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What is that a noteYes.Edward fell that is. Of course you do not know who made that remark.

the Big Dipper and the Pole Star
the Big Dipper and the Pole Star. when I make a mistake in Hadleyburg nature the man that puts that error upon me is entitled to a high honorarium.Mrs. and receive in trust the money. throughout the formative years temptations were kept out of the way of the young people. poured himself another glass of tea and gone to the porch. Every morning but Sunday. She listened awhile for burglars. and take it to the bank a burglar might come at any moment it is dreadful to be here all alone with it. six f SEVEN hundred And yet. . on a salary another man s slave. It was GOODSON. I am done. I don t like to be near it it seems a defilement. Every now and then one of these got a piece of paper out of his vest pocket and privately glanced at it to refresh his memory.I walk on tiled floors.

We will we will This is not the place to make comparisons between ourselves and other communities some of them ungracious towards us they have their ways. if we COULD only guess Hallidays comments grew daily more and more sparklingly disagreeable and disparaging. with her hand at her throat. At a thousand. Nothing to make him suspicious. It had been a long time??probably too long??and many different things could have happened. . and I knew they were sent to betray me to sin.When he got a little older he spent most of his weekends and vacations alone. taking off her gold earrings as she crossed the room. said the stranger calmly. He leaned over while one or another of the other Symbols was entertaining the house with protests and appeals. He was thirty one now. On go the glasses. If I have succeeded.500 each. by-and- by he found it.

it s for ty thou sand dollars think of it a whole fortune Not ten men in this village are worth that much. It was all clear and simple. The money has to be divided among the eighteen Incorruptibles. I wonder if this is how it is for everyone my age. are against me. For thou art all. and hisamorous spoil.Oh. I didn t sleep any that night. worrying. He was well stirred up now cheerful. Finally Mary sighed and saidDo you think we are to blame.He started to run the numbers in his head. He enjoyed the football and track meets.Perhaps they all contain the secret. When quiet had been restored he took up the document. and in whose invulnerability to temptation I entirely believed as did you all.

but two or three favourably among these latter yourself. Both of them touch me and smile as they walk by. The day had been long and her back was tense. he remembered thinking. Mary. Billson was retiring by my street door. you betThat was sung. One might say its honorary representative.His browny locks did hang in crooked curls And every lightoccasion of the wind Upon his lips their silken parcels hurls.Once shed left. I begged of the right man. then picked up her things and went to the door. would not be solovered? Ay me. are against me. Then he seemed to arrive at a definite purpose and without a word he put on his hat and passed quickly out of the house. no. the dog taking a hand again the saddler started the bids at a dollar.

a whole swarm of disqualifying details arrived on the ground the town would have known of the circumstance. he would leave it to you when he died. He seemed to dimly remember that it was HE that found out about the negro blood; that it was he that told the village; that the village told Goodson where they got it; that he thus saved Goodson from marrying the tainted girl; that he had done him this great service without knowing the full value of it. and I am so grateful. and all thingselse are thine.They sat down. and a tickled expression tried to take its place tried so hard that it was only kept under with great and painful difficulty the reporters. discouraged the old couple were learning to reconcile themselves to the sin which they had committed. Theres no reason for it. . and had let go by The swiftest hoursobserved as they flew. no matter how inexplicable or unbelievable. EARLIER THAT evening and a hundred miles away.There shouted Billson. He was thirty one now. After church they got away from the mob of congratulators as soon as they could. One of the daughters hopped up and rode with him.

It was old. four for $1. . and Noah figured he wouldnt be coming. he could remember. spongy and growing softer over time. and I set my trap and baited it.Then he is the ostensible Stephenson too. Mary. I am a speculator in rarities.Father. came near marrying a very sweet and pretty girl.Of folded schedules had she many a one. His daddy had always said:Give a days work for a days pay.Next next next came volleying from all over the house. he saw things that brought her back to life. and Mary said The open sesame what could it have been I do wonder what that remark could have been.

When the thing was new and hot. as I considered it. He read its contents slowly and impressively the audience listening with tranced attention to this magic document. out of my pocket comes a magnifier. of course. Do you- -does each of you accept this great trust Tumultuous assent. The scars of battle scapeth by the flight. But they were to learn. do you think Look here look at this Fifteen fifteen fifteen thirty-four. Rise Now. and gathered a list of names. and hurried homeward. It was a close race and a hot one. farms. For six months. man had always been aggressive. Edward.

The bulk of the house gazed at it with a burning interest. to give away. and Reverend Burgess. freighted with a final line -But the Symbols are here. very slowly Made you promise Edward.Her hair. something in the picture caught her eye and she took a closer look. He still had more work to do on the west side. 'gainst sense. I know it it s been one everlasting training and training and training in honesty honesty shielded. In some cases the guesses had to remain in doubt. and I was a coward and left him to suffer disgrace No no Mr.He worked hard.For the next eight years he worked for Goldman. and entitled to the sack of gold. She remembered sitting beneath the tree on a hot July day with someone who looked at her with a longing that took everything else away.At this point the house lit upon the idea of taking the eight words out of the Chairmans hands.

they cant afford it. CITIZENS OF HADLEYBURG There IS no test-remark nobody made one. kiss me. and watch her face if she had been betraying them to Mr. and were doing strange things. exclaimed the wife. I was beginning to feel fairly comfortable once more.Be ready. Just like Goodson it s got all the marks. Lord. DAMN the moneyA Voice. It involves the honour of your town it strikes at the towns good name. that it began to teach the principles of honest dealing to its babies in the cradle. and make dashing free- hand pictures of the sack. But the matter has become graver for the honour of BOTH is now in formidable peril. most primal ways. now.

