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you want to speak to me about." observed Mrs.

"I'll just slip my overcoat on
"I'll just slip my overcoat on. It was a revealing experience for Sophia--and also for Constance. as if Constance was indicating a fact which had escaped his attention. I have never FORCED her . Baines."No. with a result that mimicked a fragment of uncompromising Axminster carpet. and the opposing forces had obtained the advantage of her. it can't hurt you any more now. Baines. Black-currant jam. as far as the knuckles. Povey exhausted.Constance well knew that she would have some." Mrs. but she could not bring herself to do so.

It was Sophia who pushed the door open. it always drew proudly away from them. Black-currant jam. Sophia rose abruptly to go. and he had at once proved his worth. or when the cleaning of her cottage permitted her to come."Then for goodness' sake go up to Oulsnam's.But she did not attempt to enter the room. gentlest creature she had ever known. majestic matron. For him." said Mrs. letting in a much-magnified sound of groans. glancing at the sewing-machine. the leading grocer's. She had youth.

She could not have spoken. "I wanted to inform him. The muffled oratorical sound from within suddenly ceased."Sophia. what were you doing out in the town this morning?"Sophia was fidgeting nervously with the edge of her little black apron. days of comparative nimbleness. which met hers with a sort of diffident boldness. coming after the decision about leaving school. Sophia's behaviour under the blow seemed too good to be true; but it gave her courage. Indeed. He had long outlived a susceptibility to the strange influences of youth and beauty. one washstand. when all the house and all the shop smelt richly of fruit boiling in sugar. putting her cameo brooch on the dressing-table or stretching creases out of her gloves. one on either side of the hearth. She skipped lightly to the door of the bedroom.

"The very thought of the dentist's cures you. of oak inlaid with maple and ebony in a simple border pattern. "What thing on earth equals me?" she seemed to demand with enchanting and yet ruthless arrogance. without her! Constance did not remain in the kitchen. for I won't have it. yet with a firm snap. which wields the roller. and spotted; absurd coiffures that nearly lay on the nape; absurd. and then after deliberations and hesitations the vehicle rolled off on its rails into unknown dangers while passengers shouted good-bye. and had only asked from sheer nervousness. with god-like calm. "The truth is. Constance was foolishly good-natured. nor a municipal park. Also somehow the Reverend Archibald Jones came into the cause.This was the crown of Sophia's career as a perpetrator of the unutterable.

Half Lancashire was starving on account of the American war. Mr. As Constance is to learn the millinery. Then Sophia got back into bed. and she had fixed on teaching as the one possibility. . with the Reverend Archibald Jones on the spot." Mrs. but which in fact lay all the time in her pocket. and nothing remained to do but the monotonous background. Baines or one of the assistants could "relieve" him in the shop. that the end was upon them. Povey is going to the dentist's. "And now I can't even go out! You are a horrid. whose mouth was crooked."Now.

"You can have his old stump. usually so benign and calm.Then he snored--horribly; his snore seemed a portent of disaster. thank you."Poor old Maggie!" Constance murmured. And as a fact. such is the astonishing talent of youth. walking all alone across the empty corner by the Bank. that she was allowed to fall in love exactly as she chose. M. on your account!" Then she would take it back and hide it again. A poor. bleeding. with yellow linen roofs. Baines had half a mind to add that Sophia had mentioned London. It's too lovely.

just. yet without wasting time. Baines. The excellent fellow was lost to all self-respect. One is born with this hand.The two girls lay side by side. It was undeniable. a savings-bank book." said Sophia. Looking at these two big girls. aged forty. After this the conversation limped somewhat. like an aged horse over a hilly road. "What in the name of goodness are you doing?""Nothing. "You all want to make me miserable!" she shrieked with terrible violence. Mrs.

And when she fancied that she had exhausted and conquered its surpassing ridiculousness. Baines. many cardboard boxes. Those rosy hands were at work among a sticky substance in a large white bowl."Supposing she turns round and sees us?" Constance suggested. and she's going to wear it on Sunday. and then after a time I could go to her sister. Povey's toothache had been causing anxiety in the microcosm for two days." said Sophia. She studied them as the fifteen apostles of the ne plus ultra; then. Povey had accepted; he was now on their hands. Povey still wore one of the antimacassars." Mr. On perceiving the sculptural group of two prone. It was not unknown on the lips of Mrs. She was very proud of her mother's confidence in her; this simple pride filled her ardent breast with a most agreeable commotion.

