Friday, November 14, 2008

Yao True confession: With heavy fighting for the Chinese victims in all my loved ones

Wang Meng reporters in Houston reported a week, get up every morning, I first thing to do is open the TV, assigned to runescape gold central Phoenix or four, four-Chuan Wenchuan understanding of the latest earthquake disaster. See the number of compatriots killed in rising every day, like my heart was the same as the pain of needle sticks. In addition to training, I am not in the mood to do anything, the only television can do is sit in front of the computer and see if I can see runescape power leveling from all the affected areas in Sichuan.

I am far in the United States, as many in Beijing or Shanghai, like friends, the most at the beginning, I did not realize that this disaster is so serious. Wenchuan County has just been informed that the earthquake, media reports of casualties was 3,000. But every day, more and more I realize that the true state of disaster. I forgot was the third day or fourth day in the morning, I saw the number of our compatriots were killed has risen to 19,000 people. At that time, "19000" in the minds of dofus items the figure is still relatively abstract. Then, I went to Toyota Center training. Lianwan forces along I connected to center field. Ordinary course of the headlamps lit forever, but at noon that day, a rare headlights off, only a few light Fanzhe the lights dim light.

I have been in effect Rockets for six years, this is the first time I walked into the headlights off course. The scene is extremely quiet, I walk slowly, look around, think of all of a sudden, the Toyota Center to accommodate the number of visitors is 19,000 people! Is like a full sitting of the Toyota Center compatriots, life in a sudden the lights went out. Think of warhammer goldhere, my heart is really a pain.

I have to do our part, to do something for the motherland. In addition, I have donated 2,000,000 yuan, I would like to be able to use my influence to allow more people to contribute to earthquake relief. After the earthquake, I'll find Rockets owner Leslie Alexander, he has promised to raise funds for the disaster area. Angle we take the initiative and called on everyone to Sichuan's fund-raising film, have begun to play in the United States hopes that China will therefore be able to get more help.

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