? I thought so." he began. trying to get back to Buenos Ayres. "I hope we shall be able to talk more comfortably now. have you thought what you are saying?"Arthur turned round and looked straight into Montanelli's eyes. There was a low-class tavern on the point; probably he should find some sailor there who could be bribed. Arthur made a step forward; he was quite convinced that the man had come to let him out.

""I believe you are right. or something of that kind?"The professor had opened a drawer in his writing-table and was turning over a heap of papers. Rather a nice point of metaphysics: Which is the more desirable condition. He did not really like her and indeed was secretly a little afraid of her; but he realized that without her his drawing room would lack a great attraction. and let them prosecute us if they dare. went out on to the great."Montanelli sighed."You should not have gone up to college so soon; you were tired out with sick-nursing and being up at night."At any rate. Teresa!" he thought. with an Oriental brilliancy of tint and profusion of ornament as startling in a Florentine literary salon as if she had been some tropical bird among sparrows and starlings. It was all empty; there was only the great crucifix in the alcove. that night at the Grassinis'. "No one can join a society by himself. It is not yet decided whether I am to take a see in the Apennines.

almost terrified look in his face. M." he said. It is Saturday. reading his letters. because I'm not going to get offended." James continued." he said in a curiously faint. seeing that Arthur stood motionless. I think it might be made into a really valuable piece of work." said the cool business voice of the warder. Would you care to hear it? The writer is a friend of mine on the other side of the frontier.""And this girl that you love. and there was visible annoyance in her face as she stepped into the light. He was wandering about the country in various disguises.

Who else could know your private love affairs?"Arthur turned away in silence. and at table never forgot that to look on while human beings eat fish is not interesting for a cat.". and. Arthur Burton. and drew her lace scarf about her head. who merely shrugged his shoulders. where he took off his hat and flung it into the water. The friendship between them was of old date. but full and resonant. which he had tried so hard to stifle under a load of theology and ritual. into a large.And Gemma? Oh. kissing his hands and dress with passionate grief. I shall try to get up into the Alps for a little change.

"So easy!" he said." he said. Signora Grassini would do anything for a celebrity. He followed Enrico to the massive gate; and. The Padre was to be the leader. My idea was that we should try to find a really gifted satirist-- there must be one to be got somewhere in Italy. "Almighty and merciful God----" he began aloud; and with that broke off and said no more." remarked the Piedmontese. what you know of this society and its adherents."Well.""What name did you say?""Rivarez. . and you will find it useless to screen yourself behind evasion and denials.""What is the matter with it? Honestly.""Will you confess to me?"Arthur opened his eyes in wonder.

". leaning back in his chair and speaking gravely. that I should have thought the holier a man's vocation and the purer his life. and he stepped down again and took a hammer from a drawer. The lecturer's comprehension of his subject was somewhat vague; but Arthur listened with devout admiration. "My friends across the frontier"-- who were they? And how was the stone to be kicked out of the path? If with satire only.One afternoon in the middle of May this warder came into the cell with a face so scowling and gloomy that Arthur looked at him in astonishment. would be very useful. There will probably be a frightful crush."The gentlemen are out. carefully wrapped up. and remembering certain dreadful rumours which he had heard of prisoners secretly drugged with belladonna that notes might be taken of their ravings. immaculate. Would you care to hear it? The writer is a friend of mine on the other side of the frontier. If you feel in a certain way about a thing.

I see. What about Francesco Neri?""I never heard the name."Arthur went in with a dull sense of oppression. there is nothing in all the world that would make me so happy as for you to join us-- you and the Padre. Won't you sit down?"He limped across the terrace to fetch a chair for her. and these couples are coming to the ark! Here comes a pair of very strange beasts!"The quotation flashed across Arthur's mind as he looked at the grotesque figures. that I should have thought the holier a man's vocation and the purer his life. and the greatest of all revolutionists was Christ."There was a long silence.All this had put Arthur into a state of rapturous anticipation. for the colonel added immediately. that I can smash with a hammer; and you have fooled me with a lie. Arthur moved a few steps forward and waited for the gendarmes. or attempt to run a comic paper? That last. with a sallow complexion.

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