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bench.About the soup. Another night when you feel stronger.

I liked to watch her move
I liked to watch her move.Sometimes in the dark we heard the troops marching under the window and guns going past pulled by motor-tractors. I stop by. Get some more of that Antitetanus.Youre not a Catholic. . cartridges.Poor Rinaldi. havent youYes. with the eyes shut. however. What if we take San Gabriele What if we take the Carso and Monfalcone and Trieste Where are we then Did you see all the far mountains to day Do you think we could take all them too Only if the Austrians stop fighting. He made a gesture and laughed loudly. I myself felt as badly as he did and could not understand why I had not gone. The river ran behind us and the town had been captured very handsomely but the mountains beyond it could not be taken and I was very glad the Austrians seemed to want to come back to the town some time.

baby. they would.I lifted it to arms length and the strands cleared.Thank God I did not become involved with the British. I had a very fine little show and Im all right now. the water clear.And you call me CatherineCatherine. Somebody was singing. Theres not really any war of that sort down here. I will write you cards to my family in Amalfi. She had slapped my face hard.He wiped his hands on his jumper and grinned. He laughed. the trees around the square and the long avenue of trees that led to the square; these with there being girls in the town. I practised with it.

It would only be worse if we stopped fighting. Most of the helmets were too big and came down almost over the ears of the men who wore them. wont youWhat the hell.A rivederla. The sun was going down and the day was cooling off. He loves Franz Joseph. and. said the major. The system was to bring everything down the new road and take the empty trucks. and in the fall when the rains came the leaves all fell from the chestnut trees and the branches were bare and the trunks black with rain.All right. Miss Barkley was in the garden. Gordini got up and ran for the dugout. The earth of the dugout was warm and dry and I let my shoulders back against the wall. sucking in the ends.

left the car at the dressing station under the hill. They were hospitals beyond the river.Whats the matter nowNew rings. Are you coming to nightNo. Well crack in France.They hang you.Do you suppose it will always go onNo.Shes on duty. Come with me if you want. Manera said.Ill be right here. drunk.I believe in the Free Masons. Maria.There are no forks.

I said. which every one ate very quickly and seriously. Jt was warm and like the spring and I walked down the alleyway of trees. I looked across the wire at the Austrian lines. I said. tannic and lovely. They were sweaty. You would like the people and though it is cold it is clear and dry. she said.Do you think it would be any good to try and see her tomorrowYes. He loved being a surgeon and we were great friends.What rotten luck. The major was unhooking the forceps now. We walked to the door and I saw her go in and down the hall. He was goodlooking.

I got down and went over. It was not wide enough either to carry all the transport for an offensive and the Austrians could make a shambles out of it.Please lets not lie when we dont have to.Certainly not. Henry. bronzes looked like something.Did they cross the river all rightEnormously.Like the Tchecos. That night in the mess after the spaghetti course.You speak English he asked. Bring him a glass of brandy. They were hospitals beyond the river. Tenente. are youOh.Not reallyNever.

Catherine.Where were the Hartz Mountains anyway They were fighting in the Carpathians. They seemed glad to see me and in a little while Miss Ferguson excused herself and went away. It has been put back again.He ought to go to Capri.Here is the corkscrew. People cant realize what France is like. Ireland of Wisconsin.They cant hang every one. thats nothing to how it will feel later. Gordini got up and ran for the dugout. The road went up the valley a long way and then we turned off and commenced to climb into the hills again.I have to go. was lined with them. tipping their heads back.

the smashed tunnel by the river where the fighting had been. You are a frozenfaced . you met British men and sometimes women.That was a big trench mortar. Miss Barkley was quite tall. I did not want to go there anyway.Bring him in.Whats wrong with your legIts not my leg. Rocca ignored this and went on to explain the joke to me. He lived in Udine and came out in this way nearly every day to see how things were going. said the priest. Then I made out my report in my room. You are my great and good friend and financial protector. They were top-heavy.Come.

isnt heYes. That day I visited the posts in the mountains and was back in town late in the afternoon. This was a game. I would have liked to drive over the new road but it was not yet finished. biting his arm.Thank you for the coffee beans. But it was checked and in the end only seven thousand died of it in the army.Another American. It is one for The Lancet. Miss Barkley said.Dont write anything that will bother the censor. Your lovely cool goddess. English goddess.Look at the bump. He stopped and sat down beside the road.

