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unknowing and not caring in the night.Savoia.

The division for which we worked were to attack at a place up the river and the major told me that I would see about the posts for during the attack
The division for which we worked were to attack at a place up the river and the major told me that I would see about the posts for during the attack. close behind the lines. Tenente. There were troops on this road and motor trucks and mules with mountain guns and as we went down. but the nights were cool and there was not the feeling of a storm coming.The next afternoon we heard there was to be an attack up the river that night and that we were to take four cars there. Perhaps we should have a drink.In the legs. soldiers would. It was impossible to salute foreigners as an Italian.Youre sloppy.65 caliber with a short barrel and it jumped so sharply when you let it off that there was no question of hitting anything.Somebody said you should be able to learn it in two weeks. I hope you feel better. I said.

He took off his gloves. I had it in the car. Porta feriti I tried to get closer to Passini to try to put a tourniquet on the legs but I could not move. Naples.Let me feel it. They were silent until I went out. one of the other captains said. I saw a third range of mountains. yes. an ambulance was waiting by the side door and inside the door.Im going on. Bring on something serious. Porta feriti I tried to get closer to Passini to try to put a tourniquet on the legs but I could not move. He offered me a glass of cognac.What is her nameFerguson.

coming down.How are you. I wanted to go to the Hartz Mountains. who said Miss Barkley was on dutytheres a war on. Passini said respectfully. I lowered it into the mouth. but instead we had Ii Generale Cadorna. and God be with you. Tenente. chewed. His nose was skinned and there was dust on the bloody patch and dust in his hair. gray leather boxes heavy with the packs of clips of thin. I said.That was a big trench mortar.They dropped me once more before we reached the post.

maam. Outside it was getting dark. Shes a nurse. I handed it to Gordini. Hold on to my neck.I ate the end of my piece of cheese and took a swallow of wine.About the soup.I think we can get you the silver. But back here youve got to have papers. Bring him a glass of brandy.He was gone.We went over toward Rinaldi and Miss Ferguson. He broke off. The stream kept on. went to the jail and asked to see the priest.

The battery fired twice and the air came each time like a blow and shook the window and made the front of my pajamas flap. wop. That major at the first post was a hogbutcher. You are really an Italian. and well see. He held up the glass.War is not won by victory. in order that I might understand perfectly. like bridge. I said. God. He was a big smart tall boy to be in the granatieri.I have one. There was more to it than that. Theres no work now.

We sat down on a bench and I looked at her. sucked and snapped in the ends. I am very moved to see you badly wounded.Oh. clear red. There was fighting in the mountains and at night we could see the flashes from the artillery. I had gotten somewhat drunk and had nearly forgotten to come but when I could not see her there I was feeling lonely and hollow. Those of us that were awake talked across the ward.Cant I stay here. the light came out and he went in. it couldnt all go on. she said.Sit down to it. Really.I see.

I said.A shell fell close and they both dropped to the ground and dropped me. Some one probably got it at one of the dressing stations. a noise like a railway engine starting and then an explosion that shook the earth again. I could go to Spain if there was no war. Passini said still respectfully. Why dont we stop fighting If they come down into Italy they will get tired and go away. Mr. Thats what its for. the line of the river that separated the two armies.It wasnt that way with the granatieri. I must make on Miss Barkley the impression of a man of sufficient wealth. TenenteYoure damned right.You did exactly right. He had always known what I did not know and what.

thats nothing to how it will feel later. The division for which we worked were to attack at a place up the river and the major told me that I would see about the posts for during the attack.He took off his gloves. They lifted me onto the table. The stream kept on.Be a good boy and be careful. go get a corkscrew. the captain said. in Milan. There had been a little town but it was all rubble. He laughed. I said. Signor Tenente. Are you coming to nightNo. I followed his hands with my eyes.

chemical smells and the sweet smell of blood.All right. Messina. I said.At dinner I ate very quickly and left for the villa where the British had their hospital. he said.Look. I wondered who had done them and how much he got. I hurried up the driveway and inside the reception hall I asked for Miss Barkley.Bring good opera disks. Goodnight. and his hair shone. not good by. she said. I practised with it.

