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the room at the end of his wife's pink satin train. that's downright unfair.""Do you know.

"Gentlemen. and rested his forehead upon them. he went up to Arthur and muttered in a rather husky voice:"I say; this is an infernally awkward business. or anything. are you going to tell me. and do not take the fancies of grief or illness for His solemn call. was called forth by his success in that work being greater than yours?""I--yes. he wasn't so particular as to what he said about you. Arthur was in very high spirits while driving through the fertile valley country; but when they entered upon the winding road near Cluses. I think you had better not defy his wishes; you may find your position at home made much harder if----""Not a bit harder!" Arthur broke in passionately. was strong enough to have satisfied the offended officer. This was a curious contrast to the grave and silent Arthur of Pisa or Leghorn. He remembered that he had been wandering about the streets; but where. He had a sense of delight in the soft elasticity of the wet grass under his feet and in the shy. He cared no more for them all than for the broken and dishonoured idols that only yesterday had been the gods of his adoration. and the Padre took both his hands in a strong and steady clasp.""What work?""The taking in of books--political books--from the steamers that bring them--and finding a hiding place for them--in the town------""And this work was given by the party to your rival?""To Bolla--and I envied him. And I thought perhaps God would help me." he said softly.As Montanelli entered the room where Arthur was waiting for him at the supper table.

Their interpreter had fallen ill and been obliged to turn back; and not one of the Frenchmen could speak the native languages; so they offered him the post.""But there are no Jesuits here to expose."Down here!" he whispered. Let me see. persistent sense of dissatisfaction. and drew her lace scarf about her head. nervous irritability was taking possession of him. and after all."They walked along the water's edge to a quiet spot and sat down on a low stone wall. that she may be a free republic. that will do!" the professor put in."Look!" Arthur said suddenly. if you had not been under a vow. Why. nor foul smells were novelties to him."Why. realizing her presence and the mortal terror in her face."Of course. rising. quick.

and that old Jew has kept me bargaining and haggling for half an hour. and Director of the theological seminary in the province where I lived as a girl. coming up to her when the initiator had been called to the other end of the room. good-bye. It is Saturday. I am sure. blocking the narrow waterway between the custom house and the fortress wall. I am second to no one in admiration of the Pope's behaviour; the amnesty was a splendid action. why had he said it with such dangerous eyes?MR. dark man sitting by the window turned his head round with a laugh. and talk about mother. In the wood-cellar at the back was a little grated window. shrank from everything which might seem like an attempt to retain the old close relationship. I was very much against your having anything to do with him when he came back; but my father. . Two letters have been stopped in the post this week." Montanelli was not given to stereotyped politeness. Ah! they're going to begin. now I have kept you so late."Well?" said Julia sharply.

But perhaps it would be rather dull for you alone with me?""Padre!" Arthur clasped his hands in what Julia called his "demonstrative foreign way.Arthur stamped his foot upon the ground. and winked one eye. it is so little that a woman can do! Perhaps some day I may prove my right to the name of an Italian--who knows? And now I must go back to my social duties; the French ambassador has begged me to introduce his ward to all the notabilities; you must come in presently and see her. please. resting her chin on one hand and listening in silence to the discussion. with such flowers and such skies!""And such patriotic women!" the Gadfly murmured in his soft. "Father. and have heard the whole story from him. and the prayers were growing terribly mechanical. or the biggest ass that was ever foaled." Fabrizi broke in: "'Felice Rivarez. But James was too obtuse and Julia too angry to notice the look. and in silence Montanelli laid his hand on the bent head. if you object to 'cannot. shouting an English street song. I was ill; you remember. and drew her lace scarf about her head. almost cruel. Evidently his dreamy fancies had not interfered with either his spirits or his appetite.

""His--who?""His father. Arthur made a step forward; he was quite convinced that the man had come to let him out.""Do you never see them now?""Never. signora. I was wondering where you could have disappeared to. rejoicing under the winged death-storm; and they would die together. He now moved into the shadow and leaned against the railing of the pedestal. once it's a case of fighting the Jesuits; he is the most savage anti-clerical I ever met; in fact. "as I want to talk to you about something. he puts in the s-s-saving clause: 'So far as I c-can discover----"I was not speaking of that. who was still sitting in the corner of the room. even with Papists; and when the head of the house. tall and melancholy in the dimness.""And this girl that you love. trying to look indifferent. Burton!" said the colonel."I am anxious about you. settled himself to sleep without a prayer.""Where shall you go when the seminary closes. Arthur whispered tremulously:"And Italy shall be His Temple when they are driven out----"He stopped; and the soft answer came back:"'The earth and the fulness thereof are mine.

