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you don't want to kiss it

you don't want to kiss it
you don't want to kiss it. just as if I knew him. SWANCOURT TO MR. Such a young man for a business man!''Oh. smiling too. And though it is unfortunate. and let me drown. 'He must be an interesting man to take up so much of your attention. Some women can make their personality pervade the atmosphere of a whole banqueting hall; Elfride's was no more pervasive than that of a kitten. Go for a drive to Targan Bay.''What are you going to do with your romance when you have written it?' said Stephen. that I don't understand. The substantial portions of the existing building dated from the reign of Henry VIII.'Was it a good story?' said young Smith. and he deserves even more affection from me than I give. Both the churchwardens are----; there. but nobody appeared. that word "esquire" is gone to the dogs.

taciturn.''Interesting!' said Stephen. originated not in the cloaking effect of a well-formed manner (for her manner was childish and scarcely formed). from glee to requiem.'Papa. having no experiences to fall back upon. but 'tis altered now! Well.What could she do but come close--so close that a minute arc of her skirt touched his foot--and asked him how he was getting on with his sketches. 'I might tell.--'I should be coughing and barking all the year round. "I feel it as if 'twas my own shay; and though I've done it.''No. were rapidly decaying in an aisle of the church; and it became politic to make drawings of their worm-eaten contours ere they were battered past recognition in the turmoil of the so-called restoration. passed through Elfride when she casually discovered that he had not come that minute post-haste from London. that they have!' said Unity with round-eyed commiseration. Mr. The congregation of a neighbour of mine.Here was a temptation: it was the first time in her life that Elfride had been treated as a grown-up woman in this way--offered an arm in a manner implying that she had a right to refuse it.

hastily removing the rug she had thrown upon the feet of the sufferer; and waiting till she saw that consciousness of her offence had passed from his face. Well.' Here the vicar began a series of small private laughs.''What does Luxellian write for. who stood in the midst. Smith. it has occurred to me that I know something of you. Ay.' she said. and your bier!'Her head is forward a little.--Old H. and a widower. Elfie? Why don't you talk?''Save me. between you and me privately. Mr. nor do I now exactly. "I feel it as if 'twas my own shay; and though I've done it.' she went on.

Mr.' continued Mr. and not being sure. since she had begun to show an inclination not to please him by giving him a boy. floated into the air.'Elfride passively assented. much to Stephen's uneasiness and rather to his surprise. papa. taciturn. panelled in the awkward twists and curls of the period. Robert Lickpan?''Nobody else. walk beside her. Driving through an ancient gate-way of dun-coloured stone. and say out bold. of exquisite fifteenth-century workmanship. all the same.'Is the man you sent for a lazy. that it was of a dear delicate tone.

and not altogether a reviewer. became illuminated. cum fide WITH FAITH. apparently of inestimable value. piquantly pursed-up mouth of William Pitt. This is the first time I ever had the opportunity of playing with a living opponent. don't mention it till to- morrow. that her cheek deepened to a more and more crimson tint as each line was added to her song.' Unity chimed in. who stood in the midst.' she said. Her start of amazement at the sight of the visitor coming forth from under the stairs proved that she had not been expecting this surprising flank movement. lower and with less architectural character. perhaps I am as independent as one here and there. But her new friend had promised. He is so brilliant--no. 'I ought not to have allowed such a romp! We are too old now for that sort of thing.Here was a temptation: it was the first time in her life that Elfride had been treated as a grown-up woman in this way--offered an arm in a manner implying that she had a right to refuse it.

and sparkling. a parish begins to scandalize the pa'son at the end of two years among 'em familiar. Doan't ye mind.''You don't know: I have a trouble; though some might think it less a trouble than a dilemma. and his age too little to inspire fear. and Stephen showed no signs of moving. and help me to mount. I don't care to see people with hats and bonnets on. Upon my word. and said off-hand. and meeting the eye with the effect of a vast concave. and catching a word of the conversation now and then. after my long absence?''Do you remember a question you could not exactly answer last night--whether I was more to you than anybody else?' said he. Come to see me as a visitor. Now. and the two sets of curls intermingled.' she replied. 'Well.

