Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh. Not in this ambulance business.

Hold on to my neck
Hold on to my neck. Perhaps it start again. He recognized me and waved a forceps. The King was good but dull.No. You should go on leave. Still I would probably have been killed. Some of the wounded were noisy but most were quiet.He cant do anything about it anyway. He said it was true and by the corpse of Bacchus we would test whether it was true or not.Isnt there anywhere we can goNo. My legs felt warm and wet and my shoes were wet and warm inside. They sat down and waited. They were top-heavy. Like bridge you had to pretend you were playing for money or playing for some stakes.

He wiped his hands on his jumper and grinned. wont youWhat the hell. It tasted of rusty metal. Ireland of Wisconsin.I saw Catherine Barkley coming down the hall. In a little while we would say insulting things.That was because it was first. Yes. They were all mechanics and hated the war. For stupidity. Halfway through the wine I did not want any more. yes ) with possible fracture of the skull. In a little while we would say insulting things. The Englishman broke into voluble and perfect Italian.Maybe girls dont want to go to the front any more.

It took the enamel off your teeth and left it on the roof of your mouth. You must have done something heroic either before or after.As you wish.Rinaldi went out with me. They take your home.Well be most careful of them. I said.I did not.Isnt there anywhere we can goNo. Rinaldi. Villa San Giovanni. she said. I wished we had a Napoleon. unbuttoned the shirt collar and dropped him in under the shirt.Are you unwoundedWe are both wounded a little.

Be a good boy and be careful.Open the bottle.Look at the bump. then finally it climbed quite fast.Yes. Goodnight. They lifted me and the blanket flap went across my face as we went out. I repeated it. and he came from Amalfi.Please lets not lie when we dont have to. It looked wide and well made with a good grade and the turns looked very impressive where you could see them through openings in the forest on the mountain side. major. I said. come. Anybody may crack.

Manera said. Manera said. Then he was quiet. Its only the ambulance. It takes a long time to be. there was the smell of marble floors and hospital. however.Im perfectly all right. I am now in love with Miss Barkley. Miss Barkley said. Firenze. The earth of the dugout was warm and dry and I let my shoulders back against the wall. and things went very badly.That road will be a dirty mess. I said.

Youre not an Italian. my bed was made up with blankets and my things hung on the wall. Besides. she said. said the lieutenant. Rinaldi came in while I was undressing.Good Christ I said.The driver came out of the door with the papers for the wounded in the car. she said. the leather shiny with oil.Oh. smoking. Gordini stood behind me. It looked as though it might be a mess. Do you think I would do right to marry Miss Barkleyafter the war of courseAbsolutely.

I looked in the door of the big room and saw the major sitting at his desk.You. There had been a little town but it was all rubble.It was just beyond where we turned off. even in the ambulance business. The saint hung down on the Outside of my uniform and I undid the throat of my tunic. You will like it. He shook his head at me. My hand went in and my knee was down on my shin.Thats what the priest said. I thought she was very beautiful and I took her hand.You drive. I always thought he was French. I looked back and saw Rinaldi standing watching me and waved to him. Let everybody defend his home.

So you make progress with Miss BarkleyWe are friends.Were you in the StatesSure. out of the bandages. Every night priest five against one! They all laughed again. said Bassi. Shall attack!The priest nodded. This was a strange and mysterious war zone but I supposed it was quite well run and grim compared to other wars with the Austrians. Inside I saw the head nurse.They talked too much at the mess and I drank wine because tonight we were not all brothers unless I drank a little and talked with the priest about Archbishop Ireland who was.Beyond the mule train the road was empty and we climbed through the hills and then went down over the shoulder of a long hill into a river valley. Oh Jesus lovely Mary stop it.Why dont you ride with the transport I asked. Nobody had mentioned what the stakes were. You love EnglandNot too well.Because the captain doctor knew I had this rupture.

Five stars. stepping carefully among the wounded.You sons of bitches.Because the captain doctor knew I had this rupture.After a while we said good-night and left. He came back with a handful of roasted coffee beans. There were big search lights on that front mounted on camions that you passed sometimes on the roads at night. he said. have that pleasant air of a dog whoStop it. thats different. I saluted and went out.Poor man. the major said.I have to get washed and report. Did you think I was Italian There were some Italians with one of our units.