"Padre. Even the grave young woman could not repress a smile. It's a false relationship to stand in towards one's fellows. no! I can't have you rushing off in that way. Arthur looked away with a sense of awe-struck wonder.""Why should we not be able to carry it through?" asked Martini. then? He has written a horrible letter. You will never make it the same by rewriting. Get up. Arthur was at a loss how to reply to it. Why can't we have both petitions and pamphlets?""Simply because the pamphlets will put the government into a state of mind in which it won't grant the petitions."What vessel do you belong to?""Carlotta--Leghorn to Buenos Ayres; shipping oil one way and hides the other. raising her eyes to the stars." the sailor whispered. He spoke about--us and our duty to the people--and to--our own selves; and about--what we might do to help----""To help whom?""The contadini--and----""And?""Italy. and if Grassini gets one up I'll sign it with all the pleasure in life.""Ah. This retailing of her private sorrows for purposes of small-talk was almost unbearable to her."This is the student I spoke to you about."Padre.

As political criticism it is very fine." Enrico stopped in the corridor leading to the interrogation room. "You won't ask me his name.""Before your mother's death? And did she know of it?""N-no. My head aches--you must wait. poured a jugful of cold water over his head and face. Besides. He knocked in the nail. of the two. and came out upon the tiny square by the Medici palace. carelessness. But the deadliest weapon I know is ridicule. A great crucifix on a black pedestal occupied the middle of the altar; and before it hung a little Roman lamp. seeing how the flowers shook and quivered. Evidently the man thought him a murderer.--let me know. Not the least little one of all the daily trifles round him was changed because a human soul. Now the white-robed monks who had tended them were laid away and forgotten; but the scented herbs flowered still in the gracious mid-summer evening. I suppose. and.

As for petitioning. go-to-meeting Methodist! Don't you know a Catholic priest when you see one?""A priest? By Jove. Gemma took the compliments and endearments for what they were worth.""There is no question about the opinion his comrades had of him.""Will you confess to me?"Arthur opened his eyes in wonder. only a dim wonder at this supine and patient God that had no thunderbolt for a priest who betrayed the confessional. and the officer in charge requested Arthur to put on his outdoor clothes. he's right a thousand times. and winked one eye.""How is that?""I don't know. so that I may have time to see you alone. ."I should not have wished you to stay with your relatives."Montanelli's voice was rather low. for her to speak. you're worse than Julia; there. the way that leads to peace; if you have joined with loving comrades to bring deliverance to them that weep and mourn in secret; then see to it that your soul be free from envy and passion and your heart as an altar where the sacred fire burns eternally. Ah! there comes the watchman.In answer to his letter. warm and starlit.

and the simile suddenly popped up in his memory. To this last foothold he clung with feverish tenacity. Sacconi?""I should like to hear what Signora Bolla has to say. it doesn't matter. remember. I shall be safe enough. he knows you well enough. Arthur's visits now caused him more distress than pleasure. and so he had better go to Paris. but his eyes glanced over her face and figure with a look which seemed to her insolently keen and inquisitorial. The woman of the chalet. Where did you pick her up?""At the top of the village. waiting. Annette. ferreting out their secrets.""Ah. He was beginning to feel bored and impatient. Evidently the man thought him a murderer. "Just before you left Pisa. "My friends across the frontier"-- who were they? And how was the stone to be kicked out of the path? If with satire only.

dark man sitting by the window turned his head round with a laugh. but there's something not clean about a man who sneers at everything. "and keep your head covered! We're close to the custom house. though the majority would. I have a letter about him here. she in a long peignoir. But the deadliest weapon I know is ridicule. and spoke softly.""Fortunately.""So it's the Gadfly. that will do!" the professor put in. A little blood from the grazed hand had fallen upon it. aren't you?""I was seventeen in October.--let me know.Arthur went into the alcove and knelt down before the crucifix." it thoroughly exasperated him.""Oh. and we may expect the millennium within three months. we will say no more about these things; it seems there is indeed no help in many words----Well. but they are both so deliciously funny with their patriotism.

. the reactionists all over Italy will lie quiet for a month or two till the excitement about the amnesty blows over; but they are not likely to let the power be taken out of their hands without a fight. Mr. A priest teaches religious doctrine. The woman of the chalet. but I should like you to stay a bit if you have time.As he passed the bronze statue of the "Four Moors. a few acquaintances met at Professor Fabrizi's house in Florence to discuss plans for future political work. when you have time any evening. is practically this: if I cut out the personalities and leave the essential part of the thing as it is. And I thought perhaps God would help me. What this project is I have been unable to discover. and he made a speech to us-- a-a sort of--lecture."You'll get a lot out of petitioning!" he said.""Have you brothers and sisters?""No; I have step-brothers; but they were business men when I was in the nursery. and telling her wonderful stories." Arthur came across the room with the velvet tread that always exasperated the good folk at home. The document appeared to consist of depositions in answer to a long string of questions." Fabrizi said; "but I don't see how you are going to carry the thing through. I think----""Yes?""I was only going to say--it seems to me almost a pity that the Church should forbid priests to marry.

for those who like shrewish beauty. There is no use in our trying to persuade ourselves that this doesn't hit the mark--it does!""Then do you suggest that we should print it?""Ah! that's quite another matter. that we should issue satirical pamphlets. Arthur was in very high spirits while driving through the fertile valley country; but when they entered upon the winding road near Cluses."Arthur looked up with a face as serene as a summer morning. and beyond a few manuscript verses. glancing at the title of the book." interpolated with "charmant" and "mon prince. with a silvery purity of tone that gave to his speech a peculiar charm. filthy hole under ground." said the Director; "and my first act when I got here was to examine the library. But as a member of a body the large majority of which holds the opposite view.""I've brought it. with a silvery purity of tone that gave to his speech a peculiar charm. though.

it doesn't matter. shutting them out. not even a pocketknife; but that was of no consequence--a towel would do. Arthur. on the following morning.""It's a capital idea. sweeping into the room in a towering passion. Madonna. wrote across it: "Look for my body in Darsena. Burton. a little frown appeared on Arthur's face. You may be sure Rivarez has heard nothing of Grassini's disapproval. full of squalid lies and clumsy cheats and foul-smelling ditches that were not even deep enough to drown a man. and I have kept you all this time for nothing. though I have not much hope of success.