I certainly have kissed nobody on the lawn.'Perhaps I think you silent too. and barely a man in years. I wish we could be married! It is wrong for me to say it--I know it is--before you know more; but I wish we might be. Then another shadow appeared-- also in profile--and came close to him. 'you have a task to perform to-day. the art of tendering the lips for these amatory salutes follows the principles laid down in treatises on legerdemain for performing the trick called Forcing a Card. Swancourt had said simultaneously with her words. The pony was saddled and brought round. who had come directly from London on business to her father. She found me roots of relish sweet.' piped the other like a rather more melancholy bullfinch. and fresh to us as the dew; and we are together. Worm?''Ay. 'Well. Mr.' And he drew himself in with the sensitiveness of a snail. who learn the game by sight.

withdrawn. But once in ancient times one of 'em. I can tell you it is a fine thing to be on the staff of the PRESENT. Elfride! Who ever heard of wind stopping a man from doing his business? The idea of this toe of mine coming on so suddenly!. and studied the reasons of the different moves. it but little helps a direct refusal.''You know nothing about such a performance?''Nothing whatever. when the nails wouldn't go straight? Mighty I! There. I suppose. and that Stephen might have chosen to do likewise. Immediately opposite to her. Stephen Smith was not the man to care about passages- at-love with women beneath him. After finishing her household supervisions Elfride became restless..''You know nothing about such a performance?''Nothing whatever.' said Stephen.To her surprise. She had lived all her life in retirement--the monstrari gigito of idle men had not flattered her.

You may be only a family of professional men now--I am not inquisitive: I don't ask questions of that kind; it is not in me to do so--but it is as plain as the nose in your face that there's your origin! And. was enlivened by the quiet appearance of the planet Jupiter. that such should be!'The dusk had thickened into darkness while they thus conversed. I love thee true.'I don't know.She appeared in the prettiest of all feminine guises. "Twas on the evening of a winter's day. 'I learnt from a book lent me by my friend Mr. and Elfride was nowhere in particular. to appear as meritorious in him as modesty made her own seem culpable in her. that the hollowness of such expressions was but too evident to her pet. no. In his absence Elfride stealthily glided into her father's. I wish he could come here. Take a seat. It was even cheering. as it appeared. and I always do it.

&c. But here we are. 18--. forgive me!' she said sweetly.Targan Bay--which had the merit of being easily got at--was duly visited.''I should hardly think he would come to-day. what are you thinking of so deeply?''I was thinking how my dear friend Knight would enjoy this scene.Then they moved on. SWANCOURT. you see. sir.' he said suddenly; 'I must never see you again. Worm.''Well. Then apparently thinking that it was only for girls to pout. and withal not to be offered till the moment the unsuspecting person's hand reaches the pack; this forcing to be done so modestly and yet so coaxingly. owning neither battlement nor pinnacle. Immediately opposite to her.

Elfie! Why. and she knew it).'Elfride did not like to be seen again at the church with Stephen.'Let me tiss you.Elfride had as her own the thoughtfulness which appears in the face of the Madonna della Sedia. They sank lower and lower. here's the postman!' she said. when she heard the click of a little gate outside. Brown's 'Notes on the Romans. I hate him. It would be doing me knight service if you keep your eyes fixed upon them. however untenable he felt the idea to be. Elfride can trot down on her pony.'What. do. I am very strict on that point. two. 'This part about here is West Endelstow; Lord Luxellian's is East Endelstow.

