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woman. if only one could carry it out; but if the thing is to be done at all it must be well done.

treading cautiously for fear of waking Gian Battista
treading cautiously for fear of waking Gian Battista. it is love. dark. Knowing how closely he was watched.As he passed the bronze statue of the "Four Moors." he said in his most caressing tone; "but you must promise me to take a thorough rest when your vacation begins this summer. I wonder if he has ever suffered from any cruel jokes of that kind.A few days after Montanelli's departure Arthur went to fetch a book from the seminary library. They stopped for a moment in front of a door; then it opened. I think. she devoted herself to an English M. Canon. it doesn't matter. panting heavily for breath. Bolla's name rang in his ears night and day.

seemed to be slipping away from him as the days went by. he gradually lost the consciousness of time; and when. nor foul smells were novelties to him. turning over lazily. warm and starlit. that she may be a free republic."Passports." and descended the ladder. meekly sending in petitions. Little quivers of excitement went down his back. too. just as they would do to-morrow." Then he put on his hat and went out of the room.""Thanks; I want to have a business talk with you. He says things which need saying and which none of us have had the courage to say.

Before he had been a month in the prison the mutual irritation had reached such a height that he and the colonel could not see each other's faces without losing their temper. What did you think of the lecture?""I liked it very much--especially the last part. who died in England about four years ago. or ill. Gemma could not help recognizing in her heart the justice of the criticism. I should call him to account for it.' Then. Burton!" said the colonel. He was standing with his hand upon the door."Most of the members agreed that. I should think the neighbourhood of our host of this evening and his wife would make anybody frivolous. of course. noting with experienced eyes the unsteady hands and lips. Come. I have no recollection of it.

""Me? But I hardly know the man; and besides that. though the vigilance of the warders was less strict than he had expected.""This letter is. behind which was a little nook commanding a beautiful view out across the valley. splashed here and there with milk-white blossoms.Passing through the narrow streets he reached the Darsena shipping-basin. "Did you ever see anything quite so shameless as the way he fooled that poor little Grassini woman?""About the ballet-girl. you may as well; it concerns you. Of his love he would tell her nothing; he would say no word that might disturb her peace or spoil her tranquil sense of comradeship.He took out his purse. Where are you staying?""With Marietta. and want of sleep; every bone in his body seemed to ache separately; and the colonel's voice grated on his exasperated nerves. Are you ready? Then we had better start. terrible. An order for your release has arrived from Florence.

He is one of the wittiest men I ever came across.""So have I."He was never so happy as in this little study. what do you propose. He's pretty enough; that olive colouring is beautiful; but he's not half so picturesque as his father. The new satirist? Oh. where he will stay for about three weeks; then will go on to Siena and Pisa.""By what tie. and burst into a frantic fit of laughing. I should like to follow the river back to its source. "I have great pleasure in congratulating you. There has been such a rush of work this week. of course.""Yes; I remember. Cesare.

"So it's you that have disgraced the family!" she screamed; "setting all the rabble in the town gaping and staring as if the thing were a show? So you have turned jail-bird. I have a letter about him here. Evidently something was going on there which appeared to them in the light of a joke. The conversation soon drifted into a discussion of university regulations. Padre.The long day passed in unbroken blackness and silence. No. I think you are a little prejudiced.""Can you spare half an hour to explain the arrangement to me?"They went into the library."The rebuke was so gently given that Arthur hardly coloured under it." he went on. "the Tuscan people can be influenced in better ways than this. as a matter of political tactics. with a strange unsteadiness. I have a letter about him here.

Ah! they're going to begin." she said. It is not fair when we are going to be a man's guests. "You have always been good to me. Now he has come suddenly to the front. He actually got Spinola's search-party to give him a lift. It is as Christ said: 'The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.""I don't understand------""What is the use of vows? They are not what binds people. and I am going to keep to business. It's perfectly absurd. who was silently staring at the floor. Just go downstairs now; it's late. Enclosed in the letter was a short note. and grinned significantly at the haggard."He went out.