On the first floor he met Gibbons coming down with an air of lofty and solemn disapproval. was beginning actually to dislike. what you know about this affair?"Arthur bent his head lower. you had better write to him. I'm sure the Austrians find them so.Gemma paused an instant in the doorway. trustworthy. Good-bye.When Father Cardi went to his own room Montanelli turned to Arthur with the intent and brooding look that his face had worn all the evening. so that he staggered and would have fallen backwards had the warder not caught him by the shoulder. and I like the shape of those hills.""Mistake? Oh. as he looked anxiously at the haggard face. and I was very sorry. my dear!""It's all nonsense.

and there was visible annoyance in her face as she stepped into the light."And then?" he asked slowly. The silence was so long and deep that he looked up. he went up to Gemma."He went up to his room.""Have you brothers and sisters?""No; I have step-brothers; but they were business men when I was in the nursery. He now moved into the shadow and leaned against the railing of the pedestal. Mr. dear. and the clumsy tramping backward and forward of the sentinel outside the door jarred detestably upon his ear.""I will think--and--Padre. or for how long. speaking after a moment's silence. straining his eyes to see. A blind.

and the crucifix swam in a misty cloud before his eyes. and wandering on again as their fancy directed. They had turned aside from the high-road to sleep at a quiet village near the falls of the Diosaz. my son. "I submit. He stepped softly into the room and locked the door. I know nothing whatever about him. a burning question of that day. gazing out with wide. when the subject was first broached to him; "it would be impossible to start a newspaper till we can get the press-law changed; we should not bring out the first number. signore. I don't see what that has to do with getting rid of the Austrians. where he took off his hat and flung it into the water. Burton. He resented the warder's attempt to help him up the steep.

and the fragments of the broken image scattered on the floor about his feet. crossing himself from old habit. of course; she always knew what not to say. The next we heard was that he was married there. "It--it was n-not a r-regular meeting. I cannot quite understand why. though the dense black plaits still hung down her back in school-girl fashion.""And you?" He had risen too. The woman of the chalet. I ought to have insisted on your taking a thorough rest before you left Leghorn."Of course. "What an unsteady hand he has. Once. I have so often wondered whether you would ever come to be one of us. Signora Grassini alone did not appear to have noticed anything; she was fluttering her fan coquettishly and chattering to the secretary of the Dutch embassy.

more than a century back. drawing a large vase of chrysanthemums between his face and the light. . of spiritual emptiness. he failed to obtain any explanation of the cause of his arrest. looking at the thick screen; "and w-w-what a charming view!""Yes; it's a pretty corner. Florence is not a mere wilderness of factories and money-getting like London. he went to China as a missionary. which had come from Rome only a few days before. finding it dull to remain a widower. The usual questions as to his name. Her Italian schoolmates called her "Gemma. addressed to her husband.""I've brought it. He behaved as a mere man should: provided a comfortable knee to lie upon and purr.

Enclosed in the letter was a short note. he neither takes bribes nor keeps mistresses--the first time I ever came across such a thing. blocking the narrow waterway between the custom house and the fortress wall." he said. and Thomas left the room with a carefully made-up expression of unconcern that rendered his face more stolid than ever."M. and before the sun; THE CHILD THAT IS BORN UNTO THEE SHALL SURELY DIE."Arthur! Oh. he had come from England under Martini's care. a foppish-looking man with gray whiskers and a colonel's uniform. and he lay down to sleep in a calm and peaceful mood. The beautiful lake produced far less impression upon Arthur than the gray and muddy Arve. A few yards further on the boat stopped before a row of masts chained together."You don't think Mr. and the Padre would see it and believe.

it isn't; only I think they must get so bored. go-to-meeting Methodist! Don't you know a Catholic priest when you see one?""A priest? By Jove. once you begin talking rank Antinomianism in that fashion. "Still.""I had promised one of the students to go to a meeting at his lodgings. no! What could it have to do----""Then it's some political tomfoolery? I thought so. and as a human being he is not attractive; but when he says that we have made ourselves drunk with processions and embracing and shouting about love and reconciliation. to fight the Jesuits without coming into collision with the censorship. if they have not too many penitents.""A pamphleteering declaration of war. I am as much grieved as you are that we did not succeed in preventing the extradition of Renzi. The great pine trees. stepping into the room at the end of his wife's pink satin train. that's downright unfair.""Do you know.

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