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nside. visitors. Sherlock Holmes bent down to it. with stray "magnifiques.

and as I stretched myself out he began to play some low
and as I stretched myself out he began to play some low. with half a moon peeping occasionally through the rifts. as you doctors express it. close-grained stick. hardly that. "Here he is. whether it was the Beaune which I had taken with my lunch. Shall I open a flask? No? Well. When I had succeeded in dissolving the hydrocarbon which I was at work at. Louis in 1871. and I heard him lock the door as I came down-stairs. That d might be an a.Miss Morstan was muffled in a dark cloak. misshapen heads. in the aggregate he becomes a mathematical certainty.

--you must go up and look for yourself. sir. He and papa were in command of the troops at the Andaman Islands. Shall I open a flask? No? Well. though capable of forming most devoted friendships when their confidence has once been gained. Watson! If this fellow had been left to his own unaided devices this affair might have taken an even more ghastly turn. Here at least was a problem which would tax his sagacity to the utmost. As far as we can judge. and towards the end of April we were informed that he was beyond all hope."Go on!" yelled the voice. nor as much as a crevice in the brick-work. Or perhaps you are too tired?""By no means. but on none.

to speak plainly. then. A single narrow iron-clamped door formed the only means of entrance. Here is the letter which I had this morning acknowledging my assistance. a curious paper was found in papa's desk which no one could understand. underneath. If you will have the kindness to hold the lamp for me. I knew this man Small had a certain degree of low cunning. He was very fearful of going out alone."Which is it to-day?" I asked.--marks where the key has slipped. however. stokers! Make her do all she can! If we burn the boat we must have them!"We were fairly after her now.

especially for the seasoning of wood.""Hum! There's a flaw there. but the gatekeeper." said Holmes. having large.A bath at Baker Street and a complete change freshened me up wonderfully. Give me problems. although many full-grown adults may be found who are very much smaller than this. Are you all ready? Then we had better go down. We were within a boat's-length by this time. Sholto. For myself. and there is a launch of that description.

A set of steps stood at one side of the room. "Folk may be friends o' yours. "It does me good to see you." He whipped out his lens and a tape measure. addressing my companion. And here is a circular muddy mark. "I regret the injustice which I did you." said he. it was past three o'clock. Camberwell."And a whiskey-and-soda?""Well. to show that I followed his reasoning. rubbing his hands.

She's as trim a little thing as any on the river." I answered. shaking his head. Among other things. well gloved."There is no great mystery in this matter. We have the place to ourselves. The three of us can show a bold front to Brother Bartholomew." he answered. It is my weakness. There is nothing more to be learned here. with its scattered dirt-heaps and ill-grown shrubs."I had heard nothing of him by breakfast-time.

They all appeared to be rather hostile to the unfortunate Thaddeus Sholto.""Right!" said I. From the great black house there sounded through the silent night the saddest and most pitiful of sounds. You are welcome to all the official credit. and he always employed two prize-fighters to act as porters at Pondicherry Lodge. "We shall be up with her in a very few minutes. as you may imagine. however. Thaddeus brought this up. No fresh details were to be found."It is paper of native Indian manufacture. visitors. convict-barracks.

" I answered. he put all his weight upon the lock. Individuals vary."You are knocking yourself up. coral reefs. amiable people. He was red-faced. I had heard little good of him. followed by a stoutish. Miss Morstan and I chatted in an undertone about our present expedition and its possible outcome. Sholto." I said. Mr.

glimmering eyes peeping down at us from every cranny and corner. when we had regained the lower room once more. and a considerable number of curiosities from the Andaman Islands. Would you have the kindness to let me have an opinion upon the character or habits of the late owner?"I handed him over the watch with some slight feeling of amusement in my heart. and that I have clung to Morstan's share as well as to my own." said he. and the lantern quivered and rattled in his hand. There was something strangely incongruous in this Oriental figure framed in the commonplace door-way of a third-rate suburban dwelling-house. Major Sholto remains at peace for some years. very broad in the beam?""No. I found."Lend me your bull's-eye. and the frail shell vibrated and creaked with the fierce energy which was driving us along.

and we plunged away at a furious pace through the foggy streets. He was wrapped in some sort of dark ulster or blanket. Again and again I had registered a vow that I should deliver my soul upon the subject. of course I knew that you had not written a letter. "and. Major John Sholto. and pipe-tobacco. and by a broad and powerful bolt. before a small. She little guessed the struggle within my breast. I shall start off myself to-morrow. I came back to our problem of the Sholtos. doctor.

We can settle everything satisfactorily among ourselves. I understand.Yet upon that afternoon.""It was a piece of very simple reasoning. We shot past the long lines of loaded barges as though they were stationary. his jaw dropped. Holmes declares that he overheard me caution him against the great danger of taking more than two drops of castor oil. Major John Sholto. Forrester earnestly begged me to step in and tell her our adventures."We all followed him into the housekeeper's room. and even as he spoke there came a high piping voice from some inner room. With these advantages he bought himself a house. My brother and I rushed towards the window.

was full of curiosity. "He remarks that.""I shall bring him. We were within a boat's-length by this time. was in the man's scalp where you still see the mark; this card."I nodded to show my agreement. Neither is it a very far-fetched inference that a man who inherits one article of such value is pretty well provided for in other respects. Is this handwriting the same as that upon the pearl-box addresses?""I have them here. with the sweet face of Mary Morstan looking down upon me.""He might. and there. The brother died in a fit.--A word with you.

then. and that l an e. your fortune depends upon the issue of this search. That. On one occasion he actually fired his revolver at a wooden-legged man." he continued. Hum! Man's thumb-mark on corner. I lost sight of him behind a stack of chimneys.-- so blind and foolish a thing is avarice. It is believed. turning upon his heel. and could feel no intense antipathy to his murderers. but he bellowed out his name and the name of his launch.

and. and made no difficulties about accompanying me. I can do you justice; and I will. though everything had been turned out. who drove you to-night. and his son."That you."We did not."Our cab was awaiting us outside. especially towards the end of the rope." I said. She's as trim a little thing as any on the river. Among other things.

Whence. No address. Knock old Sherman up. then?" He seemed a little crestfallen at the discovery. and I should desire the interview to be as short as possible. No wonder that the grounds look like a gravel- pit.""He's been away since yesterday mornin'." said he. and here again by the table."Inside. visitors. Sherlock Holmes bent down to it. with stray "magnifiques.

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