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wore his black boots.He likes it.

Hello. Id be glad to kiss you if you dont mind. They wouldnt attack. There is nothing as bad as war. The hall too. She waved again and then I was out of the driveway and climbing up into the seat of the ambulance and we started.Why notThey dont trust us when theres nothing going on. the trees along the road had small leaves and a breeze came from the sea.It was dark outside and the long light from the search lights was moving over the mountains.Somebody said you should be able to learn it in two weeks. We do not like the English. Rocca ignored this and went on to explain the joke to me. dropping them in a basin. looking at my eyes all the time. Rinaldi put away the bottle and we went down the stairs.

The gravel paths were moist and the grass was wet with dew. Ive studied it for months now. No one to make fun of. They took off my trousers and the medical captain commenced dictating to the sergeant adjutant while he worked.I went everywhere.Ah. said the priest.Captain doctor (interested in something he was finding).That is not good. We two stopped talking and the captain shouted.Yes.Ive come back to Catherine in the night. Passini said. I must write some letters. My God what would a man do with a woman like that except worship her What else is an Englishwoman good forYou are an ignorant foulmouthed dago.

This was better than going every evening to the house for officers where the girls climbed all over you and put your cap on backward as a sign of affection between their trips upstairs with brother officers. it seemed. Stop it. I took her hands.Whats the matterHe looked at me..Where were the Hartz Mountains anyway They were fighting in the Carpathians. I said in Italian.Be good while Im gone.Later. said Passini. was lined with them. and with the end of the summer. said the captain. I do not believe in the Free Masons however.

he said.I didnt carry anybody. and relaxed. The captain spoke pidgin Italian for my doubtful benefit.This is a rotten game we play. Youve had it before. left the car at the dressing station under the hill.Wed take quite good care of them and return them to the villa.Splendid.Whats to stop itIt will crack somewhere. He spread the hand again. I said.A shell fell close and they both dropped to the ground and dropped me. In two days the offensive was to start and I would go with the cars to Plava.They tell me youve lost two drivers.

Three hundred fives. There is nothing worse than war. No one to make fun of. He bit his arm and moaned. Whats the matter with you Do you want us to come outside and get himThe two stretcher bearers picked up the man under the arms and by the legs and brought him in. We all sang. Maria.This is a rotten game we play. In the morning they came to each bed in turn. He stopped working and smiled. Your goddesses. She was not in the garden and I had to wait in the office of the hospital until she came down. The captain waved to me. Get out of here. as when a blast furnace door is swung open.

she said. the drivers walking along beside the mules wearing red fezzes. But I did not know that then. Jesus Christ. darling. Well crack in France. He bit his arm and moaned.Thats what the priest said. and relaxed. Some one probably got it at one of the dressing stations. My legs felt warm and wet and my shoes were wet and warm inside. Did you think I was Italian There were some Italians with one of our units. Bless me. In the morning they came to each bed in turn. That day I visited the posts in the mountains and was back in town late in the afternoon.

It was hot walking through the town but the sun was starting to go down and it was very pleasant.Wash up and come as you are.We were off the driveway. In the dark it was like summer lightning. Through the other noise I heard a cough.So you make progress with Miss BarkleyWe are friends.No. in which you said things instead of playing cards. The road went up the valley a long way and then we turned off and commenced to climb into the hills again. capitano (next finger). I said to Gordini. father. She would not let me put my arm around her. fast and shallow. At the gate of the driveway that led up to the British villa.

and he came from Amalfi. so she loves Scotland better than England. I said.You are crazy. was lined with them. Sometimes I think you and he are a little that way. not good by. said the captain.If it wasnt that that happens to their families nobody would go to the attack. Ill go and see him and ask if he will recommend you.A sergeant shot two officers who would not get out. I said. I will give you the addresses of places in Naples. Miss Barkley was quite tall. the orderly said.

the basins and the stoppered bottles.No. Get some more of that Antitetanus.That doesnt matter. he said.WhereMilano.It is a filthy and vile book. Every night priest five against one! They all laughed again.Please lets not lie when we dont have to.No. And we have gotten away from the war. and tears came in my eyes from the reflex. of course. maggiore (next to the little finger). You havent any fracture.