I looked back and saw the three cars all climbing. I wished I were in Milan with her. Well stop by the road here.AnotherAll right.We shook hands and he put his arm around my neck and kissed me. Maybe the Austrians would crack.Im so sorry. TenenteWhere is Gordini and GavuzziGordinis at the post getting bandaged. Its good. He is the legitimate son of President Wilson. I had gone to no such place but to the smoke of cafe and nights when the room whirled and you needed to look at the wall to make it stop. I said.This is the picturesque front. I sat in the high seat of the Fiat and thought about nothing. They will love you like a son.

It was very hot and when I woke my legs itched. I did hurt you.Ciaou! he said. I saw a third range of mountains. Gavuzzi said. We all sang.Porta feriti I shouted holding my hands cupped.He poured two glasses and we touched them. He hoped the road would not jam. I knew that I was hit and leaned over and put my hand on my knee.Oughf. it seemed. He slapped me on the shoulder.What is the differenceA nurse is like a doctor. I wish she were here now.

Thats the end of it.Theyll send you to a hospital. New girls never been to the front before. and other trucks with loads covered with canvas that moved slower in the traffic.It is true. We were just beginning to get some of them. He was the Kings uncle and commanded the third army.Were not far from the top.A showI dont think its anything. hauling them back from the mountains to the clearing station and then distributing them to the hospitals named on their papers. she said. he said. But its a rotten game. I lowered it into the mouth.Abbastanza bene.

Halfway through the wine I did not want any more.You dont need to say a lot of nonsense. After some more wine I told the story of the jockey who found the penny.You have beautiful hair. You see Im not mad and Im not gone off.No.But Scotland is England. Passini was quiet now. At first it dropped slowly and regularly. Fragments of enemy trench mortar shell. and I spoke Italian. A shell had fallen and while we waited three others fell up the road. Its much cooler.Theyll shell the out of us. but it was not Catherine.

I sat in the reception hail of the villa.Wed take quite good care of them and return them to the villa.At dinner I ate very quickly and left for the villa where the British had their hospital. gentlemen. Hold on to my neck. my bed was made up with blankets and my things hung on the wall. went downstairs. isnt itWhat gameDont be dull. The priest accepted it as a joke. the tiny man with the long thin neck and the goat beard. It was very hot and when I woke my legs itched. I said. I said.There are three others. Always with the carabinieri.

Everybody is proud of you. I had met two gunners from that lot.Youre not a Catholic. It was what I had wanted to do and I tried to explain how one thing had led to another and finally he saw it and understood that I had really wanted to go and it was almost all right. coming down. This chap of yours was very anxious for me to see you. there was snow on the guns and there were paths in the snow going back to the latrines behind trenches. and went through the trenches in the smasheddown town and along the edge of the slope. I said. baby. It tasted of rusty metal.Its very odd though. Go on tell me.Nothing. I felt something dripping.

Start in to eat. This was a game. We have to just walk here. In the town there were more guns.No.Defeat is worse. where it was clear cold and dry and the snow was dry and powdery and haretracks in the snow and the peasants took off their hats and called you Lord and there was good hunting. where I sat with a friend and two glasses drinking a bottle of Asti. The major was unhooking the forceps now. A. You will like it. please. we knew it was all over for that year. They had the complete marble quality of all looking alike. I said and poured the basin full of water.

Helen Ferguson. It was a hot day and there were many flies in the room. Rinaldi was sitting on the bed with a copy of Hugos English grammar.I felt his breath come toward me. I watched the snow falling.Do you suppose it will always go onNo.I cut the cheese into pieces and laid them on the macaroni.Bacchus. People lived on in it and there were hospitals and cafe and artillery up side streets and two bawdy houses. I thought he had a fine name and he came from Minnesota which made a lovely name: Ireland of Minnesota. Will you have a cigaretteThanks. Now Ill probe for some of this if you like but its not necessary.Shes on duty.Oh. Not in this ambulance business.

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