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How does fitness really help weight loss

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We want you to think the next time you're tempted to diet your way out of so that unwanted weight gain, to stop and consider your fitness-based alternatives. One thing to always keep in mind as it relates to fitness and weight loss is that if you are unable to do it for life than it probably won't work. Here are the biggest reasons a comprehensive fitness approach is a more effective and sustainable weight-loss solution:

Fitness revs your cellular engines. Your cells' mitochondria are the calorie burning powerhouses in your body. Mitochondria need oxygen, so the more oxygen you consume per minute (VO2 max), the more efficient your cells become, and the more calories you burn.

Fitness balances your hormones. Over time, fit people experience positive hormonal changes that help keep them fit. Lower stress hormone (reduces inflammation), higher growth hormone (builds muscle) and lower insulin (controls cravings) are just a few of the hormonal benefits fitness brings.

Fitness grows on you. Unlike dieting, which few people can tolerate for long, fitness quickly becomes a way of life. The more fit you become, the more you're inclined to move. So for most fit people, seeking daily activity becomes an almost instinctive habit.

Fitness gives you a metabolic advantage. Fit people have more lean muscle mass and a higher metabolism, which helps them weather setbacks such as holiday binges that can pack on excess pounds.

Fitness is fun. People often overlook the emotional and spiritual benefits of exercise. A fitness lifestyle involves regularly participating in activities for the sheer enjoyment of them. It's more fun, it relieves stress, and it's easier to sustain.

One aspect of fitness that is often overlooked is that when you are working out you are not indulging in an activity that adds to you gaining weight. As you look at your day, there are countless activities that are not supporting your weight loss goals. Every time you workout even for 15 minutes it is 15 minutes that you are building a habit that promotes the results your want and takes you away from activities like eating while watching television that does noting to promote healthy living.

It is this last point that we strive day in and day out to pound home, that it is getting to the point that fitness for its own enjoyment is what we are after. One a person likes to work out because they like it, they will exercise forever.

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