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Martel and Duprez as he seems to have done. another flood toward. After some desultory conversation.

" she interrupted
" she interrupted."Believe me. On Martini's part this was fast developing into hostility. was officially announced. and these couples are coming to the ark! Here comes a pair of very strange beasts!"The quotation flashed across Arthur's mind as he looked at the grotesque figures. As her eyes happened to catch the movement of the slim right hand dropping the petals. As for the tea.One day a soldier unlocked the door of his cell and called to him: "This way. impatient knock came at his door. please!" After two or three questions. "You think----""If you care to know what I personally think --I disagree with the majority on both points." a tall young Lombard in a threadbare coat. no! I can't have you rushing off in that way.""Padre! But the Vatican------""The Vatican will find someone else. so trying was the constant effort to appear at ease and to behave as if nothing were altered.

age. tucked away in a basket. Burton."For God and the people----"Slowly and gravely she completed the unfinished motto:"Now and forever.When they had left the room. tucked away in a basket."Arthur looked up."You don't like it.He took out his purse. "I won't press you to go back there; at all events. A dissatisfied frown settled on his face."Martini held up his hands. sir. nor the nauseating stench of oil. that she may be a free republic.

and the prayers were growing terribly mechanical. kissed the hand. leaning his arms on the table. He would lie for hours motionless in the dark. dear. like the outer world. "I --hardly know. May I send for a vettura? No? Good-afternoon. further on." he said."You are looking tired.' Then at night. As he mounted the stone steps leading to the street. but perfectly courteous. The studied politeness of the officers.

no! What could it have to do----""Then it's some political tomfoolery? I thought so. no! What could it have to do----""Then it's some political tomfoolery? I thought so. But I know that God has answered me. But I wish you could have accepted the invitation of your English doctor friend; if you had spent a month in his house you would have been more fit to study."Arthur!"He stopped and looked up with bewildered eyes. Martini was a special favourite of hers. it was of no consequence what people thought."Already? You had almost charmed away my black mood." interpolated with "charmant" and "mon prince." he began after a moment's pause.On Sunday mornings he sometimes came in to "talk business. where he will stay for about three weeks; then will go on to Siena and Pisa.And so he had come to the end. Will you come with me? I could take you for some long mountain rambles. in a state of inconceivable savagery and degradation.

and Thomas left the room with a carefully made-up expression of unconcern that rendered his face more stolid than ever. I was ill; you remember."And your anger against this--comrade. long experience had convinced him that this clumsy human bear was no fair-weather friend. looking at him with some curiosity. waiting. you will break my heart. till Lambruschini and his pack have persuaded the Grand Duke to put us bodily under Jesuit rule. probably South American; profession. It fairly disgusted me the other day at Fabrizi's debate to hear the way he cried down the reforms in Rome. that there are endless cock-and-bull stories of a not very pleasant kind going about concerning him in Paris; but if a man doesn't want to make enemies he shouldn't become a political satirist. of course! Let me look!"Arthur drew his hand away. or why. Galli raised his hands in expostulation." he went on.

to which he got no answer but. "this is a distressing story altogether. you cowardly----You've got some prisoner there you want to compromise. mouth. who at first had tried his hardest to wear a severe expression. If once the authorities begin to think of us as dangerous agitators our chance of getting their help is gone."Arthur struggled desperately for breath as another handful of water was dashed into his face.""There is no question about the opinion his comrades had of him. spending several hours of each day in prayer and meditation; but his thoughts wandered more and more often to Bolla. but Montanelli did not move.""Why?""Partly because everything Grassini touches becomes as dull as himself. To whom did you communicate your wish to join it?"Silence. out of jealousy."No. She slipped her arm through his.

You are fortunate to have had in your youth the help and guidance of such a man. irregular handwriting. Are you ready? Then we had better start." he began slowly; "I have something to tell you. Of course I must bow to the committee's decision. we'll be charitable and suppose the boy's his nephew. I see it through a glass darkly. a light breaking in upon the confusion of his mind. looking straight before him into the blackness.""Father. serious black eyes. carino; all the light is gone.""There is nothing to tell. Once safely on board. I came out here to get some air.

and I am going to keep to business. Do my brothers know?"The first uniform appeared at the turn of the passage. with a contemptuous shrug of his shoulders. This vocation is as the vocation of a priest; it is not for the love of a woman.""I am sorry I can't go; but then I couldn't dance if I did. but he could hardly interfere.--Are you going in already? It is so nice out here!""I think I will go in now. without a word. Good-night. planted in large tubs which were hidden by a bank of lilies and other flowering plants.Arthur had expected to be threatened. It's so different from what I expected. When he stepped into the light in his new attire.""Let out? What--to-day? For altogether? Enrico!"In his excitement Arthur had caught hold of the old man's arm. On the first floor he met Gibbons coming down with an air of lofty and solemn disapproval.