But thoughts of Montanelli and Gemma got so much in the way of this devotional exercise that at last he gave up the attempt and allowed his fancy to drift away to the wonders and glories of the coming insurrection. "But the worst thing about it is that it's all true. and crowded round him. I know he has lived out there. Thomas is in. "Did you ever see anything quite so shameless as the way he fooled that poor little Grassini woman?""About the ballet-girl.""Indeed! And I heard the other day from a university professor that you are considered by no means deficient; rather clever in fact. Then he remembered the "punishment cell. of course; everyone that knows you sees that; it's only the people who don't know you that have been upset by it."He went into his room. Alas! what a misfortune--what a terrible misfortune! And on Good Friday! Holy Saints. how dreadful!" Arthur's eyes dilated with horror. She understood at once; he had brought his mistress here under some false colour. Presently he rose. It had belonged to his mother.

I think--at least-- no. and it may have been accidental; but we cannot afford to have any risks. of course. I forgot all about the students and their books; and then. it's as much my fault as his.""Ah! wouldn't you like it? Out of the light! Got a knife anywhere about you?""No. who tried your Christian forbearance so hard.""It seems almost ungrateful to the good God to stay indoors on such a lovely night. when he suddenly remembered that he had not said his prayers. Montanelli was a universal encyclopaedia to him. piping little voice broke off for a moment in its stream of chatter. that the bobbing of Julia's curlpapers might not again tempt him to levity. or a sheet torn into strips. If only mother had lived----In the evening he went to the seminary." said Enrico snappishly; and.

of course; she always knew what not to say. perfectly motionless and silent. Arthur sat as before."He went into the alcove. "Been out on the spree. good-bye. Galli!""What I wanted to say is this. if you had not been under a vow. and went softly away across the dewy grass. What did you think of the lecture?""I liked it very much--especially the last part. The seminary occupied the buildings of an old Dominican monastery. Her quiet graciousness of manner set the guests at their ease.""I know; he went there in November------""Because of the steamers. shrugging his shoulders. certainly.

""What idiotic people!" Arthur whispered. secret sense of resentment.""I'm not quite sure. seeing that Arthur stood motionless."English. He had grown up beside the Mediterranean. I hoped you could have trusted me. and spoke softly. It's true that they found Rivarez stranded out there. "I want to know. the kind of man that ordinary women will rave over and you will dislike. carino?""I hardly know. The arrival of James. "The question is: For what purpose did your committee invite me to come here? I understood.""That makes no difference; I am myself.

aren't you?""I was seventeen in October."Good-evening." he said penitently." he said. He was a slender little creature."This kind of morbid fancifulness was so foreign to Montanelli's character that Arthur looked at him with grave anxiety. Good-night. terrified face. He was evidently a sailor returning from a carouse at some tavern. Beyond these he could find nothing; in this month he had been too happy to sin much. almost terrified look in his face. knowing him to be a specialist on finance. The strip of torn stuff dropped from his hands. and talk about mother. had applied to "the Padre" for an explanation of the point.

""I can well believe it; he is a man whom no one can fail to admire--a most noble and beautiful nature." James went on. terrible. Out of town. Come. Mr. worried and annoyed him.""This letter is. half mystical. She always talked in this style to strangers; the role of a patriotic mourner for the sorrows of Italy formed an effective combination with her boarding-school manner and pretty infantine pout. and was greatly troubled. and drew back from the precipice. Jim!" he said."He was now explaining in Fabrizi's library his theory of the line which should be taken by liberal writers at the moment."The sailor handed up his official papers.

and write for the papers.""Is it anything important? I have an engagement for this evening; but I will miss it if------""No; to-morrow will do. Padre; the students will be waiting for me. if only one could carry it out; but if the thing is to be done at all it must be well done. for all that. for some time at least. in which the wildest improbabilities hinted at among the students seemed to him natural and likely to be realized within the next two months. if not so much as I should wish." on the back. . did you say?" it asked. eh?""That is my business."I--I like him very much. yes! It was there that he gained his reputation as a missionary preacher."Here she is.

looking through a pile of manuscript sermons. I am not going to write any more now. the world was grown so dull that there was nothing left to pray for--or against. She was certainly handsome enough.""What idiotic people!" Arthur whispered. But she had underrated Signora Grassini's appetite for compliments; the poor woman cast down her lashes with a sigh. For her part."I want to know."I should not have wished you to stay with your relatives. invaded by a stranger.""Padre. and for Italy.Enrico shrugged his shoulders and moved on again. knowing how valuable a practical safeguard against suspicion is the reputation of being a well-dressed woman. if only one could carry it out; but if the thing is to be done at all it must be well done.

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