There was a shadow from his hand on the wall.Cant I stay here.You dont go at allI just go to see if there is anything new. marched as though they were six months gone with child. But even the peasants know better than to believe in a war.I knocked over his candle with the pillow and got into bed in the dark. I had wanted to go to Abruzzi. Goodby. hung over the two beds. The sun was going down and the day was cooling off. Tenente. He broke off. You are purer and sweeter. loosely packed cigarettes that spilled tobacco and needed to have the ends twisted before you smoked them. Passini said.

Outside something was set down beside the entrance.You are so modest. and instead of going on I felt myself slide back. and healthy. Kiss me goodby. I held her close against me and could feel her heart beating and her lips opened and her head went back against my hand and then she was crying on my shoulder. looking up from the paper. I saluted and went out.No.Has there been any trouble getting parts I asked the sergeant mechanic. I took another mouthful and some cheese and a rinse of wine.I saw Catherine Barkley coming down the hall. the captain commenced picking on the priest. he pointed to the thumb.You were quite right.

It was a hot day and the sky was very bright and blue and the road was white and dusty. English goddess. I said and went back to the house and drank another bowl of coffee at the mess table.You did exactly right. They were all mechanics and hated the war.All thinking men are atheists.I would like you to see Abruzzi and visit my family at Capracotta. Did you stay all nightYes. waiting for Catherine Barkley to come down. and one day at the end of the fall when I was out where the oak forest had been I saw a cloud coming over the mountain. I felt the engine start.Outside the post a great many of us lay on the ground in the dark. You will come with me to see Miss Barkley.Come. I said.

its smooth surface covered with brick dust. the tall Englishman said in Italian. I watched the snow falling. Tenente. It was that which shook my faith. because they did not bombard it to destroy it but only a little in a military way. I tried to move but I could not move.Be good while Im gone. We saw their white uniforms through the trees and walked toward them.Nothing. she said. There were big search lights on that front mounted on camions that you passed sometimes on the roads at night. Gavuzzi said. It was a nasty place and the Austrians should not have let them hold it. and tears came in my eyes from the reflex.

I opened the capsule and spilled him out into my hand. Oh.I think we can get you the silver. Up the river the mountains had not been taken; none of the mountains beyond the river had been taken. The King was good but dull.Yes. When we were out on the gravel drive she said.Hes dead I think. I opened the capsule and spilled him out into my hand. with strange planes. she said. There was nothing to write about.At the start of the winter came the permanent rain and with the rain came the cholera.Two carabinieri held the car up. It would be the same when the offensive started.

But back here youve got to have papers. and I knew I was dead and that it had all been a mistake to think you just died. They blew him all to bits.I know it is bad but we must finish it. I remembered where I was going. It was all right with me. In the meantime we were all at the mess.Nothing. and. I said. His breath went away.Oh. father.They tell me youve lost two drivers.I didnt say anything.

Look at your valorous conduct in asking to go always to the first line. I dont mind at all.He likes it. The war was changed too. All right. Theres no place to drop it. the captain said looking at the priest and at me. Are you coming to nightNo. it was dark and the Austrian search lights were moving on the mountains behind us. If you must have a priest have that priest. In two days the offensive was to start and I would go with the cars to Plava. We will convert him. undid my tunic and tried to rip the tail of my shirt. One of the two men who had carried it looked in. Are they going to have an offensiveYes.

I denied this.I dont think it will hurt you.I see. and went through the trenches in the smasheddown town and along the edge of the slope. It looked wide and well made with a good grade and the turns looked very impressive where you could see them through openings in the forest on the mountain side. Rocca said. That major at the first post was a hogbutcher. chemical smells and the sweet smell of blood. What inflicted the woundsThe medical captain. havent youYes. and chewed. I said. the car looking disgraced and empty with the engine open and parts spread on the work bench.About the soup. Another night when you feel stronger.

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