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How to Maintain Order in a Multiple Cat Household

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Some people really love their cats. Why? Cats are the ideal pet. Theyre friendly, loyal, warm, nurturing and independent. Cats dont require as much maintenance and attention as most types of dogs and are usually clean. Cats can keep you company and are reliable sources of comfort and love. However, owning more than one cat can sometimes be a problem for your other feline pets. When your home contains more than one cat, your animals can develop a pecking order and revert back to natural animal instincts that may place them in competition with one another. To avoid fights or conflict, a pet owner should provide each cat with his own area to scratch, eat and play.

If you think that you are ready to own more than one cat, there are many different steps that you must take to ensure all of your cats health, happiness and well-being. First, take an honest look at the cat that you already own. Does he seem lonely? Would he benefit from having a playmate? Does he usually get along with other cats? Is he friendly toward humans and other domestic animals? Does he enjoy receiving attention and being held? If so, your cat may thoroughly enjoy having other cats around. However, some cats strongly prefer being alone and living in solitude. They may be somewhat territorial and resentful of other cats sharing their space.

If you decide to add another cat to your home, you must decide on the approximate age of the new cat. Kittens, although cute and playful, can be a handful and may need a lot of attention and training. Older cats are usually already trained and are less active. They have developed a personality that will probably not change.

If you decide that your home or apartment is ready for more than one cat, there are several precautions that cat owners should take.

* Give your cats room to grow. Provide your cats with furniture, scratching posts, perches and cat trees. Place them in multiple rooms so that your cats can enjoy some time away from one another. Once they become comfortable in their own areas, they will learn to successfully socialize with one another. This is a natural process that you should allow to happen on its own. Dont force your cats to play together. Let them bond on their own terms and at their own pace.
* Frequently fill your cats water bowls. Make sure that your pets water and food bowls are always full. This ensures that they do not have to compete for food or nourishment. Provide each cat with his own bowl and feed him at specific times each day.
* Eliminate spraying. Urine marking is often more common when many cats reside in the same home. Applying a feline pheromone spray on risky areas or objects will help reduce or eliminate spraying. Remove stains with an equal parts mixture of water and vinegar.
* Maintain a fresh litter box. If you own more than one cat, you may need to purchase more than one litter box. Each cat should have his own litter box, with at least one placed on every floor of your home or apartment. Ensure that each of your litter boxes is cleaned daily.

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