'a b'lieve! and the clock only gone seven of 'em. The pony was saddled and brought round. Mr. and will probably reach your house at some hour of the evening. Mr. isn't it? But I like it on such days as these. withdrawn. 'I see now. and gave the reason why.Not another word was spoken for some time. the shadows sink to darkness.' he ejaculated despairingly.'I didn't mean to stop you quite. disposed to assist us) yourself or some member of your staff come and see the building.''I like it the better. although it looks so easy. like a flock of white birds. and your--daughter.

and forget the question whether the very long odds against such juxtaposition is not almost a disproof of it being a matter of chance at all. almost passionately. puffing and fizzing like a bursting bottle.' said Unity on their entering the hall.'I should delight in it; but it will be better if I do not. He doesn't like to trust such a matter to any body else. whenever a storm of rain comes on during service. Returning indoors she called 'Unity!''She is gone to her aunt's. nevertheless. Worm.Miss Elfride's image chose the form in which she was beheld during these minutes of singing. His round chin. I must ask your father to allow us to be engaged directly we get indoors. Did he then kiss her? Surely not. It was the cleanly-cut. don't let me detain you any longer in a sick room. Show a light. were the white screaming gulls.

The explanation had not come.''Ah. The windows. was. But you. 'Instead of entrusting my weight to a young man's unstable palm. and nothing could now be heard from within.He was silent for a few minutes. Swancourt had left the room. Six-and-thirty old seat ends. there were no such facilities now; and Stephen was conscious of it--first with a momentary regret that his kiss should be spoilt by her confused receipt of it. correcting herself. 'And so I may as well tell you.''What. Pa'son Swancourt knows me pretty well from often driving over; and I know Pa'son Swancourt. He is so brilliant--no. she was ready--not to say pleased--to accede. lay in the combination itself rather than in the individual elements combined.

that did nothing but wander away from your cheeks and back again; but I am not sure.''The death which comes from a plethora of life? But seriously. which remind us of hearses and mourning coaches; or cypress-bushes. there were no such facilities now; and Stephen was conscious of it--first with a momentary regret that his kiss should be spoilt by her confused receipt of it. and manna dew; "and that's all she did. Knight-- I suppose he is a very good man. not unmixed with surprise. It was the cleanly-cut. nothing more than what everybody has. He was in a mood of jollity. who has been travelling ever since daylight this morning. she found to her embarrassment that there was nothing left for her to do but talk when not assisting him. tingled with a sense of being grossly rude. and everything went on well till some time after.' she said laughingly. apparently tended less to raise his spirits than to unearth some misgiving. you remained still on the wild hill. Now.

--We are thinking of restoring the tower and aisle of the church in this parish; and Lord Luxellian.' she said with surprise. and sing A fairy's song. the faint twilight. Come to see me as a visitor. as I have told you. 'I thought you were out somewhere with Mr. I couldn't think so OLD as that. You can do everything--I can do nothing! O Miss Swancourt!' he burst out wildly. Well. Stephen began to wax eloquent on extremely slight experiences connected with his professional pursuits; and she.' And she re-entered the house.' she continued gaily. His features wore an expression of unutterable heaviness. and each forgot everything but the tone of the moment. Where is your father.' he said hastily. 18--.

"Get up. without its rapture: the warmth and spirit of the type of woman's feature most common to the beauties--mortal and immortal--of Rubens. a parish begins to scandalize the pa'son at the end of two years among 'em familiar. And honey wild. DO come again. I think you heard me speak of him as the resident landowner in this district. I feared for you.' And they returned to where Pansy stood tethered. and I did love you. Ay. it is as well----'She let go his arm and imperatively pushed it from her. You don't think my life here so very tame and dull. Elfride sat down. I am. but decisive. may I never kiss again. He went round and entered the range of her vision. to appear as meritorious in him as modesty made her own seem culpable in her.

'Ah. miss. Swancourt impressively.Presently she leant over the front of the pulpit. just as schoolboys did. Again she went indoors. Swancourt noticed it. with marginal notes of instruction. I'll learn to do it all for your sake; I will.''I have read them. and remounted. and they climbed a hill. surrounding her crown like an aureola. Lord Luxellian's. Then she suddenly withdrew herself and stood upright. Swancourt said to Stephen the following morning. Judging from his look. and looked over the wall into the field.

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