Tenente. chewed. There had been a little town but it was all rubble. one of the other captains said.Now you see. the stump of his leg twitching. No one to lend me money. We walked to the door and I saw her go in and down the hall. in Milan. Theres not really any war of that sort down here.Loan me fifty lire. He had not felt bad but now the shoulder had stiffened. I said that was a foul lie and.We drove fast when we were over the bridge and soon we saw the dust of the other cars ahead down the road.Im quite well.

Some one came in and as the door opened I could see the snow falling. No one to come in at night from adventures. looking out at the snow falling slowly and heavily. I havent any papers for you. They would. They had come back for him. I suppose it was mutual tolerance because the Austrians still kept a bridgehead further down the river. Some of the wounded were noisy but most were quiet. They sat down and waited. We grew up together. You wont worry now.SeeI put my Saint Anthony back in the capsule.I have one. Rocca said. and then there were mountains far off beyond all these that you could hardly tell if you really saw.

You know more about it than I do.Shall we sit here or go out in the gardenLets go out. I thought. I sat beside him. It would not finish it if one side stopped fighting. then it pattered into a stream.Do you like itVery much. hotter and slower than ever: then the stragglers. Priest not happy. with the eyes shut. He patted Gordini on the shoulder. and tears came in my eyes from the reflex. which was very good. What was the matter with this war Everybody said the French were through. Listen.

My legs felt warm and wet and my shoes were wet and warm inside. At the first battle you all run. A little that way like the number of the first regiment of the Brigata Ancona.The battery in the next garden woke me in the morning and I saw the sun coming through the window and got out of the bed.Abbastanza bene. I said. He breathed very heavily. My friend motioned for him to come in. said Passini. It would only be worse if we stopped fighting. Goodnight. I said. Thats what its for.Come on. unbuttoned the shirt collar and dropped him in under the shirt.

All right. And we have gotten away from the war. Rinaldi put away the bottle and we went down the stairs. This chap of yours was very anxious for me to see you. loosely packed cigarettes that spilled tobacco and needed to have the ends twisted before you smoked them.Whats the matterHe looked at me.I have brought him in. Rinaldi said. I saw a third range of mountains. It would be the same when the offensive started. I said. he said. Im something called a V. Would you like us to take the carsThats what I wanted to ask you.Oh.

Inexperienced. isnt heYes.You are so modest. you dont. sucking in the ends.Oh. There were stragglers going by long after the regiment had passedmen who could not keep up with their platoons. He was a big smart tall boy to be in the granatieri. He drank a half tumbler of cognac. not good by.I saw Catherine Barkley coming down the hall. painted gray and built like moving-vans. go get a corkscrew. said the driver in Italian looking at the hernia man. and I knew I was dead and that it had all been a mistake to think you just died.

The British had come with three ambulances and they had two men on each ambulance.It starts now.Do you think it would be any good to try and see her tomorrowYes. lootenant.Defeat is worse. Passini said respectfully. Hold on to my neck. Manera said. There was a cough. Evidently it did not matter whether I was there or not. You know. Oh Jesus lovely Mary stop it. With a girl it is painful. They told me you were on duty.No.

she said.Its not been away.Couldnt you take me no place elseIf it was closer to the front I could take you to a first medical post. and in the fall when the rains came the leaves all fell from the chestnut trees and the branches were bare and the trunks black with rain.No. A mass loosened. I think not. and then I heard close to me some one saying Mama Mia Oh. We will take over the two cars. My father is a famous hunter. hotter and slower than ever: then the stragglers.Look at the bump. There were big guns too that passed in the day drawn by tractors. wore his black boots.He likes it.

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