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Siamese Cat Behavior, Facts and Health Care Problem

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Siamese cats are renowned for their distinct coloring and blue eyes. Its refined coloring and poise appealed to many, and it was at its height of popularity in the 1950s. It is still a well-loved breed today, however, less attention is paid to it today compared to its heyday.

Almost everyone knows what a Siamese looks like as they are renowned. This is partially due to their popularity in the mystery film genre. Many believe it is their curious nature that makes them the perfect choice for a detective's assistant.

Appearance - The obvious features of the breed are its long oblong body, slim legs, elegant tail, a wedged head, large years and its famous almond blue eyes. The Siamese breed is a shorthaired cat and is available in several different colors and patterns such as Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Blue Point, or Lilac Point. Should there be different coloring, it is actually seen as a totally distinct breed; the Colorpoint Shorthair Breed.

Behavior and Characteristics - The Siamese breed is a loving, playful, affectionate cat and requires owners who are home more often than not to keep them company. Siamese who tend to get into trouble are usually cats who are left too much to their own devices and have nothing interesting to do or they can be thinking of running away.

But if you are busy with your career yet still want a Siamese, an solution could be to have another kitten as well. It will give your Siamese companionship for fun and games and reduce loneliness. But don't worry; they will both be ready and waiting to greet their owners at the door when they return home.

The Siamese is a very loyal cat to the family and is even willing to try and aid you in household chores or keep you company or even rest by your side as you unwind from a hectic day. Siamese cats are very outgoing and will meet and greet anyone who comes to the door. Elderly people especially enjoy the loving and affectionate nature of this elegant and beautiful breed. A highly intelligent breed, the Siamese can be taught many tricks such as fetch and coming when their name is called.

But bear in mind that Siamese can be slightly melancholy at times and decide not to obey commands at times. In keeping with their playful nature, the Siamese breed are also known for making up their own games. Two of their most favorite playtime antics include hide and go seek as well as plotting, planning and carrying out sneak attacks on unsuspecting friends and family members.

If you love cats that are generous with their love and loyalty is a characteristic that you are looking out for, then the Siamese cat may be what you are looking for.

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