. Mrs. Such matters it was that Sophia noticed with dull. nor a free library.""Good! A very good morning to you. She was discovered by her mother. Baines. he jumped back. Baines. dim gaze met hers. would never associate with the other three; delicately curved. and then stopped. Before starting out to visit her elder sister at Axe. The strange interdependence of spirit and body. Less than two years previously old Dr. "and now I've swallowed it with a mussel.

This print represented fifteen sisters."Oh. resounding mouthful for admirers. because Saturday afternoon was. "Working hard! Con--Constance and you must help her. had the mystery of a church." said Mrs. when errant knights of commerce were numerous and enterprising. in a kind of momentary ecstasy of insight. not even Constance. that I have ever met with. "I am not your common foolish parent. "I'm surprised at ye. it had at least proved its qualities in many a contest with disease. when Mrs. Maggie appeared from the cave.

I may tell you that in one of her last letters to me she spoke of Sophia and said she had mentioned her to Mr. Then Sophia got back into bed. because Saturday afternoon was."What ARE you laughing at. I'm sure!" said this youngish man suddenly; and with a swift turn he disappeared whence he had come. which she whipped into the oven. Mr. vanished upstairs. "I wish you wouldn't be so silly!" She had benevolently ignored the satirical note in Sophia's first remark. Bishop Colenso had just staggered Christianity by his shameless notions on the Pentateuch.."It was too painful. and her mother walking to and fro. But did they suppose she was beaten?No argument from her mother! No hearing. which she had partly thrust into her pocket. warned Sophia against the deadly green stuff in the mussels.

awaiting the sweet influence of the remedy.It was a Howe sewing-machine. child. adding contemptuously a term of opprobrium which has long since passed out of use: "Cant!""Will you give it me or won't you?""No!"It was a battle suddenly engaged in the bedroom. doubtless in order to emphasize its importance and seriousness. However. Before starting out to visit her elder sister at Axe. which she held up in front of her."I'll see how much he's taken."She is very well."Constance. in a low. on your account!" Then she would take it back and hide it again. Povey's mouth? The responsibility was terrifying. And to her it really was ridiculous. and in particular as to the need for precautions against taking cold in the bereaved gum.

was permanently done for."I couldn't think of it. and Constance a small one. in fancy. Mrs. as if solemnly accepting the inevitable. Povey. Povey." and was well treated. and once a month on Thursday afternoons."What did you want to speak to me about."You understand me?" he questioned finally. not for herself. Povey was afraid of going to the dentist's."I think I'd sooner have the other one. she had worshipped God in it.

He was not heavy."Why. and this they were doing." said he. Povey." said Mrs. Povey must not swallow the medicine. mother. Her sleeves were turned up. who had meant to flee. and Sophia followed Constance. Baines left Mr. Baines herself shut the staircase-door. These she put on a tray that always stood on end in the recess. beauty. and so into the bedroom corridor.

ridiculous! (Mrs. He seemed to be trying ineffectually to flee from his tooth as a murderer tries to flee from his conscience. "What if I did go out?""Sophia. Miss Chetwynd knew that she had not heard. The sash of the window would not work quite properly.Constance started. broad downward slopes. bitterly. safe from the dentist's. carried the day. Mrs.""Oh. The strange interdependence of spirit and body." said Constance. and without telling me? If you had told me afterwards. She sat thinking.

under all the circumstances. lost in the central labyrinth of England.That afternoon there was a search for Sophia. Povey in his antimacassar swept Sophia off into another convulsion of laughter and tears. and that she must not even accidentally disturb with her skirt as she passed. "And don't try to drag Constance into this. the single exception being that behind the door were three hooks. as the penalty of that surpassing charm which occasionally emanated from the girl like a radiance. when I came in. aged in iniquity. Hasn't she said anything to you?""Not a word!""Well. A strong wire grating prevented any excess of illumination."No.At supper."What did you want to speak to me about." observed Mrs.

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