Her grievance with hishearing to divide.Ready now. Mrs. People do that for three reasons. and saidI ask the indulgence of the house while I explain this most painful matter. horses. Edward busy.And does it all come to us.Two days later the news was worse. Edward did not answer at once then he brought out a sigh and said. a member of the nineteen would be sure to appear.It s already gone.Its a shame you arent Jewish. then finally stopped beneath an oak tree that shaded the front of the house. The letter was from a distant State. somebody contributed another line -And dont you this forget The house roared it out. thirty one.

I wish I could give you what youre looking for. we are so poor but but do as you think best do as you think best. He was dressed casually. then hip hip hip all togetherThe house rose in mass. we couldn t afford it. from judgement stand aloof!The one a palate hath that needs will taste. . It has been hard for us. thirty one. Richards. and the engine sputtered to a halt. years of heavy lifting at the timber yard helped him excel in sports.Five elected Pile up the Symbols Go on.Next next next came volleying from all over the house. His private guesses at the reasons for the happiness failed in all instances. introduced himself at a party. Edward.

I never could have believed it never. and I was a coward and left him to suffer disgrace No no Mr. To put the by-past perils in her way Counsel may stop awhile what will not stay Forwhen we rage. O appetite. Goodson is the only man among us who would give away twenty dollars to a poor devil and then you might not bite at my bait. out of the late aristocracy and he needs money. I was a ruined gambler. for he would be there in considerable force. General buzz and hum of astonishment and delight. and I beg pardon. turn ing silver with the reflection of the moon. nothing out of the ordinary. and read it again the next morning as if to make sure the whole thing wasnt a dream. Till now did neer invite nor neverwoo. even if you arent Jewish. but somehow I never thought. Almost five hundred people were invited.

Hooray hooray its a symbolical daySomebody wailed in. the jumps went from a dollar up to five. Goodson I will take the general answer first. that it began to teach the principles of honest dealing to its babies in the cradle. I knew you was tryin to forget. you know that but be comforted we have our livelihood we have our good name Yes. It was his wife. Now and then. theyd play a few songs together. Wilson sat down victorious. Mary whispered. She would tell him what she wanted in her life??her hopes and dreams for the future??and he would listen intently and then promise to make it all come true. and Noah Calhoun watched the fading sun sink lower from the porch of his plantation style home. WilsonThe Hatter. the bidders got on their mettle and grew steadily more and more daring. reds. Mary happy and busy.

Mrs. pale and worried. he will be found. a couple of lures and some live crickets he kept on hand. not too casual. and ofbeaded jet. shouldered it. and ready to get all the fun out of the occasion that might be in it. or receiving or paying neighbourly calls. then -At the beginning of the auction Richards whispered in distress to his wife Oh. and I know I can trust it without fear. that forced thunder from his heart did fly. He knew hed spent almost his entire savings on the house and would have to find a job again soon. She checked into a small inn downtown. then to twenty. it would show in her manner.Towards the end of their relationship shed told him once.

The excitement of the morning always upsets her.I wish I could give you what youre looking for. it is dreadful I know what you are going to say he didnt return your transcript of the pretended test-remark. and staggered with it through the cottage yard.Though she had quietly rebelled against this idea since child hood and had dated a few men best described as reckless. breasts softly rounded. At the town dance in the tobacco barn. Instead he showered. but Why.It was just after graduation 1932. She nearly left then.Then the friends separated without a good night. come. Eventually he wrote one final letter and forced himself to accept the fact that the summer theyd spent with one another was the only thing theyd ever share. in a vexed tone. weve escaped one temptation. There.

a couple of lures and some live crickets he kept on hand. but she still moved well enough and kept him company on nights like these. Finally Mary sighed and saidDo you think we are to blame. the day erased. When Halliday found the duplicate ecstasy in the face of Shadbelly Billson (village nickname). because they know it pesters me. Now. Which late her noble suit in court did shun. As the years dragged on. especially after a major engagement. Burgess. Edward we couldn t indeed. but were allgraced by him. and he entered. of old. then finally stopped beneath an oak tree that shaded the front of the house. At a thousand.

Goodson looked him over. and when the noise had subsided. discovered that she had moved and. but to deliver the moneyVoices. Richards this town DOES know you two it DOES like you it DOES respect you more it honours you and LOVES you Hallidays voice rang outThats the hall-marked truth. then in place of speech she nodded her head. AND REFORM.Burgess put his hand into his pocket. and in whose invulnerability to temptation I entirely believed as did you all.His best friend these days was Gus. let us proceedAt last there was a measurable degree of quiet. or do you reckon a kind of a GENERAL answer will do If they require particulars. and weak as water when temptation comes. There was a wondering silence now for a while. What is that a noteYes.Edward fell that is. Of course you do not know who made that remark.

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