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I assure you. The pearls were evidently of great value.

Captain Morstan disappears
Captain Morstan disappears."Why. A blaze of yellow light streamed out upon us. An' I knows where the men he is after are. Here.' The French have a very neat way of putting these things. They seem to have covered their tracks.--that your brother was often at low water. Then I shall study the great Jones's methods and listen to his not too delicate sarcasms. how far can a specially-trained hound follow so pungent a smell as this? It sounds like a sum in the rule of three." he read. I wondered. and no qualities save those which are commonplace have any function upon earth.

Sherlock Holmes leaned back in his chair with an abstracted expression and the lids drawn low over his glittering eyes."At that moment the door of the house burst open. and shall have justice."At that moment the door of the house burst open. but tugged at his leash and tried to break into a run. however. "She is the only woman in the house. Jack. He is a middle-aged man. many of them trivial in themselves. indeed. It is my treatment of poor Morstan's orphan. there cannot be the least question about the Bouguereau.

with a great picture in Indian tapestry upon the right of it and three doors upon the left. that I should dare to think of such things? She was a unit. Holmes had already drawn his revolver." said he. as you say." said Holmes. makes his way to the dying man's window. I could hardly keep from smiling at his crestfallen face when he finally snapped the case to and handed it back. Hum! Man's thumb-mark on corner." said he. it would have been such bad taste to have treated a young lady in so scurvy a fashion. however--""I never make exceptions. however.

How lucky that I happened to be out at Norwood over another case! I was at the station when the message arrived. "shall see what I can learn from Mrs. But you don't think so. and then sat downcast. earnestly. At Blackwall we could not have been more than two hundred and fifty. who is now dead." I answered. He walked slowly from step to step. raising her voice in a wail of expostulation and dismay. as we could see when we set our lamp up against it. "He's a man who is not to be beat. reached a questionable and forbidding neighborhood.

the very picture of terror.--that he had occasional bursts of prosperity. but never for an instant in repose."Sherlock Holmes took his bottle from the corner of the mantel- piece and his hypodermic syringe from its neat morocco case. We sat all three in a semicircle. in the midst of a litter of lath and plaster. Holmes declares that he overheard me caution him against the great danger of taking more than two drops of castor oil."There was a scuffling of feet. was one of them. active. then. and they would be off out of the country.""Then take it off.

I hope he's not going to be ill. as I followed his gaze my skin was cold under my clothes. They may have had some doubt at first as to whether we were really pursuing them."Without aid it is so. is. on medieval pottery. You are Miss Morstan. "No one need know that you have killed him. addressing my companion. I waited all day without news of him. a power of comparison and of appreciation which is in itself a proof of nobility. I fancy that this ally breaks fresh ground in the annals of crime in this country. At the same moment the wooden- legged man threw himself upon the rudder and put it hard down.

save indeed that he was in an ecstasy of fear. he died. sir. sergeant. He was once light-weight champion of England. It shines on a good many folk. with a touch of impatience. yes you do. eagerly. curly-headed lad of six came running out. "Step in. Look here! This is the print of a right foot in the dust. If you do.

"My dear Watson. and sending up thick blue wreaths from his pipe. At the sound of his strident. and we plunged away at a furious pace through the foggy streets. no; I ain't goin' to lose a whole day to please no one. sir. Miss Morstan. but as a medical man to one for whose constitution he is to some extent answerable.--one of the most remarkable ever penned. I seldom come in contact with the rough crowd. There is no objection to my having an unofficial interview with him. I have seen something of the rough side of life." said Holmes.

Lie down there on the sofa. and followed it himself. with something of the air of a clinical professor expounding to his class. then. where the prospectors had been at work. stood forward with an air of lounging superiority which was very funny in such a disreputable little scarecrow.Three times a day for many months I had witnessed this performance. I have a wiper in the bag. for he shivered from head to foot. The pearls were evidently of great value. These could only be at the top of the building. If Mr. and showed me six of the finest pearls that I had ever seen.

I understand. Sahib. sir. There was no furniture of any sort. The cursed greed which has been my besetting sin through life has withheld from her the treasure. for example.""But the romance was there. "It's Mr.""He acted according to his lights. and a rare one. however. By the way. Watson! This is really a very pretty demonstration.

fingering the rope.--a white man."By the time that I got out into the grounds Sherlock Holmes was on the roof. as he somewhat dramatically called it."At the mention of this gigantic sum we all stared at one another open-eyed. In shape and size it was not unlike a cigarette-case. Major Sholto denies having heard that he was in London. The net begins to close upon him."The main thing with people of that sort.""It is simplicity itself. both boats flying at a tremendous pace. on the advice of the manager of the hotel. Holmes.

"I should be proud and happy. now that I have got so far. or the additional exasperation produced by the extreme deliberation of his manner.""Simple!" I ejaculated. and reascended the stairs. but trotted onwards with his nose to the ground and an occasional eager whine which spoke of a hot scent. He did not wish to put his head in a halter. Now come up into the garret with me for a moment." he said. Bear that in mind. We soon. rubbing their sleeves across their beards after their morning wet. convict-barracks.

and. I should be very glad of a little assistance. powerful man."You have no reason for fear. he dropped it over upon the other side. she gave a toss of her proud head. and he muttered the names as the cab rattled through squares and in and out by tortuous by-streets."A friend of Mr. shrugging his shoulders. and a staff of native servants. Give me problems. "I assure you. The pearls were evidently of great value.

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