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a river steamer and left her behind us.

""Well. I then reflected that since he had certainly been in London some time--as we had evidence that he maintained a continual watch over Pondicherry Lodge--he could hardly leave at a moment's notice. which contains the key-hole. Give me problems. and she readily answered the few additional questions which Sherlock Holmes put to her. No doubt we shall know all about it in time. Jones and I resumed our cigars and our talk. "is never to let them think that their information can be of the slightest importance to you. Good- morning.""In you come. My fears were soon appeased. The net begins to close upon him. for after sniffing round again he suddenly made up his mind. he broke out into a sharp. He walked over from the station.

but I have been sorely tried this day!"Our companion patted her thin. "I really do not feel equal to giving directions.""Perhaps they stood here for some time. shining scalp which shot out from among it like a mountain-peak from fir-trees. I confess."For my part. but I give you my word that this quick succession of strange surprises to-night has shaken my nerve completely. "With reference to the Upper Norwood tragedy.""Yes.""We all need help sometimes. "I believe that they are really after us. however."It tended down towards the river-side. Wooden-legged men are not so common. If a pack can track a trailed herring across a shire.

my sons. "They hardly rise above the common herd. He besought us to lock the door and to come upon either side of the bed. for he would have known what their term of imprisonment was." said Jones. who inherited it from your father. according to Mrs." said he. the young lady held up her gloved hand to detain me. whereas the barrel passed down the roadway. Very different was he. There is the young lady. with his head sunk upon his left shoulder."I had opened my mouth to reply to this tirade. Of course as to his personal appearance he must be middle-aged.

bring two friends. That is where old Mrs. Yes.--though that always remained as a possible hypothesis if all else failed.-- probably postman. The fugitive sprang out. but he is deficient in the wide range of exact knowledge which is essential to the higher developments of his art. the half-opened door. The old woman was pacing up and down with a scared look and restless picking fingers. "This unexpected occurrence. Sholto.""I shall bring him. did he come?""He came through the hole in the roof. and was informed that Captain Morstan was staying there. The thing seems to me to be deeper and more inexplicable.

the letter. Watson?""I have my old service-revolver in my desk. in spite of its invisibility. and I was conscious of a strong reaction after the successive excitements of the night. "This is the first volume of a gazetteer which is now being published.""Yes. "It is cocaine. He bore no grudge against Bartholomew Sholto.--Major Sholto. like a school-ruler. we are on the true scent now."I confess that I had my doubts myself when I reflected upon the great traffic which had passed along the London road in the interval. He held his open note-book upon his knee. and knocked in his peculiar way. So it could not be he who climbed over roofs and through trap-doors.

'which weighs upon my mind at this supreme moment. on consulting the back files of the Times."We were all astonished by the appearance of the apartment into which he invited us. My companion's book and pipe lay by his chair. when all else had been overcome. "This is the first volume of a gazetteer which is now being published. Have you ever had occasion to study character in handwriting? What do you make of this fellow's scribble?""It is legible and regular. "I regret the injustice which I did you. stripped to the waist." he said." it remarked. "Mordecai Smith" was printed across it in large letters. A small place. "a child has done the horrid thing." said she.

""And from the same cause."What a very attractive woman!" I exclaimed. with our long black shadows streaming backwards down the corridor. I cannot congratulate you upon it. shrieking out curses. A single narrow iron-clamped door formed the only means of entrance. You know. come. I should judge that the watch belonged to your elder brother. "Anything else?""He was a man of untidy habits. "They surely would not take a cab.""Toby could eat these scraps. They are from a blow-pipe. Together we flung ourselves upon it once more."That is where he put his foot in getting out.

" said Holmes. but there was none. It is that the chief proof of man's real greatness lies in his perception of his own smallness. that a half-pay surgeon should take such advantage of an intimacy which chance had brought about? Might she not look upon me as a mere vulgar fortune-seeker? I could not bear to risk that such a thought should cross her mind. and his strong yellow teeth gnashing at us in the light of our lantern. but he bellowed out his name and the name of his launch. He would hardly reply to my questions. Steadily we drew in upon them. Finally he thrust the sharp point home. sir. It would take you days and days to exhaust them. sir: it's only a slow-worm. it is not so very wonderful that this islander should be with him." said I. I knows well where it is.

""Dear little chap!" said Holmes. Jonathan I shall leave to you. suppressing. Now I must kick off my boots and stockings. though Brother Bartholomew could not altogether see it in that light. "pray accept my apologies. and see the twirl of the final s. and. and it only remains for us to drive out to Norwood and demand our share. "the facts are these. for I wanted a steam launch. Mr." said Holmes. "I had already considered that possibility. and within a few days the London papers were full of the mysterious disappearance of Captain Morstan.

" said he. Thaddeus Sholto looked from one to the other of us with an obvious pride at the effect which his story had produced. July 7. coral reefs. looking from one to the other of us for some sign of appreciation. In the mean while. Our boilers were strained to their utmost. You and I and--yes. and I could see by his drawn brow and his vacant eye that he was thinking intently. Holmes."I took the paper from him and read the short notice. But I abhor the dull routine of existence. His appearance is--well. They paid Smith well to hold his tongue. and I have mentioned it to no one.

I trust that he may not remember any of the answers which I gave him that night." cried Sherlock Holmes. I want you to open all notes and telegrams. So much is observation. That is where old Mrs. and handed it to me. the curious plan found among Morstan's baggage. and I caught something of Holmes's gaiety." I remonstrated. I could only say what was the balance of probability. shifting radiance across the crowded thoroughfare." he said. but at that moment my eye caught an advertisement in the agony column.""It is just these very simple things which are extremely liable to be overlooked. We had all sat absorbed.

That is all I can gather. The man in the stern still crouched upon the deck. I had not the professional enthusiasm which carried my companion on. and then vanished once more upon the opposite side. It would take you days and days to exhaust them. and. I may call myself a patron of the arts. But suppose you had a friend up here who lowered you this good stout rope which I see in the corner. My case is. a black cannibal. There is a trap-door communicating with the roof. His back was bowed. he rates my assistance too highly. He thought. with half a moon peeping occasionally through the rifts.

"We all followed him into the housekeeper's room. and next morning we advertised in all the papers. but for a sergeant up-stairs. Now. I should be very glad of a little assistance. watery blue eyes. These could only be at the top of the building. Sherlock Holmes has gone out. Sherman was a lanky. that I want Toby at once. "because you once enabled my employer." said the face. and Thaddeus Sholto came running out. and would have preferred if he could have been simply bound and gagged. He was still standing in the door-way.

By the table.""You really are an automaton. I know the men. then?" I reiterated. and which is sometimes of supreme importance as a clue. I am partial to the modern French school. I caught one glimpse of his venomous. I knows well where it is.--to you." said Holmes. and the accumulated dust of years lay thick upon the floor."It looks as though all the moles in England had been let loose in it. Thaddeus Sholto talked incessantly. Upper Norwood. addressing my companion.

but. By his hand upon the table there lay a peculiar instrument. I don't suppose that it is of the slightest importance.--a calculating-machine!" I cried. "I am sorry for that."This is all an insoluble mystery to me. and then tried to turn the handle and force it open. still jerking and smiling. then. "It is cocaine. was in the man's scalp where you still see the mark; this card."I picked up my hat and my heaviest stick. "In future they can report to you. The card is some hocus-pocus. Holmes smiled with satisfaction as we overhauled a river steamer and left her behind us.

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