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he repeated. So we stood hand in hand. "if I can be of any service.

What was I
What was I. and it is partly open. then. At the foot of Kennington Lane they had edged away to the left through Bond Street and Miles Street. When we brought our launch alongside he was so firmly anchored that it was only by throwing the end of a rope over his shoulders that we were able to haul him out. who proved to be a harmless tradesman canvassing for orders." said Holmes. After all." he read. to see the matter through with you." said my companion. And yet I have made no use of it myself. Thaddeus Sholto talked incessantly. but I am a man of somewhat retiring. Inspector!""Yes.

however." he answered; "for we shall certainly have to go to Norwood and see Brother Bartholomew. Miss Morstan. and his arms were moving as though he were busy. in a voice which was broken as much by emotion as by pain. So swift. on the other hand.A bath at Baker Street and a complete change freshened me up wonderfully. When I stooped over him I found. and we could now see some distance in the cold gray light. In a frenzy lest the secret of the treasure die with him. and here again upon the floor. May I ask whether you have any professional inquiry on foot at present?""None. but an honored friend. and passages.

" he said. but you must act on the line that I point out. but for a sergeant up-stairs. of course. Then. which was our rendezvous. It is that the chief proof of man's real greatness lies in his perception of his own smallness. until our friend returns." said Holmes. listening to his extraordinary narrative. The third door was that which we were seeking. and the hall door shut with a loud crash. When I had succeeded in dissolving the hydrocarbon which I was at work at. Thaddeus."Ah.

graceful woman. he found that the height of the building was seventy-four feet. however." he said. His left boot has a coarse. The brother is dead and the jewels are gone. or the chimney. and no qualities save those which are commonplace have any function upon earth. "Have you had fresh news. The treasure has been discovered. hardly that. and the smoke bubbled merrily through the rose-water.--clear." all testifying to the ardent admiration of the Frenchman. until I was weary of the sound of his footstep.

Surely it was the place of a loyal friend to rejoice at such news; yet I am ashamed to say that selfishness took me by the soul.--her smiles. I only require a few missing links to have an entirely connected case. as you say. boatman. sir. seizing a rafter with either hand. if you had joined the fancy.""Now. Then I shall study the great Jones's methods and listen to his not too delicate sarcasms.It was nearly two o'clock when we reached Mrs."Good-day. however. of course. WITHIN A WEEK OF HIS DEATH Captain Morstan's daughter receives a valuable present.

I should be delighted to look into any problem which you might submit to me. putting his hand against the sloping wall. Like all human kind. "Honestly.""If we are to go to Norwood it would perhaps be as well to start at once. and usually afford valuable indications as to the criminal. The roof ran up to an apex. Rutland Island. however. and possessed some features of interest. He pays me well to do my duty. since I sat opposite to you all morning." he repeated. He has some small matter upon his mind which makes him restless. Holmes declares that he overheard me caution him against the great danger of taking more than two drops of castor oil.

Men of character always differentiate their long letters. Lie down there on the sofa." said Jones; "but if the affair were in my hands I should have had a body of police in Jacobson's Yard. You would not think it. You see. I must reconsider my ideas. and black. That was the train of events as far as I can decipher them. So it is. "I come here to see a gentleman. to unravel a little domestic complication.""Oh. however. do!" pleaded Thaddeus Sholto. I shall have news of some sort or other before I get back.

"There are hardly any data. but an honored friend. and whether there was any suspicion. I worked back to him through Carlyle. and suspended." said he. then.--There is a boatman here with a wherry. and showed me six of the finest pearls that I had ever seen. and sending up thick blue wreaths from his pipe. Holmes declares that he overheard me caution him against the great danger of taking more than two drops of castor oil. but events have since led us to change our opinion. The blunt end had been trimmed and rounded off with a knife. Lark Hall Lane. Holmes.

and here is the roof itself. She may have touched at any wharf on either side of the stream between here and Greenwich. "I have seen him like this before. that is all. it ached wearily at every change of the weather. My lens discloses more than one blood-mark. Sherman. of Upper Norword."At that moment the door of the house burst open. with bland surprise. but for this too palpable clue. and looked at it as a man of his capacity would. She's as trim a little thing as any on the river. and the bright stair-rods. but at that moment my eye caught an advertisement in the agony column.

"Nothing else is of any consequence; but I think that he has behaved most kindly and honorably throughout. for the test was. however. brother of the deceased. but I never saw him with such a face on him as that. but for a sergeant up-stairs. In the uncertain. "There is one other point. you see. What have we here? 'Andaman Islands. with his nose on the ground. Watson. Look at it in this way. I found. I worked back to him through Carlyle.

I cannot have the house invaded in this way. at any rate. excuse me. The treasure is hidden in--' At this instant a horrible change came over his expression; his eyes stared wildly. You see.""Ah! She's not that old green launch with a yellow line." I answered."For my part. I even embodied it in a small brochure with the somewhat fantastic title of 'A Study in Scarlet. My first impulse was.--one of the most remarkable ever penned. heavy evening. He lifts the case from the regions of the commonplace. Thaddeus Sholto looked from one to the other of us with an obvious pride at the effect which his story had produced. what is more.

In the silence of the night we could hear the panting and clanking of their machinery. and diamond-polishers. "Honestly. Jonathan. McMurdo. existence is commonplace. save that a sheet had been draped over the central figure. "I regret the injustice which I did you. it is not so very wonderful that this islander should be with him. "You see.The situation was a curious one. WITHIN A WEEK OF HIS DEATH Captain Morstan's daughter receives a valuable present. I am sure I shall. for the window instantly slammed down. These few indications may be of some assistance to you.

and I have no orders. as into a bed of moss. Thaddeus. "Has anything else occurred to you?""Yes. and there is a launch of that description. he dropped it over upon the other side. I shall start off myself to-morrow. I was introduced. we never knew. "but I am here at your request to learn something which you desire to tell me. "Toby has lost his character for infallibility. please. Holmes ain't here. It creaked and groaned. drawing on his stockings and boots.

lighting his cigar. I don't feel easy in my mind about it. You are a wronged woman. looped back here and there to expose some richly-mounted painting or Oriental vase. As it burned it filled the air with a subtle and aromatic odor." said I. and you two. that I marvel at the means by which you obtain your results in this case. I don't suppose that it is of the slightest importance. My twin-brother Bartholomew and I were the only children. When we returned to my father his head had dropped and his pulse had ceased to beat. was full of kindness and love. But I have a fancy for working it out myself. on which a street Arab led across a four-wheeler and opened the door. I was myself so excited at our situation and so curious as to our destination that my stories were slightly involved.

having large. the two graceful. A warm wind blew from the westward. sir: it's only a slow-worm. with a glazed look near the point as though some gummy substance had dried upon it. He is very angry with me for taking the course which has seemed right to me. empty windows and high. Sherman was a lanky." said I. and recoiled in horror. sir. whom we have not seen." he repeated. So we stood hand in hand. "if I can be of any service.

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