Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the stump of his leg twitching.

Thank you
Thank you.You couldnt have sent me a noteNo.Whats the matter nowNew rings.Dont be angry.Wait a minute. The cars would be all right with their good metaltometal brakes and anyway.It was a ghastly show.No.Listen. soldiers would. yes.But now we will shut up. where I sat with a friend and two glasses drinking a bottle of Asti. brushed my hair and we started. walking under the trees.

The Austrian trenches were above on the hillside only a few yards from the Italian lines. he himself so small that you could not see his face but only the top of his cap and his narrow back.Let me feel it. Could I join nowIm afraid not now.Bersaglieri. who said Miss Barkley was on dutytheres a war on.Oh. Ive seen the holes.It is probably to draw attention from where the real attack will be. They take nearly a thousand prisoners. He talks French.He wiped his hands on his jumper and grinned. That is true.That is not good. They say so.

one of the captains said. she said. He was quieter now. He smiled. Shall attack!The priest nodded. He looked like a king. I said.What is her nameFerguson. The cars would be all right with their good metaltometal brakes and anyway. I said.The Pope wants the Austrians to win the war. We parked the cars beyond a brickyard. my bed was made up with blankets and my things hung on the wall.You were sweet to tell me. Laugh.

Were not cloistered. Ill be wise like you. Five stars. I said.Why dont you ride with the transport I asked. he said. the line of ties and rails running along it. Manera said.Rinaldi was talking with the other nurse. That was how it ought to be.Captain doctor (interested in something he was finding). Rocca said. It ought to be good. she said.Oh.

You are my great and good friend and financial protector. Dio te salve. Rinaldi. and other trucks with loads covered with canvas that moved slower in the traffic. Tell me exactly what happened. The major was at the telephone sitting on a box. I was always able to forget. and with the end of the summer. it was dark and the Austrian search lights were moving on the mountains behind us.Ill get some. They were going to put over another bridge when the bombardment started and some troops were to cross at the shallows up above at the bend of the river. Most of the helmets were too big and came down almost over the ears of the men who wore them. I said. Where it had run down under my shirt it was warm and sticky.And why didnt you marryI dont know.

He could have had anything he wanted if I would have known. that there had been three others. sometimes it backed on a turn. What an odd thing--to be in the Italian army. a hard bright burst and flash and then gray smoke that blew across the road. I only write about what a beautiful place we live in and how brave the Italians are. They would take me as soon as possible.So you make progress with Miss BarkleyWe are friends. We two stopped talking and the captain shouted.Maybe girls dont want to go to the front any more. There are much worse wounded than me.Id really rather. But I am telling it for our priest here. You would like the people and though it is cold it is clear and dry.Thats a relief.

Im something called a V. We both went flat and with the flash and bump of the burst and the smell heard the singing off of the fragments and the rattle of falling brick.Dont bring Caruso. Kiss me goodby. Id be glad to kiss you if you dont mind. said Rinaldi.Yes. My legs felt warm and wet and my shoes were wet and warm inside. Bless me.Im all right. Hes all right. wop. It is one for The Lancet. thats nothing to how it will feel later. I come to see you again soon.

Good Christ I said. Thats all over for a while.Im awfully sorry.Good.Priest not with girls. though. No that wasnt it. There was more to it than that. It was very edifying.Carabinieri. the orderly said.Dont go. We do get along. Those of us that were awake talked across the ward. That major at the first post was a hogbutcher.

The river was low and there were stretches of sand and pebbles with a narrow channel of water and sometimes the water spread like a sheen over the pebbly bed. said Passini. The Austrian trenches were above on the hillside only a few yards from the Italian lines. waiting for Catherine Barkley to come down. A shell burst short near the river bank. We understand you let us talk. But no. I said that was a foul lie and. I knew I did not love Catherine Barkley nor had any idea of loving her. and the whole thing going well on the Carso made the fall very different from the last fall when we had been in the country.You did say you loved me. Another nurse was with her. He bit his arm and moaned. Somebody was singing. I come to see you again soon.

major. It was what I had wanted to do and I tried to explain how one thing had led to another and finally he saw it and understood that I had really wanted to go and it was almost all right.Dont I talk Italian good enoughI knew you was an American all right. You walk up and down. You see the point. and God be with you.No. carts and loaded ambulances and all returning traffic up the old narrow road. I said in English. Rome. and then I heard close to me some one saying Mama Mia Oh.He cant do anything about it anyway. Bring him a glass of brandy. There were big search lights on that front mounted on camions that you passed sometimes on the roads at night. I turned her so I could see her face when I kissed her and I saw that her eyes were shut.

I see.Thank you for the coffee beans.Im so sorry. he explained to me. Well stop by the road here. Thats all over for a while. And you never know if the girl will really like it.Im so sorry. I made sure he was dead. and tenentecolonello (the little finger). Something picturesque. he said. darling. as they fall from an icicle after the sun has gone. I said.

But its very beautiful. His shoulder was smashed and his head was hurt. she said. When there is really work they trust us. whether or not things were obtainable. He can be here until you are ready to take him.Do we eat yet. They sat down and waited. I will go now and bring her here.I am sorry. I had gone to no such place but to the smoke of cafe and nights when the room whirled and you needed to look at the wall to make it stop. darling. Perhaps.Could I see her just for a momentThey sent an orderly to see and she came back with him. I tried again and my legs moved a little.

Tell me really what was the best. Tenente. and well see. And then you are so very beautiful. gentlemen.Can Gordini driveI dont think so. cartridges. But as long as you drive the cars and behave and dont talk so other officers can hear. said the captain. darling. But its very beautiful. It was a one road show. After a while the stream from the stretcher above lessened and started to drip again and I heard and felt the canvas above move as the man on the stretcher settled more comfortably. TaorminaYou talk like a timetable. They take your sisters.

Those postcards would be very fine in America; strange and mysterious. I wondered who had done them and how much he got.Hes dead I think. Will you have a cigaretteThanks. was my age. The cars would be all right with their good metaltometal brakes and anyway. I said. Manera said. and with the end of the summer. Gordini could not drive. I tried to move but I could not move.Do you always know what people thinkNot always. The window was open. sitting in my trousers and an undershirt in front of the open window. I lay still and let the pain ride.

thats nothing to how it will feel later. You are really an Italian. you patriots. father.Wash up and come as you are. Manera said.I will send her. Bersaglieri are fools.Had you been engaged longEight years.You dont go at allI just go to see if there is anything new. the lieutenant said.I did not. said the driver in Italian looking at the hernia man.You dont go at allI just go to see if there is anything new. like bridge.

First we passed the regiment. Tell me all about it.He will look after you. He woke when he heard me in the room and sat up.Oh. Where have you beenCalling on the British. That is very clear. keeping to the side. Manera and Gavuzzi each went off with a load of wounded. They blew him all to bits.Were you there. looking at my eyes all the time.You wouldnt want to go in the line all the time. The carabinieri waved us to go on. with plaster and rubble in their gardens and sometimes in the street.

I said.It was because we were scared. I said. I said. It is one for The Lancet. I said. There was one smashed bridge across the river.I did not understand the word. How does that feelSweat ran all over me. Rinaldi said. They are too stupid. she said. English goddess. The major said he had heard a report that I could drink. the stump of his leg twitching.

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