Passini said. shes very nice.I will get it for you. I breathed and I was back. Helen. I was experiencing the masculine difficulty of making love very long standing up.He took off his gloves.Were you in the StatesSure. There were many marble busts on painted wooden pillars along the walls of the room they used for an office.Goodnight. and the whole thing going well on the Carso made the fall very different from the last fall when we had been in the country. It seemed no more dangerous to me myself than war in the movies. I kissed her hard and held her tight and tried to open her lips; they were closed tight. I held her close against me and could feel her heart beating and her lips opened and her head went back against my hand and then she was crying on my shoulder. Thats what its for.

At the post on the top they took the stretcher out and put another in and we went on. then finally it climbed quite fast.No. Ill paint all this and Does that sting Good. Ill see the medical wallahs. They were moderately clean.Just as you like. I was still angry and as I held her suddenly she shivered. thats nothing to how it will feel later. It was a nasty place and the Austrians should not have let them hold it.Oh. went to call on Miss Barkley. I said.Goodnight.Whats wrong with your legIts not my leg.

Had you been engaged longEight years.After a while I walked with her to the door of the villa and she went in and I walked home.The Germans too. We talk too much even for the Tenente.It wasnt that way with the granatieri. He started with the upright thumb and named in their order the thumb and four fingers. Those postcards would be very fine in America; strange and mysterious.She laughed. Do you suffer much Have a drink.As the ambulance climbed along the road. and well see. when I learned it. He was sitting up beside one of the brick walls. drink that. I said.

D. Your friend is a doctor.Yes. Hang onto my neck.Goodnight. lieutenant. Thats all I know. We crossed the brickyard. Then I will take him with my first load.Were you there.I wish you were back.Yes there is. As far as I could make out the last mile or so of the new road where it started to level out would be able to be shelled steadily by the Austrians. Grappa. Suddenly to care very much and to sleep to wake with it sometimes morning and all that had been there gone and everything sharp and hard and clear and sometimes a dispute about the cost.

baby. They were sweaty. Everybody is proud of you. crossed the pontoon bridge.No.Youre not a Catholic. then stood up. I had not noticed her. All fire and smoke and nothing inside. Tell me exactly what happened.Wait a minute. But they say a Saint Anthonys very useful. Manera and Gavuzzi each went off with a load of wounded. At first it dropped slowly and regularly. You walk up and down.

dry and white in the sun.Its way out. Miss Barkley said. Rinaldi shook his head. he explained to me. The major said he had heard a report that I could drink. he straightened up. and went in under the shed and looked at each of the cars. I drove coming back and went fast with the empty car to find the man from Pittsburgh. I would have liked to drive over the new road but it was not yet finished. I said. They cant do that to everybody. We parked the cars beyond a brickyard.And you call me CatherineCatherine. But they say a Saint Anthonys very useful.

All right. One of the two men who had carried it looked in. one for troops and one for officers. even in the ambulance business. Henry. I turned her so I could see her face when I kissed her and I saw that her eyes were shut. He stopped and sat down beside the road. in order that I might understand perfectly. said Passini and spat on the floor.He wiped his hands on his jumper and grinned.Dont go. and he came from Amalfi. really. holding the cheese. There isnt always an explanation for everything.

I said that was a foul lie and. It would only be worse if we stopped fighting. Orderly. the leather shiny with oil. My God what would a man do with a woman like that except worship her What else is an Englishwoman good forYou are an ignorant foulmouthed dago.Yes. shes very nice.Shes on duty.Yes. But its very beautiful. it seemed. It is very informative. She had slapped my face hard. and the world all unreal in the dark and so exciting that you must resume again unknowing and not caring in the night.Savoia.

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