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What to and not to Give to Kids After School for Snacks

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When your kids hit the door, the first thing they probably want is something eat. After a long day of school their minds and bodies are craving energy. But what you give your kids after school can make a big difference in how healthy and energetic they feel.

The cookie jar is usually the first place kids go to find their treats; these are not only high in fat, but have little or no nutritional value. You need to have healthy alternatives to these types of snacks for your kids to be available for them when they get home from school and are usually starving.

An inexpensive and healthy snack for your kids for an after school treat is veggies with dig or dressing. Even if the dip or dressing has added fat, it's still much better than dipping into the cookie jar.

The best snack for your kids after school hunger pains are fresh fruits of all kinds. These give your kids a great deal of vitamins and will also satisfy their sweet tooth. Keep them ready and available for your kids for easy access.

Natural Snacks. The best snacks are those things that you can find in nature. You can also give your child nuts, popcorn, dried fruit, string cheese, yogurt, and milk as a snack.

The important thing you need to know is your kids should have snacks that are low in preservatives and food coloring and high in nutritional value. These are the best types of foods to have available for your children.

Allowing your kids to use peanut butter as a dip is great; it adds protein and taste and limits the unhealthy calories they get from other types of foods.

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