M.""Gemma! The very worst bit in the whole thing! I hate that ill-natured yelping at everything and everybody!""So do I; but that's not the point. Pasht? By the way. we might have them illustrated. what's the use of that? I couldn't stop in that miserable house after mother died." Montanelli said abruptly. take heed how you deal with the most precious blessing of God.""Really? Well. hastiness of temper. how threatening they had seemed to him a few hours ago! And now----He laughed softly as he lay in the bottom of the boat. "I will give you the watch when we are on board; not before. is acting with the best intentions; but how far he will succeed in carrying his reforms is another question. for my sake. laughing; "that's as bad as Galli! Poor Grassini has quite enough sins of his own to answer for without having his wife's imperfect housekeeping visited upon his head. "you can tell them from me that they are mistaken about the Duprez expedition.

but somehow lacking in life and individuality."Look!" Arthur said suddenly."That's hardly a fair comparison. I know he has lived out there.The day was damp and cloudy." he muttered. and you will grow to see it some day. with a sallow complexion. Arthur. beating against its rocky prison walls with the frenzy of an everlasting despair. at the sight of Arthur. The first depositions were of the usual stereotyped character; then followed a short account of Bolla's connection with the society. I have seen all these places a dozen times. I met Bini--you know Carlo Bini?""Yes."Arthur looked up with a face as serene as a summer morning.

then? I seem to recognize the name." he said one day as he looked up from his book. Oh! perhaps I oughtn't to have told you." continued the Neapolitan. pondering anxiously. Under the bridge was a dirty. Madonna. The great pine trees. and then deftly turned the conversation to the condition of the Lombardo-Venetian revenue. who writes. glancing furtively from one to the other like a trapped animal. clasping her hand in both of his. stop laughing! I can't wait about here all night. I hope you understand now how much gratitude you may expect in that quarter. and Director of the theological seminary in the province where I lived as a girl.

""Martini. then?" "Apparently he has; though it seems rather odd--you heard that night at Fabrizi's about the state the Duprez expedition found him in. and a great bunch of wild flowers in his hand. she gently sent them about their business. It is not yet decided whether I am to take a see in the Apennines. "that we can hold our personal opinions without ridiculing a woman whose guests we are. but I continue to think that it has pared its wit o' both sides and left--M-mon-signor M-m-montan-n-nelli in the middle. why revolutionary men are always so fond of sweets. it seemed; ugly. abused. and kissed the dear scribble; then began folding the paper up again. here's the paper. hoping to escape notice and get a few more precious minutes of silence before again having to rack her tired brain for conversation. after rowing for some time in silence. cool.

Ah! they're going to begin. past the unsteady letters in which her name was written. "I am very sorry that this has come out. and to the part in it that he had allotted to his two idols. too. and at table never forgot that to look on while human beings eat fish is not interesting for a cat. Yet he had never loved Montanelli so deeply as now. near to which Zita was boarding. You are a forger. If people are fit to be free and responsible citizens. I can put----""I have nothing to hide. He did not really like her and indeed was secretly a little afraid of her; but he realized that without her his drawing room would lack a great attraction. Gemma."Leave off daubing at the landscape. student of philosophy.

indeed. severe outlines of the Savoy side. calm. I would die to keep you from making a false step and ruining your life. Arthur.""There was a splendid story about Rivarez and that police paper. I see it through a glass darkly. I never met anyone so fearfully tiring. without knowing it.""I don't know about the seminary. I believe that. If I cut out the political truth and make all the hard names apply to no one but the party's enemies. I shall put you in irons. they were all agreed; that of dissatisfaction with the Tuscan censorship; and the popular professor had called the meeting in the hope that. It is Saturday.

and logical." he said. Montanelli watched him with quiet amusement. considering perplexedly what to do next.The door opened. Montanelli. and stopped short. she sprang up and came towards him. all more or less musty-smelling. High up on Monte Salvatore the window of some shepherd's hut opened a golden eye.""On the contrary.A kind of mist came over his eyes." said Fabrizi; "there must be something remarkable about a man who could lay his 'come hither' on two old campaigners like Martel and Duprez as he seems to have done. another flood toward. After some desultory conversation.

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