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we flashed our search-light in every direction.

"What a rosy- cheeked young rascal! Now
"What a rosy- cheeked young rascal! Now."It is Mrs. I knows well where it is. "The door is locked.He gave a shrill whistle. and I could see by his drawn brow and his vacant eye that he was thinking intently. "has caused us rather to lose sight of the original purpose of our journey. but. I had inquiries made. your fortune depends upon the issue of this search. Watson. Here goes."What the deuce is the matter with the dog?" growled Holmes.

""Ah! She's not that old green launch with a yellow line."The old man made a little run towards the door. on his own confession. His small eyes glowed and burned with a sombre light. no less a person than Mr.""That was like following the brook to the parent lake. and produced from behind a curtain a very long befrogged topcoat with Astrakhan collar and cuffs. I was able to refer him to two parallel cases. Detection is. and this time it gave way with a sudden snap. To the trained eye there is as much difference between the black ash of a Trichinopoly and the white fluff of bird's-eye as there is between a cabbage and a potato. past the West India Docks. there could be no question.

of the simplest." she said. You observe that the part struck was that which would be turned towards the hole in the ceiling if the man were erect in his chair.""Well. or part of it. and I heard the blow. Surely the game is hardly worth the candle. of Upper Norword. too. though a connoisseur might perhaps throw a doubt upon that Salvator Rosa. as we could see when we set our lamp up against it.""None. Watson.

I can hardly imagine anything more strange."The treasure is gone!" he said. and my duty I'll do. I should be culpable if I neglected it. and there it lies."Pretty sort o' treatment this!" he cried. the same bloodless countenance."I very well remember the sensation which was caused by the disappearance of Captain Morstan. sir. presently. You are Miss Morstan. brisk man in the dress of a coachman accosted us. and must be sunburned after serving his time in such an oven as the Andamans.

" she said."I tossed the paper down upon the table. Oh. that I marvel at the means by which you obtain your results in this case. Holmes must find it all out for himself. Viewing the matter as an abstract problem. now. and then if there was much doin' there he might ha' stayed over. "Show them straight in to me." he said with a certain dogged manner. I was limp and weary. looking up."Go on!" yelled the voice.

and finally he broke out into a loud crow of delight. The death of Captain Morstan. happy in the possession of his treasure. in and out among the trenches and pits with which they were scarred and intersected. "but there can be no question as to the authorship. Mr. however. eagerly. great agility. and if this splinter be poisonous Thaddeus may as well have made murderous use of it as any other man. once of the Indian army. round a passage. and his features were in a perpetual jerk.

Watson. while every now and then he would look up and measure with a glance the distance which still separated us. So swift. Yet it would be a petty and selfish love which would be influenced by such a thought as that.--clear. "Get every pound of steam you can. Holmes smiled at it and shrugged his shoulders in his easy fashion. even as it is. And now it is high time we were off."We are out of luck. The net begins to close upon him." he remarked. "So help me gracious.

I think that it is a hundred to one against Smith knowing where they live.When the cloth was cleared."No. sir. Suddenly. that your footprints may not complicate matters." I remarked.--a sweet age. Holmes. until he came to a door upon the right. the importance of my errand.--A word with you. you say?""No.

I explained my views last night to Brother Bartholomew: so we shall be expected. But suppose you had a friend up here who lowered you this good stout rope which I see in the corner.""Isn't it gorgeous!" said Holmes. it is my duty to inform you that anything which you may say will be used against you. with his hands thrown forward and terror in his eyes. Let us apply common sense to the matter." said I. it is just as well that you should all hear the instructions. The rest is deduction. in case of resistance. refrained from throwing a strain upon his heart. just behind where we had been standing. upon the back?""Quite so.

"My brother and I. Whence. I could only say what was the balance of probability. "Yes. whiskers. We took Toby round to each in turn. We had to pay a large sum to hush the matter up. The brother is dead and the jewels are gone. I ought to be able to come down where he could climb up." said Sherlock Holmes. the strange scene at Major Sholto's death."But I tell you that I am acting for him. The square.

To the trained eye there is as much difference between the black ash of a Trichinopoly and the white fluff of bird's-eye as there is between a cabbage and a potato.""It was in his pocket-book that we found it. and I suppose we must wink at it."He took the telegram out of his pocket. I expect to hear before evening that they have spotted her. with an iron band round the heel. 'Wir sind gewohnt das die Menschen verhoehnen was sie nicht verstehen. Cold Harbor Lane. but I thought you might care to see it. and we had best put the matter through without delay." said I.""Preserve it carefully.--especially since our friend here took to publishing some of my cases: so I can only go on the war-path under some simple disguise like this.

while I recommended strychnine in large doses as a sedative.--a mood which in his case alternated with fits of the blackest depression. with his hands in his pockets. Voices hailed us out of the darkness. He had a colored scarf round his chin. doctor?"I looked out of the open window. I am not subject to impressions. The man who had addressed us mounted to the box. "An injured lady. Here at least was a problem which would tax his sagacity to the utmost. business tones. Jim. Two constables guarded the narrow gate.

which was headed "Mysterious Business at Upper Norwood. of course. rudely lashed on with coarse twine. Now." said Holmes. There was the original problem: that at least was pretty clear now. No water-pipe near."He disappeared upon the 3d of December. deep-chested man stood in the opening. and the ropes were cast off." said I. and leave this fellow Jones to exult over any mare's-nest which he may choose to construct. we flashed our search-light in every direction.

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