Thursday, November 4, 2010

A hat-trick Steven gerrard will not desire reactive praise Liverpool to impress

Hodgson team to get back to winning ways, this morning champions league cup in patras, in a hat-trick to help Liverpool 3-1 victory over napoli, Steven gerrard after that, the reds are slowly find their state.

In the second-half kick-off, game play, he YaoWanNuoWeiJi Steven gerrard to replace the performance has inspired the team and Liverpool successfully reversed in Naples. The England international last 15 minutes even three goals, Liverpool from promotion knockout stage a step closer.

Although dedicated hero performance, helping the team to come back, but gerrard doesn't mind individual performance, he wants to return to Liverpool can win orbit. Gerrard told BBC zongguan: "Liverpool every player play a role. I think I'll hit the headlines, but I never focus only on this."

The Liverpool captain admits he's first goal equaliser showed courage and determination, not football technology. He said: "the manager let me last time to see if I can help the lads win back into the game, in the second half we played very well. When you face a tall goalkeeper, want to do is to concentrate on shot and expect goals, it is just about determination and longing."

In addition, Steven gerrard also praised the game in the starting line-up Liverpool youngster, XieErWei and Sweeney piling suggested at anfield in front of a crowd gave the reds skipper left a good impression.

Gerrard added: "the game for them is wonderful experiences, thanks to the coach to give them a chance, because it is at anfield, and this is a wonderful night. I think they do a very good job. Two weeks ago Liverpool away with napoli's game, our defense is very stable, now we also have been reinforced. After that game we return to the league is the win, tonight we showed good quality, but it still has a long way to go, we know that we can become more wonderful. It takes time, but we think we are close to their want."

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